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Google Drive Shows Up on Developer’s Phone During Google+ Hangout, Video Immediately Pulled

Google Drive – Google’s Dropbox-ish cloud storage service – made its first public appearance today through an Android developers Hangout on Google+. While showing off the sharing capabilities of an app in review, the option to share with “Drive” was included in the list. The triangular logo matches the one that we have seen leaked in the past, giving a bit of strength to the rumor that this service could launch next week. This isn’t a full confirmation of that, but it certainly helps back the idea that the app is working on phones and getting closer to prime time.

The video was live for only a few minutes and has since been pulled. We posted it for you below in case it goes live again. 

Update:  The video is back, but we aren’t finding the clip. It was likely removed – feel free to look for it though.


Via:   The Verge

  • Why would you be so stupid to use a dev phone in a hangout? As a dev, you have two phones (at least). You have your personal phone, and you have your dev phone. Your dev phone should never meet the gaze of the public. That’s the whole point!

  • May be they didn’t want to show it.

  • I just want to be able to have cloud based, cross device storage with my games…
    I want to play Temple Run on my Xoom, and on my GNex, and have all the achievements / scores the same on both devices.
    More importantly, I want to be able to flash a new ROM, then install a game, and have it hook up with the cloud, and have my game status be the same as it was before my data wipe…you know, the cool kind of cloud storage…
    THAT’S the kind of Google Cloud I want

    • BrianWenger

      Exactly. I would hope they have some sort of API so developers can incorporate it into their games.

  • Larizard

    It’s funny how the Drive icon looks like the Verge’s logo. o/

  • MagnaCartaHG

    If they let me share any folder on my hard drive via Google Drive and it actually lets you keep files synchronized to your various devices for offline, i’ll be very happy. Otherwise, I’ll just replace Dropbox with it and keep paying SugarSync. 

    Dropbox kinda sucks feature-wise…

  • I didn’t see anything? That picture is clearly photo shopped, look at how he decreased the quality and clearly edited in Drive.


  • nick

    Umm can you say on purpose? Free advertising

  • Droiiddd

    controversial comment:

    its just going to fail like every other google service to come out in the past year, specifically google+

    not an iTroll or anything, just being realistic

    • I think if they integrate it into Android it could catch on well. The average user has another useful tool they can use and probably didn’t know about dropbox or box.com etc…

      You can’t deny them the props for having the balls to try tons of new stuff. Most may fail but they put a lot of work into everything they do.

      • Jason Purp

         They integrated Google+ into Android TOO well and it was a waste of time.

        However, I think this service will work out for them. I know that I’ll use it for sure. I just wish they’d take down Google+.

        • Just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean no one uses it.

          • Liderc

            Technically that is what it means.  It currently serves no purpose, which is the reason it hasn’t caught on.  It was made as a direct competitor to Facebook, which was it’s first flaw.  

            It should have been a new idea that the people could have decided if they wished to become a part of or not.  Good products don’t come up overnight and can’t be forced, but google seems to think it’s possible by throwing loads of money and resources into a project and hoping to break into the market.  It’s just not going to be that easy.  

            I commend them for trying, we need more companies like them that try crazy things, but it almost makes them look bad to do something that fails so miserably after wasting so many resources on the project.  

            I’m a fan of Google as a whole(not their advertising side which is a plague upon the internet but a necessary evil), but I think they’re working on the wrong products. They should get a dog in the smart phone market fight, it’s dire that they realize this.  

            Something they can do is create a direct competitor to the iPhone, which would standardize aftermarket products as well, giving them even more things to sell.  Apple has what 17% of the market and yet their company is more profitable than Google who holds 53% of the market with Android which they make barely any money from.  This has to be remedied, it is a very major problem that isn’t being addressed. 

            Right now all Google does is sell advertising to the world, they sell colorful banners to companies looking to increase sales, what they need to be doing is making Android the best damn OS ever created and integrating it into every facet of our lives.  Smart phones are the future of all computing, desktop/laptop/tablet’s will all be smart phones in the future in docking units.  They have to know this and they just stand by pushing new versions of Android out and let manufacturers bastardize their hard work and the public only sees the end result which sucks(touch whiz, blur, LG’s lol, sense.)

            I wish one of us could sit in a board meeting and just yell this stuff at them, they have to understand what needs to be done for them to take hold of the mobile market, not just by Android’s share percentage, but how to make Android a must have for people in their lives. 

        • Sobr0801

          I love google+, use it everyday.

        • AE35

          Google+ isn’t half bad. It’s just that Facebook has critical mass and momentum and is serving people’s needs. 

    • AE35

      Google tries lots of unique stuff that may not always succeed. 

      With Google+, they got into the social thing way late a-la Microsoft with Windows Phone.

      Dropbox is not a household name. Drive could easily succeed if integrated well into Android and the desktop.

      • Daniel Simpson

        Google+ hasn’t failed yet.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    It’s going to take a lot to dethrone the king of cloud storage: DropBox

    They have a desktop app and phone app – it’s about perfect really. Google is late to the game and not sure how they can make it any better other than larger initial free storage, but with DB there are many ways to surpass the rumored Drive 5gb free pretty easy.

    • AE35

      Sure, buy an HTC phone, or become one of their sales reps. And they started with a measly 2GB and $10 a month for a plan.

      Google starts at 5 and I recently bought 20GB on Docs for $5 a year.

      Dropbox is good but I have no loyalty to them. If Drive is better, I would jump ship in a second.

  • Robie

    I cant wait!!!

    • FortitudineVincimus

      but your gonna have to!!!

  • 8MP Smartphones

    we all have awesome phones…. so why are all these pictures of phones so distorted?

    • Greesyeater

      The iphone lens is smudged.

  • Sweet jesus please allow google drive allow app state changes syncing across devices! and if not that then some API for developers to include this.

    Oh my god WANT WANT WANT!

  • Butters619

    I have too many cloud services already.  Google is going to have to come to the plate with something big or innovative to get me to hop on.

  • Captain_Doug

    I’ve been using like 3 cloud services and I’m subscribed to like 7 whether directly or not and haven’t been super impressed with any. Hopefully google drive does things right. I’m thinking Box or Cubby is my favorites right now. But Dropbox’s desktop folder is pretty handy…

  • Michael Gilly

    I’m real excited for Drive. You can use Dropbox or other, but Google will integrate it so well with Android.