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Friday Poll: Would Consider a Phone With a QWERTY or Physical Keyboard Again?

Phones with physical keyboards – they are almost like dinosaurs or extinct birds these days. Fewer and fewer models are released now-a-days as anything but all-touchscreen. Sure we saw the DROID 4 hit stores at the beginning of this year along with a MyTouch or two on the side, but it’s clear that we may not see another for a long time. HTC yesterday confirmed that their future will likely not include anything with a physical/QWERTY keyboard going forward, so it got us wondering – do you care?

We know that many of you were holding out for the D4 as physical keyboards are a must-have, but what about the rest of you? If physical keyboards die off completely, will you miss them? Will you ever find yourself craving one again?

Would Consider a Phone With a QWERTY Keyboard Again?

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    WHAT IS THE PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ben7337

    I need one, but need a bigger screen more. These 4.0″ sliders are too small. Someone needs to make a 4.3″ or better yet 4.5-4.8″ slider phone to get me back. A samsung galaxy SIII slider or a slider variant of the next nexus on verizon would win me over for sure.

  • Isaiah Lawrence

    You are a sheep! Goodnight!

  • Isaiah Lawrence

    I was forced to go with a slab cause none of the qwerty were up to spec. wth is that, Now I cry everyday because of that. waiting for the new droid 4 world-phone xt898. Swype is GARBAGE! Currently this is no qwerty for the masses, droid four doesn’t count cause it’s locked to verozin.

  • We just need a quad-core 4G slider that’s a BEAST with a nice screen and a 10MP camera. What’s so hard about that? {{-_-}}

  • I guess I’m the last of a dying breed. I need a physical keyboard. It just does things for me that I’d be lost without. {{-_-}}

  • Kenbonilla

    The simple fact of the matter is that I have over 20 years of experience with the layout and physical sensation of a real keyboard. On my old phone with a real keyboard I could type faster and without looking because of the physical landmarks. I use a touchscreen now because that’s what the good phones seem to have these days, but I miss the buttons. It works ell enoug but I can’t blind type. I miss that

  • Brunobelo

    I only use physical keyboard for gamegripper. I bought Droid 3 because of gamegripper.

  • Motosurf

    I am stuck with my Milestone 2 coz there is no phone with physical keyboard worth buying now

  • Daniel Rowen

    I just upgraded my Droid2Global to a Droid4 and am LOVING this new keyboard, the number row is changing my life and I continue to love having a physical keyboard…its just so much easier and more-relaxing to type on it, I wouldn’t give it up for anything.  Would be nice to see more DroidPro-shaped keyboard Droids imo

  • BigRed4X15

    If the Droid 4 had a better screen, I might have bought it instead of the Mazda.

  • cornflahkes

    If they released something “like” the D4, maybe. But with stock ICS, great camera, great screen.
    Or something like the Dell Venue Pro, portrait slider. I would prefer that. But again, good screen and great camera.

    • MicroNix

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • NexusDroid

    I juest want nexus with a qwerty keyboard and sd is it too much to ask??

  • RoninX

    I guess I’m never going to buy another HTC phone. and I was an early adopter with the G1.

    At least Moto is still making high-end QWERTY phones, and I’m very happy with my D4.

  • HTC fan

    I was al set to get a D4 cause I missed a physical keyboard when Motorola pissed me off with the .621 update on the Droid X preventing SBF’ing back to previous installs. .621 update was buggy as hell for me too.. So then I started researching other non-Motorola phones, picked up the Rezound for $49. The screen is large enough on the Rezound that Swiftkey in landscape mode makes the keys pretty big. 

  • The Droid 4 would’ve been viable for me if it had an unlockable bootloader. Since I’ve got Nexus, I don’t think I can go back.

  • Chris

    It’s a requirement for me.

  • Meticode

    I voted no. My first smartphone ever was the Motorola Droid original. And while full physical keyboards are awesome for games, I came to find out that I didn’t use games very much. For typing the on-screen keybaords have been much faster for me. Especially the new SwiftKey 3 Beta.

  • I seriously the miss the days when I could type something, the first time, exactly how I wanted it punctuation and all. Now just about everything I type gets auto corrected into something that I didn’t want. Making emails and texts take twice or even three times as long to type. 🙁

    Oh and I’m typing this on my laptop, because it has a real keyboard.

  • I had a Droid, Droid 2, and then an Xperia Play. The Play was the worst experience of them all. Mainly because there was a small dead spot on the screen (from the cheap build quality, but not the point of this comment), which wouldn’t have been a problem if I had a physical keyboard.
    90% of Android’s functionality can be achieved without a touchscreen if you have a keyboard.

    In short, physical keyboards provide a little bit of redundancy, in case of a hardware problem like a screen acting up.

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    Hell yeah, give the Droid 3 an HD screen and ICS, insta-buy.  Drodi 4 is ugly

  • I used to Text like Crazy when I had my Sidekick and Loved every minute of every key, then Upgraded to the G1 because it had a Qwerty Keyboard and It wasnt quite the same but it was still BETTER than an on screen keyboard. I own a Droid X now because I didnt really know what an on screen keyboard would feel like. A Year and a half later with my X and I totally want to get away from on Screen keyboards, I dont type Emails, I hardly text anymore, and would rather have a QWERTY Slideout phone. Sadly the Droid 2,3,4 didnt meet my requirements Spec/Screen Wise and Im waiting ever so Patiently just for a GOOD Slide Out keyboard so I can be at Peace with Typing again! Give me Droid Razr with a Slide out Keyboard! ITS JUST ANOTHER VARIANT! The Droid Razr EDGE MAXX!

