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Samsung “Next Galaxy” Site Posts London Event Teaser, Calls Out iSheep

Yesterday, Samsung launched a teaser site for the “Next Galaxy” (potentially the Galaxy SIII) with a countdown that ended this morning. Once the final seconds ticked away, a teaser for their May 3 Unpacked event in London was posted for the world to analyze. It talks about technology becoming a natural part of your life and how it should fit perfectly in your hand, so that you can stand out from the…iSheep. Yes, they went there. It was super cheesy and we wish they would get over this i*hone vs. Samsung thing in their promos. Just make the best phone ever and promote the hell out of it, please. 

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  • Nickfloria

    I love the idea that they target the isheep they just waste money every year on a tiny phone update a little bit and some bull feature they claim is their own when it someone else produced and its been used for years

  • ocdtrekkie

    Why are you complaining about one of the most effective advertising campaigns in Android history?

  • jag28co

    It could very well be my next phone.  I like.

  • Hud

    They actually said nothing about not wanting anyone to be a sheep…they said the next Galaxy will set you apart from the sheep.

  • master94

    Samsung has a great marketing team that rivals Apple, but this was a little lack luster

  • YouknowWho

    Don’t throw rocks at the throne! iPhone stands alone. iPhone will always win because the ecosystem cannot be matched. They control both their hardware and software elements, and a appstore second to none. Not to mention their device design actually utilizes premium materials. Sapphire quartz crystal glass and stainless aluminum, looks and feels pristine. Fight for the scraps, apple bows to none of these “other” manufacturers. Oh yeah, thanks sammy for the A5 chip, appreciate that.

    • Tyler Chappell

      Google “broken iphone” and “broken android phone”, compare the number of results, and see what little good it does to have those “premium materials”.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    so samsung doesnt want us to be sheep YET  didnt they say a few months back that they want people to obsess over their products like apple products? this ad was a huge fail


  • Hud3

    So let’s forget the stupid iLinks and discuss what’s ACTUALLY said in the spot…From the wording in that piece, there is absolutely no way, this will be the rumored “small refresh.” The hints dropped throughout speak of a major design overhaul, a WIDER screen (possibly with the rumored 1080p HD), and an innovative differentiating ergonomic design that somehow makes holding it, despite it’s increased width much easier and comfortable than previous devices…maybe it molds to your fingers….mark my words….can’t wait.

  • Kierra

    This is so tired now.

  • if the iSheep FiTS…

  • Blood

    Maybe from the rest they were talking about galaxy nexus owners?

  • Nannersby

    The rage on the iphone blogs and the pro-Apple people on the tech blogs is palpable and delicious.

  • Turbomonkey2k

    Did I miss the part where they said iSheep?

  • New_Guy

    Honestly…I like a bit of marketing smack talk; adds to the fun! I would welcome Apple to do the same =)…

  • Destroythanet

    Haha, please. I’ll take a Samsung Galaxy over an iPhone any day, but let’s be real. Samsung would kill for the brand loyalty and sales Apple has. Haters gonna hate lol.

  • Google needs to market Android and ICS like they do with their Chrome commercials. Of course Sammy doesn’t have the same resources Apple does in PR & Marketing. 

  • Hud

    Also shame on you Kellex…they didn’t go there…you did. I just watched the video and there is not a single mention of Apple, iphone, isheep, or even sheep for that matter. They just say with the next galaxy you can stand out from…and then they flash images of sheep. Sure one can reasonably think of Apple devotees as a reference but Apple themselves made much more direct and pointed references and swipes at Samsung and Aneroid during its live unveiling of the new Ilario.

    • New_Guy


    • Actually iAgree. Why did Kellex have to go there? Just enjoy the commercial. It poked innocent fun at sheep. iF Apple elitists aren’t sheep then the crack is against our friendly neighborhood lambs nothing more…

  • this is brilliant. stupid iSheep

  • IceBergLettuce

    Kellex, you’ve changed bro.

  • Earleepa

    The isheep thing might be funny if samsungs phones werent such crap.

