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HTC Rezound Finally Receives S-OFF Via JuopunutBear Tool

After months and months of attempts, S-OFF has finally been achieved on the HTC Rezoundand a handful of other devices including the Amaze 4G through a new tool called JuopunutBear (someone say that 5 times fast). For those not familiar with S-OFF, just think of it as giving you the most access you can possibly have to an HTC phone. Sure, you can unlock the bootloader using HTC’s dev tool, but the device is still semi-protected even in that state as it is still S-ON. If a phone has toggled S-OFF (which stands for “security off”), you are opening it up to even more hacker-friendly fun. There are more risks involved, but we never took the DL community as one to shy aware for a little danger.

The team that released the tool is called Umlimited.IO. After looking at their instructions, I think you will understand why this took so long to complete. It involves wiping an SD card and some form of a wire and pin trick (pictured above). It will get you S-OFF if done correctly though, so hit up either of the source links below and take your time. Be sure to report back with any issues. This is one of those processes that will only get better as users share their experiences.

Via:  Unlimited.io | XDA

Cheers Nicholas, Bob, Matt, Geoff and Gerry!

  • Noob here.  Got a question for ya.  Only thing I don’t like about my Rezound right now is that Sense blocks my Wii Remote via Bluetooth link.  Will this S-off thing help me at all?  I’m using the leaked semi-official ICS update that came out a few weeks ago, if that matters.  I’m hoping to jump back on the official update train when the final build is released on the 9th of may (because Hulu wont work on this semi-official build), which is one of a few reasons I have for not wanting to root the phone.

    • Verizoncankissmybutt

      s-off will allow you to RUU back to GB. then write secureflag 3…you are then successfully back to GB and unrooted ready to recieve official update. Im not sure if this is what u were asking. It won’t help you with ur Wii remote though.

  • S-OFF success! Got it first try haha.

  • Levi

    Just got S-OFF on mine :D. Just make sure you’re on the fastboot screen and not the black htc one cause it only worked for me on the fastboot screen lol

  • majormudafuckinhun

    Awesome! I’ll be up all night tonight!

  • I also got mine on the first try.  Very happy about this phone.  I can’t believe they’re releasing a Droid branded downgrade that will cost more money.

    • Josh Groff

      S4 chip is not a downgrade (even clocked at 1.2)…

  • nicotinic

    Done. Simple enough…after 4 tries. It was like disarming a bomb. Still felt good though!

  • brando56894

    I messed around with it for about 5 hours and only got the program to run successfully 2x, both of which resulted in S-Off failure. After the first run I kept getting “no beer for bear today” in both windows and linux, after talking to one of the devs in IRC as a last resort he suggested I RUU. After that I was able to run the program again, which one again resulted in failure. I was too long of a process to attempt it again. I saw that they posted v0.2 which fixed some problems. I’ll probably attempt it again tomorrow or tuesday.

    • nicotinic

      Update? Success?

      • brando56894

        Yea finally got it to work with v0. 2.2

        • nicotinic

          Good… Thought maybe you had gotten zapped trying the wire trick.

  • Beansnrice

    Happier than ever I chose the this phone.

  • It will make flashing roms easier,it also  gives the ability to change splash screens, run leaked RUUs (with the ability to downgrade back), flash radios,  and change bootloader so it shows locked instead of re-locked in case you need to submit a warranty claim.

    • Verizoncankissmybutt

      how is it possible to get the bootloader to read locked, rather than re-locked with s-off?

      • nicotinic

        It’s due to the fact that this is OEM level access that effectively circumvents HTC’s attempt to void your warranty with that relocked flag/marker.

        • Verizoncankissmybutt

          How does one go about re-locking the bootloader to “locked” status rather than “re-locked” status? Is this possible with s-off? Because if it is, I would love for someone to educate me on how to do this.

          • nicotinic

            You should try and relock it and see if that works and shows locked instead of relocked. If it doesn’t or you don’t want to try it yourself then you should hit up the Rezound XDA forum and search.


          • Verizoncankissmybutt

            thank you for your comments, really appreciate it! I am now back to gingerbread and locked! might not mean a whole lot to most, but just to know that this can be done…AWESOME!

  • Tommyp1972

    The purpose is???

    • nicotinic

      Enables you to revert to earlier firmware, also allows the flashing of a ROM to be handled completely in recovery without the extra hboot step. To my knowledge S-OFF should also allow for a nandroid restore without an extra step in hboot. Better dev support. I’m sure there’s more…

      • brando56894

        You forgot flashing alternate radios 😉

        • nicotinic

          I just got this thing like 1.5 weeks ago, cut me some slack…

          • Josh Groff

            Mine’s coming in today, just got it off Swappa on Friday. I’m so psyched to try it out and S-off (already rooted and unlocked B/L.)

          • nicotinic

            Good. Welcome aboard!

        • Josh Groff

          That’s what I loved about my Sensation. Improved the signal by a ton.

  • Anthony Semosky

    This is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen Morrison

    So, when does world domination start?

  • By the way, the wire trick is to toggle the phone into service mode.

  • It works perfect! Got it on my first try. Just read the instructions, and watch the video to get the timing down. Thanks for the shout-out.

  • All you have to do is stab the living hell out of your Rezound… I am pretty sure you will get more than S-Off…

  • Derickmc84

    Finally! now we just need HTC to release the kernel source code for the Rezound and this phone will be perfect!

  • ZackPudney

    dang yo