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Asus Transformer Pad TF300 Review


The folks over at Asus were nice enough to send us a brand new Transformer Pad before they hit the US market here in a few days. The tablet itself is Asus’ attempt at creating a powerful tablet with strong on-paper specs, but keeping it at an affordable entry-level price for people who could possibly be shopping for either an Android tablet or a netbook. Coupled with the separately sold lapdock accessory, the Transformer Pad is capable of taking on your most important business and then handling your favorite Android apps with ease. Read on to see how it is almost the perfect example of when good looks meets affordable functionality.

The Good:

  • Speed:  We get it already – NVIDIA’s Tegra 3  processor is capable of turning almost any Android tablet into a competitor for best tab on the market. With many apps and great games coming out that are specifically designed to show off the Tegra 3’s capabilities, there is no doubt that this tablet’s chipset should be used as a selling point. When you hear that your tablet has a Tegra chip, you can rest assured that it will keep up with the best of them and power any type of activities you may throw its way.
  • Specs:  The Transformer Pad is a 10.1″ tablet with a WXGA (1280×800) IPS display featuring the Tegra 3 processor along with a full 1GB of RAM. It weighs in at 1.39lbs and will be available in three different colors:  blue (at launch), red, and white (by June). Along the backside is the 8MP shooter, then on the front is the 1.2MP camera for video chatting. You have your WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS (take that Prime!), and even a Gyroscope, so straight out of the box this thing comes packed with goodies. Specs like these aren’t often seen with a $380 price tag, so it’s all a major plus in this instance.
  • Camera:  At the beginning of the review, I had to ask myself which Transformer tablet I would be comparing this T-Pad to. Would I compare it to the Transformer Prime, or to the first TF101 tablet. In the camera department, I would have to compare to the first Transformer Eee Pad, due to the fact that this tab’s camera beats it outright and that at the $380 price point, we know this is not being marketed as the Prime’s successor. It is an 8MP shooter with a f2.2 aperture, capable of shooting video in 1080p HD. The auto-focus is spot on and it shoots like a champ. But let’s face it, are we actually buying tablets for the camera?

(Click to enlarge)

  • Display:  The T-Pad has a 10.1″ IPS display with close to 180 degree viewing angles, is backlit with 10-finger multi-touch, and with 350 nits brightness, you may even be able to use it outside in sunlight at times. It doesn’t get quite as bright as the Prime, but then it also wouldn’t be this affordable. The touch sensitivity on this tablet is also very good, responding instantly to anything you ask of it.
  • Battery:  When the tablet first arrived, Asus instructed me that I would need to power on the tablet and then allow it to die, then fully charge it to make sure the battery was cycled properly. Well, at first I had troubles doing that because the darn thing wouldn’t die. I first powered it on and it held about 65% left and even after all my playing around and checking out the features I was only down to 55%. I haven’t had any battery problems so far and from only the short time I have had with it, I don’t see battery being a problem for me in the future either.
  • Lapdock Accessory:  For the extra $150, you can buy the lapdock accessory which turns this tablet into the full package. A powerful tablet that can play your favorite mobile games, but also handle all of your business as it has just been made into a sporty notebook. The lapdock isn’t a gimmick either – it works quite well. And with the added benefit of having an extra 5 hours of battery life on your tablet, that’s a win win in my book. Quick tip – Asus said that none of the docks and tablets (previous models) would work interchangeably, but I found that isn’t exactly true. The Prime will work in the TF300’s dock, but not vice-versa. The TF300T is too fat to fit inside the Prime’s dock. I was unable to try the TF101 as I do not own one.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich:  Let us hope that all future Android tablets will come shipped with Ice Cream Sandwich from now on. If you are looking to buy a tablet, but it is still running Honeycomb, run away as fast as you can. And as far as companies updating their devices is concerned, there is no better in my eyes than Asus. After receiving the tablet, there has already been one OTA update and you have to respect that in a company. Knowing your device will receive timely updates to newest firmware and having bugs fixed is a huge plus.
  • Price:  Hard to argue with the price of this tablet. You get high-end specs but at one of the more reasonable prices we have seen in a tablet of this caliber to date. The 16GB model will run $379 at launch with the 32GB model dropping in at $399. This tablet should hit retail stores around 4/30 and online shops by 4/23.