    • Isaiah Lawrence

      Thank you! I and many of my friends are in the same boat, we hold out long enough in the hopes that something will come along. Occasionally we give in and buy a slab cause but only cause we have no choice. I still text and send emails, but I don’t ENJOY doing it any more like when i had my qwerty, now it’s just a chore.

      I love to see the sheep act like swype or their virtural keyboard is so great while pretending not to be annoyed when auto correct dumps on them, or they have to take so long to type a few lines of text. lol.

  • nathanb131

    One thing I like about the d3 is disabling the screen auto-rotation. Way too often this results in it losing my place in the app when it’s on auto and I tilt the phone just enough. Yet I still like to go to landscape or portrait mode when I choose. It’s nice to control that through sliding the keyboard.  Can you even do a manual screen rotate on a brick phone?

    I thought that prediction software like swiftkey would take away the desire for a hard keyboard since I wouldn’t ever have to type every letter again.  I was wrong, the keyboard/swiftkey combination ROCKS!  I type way less letters, but it feels much better than a screen keyboard and I can see the whole screen. 

    Also, the size isn’t a big deal.  I was under the impression the D3 is quite a big device, but the other day I got my old beloved treo 680 out and saw that the two are darn close to the same size!  Funny how perception changes as things are getting so thin.

  • Iaintheworm

    I got my first smartphone a long time ago before Iphone 1, and it had a full touch screen and slide out keyboard, the touch was awful I vowed I’d never leave the physical (full qwerty) keyboard behind, So next Phone nokia N900 (Excellent phone with good screen and keyboard) just a shame nokia wasn’t committed to the os. No keyboard droids here so I am finally going to have to go all touch screen I’m really disappointed, I love being able to see so much more on screen with keyboard slid out, far fewer mistakes made when typing and faster a lot faster for me. Just give us the option, even if it has to be a plug in/bluetooth option.

  • indiecognition

    One single app makes me LOVE my D4’s keyboard: Shortyz Crosswords.  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.totsp.crossword.shortyz&feature=nav_result

    • MicroNix

      How have you already “owned” a RAZR and already onto a D4?  Are you buying these outright for full price?  Just curious as to how so many people here seemed to have owned every device that comes out to talk about them.  Does DL have millionaires in its presence?

      • indiecognition

         Costco has a great return policy.  Last year, the D4 was scheduled/rumored for release around December and that’s when I had a 2-year upgrade with Verizon.  The D4 wasn’t out yet, so I got the RAZR then exchanged it when the D4 was finally released. 

        Costco’s exchange policy was 90 days, but I think they dropped that to 30 recently.  Still a great place to get a phone, thanks to the store’s no-questions-asked return policy, warranty, prices, and free accessories.  Can’t go wrong with them or Amazon Wireless.

    • Isaiah Lawrence

      Well said!

  • Palmer Nyako

    Started with the Samsung Moment 2 years ago lol.
    I don’t dislike qwerty keyboard phones, but i prefer the lack of extra weight with my handset.

    • Isaiah Lawrence

      An extra 30 grams is nothing when compared to the benefits, in a blind test most people cant even tell the difference in 30 grams

  • I like the fact that the touchscreen only phones usually have a lot of screen, but If the did make a keyboard on a phone with the screen size of my Droid Razr and specs I would be interested but I have not really used a key board on a phone in a bit and I’m really satisfied without it.

  • iamthecosmos

    Combine the bottom 2 voting options and then the results are about 50/50 so to me it shows there is more interest than the manufacturers seem to think. I chose the middle option because although I would prefer a QWERTY phone I’m not willing to settle for average specs in the process. Here’s hoping for the Droid 5 with full HD screen and S4 processor!

    • Isaiah Lawrence

       Plus i voted top by accident. Herp derp. When i wanted to vote bottom, like im sure many others have.

  • I love using a physical keyboard. I use it for SSH (which I do a lot of) and emulators for the most part, but it’s also handy for longer text messages and emails, or really anything else where you want to type and see the entire screen at the same time. 

  • Motorola, please release a Droid 4 MAXX with a 720P screen on Verizon! Thanks! :3

  • Brandon Anderson

    With the new Swiftkey 3 Beta, who needs any other keyboard??

  • Mikescalero

    If they made a Droid 4 Maxx I would probably trade in my GNex for it. Exceptional keyboard with exceptional battery life, with the promise of an ICS update and LTE and other Android goodies.

    I am not against physical keyboards at all, they just add bulk to the device, so if I am going to buy one, it needs to be worth it in every way, otherwise might as well just stick with the touch screen.

  • I had OG Droid. I _never_ used this keyboard. But I bought the phone simply because it was a better Android phone on Verizon than Eris, so keyboard was just an annoyance. 

  • After a year trying to work with my Thunderbolt, I just traded it in and got a Droid Pro.  I am much happier now with a real keyboard.  I would buy a Droid Pro Plus in an instant if it comes stateside to Verizon.

  • flamesbladeflcl

    I would love a physical keyboard but I will only get a phone wit it if it has equal or better specs to the highest end model I hate that phones with physical keyboards lately tend to be mid or low end phones.

  • I get the feeling the physical keyboard users feel threatened. Relax guys, out of let’s say 20 models on the market, 19 of them are slabs. You guys have plenty of choice, whereas the physical keyboard users do not, and so I wish there were more sliders released in our favor.

    Don’t worry, your precious slab form factor isn’t going away anytime soon. I can see them all having a hissy fit being scared that all future phones will become qwerty again, and their phones are no longer 2mm thick, relax!

  • Maybe…I used them faithfully on my Droid and Droid3.

  •  I might be interested if the phone were thin, but having a physical keyboard seems to rules that out. Most of the typing that I do on my phone is short-form texts and emails. Honestly, even with a physical keyboard, I doubt that I would type any more than I do now. The same could be said for the various BlackBerries that I’ve use on my job for the last umpteenth years.