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Official DROID 2 Global .629 SBF Made Available, Will Unbrick Your Device

DROID 2 Global owners, download this SBF file and stash the file somewhere safe. If you are the type to try and flash ROM’s and gain root, then you may have heard that after the newest .629 firmware update, any attempt at SBF’ing to an earlier build would have resulted in some very unpleasant outcomes such as bricked and dead phones. Thankfully, developers now have their hands on the official SBF and have tweaked it so that you can unbrick your devices and even root the phone through a pretty simple set of instructions.

If you are into that type of dangerous Android experimenting, check the via link and have in on the fun.

Via: RootzWiki

Cheers M, B, D, and M!

  • gracias

  • saif

    thank you!

  • the guy

    need sbf 4.5.629 for droid 2 (non glabal). Does global sbf work for both?!!!

  • GMPY

    Correct that to original Droid 2.

  • GMPY

    Would love to get a Droid 22 SBF. Our last was for Froyo. Was able to update to latest and keep root with Rootkeeeper.

  • The new D2 (non-global) update just pushed to my phone this morning and bricked it on install. I get the bootloader screen with a MEM_MAP Blank Service Req’d error. Factory data reset didn’t work either. A shiny new D4 is on the way (company provided phone).

    • oh…and my D2 was completely stock and not rooted.

  • Raven


  • I’m pretty happy with the MIUI ICS rom that’s being developed for it. I haven’t done an OTA update in forever.

  •  Good news is that we can go back to .608, root, use OTA Rootkeeper, and update and keep root. Still no exploit for post .629 rooting, but it’s something.

  • moelsen8

    that file you have linked is actually the repacked .629 sbf that you need to flash after the full .608 sbf to unbrick your device and/or get root back on .629.

    the full .629 sbf file is in that thread at the top, from some chinese site (haven’t seen it hosted anywhere else yet)