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French Google Blog Outs Google Drive Ahead of Launch? Here are the Details

A whole bunch of hints were dropped within the last 24 hours, suggesting that Google Drive could launch as early as today. According to a prematurely posted article to the French Google Enterprise blog, that’s exactly what is about to happen. A Google+ reader noticed a post about the new service go up and copied it all just in case it was pulled. Once saved, Google translate took care of the rest, revealing all of the details that we expect to come at some point today. We have them for you below. 


  • It’s like a glorified Google Docs locker. Google is even referring to it as the “evolution of Docs.”
  • Will have a 99.9% uptime.
  • You get 5GB of storage for free.
  • You can purchase more started at 20GB for $4/month up to 16TB.
  • A new Android app will launch or they may just replace Google Docs, tough to tell.

Full post:

Posted by Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President, Google Chrome & Apps

Today we launch Google Drive, a centralized space where you can create, share, collaborate and store all your documents. You establish a budget with your staff that you develop a presentation with a working group or hosting a seminar, you can now do it in Drive. Download and access all your documents, videos, photos, Google Docs, PDF, etc..
Next step in the evolution of Google Docs and functionality of downloading any material, Drive will allow you to live, work and play in the Cloud.

Google Drive, you can:
Create and collaborate. Google Docs is integrated directly into Google Drive, allowing you to work in real time with colleagues on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Add and reply to comments on any media (PDF, image, videotape, etc.) and be informed when other people comment on or wish to share documents with you

Keep your documents securely and access anywhere and any device connected to the Internet. All your documents are just … there. Whatever happens. Drive you can install on your Mac, PC or download the application Drive on your phone or Android tablet. IOS version of the application will be available in the coming weeks. Drive is also accessible to visually impaired people using a screen reader tool

Search All. Search by keyword and filter by document type, owner, activity, etc.. Drive can even recognize the text content of a document scanned by technology OCR. For example, if you download the scanned image of an old newspaper clipping, you can search using one of the words quoted in the article. We have even begun to tap the image recognition: if you upload a picture of the Eiffel Tower in Drive, the next time you search the term [Eiffel Tower], the image will appear in the results

Open more than 30 types of documents directly from a Web browser – including high-definition video, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop – even without the proper software installed on your computer

We know that you need to access your documents in order to work everyday. Google Drive uses the same infrastructure as any other Google Apps services, which means it also has the same administrative tools, security and reliability, among others:

Centralized management: new tools are available in the Apps control interface for administrators to add or remove storage space for individual or groups of users

Security: encryption of data transfer between your browser and our servers, and check option 2 in time to prevent non-authorized access to an account by requiring users to log on returning secure code generated from their mobile phone

Data replication: synchronous replication of data in multiple data centers ensures the safety and accessibility of your records even in the unlikely event one of our data centers is temporarily unavailable

Availability: 99.9% uptime guarantee so you can be assured that your documents are accessible when you need it
Each user has access to Google Apps 5GB storage included in the suite Google Apps administrators can centrally manage and purchase additional storage space. When a user reaches the limit, administrators can purchase the necessary space of 20GB for $ 4 per month to 16TB (Google Docs are not counted in the quota of storage space).
Starting today, Google Apps administrators will see new orders for Drive in their management interface. Users of companies have opted for the quick launch, will enable Google Drive on drive.google.com / start and will receive their access in the following weeks.

Drive is designed to work harmoniously with all the products you use – whether Google products or third party service. You can share your photos on Google Drive + and will soon be able to attach documents directly into your emails Drive Gmail. Drive is intended to be an open platform, so we work with many third party developers, allowing you to do things such as sending faxes, edit videos and create models directly from Drive website. To install these applications, visit the Chrome Web Store and follow the events for more useful applications to come.
It is only the beginning of Google Drive, many developments are coming. Stay tuned!

Via:  TechCrunch

Cheers Jeff!

  • I recieved an update that replaced Good Docs with Google Drive.  No details besides that.