The Not-so-Good:

  • Build Quality/Construction:  Yes, I have this listed as a negative. That is not to say that the Transformer Pad is cheaply built, but it almost feels like it’s missing a few screws somewhere. Sure, tablets are not made to be bent or twisted, but I know that if you drop this slate from waist high onto something harder than carpet, you may be out a few hundred dollars. The casing is easily separated from the screen with a fingernail and holding the tablet just isn’t all that fun. Whether this plastic material was used to fit inside the design budget or if they wanted to shy away from the metal they used on the Prime, it seems that some steps were skipped when assuring the tab wouldn’t fall apart after some heavy use.
  • Speaker Location:  I stressed this same topic on the my Transformer Prime review. Companies, please do not put the speaker in a location that will be covered by my hand when holding. When I’m playing a game and watching videos, I am constantly having to re-position my hand to make sure I can hear the audio. No thank you.
  • Overall Feel:  This sort of ties in with the construction part, but that just wasn’t enough to portray the sense of worry I had when holding the tablet. For example, when firmly (not too firmly) pressing on the backside of the slate, you can see the front display begin to bleed in front from where you are holding it. It’s fine if you handle your tablet like a newborn, but when you are playing a racing game and holding it in front of your face in the air, you are going to want to have a strong hold of it  from the back and even during that you can witness the bleeding. I have a Transformer Prime and also a XOOM WiFi and neither have had something like that. Definitely a pointer to the plastic backing they used instead of something a bit more sturdy .

Video Overview:



Transformer Series Compared:

The Verdict:

The Transformer Pad nails Asus’ goal to have top of the line specs at a price point that can compete in a market place that is cluttered with other noteworthy competitors. But is it worth it? At $380 for 16GB or $400 for 32GB, it may in fact seem like a good deal at first look, but if the Transformer Prime ($500) begins to see a lesser price tag, then I would suggest to save up for that instead. As a successor to the TF101, the T-Pad plays its role as a high performance entry-level tablet just fine, but when you throw in the extra $150 for a new lapdock, you are looking at a grand total of about $530 or more. Just $100 more and you can have the Prime with a lapdock which sports a better camera and overall higher build quality in general. That’s just my personal belief.

At the end of the day, the Transformer Pad is an option which will deliver high performance at a very reasonable price. If that is what you seek, then this is the tablet for you.

  • npw317

    strategy and fps take the cake for me

  • SD_Scott

    Just bought one and love it! Definitely an upgrade from the Samsung 10.1…

  • Joe2

    Did you test the GPS?  One of the biggest flaws with the TF201 is that the GPS was neutered by the aluminum back panel.  One of the reasons the TF300 has a plastic back panel was to bring back the GPS and improve wi-fi.

  • I received mine on Wednesday and I would say so far Im happy with it. Last month I purchased the Saumsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and was also happy with that for the month I used it. I find its construction sturdy and the screen bightness is more than enough for me using in my home. I added a 16GB microSD card just to give me some extra storage. ICS on a Tablet all I can say is that I would have it no other way.

  • Ace1698

    Doesn’t the metal back of the prime stop the gps and the wifi connection? Isn’t the tf300 series and the tf700 series supposed to fix that?

  • Emily McGrath

    That’s more like it. A transformer pad that’s actually affordable. Especially the 32GB version. You’re not exactly gonna find a cheaper quad-core tablet with 32GB of storage anytime soon lol.

  • darkseider

    Hmmm… $100 cheaper for the 32 gig model.  It uses DDR3L memory as opposed to LPDDR2 AND it has Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR as opposed to Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.  me thinks the new Asus tab will perform better than the Prime.

  • I think this is perfect for my Mom.  She gets a nice 16GB tablet that she can use at the cabin or sitting on the couch and since the she only uses it to read Nook books and play sudoku it’ll be fine.  The lower quality doesn’t worry me for someone like her because it will not be out and about too much.  The lapdock gives the added flexibility to use it over her laptop too.  Now if only printing from these things were easier.  I don’t care what anyone says until you get some better printing support people are going to overlook it.  I know I hate having to run down to my PC because I want to print something, maybe it’s just what I am used to but there is a still a lot of room for growth in Android overall.

  • people should buy what they want.And should not become fan’s.