    • Jonny

      its funny regardless of samsung’s build quality

    • Jonny

      I mean your perception of their build quality. You obviously have ridiculously high standards to the point you don’t even own a smart phone because none meet your standards, if you think Samsung is crap.

      They are not tops, but crap? nahh brahh

      • Earleepa

        You obviously dont own a smartphone or you would know exactly what i’m talking about. When a phone is put up on a pedestal as the nexus was of course im going to hold it to a higher standard. Even if i lowered my expectations of what the nexus was supposed to do it still didnt meet them.

  • Hud

    I disagree with you Kellex…I like the iBashing…its funny and Apple had no problem doing it to Windows for years in their ads so now its what goes around comes around.

  • Would be great if a lot of the commenters could grow up, and see their own hypocrisy.

    “Avoid being an iSheep!  Buy our smartphone… using the majority mobile OS… from a giant Korean corporation that makes everything from phones to washing machines.”

    You *are* the conformist if you buy the Samsung phone.

    • Jonny

      ….but my phone gets a notification when my laundry is done 🙂

  • Michael G


  • DanSan

    I love the whole making fun of i*hones in the ads. It may be tacky to some but Ill take any reasonable excuse to make fun of these i*hone elitists. Making them feel pretty dumb and foolish is fine in my book.

    Especially having to explain this whole “4G update” they got. now every idiot with an iphone thinks they have 4G just because it says so on their screen lol

  • ” It was super cheesy and we wish they would get over this i*hone vs. Samsung thing in their promos.”

    That’s a little pot calling the kettle black coming from people who refuse to say iPhone. Just pointing that out is all. 

    • New_Guy

      You make a good point my friend. A little marketing smack talk never hurt anyone =).

  • FortitudineVincimus
    • dqw

      wish verizon would anounce something too considering vodafone owns a huge chunck of them

  • js

    They always go after apple. That’s their biggest competitor. I see no problems with it. I see iphones everywhere!

  • Joe Buck

    well after releasing the galaxy nexus, sammy has nothing to brag about, and if you read any posts here over the weekend, many of us have had multiple nexus phones and none are worth braging about

    • ddevito

      give it up dude. Seriously. 

    • Dr_Buttballs

      Expect that the SII’s are awesome phones that don’t have the same issues as the GNex.

    • Jonny

      troll’s gonna troll

    • Not all GNex owners have the problems… it’s likely that it’s related to Verizon’s 4g cell system, when coupled with the software in the GNex… I feel your pain, I have the problems myself, which makes it a terrible phone, but it’s still an awesomely amazing device… one I’m not ready to give up on.

      • ArmanUV

        contradiction level: over 9000!

        • How so?

          • ArmanUV

            EHHH I don’t know maybe this sentence: “makes it a terrible phone, but it’s still an awesomely amazing device”.

          • the “phone” is only one small part of the “device” as a whole. The phone part of it does suck. Not contradictory at all.

      • xboxkid

        I have a gnex and have had no issues 🙂

  • RegKilla

    Samsung stop the childish crap already! Just release the Galaxy S3

  • TravelinJoeT

    Unfortunately people are simple enough to respond to that comparison. Main reason apple has any users these days from the Mac vs PC days. Anyway, Sammy should use their tactics against them if the iDrones respond to it. Remember, they don’t need to advertise to android fans, we’re gonna buy the SIII anyway 🙂

  • Scott Souder

    Most of it was meh up till the iSheep part. They should have done more of that.

  • sadly…this is the only way to beat apple…

    consumers are sheep and they keep flocking to any iCrap apple throws in the iTrough …to win you do what sammy has been doing…you put out commercials that show how stupid it is to stand in line for something so out of date and generations behind technology when its released…

  • TheRunner024

    It can’t be childish or silly if it’s true.

  • wow… 

  • David

    On one hand, I agree with you.  Ferrari never compares itself to other cars, only to other Ferraris. They feel that, when you’re the best at what you do, there is no comparison.  On the other hand, in the minds of many potential customers, iPhone remains a benchmark of sorts.  Samsung needs to work to change that.  Whether the iSheep approach is the best way to do that remains to be seen.  

