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Galaxy SIII Pops Up on German Amazon Site, Should We Believe It Though?

If you follow us on Twitter, then you probably saw this link go out early yesterday, but as always, we like to make sure everyone is up to speed. What we have is a listing on Amazon’s German site “by Samsung” for the “Galaxy S3.” Amazon lists it at 599 Euros, with a 4.7″ Super AMOLED display, 12MP camera, 16GB of internal storage (expandable to 32GB), and that’s pretty much it. Is everything now set in stone? Hardly.

You may remember during the Galaxy Nexus saga that Amazon posted a page calling it the “Samsung Nexus Prime 4G LTE” for weeks if not months ahead of release. As we told you 100x then, the name was Galaxy Nexus, which it ended up being. So Galaxy SIII is not set in stone, nor are these specs. After all, yesterday’s massive video leak of a GT-i9300 showed an 8MP camera. Your guess at which is real or not real is as good as the guy sitting next to you at this point. Still fun to talk about though, isn’t it?

Via:  Amazon Germany | Android Next

Cheers Frank!

  • So_OBV

    Its a place-holder… obv…

  • Wel

    Holy crap 599 Euros?? That’s 2.7 Million dollars!

  • Tommy Thompson

    I thought it was already determined last week that the 9300 was the Samsung M? Almost every blog posted about it, but after that video hit everyone seemed to forget about it…

    • Lots of tricks out there right now. We were all certain that it was not the Galaxy S3 and then that video showed up with some pretty amazing specs. No one knows anymore. 😛

      • Tommy Thompson

        I guess it depends on what Sammy considers impressive too. Quad A9 or Dual A15? Surely they would upgrade the camera too…So MANY questions!!!!! lol

        Ohh I forgot, Sammobile shows the Amazon listing showing the GS3 as the 9500, not 9300. Food for thought…

  • Nannersby

    That Vietnam leak was the Galaxy M – Samsung isn’t going to be so dense as to send their new flagship to a third world country where standards are lax