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1Saleaday’s Current Flash Sale is All About Tablets, Prices Starting at $50

Today’s “Flash” sale over at 1Saleaday focuses on the tablet category and includes a number of devices worth taking a look at if you are in the market. Most are last year’s Tegra 2 powered devices, but the prices are solid especially with some of them being sold as brand new and not refurbished. Most of them also have Ice Cream Sandwich already, which takes them from being buggy Honeycomb piles of mess, to semi-pleasant slates.

Via:  1Saleaday

Cheers Tucker and Dieringer!

  • mike vallejo

    my acer a200 is really good,fast, running ics and the price was right.

  • HuskerHog

    I saw one tablet that was upgrade-able to ICS, otherwise the best I saw was Honeycomb.

    • Lavoisier1794

      Transformer,Xoom, and A200 have been upgraded to ICS. A500 is supposed to get ICS this week.

  • wesleywilliams

    lol all trash for idiot poor people

    • Wow.  

    • Tree

      lmao.. or just people who are smart with their money and didn’t blow they loads when these tabs first dropped..

      being slightly late with new technology and still buying copious amounts of blow and females with savings > having overly priced technology cause its new and buggy while living his your parents crib using said technology to troll sites and jack off at the same time.. with no money..

  • All the good ones are refurbs 🙁

  • Tree

    I realllllly want to buy the xoom.. I know its super old and the screen is garage, but its a developer tablet and I really want to hack it and just have fun.. which brings me to my next point.. is there even a solid method to root anymore? ive looked all over , RootzWiki and other forums but its just a big heap of mumbo jumbo.. any of my fellow android homies care to weigh in?? any links or advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • Ummm it has fastboot of course there is

      • Tree

        I want s off and root access.. clockworkmod, aokp all that stuff.. since I’ve had that with my nexus its been a blast trying roms, themes and kernels.. I guess I want that same experience with a tablet and I was under the impression the Xoom would provide that for me, no??

        • Yes the Xoom can that is what fastboot is.  You use fastboot to push system images and other things such as radios and recovery images.  It is probably easier because getting the XOOM to that point only requires the simple command fastboot oem unlock.  Once it is unlocked you can do what you want.  The community size behind the XOOM may not be as large but now that 4.0.4 is out it should actually pickup.  3.0 was too closed.  Now there are kernel sources and things available to XOOM devs to actually work with and build from.

          • Obviously you have used fastboot with a nexus the real meat of that is the ICS part and having the source to use as a starting point now that was previously unavailable.

          • Tree

            what is fastboot tho? I don’t think I’ve ever ran that on my nexus? am I missing something?

          • Which nexus do you have?  You will have to boot the phone to the bootloader and then along with adb you need the fastboot executable so that you can run the command to unlock it.  Basically fastboot is the android equivalent to htc’s bootloader unlock.  Once the bootloader is unlocked then you can also use fastboot to flash a new recovery.  Once the recovery is flashed you can do use CWM to install whatever you want on the device. 
            http://strifejester.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/nexus-s-4g-root covers the basics and has links to fastboot. The process is identical except you need a CWM or recovery that is built and will work on the XOOM.  Search around XDA or on droid-life they have the instructions from back when it was released

          • Tree

            I own a galaxy nexus CDMA/LTE.. I ran the one click root so I only had to enter basic commands I guess.. I’m not fluent w/ ADB so I guess i’m just scared to try it out on Xoom.. I was hoping there was a one click method, but I guess i’ll give it a shot.. maybe.. fock lol IDK man

            thanks for the break down tho, that was very hepful.. I know what you’re talking about after reading about it.

          • Daniel Seymour

            There is a one-click method for the asus transformer tf101. I have it, so I would know. I actually rooted one at best buy in 5 minutes 

    • Lino0919

      for some reason this site never lets me paste links but if you glo to xda under xoom android development there is a post named “Universal root any xoom any update” should be what youre looking for

      • Tree

        yeah I saw that, but I saw a bunch of one click methods and was hoping for one since I’m not fluid with ADB 🙁 I guess this is my time to learn..

        thanks for the reply, man. that was posted last august so I guess I was looking for something more current.. you think its 100% legit? even for today?

  • Seriously considering the Thrive.  The specs on it are decent and I love the fact there is a full size SDCard on it.  Would be nice to have when I pull the card out of my DSLR without having to mess with adapters.  It’s also hard to find a MicroSD that does the speed to keep up with the DSL when I am taking shots at sporting events. Not sure if the thrive is getting ICS though, I haven’t really jkept up on it.

  • xoom and ipad 2 are best options IMHO.xoom needs to be cheaper for me to move though 

  • r0lct

    So…Asus Transformer the best option?

    • QtDL

       If you are ok with it being refurbished. The Xoom is new though.

      • r0lct

        I’m just itching to pull the trigger on something.  However I really waiting to pickup a 7 and/or 10 inch Nexus tablet.

        • Yeah but with the prices on some of these the brand new Thrive for example is still 400 bucks at Best Buy.  Can’t beat half of and as i mentioned in a different comment full size SD

        • QtDL

          Me too. I’m hoping it’s out in time for my birthday this June. 🙂

    • Tree

      I got my mom a TF and the dock for Christmas.. its a solid tablet, but too many bugs for my liking..

      • Raven

        I love my Transformer and have only experienced one recurrent bug with the Gallery not loading my pictures.  There is a new update out today that supposedly addresses a lot of the bugs that some people are having since ICS.

  • QtDL

    I’d take that Xoom if it was a $100 less….patiently waiting for the Tegra-3 Nexus tablet…..

    • Is there going to be a 10 inch Nexus tablet?  Thought it was only going to be a 7 in tablet.  

  • Dee

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  • Just make sure they have capacitive touch screens and not resistive touch screens.  If you don’t know the difference you should look it up…. You’ll thank me later. 

    • Sven Enterlein

      Absolutely! I hate having to use my car navi with a resistive touch screen. I bet that only the cheapest of tablets will have one though.

      • leehead

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  • Sven Enterlein

    semi-pleasant slates”… I really enjoy my TF101 on Android Revolution HD 3.2.1!!! However, once the Infinity 700 comes out it will be hard not to upgrade.