  • When is this going to be released? And what about the TF700?? in europe

  • Guest

    Check out the Acer Iconia Tab 510  ( $429.- today at Amazon) 1.3 GHz Quad Core  ICS etc etc
    I got to play with a friends 510 and had to order it (black in stock).
    After the Prime disaster that I had, terrible Wi-Fi and no GPS and the terminal wait for ICS with my Xyboards: This is the machine that I’ve been waiting for.

  • Joe Buck

    Id ne er buy it, to flimsy,looks to cbeaply made, you get what you pay for

  • Tyler Chappell

    It’s really nice to see that it includes 32GB of storage and a microSD slot at that price range, for only $22 more, you can have a 64GB quad-core tablet running ICS, not a bad deal at all.  And it seems the screen brightness is basically the same as the Galaxy Nexus, so it still should be pretty readable outside, you may only have to squint a little bit.  I however will continue to wait for the next few tablets that will be out this summer.

  • ShopDroid

    Yet another marketing blunder for an Android tab maker – this is not different enough from the Prime to make its own market.   On the other hand, it may kill of what demand is remaining for the Prime.  In-fighting within the same brand – just what we need…

  • Lavoisier1794

    I really wish Asus would do a better job of launching in stores or at least communicating when and where their products will be available in stores. I’d like to pick one up in a store so that a) I can try it out before deciding to buy,b) can more easily return if there is a problem, c) can use it right away. Also given that for most people a tablet is luxury, not a necessity, they are losing out on impulse buyers. I’d be willing to pay $20 premium to buy in-store.

    • HotInEER

      I agree. I went to 3 local electronics giants and none of them had them, and only 1 knew about bit.

      • Lavoisier1794

        Just curious, which one knew of its existence? Did they have any guess when they might have it in stock?

        • HotInEER

          Best Buy

          • just went to my best buy…not only did NONE of the electronics guys know what the hell I was talking about, but the guy was like “um, im going to write this down” because apparently “Are you planning on getting either the Acer A510 or the Asus Transformer 300” is too hard to remember.

            And when he came back he said “1 is only online”..I said “which one”..he said “It was the uh..Prime..I think..ya, you can order the Asus Prime online”…I was like “do you mean this one sitting right here (points at store’s demo unit)”…”Oh wow, well cool then ya we got them in”…”No I mean the Asus Transformer 300″….”Oh ya..no, we’re probably not getting that then”..


          • Ed

            The Best Buy I want to today did not know about the 300 but I had her check online in her system she found they had 6 in stock (16gb) but could not sell them until next Sunday.

      • Radgatt

         I saw where the tablet will be available online tomorrow while in store availability won’t be until April 30

  • After reading all of the Acer 510 reviews, and seeing that Amazon had it without tax or shipping costs at $429 for the 32GB I really wish I could play with both at stores.  The Acer seems to have the edge in both back casing feel and speaker/speaker placement, and that Acer-ring thing is actually kinda cool.

    I really dont care about rear camera or flash, that’s what my phone is for if I wanna do a point and shoot.

    My question is: does the 300 have the same usb features?  Mobile Tech Review showed the Acer having 3 Tegra games playing, watching a trailer, talking about watching a movie via hdmi plug to TV, and then they loaded a song via flash drive and files via a portable hard drive…they even played GTA with a corded xbox360 controller..

    Can the 300 do all of those things?  Cuz with about the same specs I’d rather have the usb enhancements and the nicer speakers/back casing

    • Logan_jinx

      with out an keyboard dock, you are going to need an adapter cable for usb support.

      • Logan_jinx

        a keyboard dock. 
        (sorry for the typo)

  • Princesation

    how does this compare to the galaxy tab 2 7.0?

    • Logan_jinx

      Hope this helps

      Tab 2 7.0-7 inch screen
      -800 x 1024 resolution
      -1Ghz TI OMAP4 dual core processor
      -8Gb storage
      -1Gb Ram
      -Heavy Touch Wiz UI customization

      Transformer Pad 300
      -10.1 inch screen
      -1280 x 800 resolution
      -1.3Ghz Nvidia Tegra 3 Quadcore Processor
      -16Gb storage
      -1Gb Ram
      -Minimally intergated Asus custom UI tweaks

      • angermeans

        Nice you hit that one right on it looks like. I learned some from this as well as I was wondering the same. Thx

  • Mack

    It’s not a droid-life video until they say peace at the end. Nice review Tim. 