  • MattM1974

    Childish and silly, but so true. There are still iSheep bloggers talking about how 3.5″ is the perfect screen size and anything larger doesn’t make sense. 

    • Nigga

      maybe for a child

    • Until, of course, Apple introduces a phone with a 4″ screen.  Then, OMG…It’s the PERFECT size and it’s all because Apple is amazing and has done years of research and testing and asked all of their lovely users and fed all of the information into a special Mac with a case made of unobtanium that runs on a processor based, not on silicon, but on shavings from unicorn hooves and then the magical answer was spit out that the perfect screen size is:  4.00211″.  Because it can’t be 4.0″, since that’s already been done by someone else.

      •  Unicorn-Hoof-Shavings only work when accompanied by AOKP.
        So, sadly, their efforts are in vain on that one.

      • Ergha

        actually its 4.000000000001

  • Nigga

    i think the community at droid life should come up with an advertising scheme for sammy, we know what our devices are capable of doing, and the features that the average user is unaware they can do.. we could make millions of theoretical dollars!!

  • Tora

    Ugh. Samsung really needs a new marketing team.

    • New_Guy

      Nahhhhahaha they don’t =)…

      *sheep sound*

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I would think, with this much hype, it MUST the SGS3 and not some SGS2 “Plus” version. 

    But either way, it wont come to VZW so I still have to painfully wait for something truly new to blow my last upgrade on at VZW.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      You might be waiting awhile with all the lame phones Verizon’s been putting out recently.

      • Gary Patrowicz

        If verizon would just stop pushing moto crap we might see some decent phones.

        • Dr_Buttballs

          I don’t think it even has anything to do with Motorola. I think it’s just Verizon trying to capitalize on a once great brand because it now as recognition among a lot of people. Much like all the American car companies trying to bring various muscle cars back. Sure they have the name and the style, but they pale in comparison to their one that made those names popular.

    • PC_Tool

       ” it wont come to VZW”

      Posting your personal opinion as fact doesn’t make it one…no matter how much you’d like it to.

      • Dr_Buttballs

        It’s a good assumption though seeing as Verizon is boasting LG’s new phone that is suppose to be just as capable as the SIII.

        • PC_Tool

          They skipped one phone SGSII (for another – SGN).

          One data point doesn’t make a pattern. There’s no rational reason to assume they’d do it again unless the person either wants it to be that way, or is just that incredibly cynical.

          • Dr_Buttballs

            I’m not saying the reason why I think they’ll skip it is because they skipped it last year. I’m saying I think they’ll skip it because Verizon themselves talked up the new LG device as being the SIII’s competitor. Verizon doesn’t usually boast one phone over another unless they’re trying to sell you on some Droid branded device. This is, of course, just my opinion. 

          • PC_Tool

            …which you stated as such.  No problem.  I may not agree (VZW doesn’t really have a track-record for skipping devices), but you at least make a point and allow some room for argument.  😉

            Still hopeful here.  Just gave my G’Nex to my son and bought the Spectrum.  Still have one upgrade left, so might get the SIII when it hits, but for now..it’s good to have a phone that can actually make and receive phone calls. The G’nex dropped every 3rd call, almost like clockwork, regardless of ROM/radio. 

            …still missing AOKP though.  🙁

          • Dr_Buttballs

            I’m honestly really hoping that Verizon gets the SIII, I thought it was a mistake on their part last year by skipping the SII in favor for the GNex. Though, Verizon probably figured the SII was going to be a huge disappointment like the original Galaxy line was, so I understand why they might have chose to skip it.

            Also, how is the Spectrum? I’ve never come across anyone that actually owned one and am now curious.

          • PC_Tool

            Would have preferred the SII to the G’Nex myself, to be honest.

            The spectrum is not a bad device. It absolutely *requires* a different Launcher than the default….LG’s Skin is about on par with TouchWiz 3. 0 (Meaning…it sucks). I actually threw fr0gg4rs TouchWiz 4.5 launcher on it…and it is a thing of beauty.

            Radio seems very capable (which is the reason I swapped). Volume is great (though speaker-out seems a tad low). …and the thing flies. Kicks the G’Nex’s ass in load-times for games. (I compare with the G’Nex, because it is the most similar phone I own and can thus rationalize comparing it to.)