  • ABerry5

    Wow 20gb/mo for $4 that’s an awesome price I will gladly pay that for the ability to have backed up and accessible data anywhere

    EDIT: its actually 25gb for $2.50/mo..yes please

  • ddevito

    What I find funny is how GDrive failed years ago, the Chrome team felt the concept of a file was so last decade. Yet they now introduce this like it’s revolutionary.

    Who flipping cares?! How about fully integrating Android phones’ file systems into Drive? Now that would make sense. Then an Android will truly start to become a cloud device.

    • hkklife

      Not as long as the carriers continue to punish us with capped data, exorbitant charges, and throttling. Here’s a better idea: Rewrite Android’s file system for seamless integration of removable/expandable storage AND cloud data. Either way, this is 2012 and “flagship” devices like the GSM GNex with <16Gb (or barely 10Gb in the case of AT&T's One X) of actual internal storage ain't gonna cut it.

  • T1392

    Google docs is now Google drive just dl it you can’t find it if you type in google drive I typed in Google drivr & it popped up.

    • T1392

      Using Gnex of course.

  • j__h

    I just got an update that changes google docs to Drive.

    • RedPandaAlex

      I’ll be damned. There it is.

      • RedPandaAlex

        So it updated docs to Drive but I get an error when I open the app and press the button to set it up.

        • j__h

          I think that is just the about page. open it again.

  • D.C.

    Microsoft (I know, don’t say it) is offering 25 GB free to certain users of SkyDrive. Login to see if you qualify as one has to opt in to get it. 

  • This marks the first time a French person has ever given me an errection.

    • Lacockanostra

      You’ve obviously not traveled much. French women are amazing one night stands

      • I prefer more of a challenge, the French have a long storied history of simply giving it up.

  • Matthew Harmon

    Will there be an upload size limit?

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    Since Docs will be part of Drive of which you’ll be able to access all the files you post there and since it’s $5 for 20GB / year for storage on Docs, isn’t that a more viable storage solution rather than purchasing storage for Drive at $4 / month?

    • RedPandaAlex

      Yeah, I was wondering why the storage price is so much more than the general extra google storage that can be used across all services too. I hope that’s just the enterprise pricing, but it’s probably just more expensive for some reason (they probably anticipate they’ll use more bandwidth than, say, gmail or picasa).

  • New DL Contest: 1st to 16TB filled wins

  • Watch out dropbox, I hope google will develop a Linux client as well, extra space pricing seem just right or almost.

  • Google docs is $5 a year for 20GB. I wish they would keep that format instead

    • It appears as though this will work like Google Music, where anything you have in Docs won’t count against your 5gb limit.

  • So they are changing the pricing structure for extra storage? It was $5 per year for an extra 20GB.  If they have two separate storage pricing structures, that’s gonna be a bit strange.

  • If they keep the docs pricing they might just beat Dropbox to a bloody pulp (except for with the croud that never once even thinks about buying DB pro).

  • John

    Should only be a few more hours! 🙂

  • Sobr0801

    I plan on using both Dropbox, and GDrive. I see benefits to both.

  • This is sounding less and less like an effective replacement to dropbox.  

  • Droidzilla

    The kicker’s going to be the interface. Cloud storage is nothing new, so the way it all integrates is key for grabbing some marketshare.

    I’ll use it either way, of course, because I’m a slave to my Google Masters. They’re like the Robotech Masters and I’m a Zentradi.

    • All bow to our Google overlords. 

      • sc4fpse

        I, for one, welcome our new cloud-based overlords.

        • LiterofCola

          Was just thinking of that line, lol

    • All they have to do is make a better Android app than Dropbox and they are done.

      It is insane that Dropbox took so long to natively support auto picture upload, and they still have a kind of crappy mobile interface for picture directories.

      • WF

        Also sucks about Dropbox: if you use auto picture upload, that folder is automatically shared across all devices.  No way do I want my weekend pr0nz auto-uploading to my work PC.

        • Dude that is why you tweak your work computer to only sync your work folder. Duh.

    • Dee

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  • Michael_NM

    Up to 16TB? Can I just cache my life now?

    • Nope, not just yet, need an endless storage space for that! XP

    • zepfloyd

      Sure, join Facebook.