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  • this isn’t the one with the updated display. when is that going to be out?

  • LiterofCola

    Kudos on the weekend posts. Nice to stop by and see more and more info being pushed out to us.

    • kixofmyg0t

      I second that. 

      • Noyfb

        3rd it

  • teh_Jughead

    I was planning on buying the TF201 lapdock for my wife’s TF201 when it comes back in stock at Staples. Is there any reason to hold off and get the lapdock TF300 over the TF201’s?

    • After reading some other reviews, they’re recommending you don’t mix match the lapdocks. Basically the TF201 dock was designed specifically for it, and the TF300 the same. I would just purchase the TF201dock. 

  • socalrailroader

    The Acer A510 is a nicer tablet I think, and yes, I do own an A510. 🙂  The build quality seems better,  from what I’ve read anyway and the battery life is longer at 12 hours.

    • Jeremy Nelson

      I have both the Prime and the Acer A500 and I always pick up the A500 instead of the Prime.  Even though it won’t get ICS for another few days the build quality just so much better than the Prime.  I don’t see much in the way of reviews on it other than an occasional post so it must be one of those hidden gems that no one wants to talk about.

      • BigRed4X15

        I had an A500, and I now own a Prime, and I have to say I disagree with your statement whole hardily. I don’t necessarily think the A500 was a bad product, but it wasn’t without its faults. The seams on the A500 scratched me more than a few times. The connector layout was a pain. they should have placed all the connectors on one side. There is also the fact the A500 was one of the heaviest tablets out there with not that great of battery life. And then there was the fact Acer was always last to update their products. All of these issues are non existent with the Prime. The only think I miss about my A500 was the USB port on the table for plugging in a flash drive. 

    • I agree but I think if you are looking at a TF300 you are really focused on price. One thing Asus is really good at is making cheap devices that feel like premium (or in this case….perform). It seems to me they just took a TF201 and replaced the aluminum with plastic and knocked off some off the top of the price and released the same thing that they’ve had for a while. This is awesome for them since they get to release their next tab without really changing the manufacturing process 

    • Trekke670

      I’ll never support Acer again. That company is terrible to work with. Terrible customer support, lying to customers, very greedy. Never again.

      On the other hand, I’ve only had plesent experiences with Asus, so I might have to check this out.

      • LTE4G

        The exact opposite, my Asus wouldn’t even turn on much less run the battery down… and their CS was a joke… would not help, or offer any option but return to the store for repair, and they don’t repair tablets…. so quite the incompetence on Asus…

    • Guest

      As of right now 4-22 Amazon has it for $429.-

    • HotInEER

       The Acer reviews are horrible.  Not too mention I have never been to impressed with their previous versions. 

  • Android1997

    Tim, why are you posting this so late? Its 4:38 at night bro (in NY)

    • These things are all timed by Asus lol

      • Android1997


  • It looks good! , let the learned knowledge.Thank you

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    Nice ad placement. It’s not so much an objective review as much as it is a commercial, with Asus paying you to “review” the tablet, regardless of your verdict it was tainted from the beginning. And yes,a free tablet constitutes as payment. I mean the the manufacturers might have always been sending you review devices of past phones and tablets you got a hold of somehow, but that is neither here nor there.

    • It’s Droid-Life, what else did you expect. I’m rather surprised that this article isn’t in any way bashing Motorola, though (not to mention not praising Samsung on every line).

    • Liderc

      they criticized its build quality in case you missed( you didnt read it.)

    • Tired of nitwits

      Uhm, welcome to the techblog world?  Do you think bloggers can run out and buy every piece of tech that we want to hear about?  Yes they ALL send him review models or he finds someone who had a review model sent to them and borrows that review.  In any case every review involves a free device. Derp derp.  I challenge you to find another review so thoughtful of this device, or really most of the devices reviewed on this site.

    • Sobr0801

      I have reviewed 2 tablets so far in my Time bloggings and haven’t been able to Keep either. I don’t think even if I had been able to keep them that it would have changed the review at all.

    • mustbepbs

      Actually I’d sooner think that someone who paid for the tablet would give it a glowing review seeing as they paid top dollar for it and is looking for all the good points instead of the bad. For him to give a glowing review on a free device (which he’s given bad reviews before) means a lot more. And ASUS products always get top marks. They don’t need to pay off reviewers.