            That said, my Fascinate running TeamHacksung’s ICS seems smoother, and I miss the hell out of AOKP. I’m not very hopeful this device will ever see it as the dev community, by and large, seems to be shunning it.

            …another reason why I am hoping VZW gets the SIII. I actually like Touchwiz (post 3.0, of course), but AOKP’s modded nav-keys with the TW-ICS launcher would be ideal….in my opinion. 😉

            All-in-all, it’s a good device. I’ll definitely use it over the G’Nex unless they somehow manage to issue an update that magically makes it work. (My issues with the G’Nex are many and varied…some of which I have to assume are hardware-related…so a software-fix is doubtful.)

      • FortitudineVincimus

        huh.. so you can post your opinion about my opinion and its cool?

        Please point out where I said this was a fact?

        and on top of that, assuming it not coming to VZW is how I’d like it to be?

        (you douche – what a fail of a comment)

        • PC_Tool

          “huh.. so you can post your opinion about my opinion and its cool?”

          You never posted an opinion.  Reference:

           “I don’t think it will come to VZW”

          Opinion stated as Fact:
          “It won’t come to VZW”

          “Please point out where I said this was a fact?”

          Please see my first reply to you.  I quoted it.

          “and on top of that, assuming it not coming to VZW is how I’d like it to be?”

          You post this tripe in every single article on the SIII.  You either want it to be that way (so you’ll be proven correct), or there is something very wrong with you.

          “(you douche – what a fail of a comment)”


          • Jonny

            lolz…..”you either want tit”

            sorry, i enjoy typos

          • PC_Tool

             fixed.  Yeah…that’s always a good one.  😛

          • Me

            @FortitudineVincimus home boy….you just got SERVED!!!  Who is the Douche now hahahaha!!!

  • Michael Jordan never called out his opponents bc he dominated them all…just be Jordan, Samsung. Dominate.

    • i hope the smart phone world isnt the chicago bulls, cause that would mean *gasp* we all use the scottie pippen of smart phones!!!

    • Apple has a long history of calling out their competition, however, and it has not harmed them one bit.

      • trumpet444

        They also have quite the history of suing their competition

      • RegKilla


    • Liderc

      Apparently you didn’t know Jordan very well.  If we had the internet and facebook/twitter ect…  when he was playing, he’d be making stupid statements as well. 

      • Lakerzfan80

        Last time I checked al gore created the internet while Jordan was still playing…I’m in France….I’m just saying lol

        • Benjamin Landwehr

          Yes.. but were there these types of social networks? No. Lol.

    • Kyle Cummings

      You could also look at the Muhammed Ali side of the argument. He trash talked like no other and backed it up.

    • New_Guy

      Until he does a Hall of Fame speech, then he calls out everyone and their grandparents =D!

    • Actually Michael Jordan called out his opponents to their faces as he dominated them, time and time again. He even called out his teammates if they were not up to par.

  • ddevito

    HA HA I love it. 

    iSheep. I use that term almost daily. It’s almost as if they asked me to produce this. LOL


    • Ya I love it too and Kellex, what gives, it’s funny, it’s appropriate and about damn time. Apple made a slew of commercials ripping Microsoft to shreds. Apple elitists are not actually elitists, they are iSheep… and Samsung agrees

  • Dr_Buttballs

    Why not continue on with the whole iSheep promotion? It worked for Motorola and their “Droid Does” promotions.

  • Agree. Shot at iSheep is kinda childish

    • ddevito

      but funny

      • Nigga

         but childish

        • Sorry

          Claims of “Childishness” coming from someone with the disqus name of “Nigga” are invalid.

          • LiterofCola

            F****** lol!

          • PC_Tool

             …but wouldn’t that make him an expert?  He *lives* it…

            Wouldn’t he know it when he sees it?

        • FortitudineVincimus

          yeah, and your user name isn’t

  • deadsix

    Song is from Mass Effect 2 


  • EC8CH

    • Yeah…my thoughts as well.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Expecting a bit more there Kellex? Lol