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Nikon to Release Dongle for Wireless Control of Your DSLR by Android Devices

Coming late May, Nikon is to release the new WU-1a adapter to add transfer support and remote control ability for Android devices and your DSLR. With the dongle, you can easily snap a photo with your powerful lens, then transfer the image wirelessly to your smartphone for easy uploading to Facebook or Instagram. While that notion could possibly disgust professional photographers, it is nice to see Nikon embracing the social aspect of photo sharing that is taking place in the world currently.

In addition, you can use your Android phone as a live view display, as well as a shutter trigger, which could come in handy for folks. The adapter will cost $60 and is only compatible with the D3200 so far, but we expect there to be more cameras supported in the future.

Via: Nikon

Cheers Nas!

  • David

    As a Nikon man, I would absolutely love this!  I hope they come out with support for the D7000 soon.  

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  • tyler

    So excited about this.  My only question is why only add support for their current entry-level SLR?  I hope this works with my D7000 soon.  Seing as how good shutter release remotes will set you back around $40.00, this is a steal (and the remote only triggers the shutter!).  Not to mention wireless live view and file transfer.  I don’t upload my SLR photos to facebook or instagram because they absolutely destroy the quality, but it’d be nice to have them on my phone to do a simple edit and e-mail on the fly.

    • tyler

      Anyone know if it would be possible to set something so your phone is hooked to an external hd, and when your photos transfer to your phone, they automatically transfer to the external?  Because if you own an SLR and shoot RAW (which you absolutely should) that will fill up a phone’s external storage.  Quick.

    • David

      Tyler, I have an infrared remote for under $20.  I think I paid around $13.  The D7000 allows you to point the remote at the back or front to get it to shoot.  It’s only a shutter release, but the $13 is a worthy investment for sure, even if you only use it for family snapshots that you want to be in.  I found it on Amazon.  

  • Tyler Chappell

    I have the D3100, they should support that too!

    • lembowski

      Yeah they should.  Just bought mine 6 months ago….don’t see why they wouldn’t make it work.

  • Carlos

    I do this now with a Eye-fi sd card http://support.eye.fi/ . I use it in the studio and send the shots to my Transformer and to my D4. I can also send them to my computer. This is nothing new, the Eye-fi works on any camera that uses an sd card and can connect directly between the device and the camera without the presence of a network.

  • Rickerbilly

    Why has the word Adapter been replaced by Dongle? 

  • Jorrit Jongma

    Interesting. For Canon, see http://dslrcontroller.com/ – not wireless though!

    • For now the new-found abilities only works with Nikon’s prosumer D3200 DSLR, but we’d expect to see it expand to more cameras as time goes on.

  • I have a D90 and I don’t think I’d use this much even if they supported it down the road. But it is really cool to see Nikon paying attention and not losing sight of what’s going on in the world. 

    What would be REALLY cool is if they started making their cameras Bluetooth ready, so my smart phone would work as a trigger/remote without the need for extra equipment or cables. 

    • if they can sell an accessories they will.  thats where the real profit margins lay.

  • vitriolix


  • vitriolix

    Awesome, I’ve been working on a homebrew version of this for a bit now, using this app:


    this will free up my weekends 😉

  • I would like them to add support for the D5100

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    • AMGala


    • Anthony Palumbo


  • Chris G

    Wish my canon did this.

    • vitriolix

      you can do it with a cable:


      • You can save the pictures to your phone and upload them straight to any social networks though

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  • LiterofCola

    Don’t let your dingle dongle dangle in the dirt.

  • I’m excited about this product. I’m a Nikon user and hope that they include the D7000. It will be great to upload pics instantly and also user my phone to go over pics that I shoot.

    • Nex

      Already bought one of these, just waiting for arrival

  • No ICS support yet either.

  • Sah weet!!  Hopefully Canon has something similar.  I would start using my camera more often if this were the case.  My Canon takes beautiful pictures/video, but I keep using my phone due to the ease of wireless transfer/upload.