  • Does GPS work on this model?

    • It actually does. No dongle needed! 😛

  • Jason

    For me build quality is a biggie, so the extra dough would be worth it for the Prime.  However I had one of those already and after 3 soft bricks and a final hard brick I had enough and returned it.  So maybe the bq wasn’t there after all.

  • evilkokonut

    Once this hits $250 in say 9 months I’ll pick this up. I’ve run through a lot of a tablets and 380 is still a lot for me. I went from nook color to touchpad to blackberry playbook temporarily 

    • Androidfan1981

      quiet being such a cheap ass when it comes to tablets and price  you say 380 is high i paid 548 at game stop  and trust me i rather pay 380 then pay 548 trust me 380 is not bad price for the 300 hell the infinity is like the price of a price and its also clocked out higher then the prime is to 

      • Androidfan1981

        and the 548 was for the prime at gamestop

        • evilkokonut

          thats called wasting your money

    • Neither the $379 or the $400 asus are that expensive…the Nexus is still $300 on Verizon and tons of people are reporting problems with the latest update…even read Droid-life’s post right before this one…and Sprint is getting the same phone for $199…people gladly spend $300 for a 4.3″ or 4.6″ smartphone…$100 more for 10″, better specs, better speakers, etc is nothing..if you hadn’t bought your Nook or your Playbook you’d have the money to buy this and get some beer and pizza to celebrate.

      People that run out and buy the newest stuff right away are insane…I’ll wait until I get to use the Acer and this and maybe even hold off until June for the Infinity/Acer700 and cross my fingers that Verizon might get the Galaxy Journal or Samsung releases the Note 10.1 or Google/Asus release their 7″ wondertablet…

      With so much to look forward to I seriously wonder why people are like “oh ya I have a zoom, xyboard, galaxy tab, nook, kindle, prime, blah blah blah…just do your hw and buy 1..with all of the money you guys are spending you could’ve just bought a 15.6” quad core thin Asus laptop with wayyyy more power, bluray reader, dvd writer, google apps, 1080p screen, dual HD 5.1 speakers, etc.

      Sigh…im rambling…just don’t ever be like “psh, i use a playbook”…that’s like bragging about having a small penis

      • evilkokonut

        I only went through that many tablets because I could profit doing it. I bought the nook color for $125, sold it on ebay for $300 rooted with cm7. I bought the touchpad in the firesale for $150, sold it for $220. I bought the playbook for $119 3 weeks ago. I plan to use it until a good budget 7″ or 10″ comes out and sell it for at least 150. And lol I’m not bragging about using a playbook. Its pretty good for what it is, plus you can sideload android apps.

    • angermeans

      Or you could just buy a new iPad. I hate to say it cause I also bought a bunch of android tablets last year (4G LTE Motorola Xoom on launch and Transformer Prime on launch), but although I prefer android any android tablet on the market doesn’t hold a candle to the new iPad. Much better Eco system and runs 1000 times better. I know it won’t be the popular decision on droid life (I am not loyal to one OS I keep my options open and use the best for me. I use my galaxy nexus as my daily driver and have a iPhone 4s and HTC Trophy that I use for WIn Ph) but hands down the iPad is a much better buy and take my word you won’t be looking elsewhere. The holes that iOS had are non existant (at least for me). With this being said Im still interested in the nexus tablet, but this also proves my point as even google knows that android can’t compete with the iPad except on the low end like the kindle fire. After selling off my xoom and prime I couldn’t be happier.

      • HotInEER

         Not a iPad fan at all.  I bought one and took it back after several days.  Android is the better system.  Only thing iPad had was a nice screen.  Everything else just plain stinks, and no multi-tasking abilities.  Tell me again why when I download a app it kicks you out of the app market and you have to keep going back.  Why couldn’t I d/l multiple apps at once.  Not too mention rows and rows of icons is just plane cluttered.  Everything looks the same, and you have to go 3 screens back to get to a search bar.  Plus the apps are way more expensive, and there are no clear cut ways to exit apps.  Some apps have the exit or back buried in the options, some have it at the bottom left, some at the right.  No thank you.  Who wants to use safari all the time…Not me..

