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MyColorScreen Receives Makeover, the Best Homescreen Site Just Got Prettier

Homescreen obsessed enthusiasts probably already know about this site, but for those that don’t, we wanted to make sure you became aware. A site called MyColorScreen was created months ago, focusing on beautiful homescreens, the apps and themes that make them up, and building a community around it all. It’s not an app, but there is a mobile version of the site that acts almost like an app. It’s simply a place to share the beautiful works of art that you have constructed on your phone’s screen.

Today, they launched version 2.0 of the site, turning into one of the most beautiful web properties you will visit. The homescreen and device page backgrounds pull from your theme, the app-adding engines work better than ever, and you can take it all to the social-sphere with new sharing tools.

If you needed a spot to find inspiration for our next “Show Off Your Homescreens Day!” post, this would be the place to look.

Via:  MyColorScreen

  • jdrch

    Nice looking site, but no ability to sign in with FB or Twitter = no deal for me

  • Thanks Kellex for the feature. 🙂  Glad you guys like the new update. Any suggestion, questions, feel free to let me know. 🙂

  • davethewave

    we’ll there goes my day, thanks DL.

  • Jason Purp

     Been a member of this site for a while. The new design has been up for a week or two but it also makes the site slower than it used to be. Once they fix things up a little, it’ll be awesome.

    Can you link me to that home screen in the article’s picture?

  • CheeseMcGee

    Why do they even have an iOS section… what can they do besides move icons around and change wallpapers?!? 😉

    • Cam

       Think they can do the same stuff we can do if they jailbreak it.

  • what launcher do i need to make my phone look like that lol

  • jnt

    Somehow after years of Android, I had no clue about that site.  Thanks a lot K – that’s like Pinterest for the Android geek.  Watch the hours disappear… 

  • ipodmypants

    love it.  i remember the days when instead of bashing other droid/android phone owners we here at DL would hound kellen about what widgets he was using ..

    oh to have those days back again …


    This is awesome!  Some phones are pure sexy!

  • Michael_NM

    It’s bad enough that I spend hours changing my home screen after every “show us your home screen” story. Now, it will become a daily obsession.

    • I have to take breaks from this site at least once a month or I find myself doing nothing but tweaking my phone.

      • possomcrast1

        I’ve use the same phone design since my droid 1: Beautiful widgets weather 4×2 on top and most used apps under it. Power widget in the left page and settings in the right. I guess i’ve just gotten to used to it.

      • Apostrafee

        Exactly then all you wanna do is show everyone

  • EC8CH


  • p_droid

    Woah, never knew about this site. There are some really great homescreens on there. Thanks for the heads up!

    • It is an amazing site. You can spend hours on there thumbing through stuff and getting ideas. Problem is, then you spend extra hours turning your phone into what you just saw. 🙂

      • p_droid

        Yeah, looks like my battery is dying early today…