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Samsung SCH-i200 Tipped for Verizon With Snapdragon S4, Still Looks Like a Mid-Range Device

Making its first appearance today via GLBenchmark, we have the Samsung “Jasper” with model number SCH-i200 that is headed to Verizon. Sporting a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 (MSM8960) processor clocked at 1.5GHz and running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3), this phone still appears to be more of a competitor to the LG Lucid rather than a new flagship. With a screen resolution of 800×480, this thing certainly isn’t HD. With other HD offerings on the market, something that seems to be a standard for top tier phones, we’ll keep this one on our radar but aren’t expecting it to blow any minds.

I would recommend that you cross your fingers though, and pray to Buddha or whomever that this is not what Big Red decided to take over the Galaxy SIII. They couldn’t, could they?

Via:  GLBenchmarkPocketNow

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  • Keii Graham

    Verizon passed up on the GSIII so they could get their hands on this gem. 

  • master94

    Amazing how far tech has come, just a few months ago this would have been high end. I love progress.

  • Chris Dobles

    My 2-year old Droid X has a slightly better resolution than this. 

    • Hocky

      Lol. I assume you properly mean the first Droid X. I have the same one and I’m holding off for something good but with all these mediocre phones coming out for Big Red, I’m beginning to get exasperated by their line-up choices. The only thing that is starting to sound promising is the ‘RAZR HD’. And I’m not as much of a Moto fan as I used to be. I really hope more on that and an announcement on Verizon taking in the GSIII comes out sometime soon. Here’s hoping that there is something worth upgrading to in the near future.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Actually the X2 has a better resolution than this. 960×540 IS MORE than 800×480. Does that mean the X2’s screen is better? Even ill admit to a heaping bag of NOPE. 

  • Well if the SGSIII doesn’t come to Verizon after hopefully being announced on May 3rd, then since my upgrade is ready I will go with either the Galaxy Nexus or Razr Maxx. I’m tired of waiting for a new phone to replace this 4th Bionic that I have now, :-[.

  • I can’t wait for my contract to be up…i’ll be a free agent and will weigh my options carefully.

  • i’d be embarrassed to show this phone off. whatever. 

  • Trevor

    Verizon is a bunch of morons if they take this phone over the S3.  I’m trying to stay optimistic that there are intelligent people working there who will make the right decision.  

  • So, if they do get the Galaxy III, what am I supposed to do with my Nexus? Sell it?

    • Trevor

      I’m planning to keep mine in hopes that it will at least get the Jellybean update before most (hopefully all…) other phones.  In light of the lack of updates we’ve received thus far, I’m thinking I might need to alter my belief system a little bit.

  • VerizonWireless

    so the Inc 4G LTE which supposedly has an S4 is underclocked to 1.2ghz whereas this is at the normal 1.5…hmm

  • Michael_NM

    VZW’s new motto: Our network is like the German autobahn, our phones are like VW bugs.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      70’s-80s VW Bugs

    • kixofmyg0t

      Ive seen a VW Bug with a 302 Boss in it. Thing ran like a raped ape. 

      • Liderc

        why’d you rape the ape =(

        • kixofmyg0t

          Figure of speech Jon. Means it was fast.

          • Noyfb

            VW dune buggies FTW

  • That could be a Galaxy S II. They’d have to drop the Exynos for a Snapdragon for it to have LTE, so that makes sense, and the 800×480 display also lines up.  Of course there is not enough information yet.

    • hkklife

      My prediction is that this will be a 4″ (perhaps 4.3 AT BEST) Droid Charge replacement based on last year’s SGSII innards and refreshed with ICS.   That means 800×480.  

      That way Verizon cah SAY they have a “new” midrange Samsung with ICS and a new highend Samsung with 720p and ICS (GNex)….and all the while the Droid-Life faithful want a Galaxy Note and a GSIII !

  • LarssonW

    Verizon has the iPhone now, they care a lot less about us Android users than they did before they got it. Android for Verizon was always a means to get the iPhone. When AT&T had iPhone exclusivity, it cared little about Android, once it lost it, it began to acquire more high end Android phones and to support them with updates. Verizon is going in the opposite direction. If you want to teach Verizon a lesson, start voting with your feet, no high-end Android phones, no contract renewal. Sadly, most people will just complain and do nothing about  it.

    • star-crossed

      I think another issue is that a lot of the high-end phones are being built with GSM in mind first for the greater world market, with CDMA versions being a lesser concern. Hopefully, LTE adoption will change that.

  • Bewara2009

    If Verizon is taking this over the SG III than they can suck my balls!

    • Ramp1188

      u have none

      • Billyrouth2000

        How do u know? Did u bite them off?

      • gibbshersal

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      • Bewara2009

        Tell your mom about me.

    • Lula22333

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  • Ramp1188

    i dont care just get the freaking updates to the nexus. i dont wana see one more post here until the nexus is updated

    • geedee82

      If you care that much about it then why not just do it yourself?

    • MicroNix

      You Nexus guys have what?  A billion roms to choose from?  And you are complaining??  Sheesh…

  • chris125

    This should still be a pretty good performer even though it’s not the chub worthy phone like people on this site want to see.

  • positives: ICS. people will like that 

    • FortitudineVincimus

      positives.. ICS? ICS is old news. Hardware is where it is at and this is just another mid level yawner of a phone.

      • id rather have a mid range device with ICS then a hig end one with gingerbread

  • The Bluetooth SIG recently published listing details for the Samsung SCH-I200. That paperwork reveals little about the phone itself, but armed with that model number we tracked-down a GLBenchmark entry for the handset, revealing quite a bit about what we could hope to see

    • Liderc

      epic spam post. 

  • Yay, another low end device made by verizon.

  • Jak_341

    What is it with Verizon lately? They always have been behind the curve when it comes to the latest technology, but they are only offering mid tier or crippled phones lately. The GNex has been the only real phone offered for some time.

    • I own a G Nex, but the Rezound and the Razr were both top of the line phones when they were released.

      • Rezound

        I agree- the Rezound was the only phone available in November 11′ with an HD 720p screen and 1.5 dual core processor.

      • LiterofCola

        Indeed they all were.  Some of the insecure enthusiasts would never admit it though.

  • I was thinking the same thing…. Hello Big Red SGSIII. Shame