        • angermeans

          I guess that is the beauty of having so many options to choose from, am I right? I’ll take the bate and bight though. Customization is great and one of the main reasons I jumped ship from iOS to Android back when the best phone ever created was introduced (Nexus One) and haven’t looked back until the last couple months. Why? Because Android OEMs are running Android to the ground. Back to customization, it is great and all and works great on my Galaxy Nexus. My phone looks nothing like it did when I pulled it out of the box and I will give you that it is much better than the 4×5 grid of icons on the iPad, but to be honest that is where it ends. When I got my Xoom on launch I couldnt wait for the new widgets and how it was created from the ground up for tablets. This and the fact that it had a higher res screen was the main reason I chose the Xoom over the iPad2. Well that and it was Android which like i said above I prefer. I got to the point where I never put any widgets and never used the five screens available to me because it completely slowed the OS down to where it was like scratching nails on a chalkboard to get it to respond. ICS was a little better and my Trans Prime was much better than that, but still Android in general on tablets still is no where near as fluid as iOS and it is not a joy to use in any sense of the word. Customization is great, but when it comes at the cost of general use I will take the iPad. 

          I’ve been waiting years for the innovation we are now seeing with display technology and to me it is more than just a “nice screen” A tablet device is 90% screen and when you bring the display up to that technology it is jaw dropping and everything you view on it just jumps out. This paired with how fluid iOS is is the killer feature of the iPad. The Xoom had one of the worst screens Ive ever used and 95% of Android tablets out now feel exactly the same. It is the sole reason I purchased the Prime and I was still wanting much more. It is a nicer display and probably the best on Android in the tablet realm, but still was not nice enough (at least for me). I told myself as much as I love Android I will jump if the iPad gets a retina display and I couldnt be happier that I did. 

          I agree it is annoying to have to jump back into the app store after downloading one app but again I will say that it is a small price to pay for the much better application selection you get on iOS over Android. It is night and day and is magnified by 1000 when it comes to the iPad. Android has very little tablet optimized applications and iOS has hundreds of thousands. I have 0 apps on my iPad that are not designed for the iPad. On my Prime and Xoom most of my applications where just blown up.

          Yes the apps are more expensive, but I argue like I said above it is well worth it. You get a much better quality of application and many updates. Most apps are already updated for the retina display and will continue. I used to think that the 80% free applications on Android trumped iOS everytime and I also used to think that Android in general was catching up in the application realm, but again I was wrong. Plus we are talking about apps that cost .99 – $4.99 in general so really if Im spending as much as I am in tech this is nothing for what I get. I would gladly have paid $20 or even $30 for titles like Infinity Blade 2, Infinity Blade 1, SuperBrothers, and Machinarium. 

          Your last point was about things being in the right place. I have some news for you it is worse on my Galaxy Nexus. Some applications the menu button (three dots) is on the bottom, some times on the top and sometimes no where to be found. Sometimes the options are hiddent in deifferent areas. That is a moot point and really it depends on the developer. At least with iOS the Apple created apps are the same in ICS Googles apps are all messed up too. 

          • GNEX(MOTOX)

            ok ios fanboy… go over to an ios site and ugh play with your 4×4 grid. Im perfectly happy with android, as everyone on this site is and should be. It has no problems, your just mad because of ios, and plain and simple android is more popular, different, and unique. So, just leave troll.

          • angermeans

            You obviously didn’t read anything I said did you? I prefer Android Mr. GNEX, in fact I own a Galaxy Nexus and it is my go to phone. I love it and I love Android. The difference is I’m not loyal to one brand or company. If you would read anything I wrote it wasn’t to flame or start ignorant comments (like yours) it was just to start a conversation. Get over it. You can’t know Android is the best if you haven’t even tried the competition. As of right now (and this is always subject to change and always does) I will continue to use and hopefully buy Android for my mobile smartphone needs, but the iPad is by far the better product when it come to tablets (in my opinion). No need to be a complete tool and call me a troll when you obviously didnt read anything I had to write. Sorry I offended you. 

          • GNEX(MOTOX)

            Hmm, dono, maybe i probably should have read the whole thing. Kind of skimmed but read sort of most of it. Not true, doesn’t come down to how many sold by verizon last quarter… world-wide, android is just more popular. I guess though you could justify there are cheap and expensive so it allows a broader base. Meh, my friend brought his ipad today.. and not true, i have used the ipod touch, and i have a macbook pro- i hate windows.. crashes too much. I guess you could say well windows is like android… when it comes to comp systems.. but i think the ipad is to plain. Honestly, its hard to screw up a 4×4 grid. Android maybe have few glitches.. i rarely experience them and if i do i get passed them but i enjoy it more. I feel i can add more of my style and widgets and shortcuts on the homescreen allow easier functionality. Its multi-tasking is also more “true” i could say. My friends iphone usually pauses many things instead of keeping them working in the background. Honestly i think android can be easier to operate but not all of the time. I give the ipad some remarks i guess, but i don’t think they really innovate that much. Then again you could say its all of a copying and improving game. And thats sort of why its at the moment just between android and apple. So its like comparing an infiniti to a lambo i guess. But we all have our opinions. Sorry for being harsh i guess. Sounded like a troll from what i got from it. So yea..

          • GNEX(MOTOX)

            also besides the display sector which im sure will come quickly with android, android has brought in the quad core era in tablets now..new tech, 1 gig ram, 8mp camera’s though probably unnecessary as well as new price points. Just my opinion..

          • angermeans

            Hey thats whats great about sites like this is that everyone has an opinion and honestly they are all subjective. If there was one “great” phone then everyone would have it and how fun would that be. 

            I agree and I cant wait as like I said above I have waited for years for display innovation like this to happen. It is in my opinion the best thing a company can do in a mobile device to enhance its uses. The Galaxy Nexus despite being pentile is one of the best displays I’ve seen and makes ICS stand out all the more. There is no reason that any top of the line device shouldnt have an HD screen from here on out. 

            One thing though it would be nice if an Android OEM would make a device and really innovate without waiting for Apple to do it first. I mean they do it on phones and that has moved Android forward, but on tablets they all feel the same

          • GNEX(MOTOX)

            true, but quad core?… 1 gig ram?… all came from android.. though if im not mistaking.. just saying, the ipad still uses 512mb i think?… can’t remember.. 

          • angermeans

            Yeah the new iPad finally got 1 GB of RAM which is good. Yeah quad core processors are great and the best on the market right now is the A5X and the NVIDIA Tegra 3 (until the Exynos is released). Both great options. 

          • GNEX(MOTOX)

            yea. dam :(. lol. yea, money’s going to be tight, want to finish my senior year in private school with my old friends… so.. ill probably look for the prime bundled with the keyboard on ebay.. :). Or i would buy this but i would probably just buy the prime on ebay. Yea, i just hope the update comes may. But its still a great tablet, iv’e seen the new ipad but honestly the prime’s screen still doesn’t look that bad.. depends how much the newer one is when it comes out.. but definitely will be buying the new nexus tab. 

            Feeling is mutual. See you around..

          • angermeans

            Hey no problem man its all good. I know how it is too many people come in here and “troll” I do agree with you like I said I do prefer Android to iOS and for a lot of the same reasons that you mentioned and your right it is hard to mess up a grid of icons. I mean iOS is not much more than a launcher really. I also own a Macbook Pro and I have for sometime and for the longest it was the only Apple branded thing I owned besides maybe an old iPod I keep in my truck to control my Pioneer touch screen system. They really have changed a lot and the app base makes up for iOS short comings. 

            Honestly if I could merge the two it would be perfect, until then I keep up two operating systems I guess. I didnt mean to get people upset I simply was commenting on what someone stated and I know I missed out on what iOS had to offer for a long time. Doesnt mean I wont come back to Android just not on tablets until it is better. As far as phones someone will have to pry my Galaxy Nexus from my cold hands when I die. I hope Verizon continues to bring the Nexus line back (although I hate to say, but I think this is the last). Anyways it was good talking to ya and sorry for some of my comments. Have a great night

          • GNEX(MOTOX)

            🙂 Its alright, glad we could see each others ways on some things. Meh, for me… can’t wait to buy a prime this summer :).. as much as i love my mbp.. this will be more portable, and just funner…if thats a word. lol. I would hope this wouldn’t be the last, wouldn’t think it would be. Just dam, come on… 5 months for an update on a gnex… but if we get 4.0.5 it’l be worth it… i actually heard early may possibly because it’d fix the audio problem for the multimedia dock and then it would be released for the u.s version? eh, i hope. I want a dock for it.. that is one thing ios devices have.. lol. But yea, remember when i  wanted vz to get the iphone so bad. When the droid came i was like XD… super excited. I think it caught up though.. just my opinion. 

          • angermeans

            Oh yeah the OG Droid was one of the best phones ever. It completely put the 3GS to shame. If it wasnt for Android iOS would have had nothing but minimal updates (which lets face it they already have) and wouldnt have been pushed to innovate and with that Android would have also stopped innovating as well. We wouldnt have such great displays. 

            I agree 5 months for an update on a Nexus device completely blows my mind. To be fair it doesnt sound like the Android team has been doing much on updates as well. I mean all the .01 updates are ae bug fixes, but we still should have seen something by now. It is kind of depressing to see Sprint get the Nexus 5 months later and have a newer version of Android than we do. I just hope its coming. YOu can tell Verizon has something to do with this and their attention since day one has been the many iterations of the Razr and I’m sorry I wont ever buy a skinned device again esp a Motorola one. They have lost their way. 

            You will like the Prime. Do yourself a favor and wait for the HD one that is coming that will be a great device. It is head and shoulders above the rest of the Android tablets (I guess that shows and Google is rumored to be partnering with ASUS for the Nexus tablet which I will be getting for sure). To bad I just met ya or I could have sold my Prime to ya. I let go of it for next to nothing. Kind of wished I kept it and did for awhile, but after using the retina display on my new iPad I just couldnt use it anymore. I am the same with my Macbook Pro i5 I just got in October. Well good to meet you my friend I’m sure Ill see you around. 

          • Calculatorwatch

            “I’ll take the bate and bight though.”-I don’t get it, is that some kind of jacking off joke or are you just occasionally dyslexic?

            Anyways I actually read most of that and want to say cheers on having a pretty unbiased view of the mobile OS world. Personally I don’t think I would ever get an iOS device just because I’ve managed to go my whole life without putting iTunes on my computer and never will if I can help it. But I agree that the new iPad is pretty much a smack in the face to the Android tablet OEMs that they need to step up their game, and maybe to Google that they need to make hardware acceleration more accessible. Hopefully by the time I actually get around to buying a tablet they will have caught up though. I’m curious where you’d put WinPho in the OS lineup. I’ve never actually used it but it seems a lot better than iOS but still way too restrictive compared to Android.

    • BSweetness

      $250 in 9 months?  The original Transformer hasn’t hit that, and it’s a year later.  Clearly higher-end tablets aren’t for you, which is perfectly fine.  Good luck waiting.

    • NorCalGuy

      I think your problem is you are playing with e-readers and not tablets. I don’t even think you could buy the cheapest tablet with all the money you spent on those e-readers, and if you are happy with the Playbook now that explains a lot about your choices in tablets your never going to be happy with one until you save up and buy a real one.

  • jjrudey

    $100 more is a lot to pay for a better build quality. They both have advantages but I would happily take this over the Prime.

    • Androidfan1981

      your on crack the TF300 pad is not better then the prime do your homework and you’ll seen that the prime is better thinner and faster then the 300 pad and the primes also clocked out faster to it’s clocked out at 1.3 ghz and the 300 is clocked out at 1.2 ghz so read it and weep

      • mustbepbs

        Yeah because you’re going to see a world of difference in 100 MHz. Also, the 300 has updated RAM (DDR3) vs the Prime (DDR2).

      • kixofmyg0t

         ……and my Xoom is overclocked to 1.8Ghz so read it and weep.

        LOL 100Mhz is a gain of almost nothing dude. It doesn’t matter because both can be overclocked if I’m not mistaken.

      • HotInEER

         LOL.  There is no real difference bewteen 1.2 ghz and 1.3 ghz.  You will not be able to tell the diffrence in real world use.  The older Prime is slimmer and lighter but the TF300 makes up for that with better Wi-Fi and GPS connection.  Bottom line is you will not find a better tablet under $399 that comes with these specs and 32gb .

      • BSweetness

        You shouldn’t tell someone to do their homework when you clearly never did yours in middle school English class.  Add that to a poorly uninformed attempt at an argument, and you just make yourself look bad.  Just save yourself the embarrassment next time and refrain from posting.

    • bassman418

      no the new prime (Infinity) TF700 has higher screen resolution (1920x1200px) and twice the PPI also. well worth the $100……