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Incredible 2 is Out of Stock at Verizon, Incredible 4G Incoming?

The Incredible 2 is now listed as “out of stock” at Verizon’s online store. While it does say “temporarily,” the device has been out for a year now and as we all know, has a successor on the way. Is this a sign that the Incredible 4G will be here any minute? We are sort of expecting it to drop at any time now that the device, in a finalized looking state has surfaced thanks to one of our tipsters (more pics here). Previously seen targeted dates had it pegged for an April 26 launch, which would be next week, but here we are on the 19th without a peep from Big Red or HTC. As we all know by now thanks to Bionic and Galaxy Nexus drama sagas, these “unofficial” dates, even if from within Verizon walls mean almost nothing until the press release arrives.

The Incredible 4G is expected to be the “DROID” version (LTE, NFC, and expandable storage) of the HTC One S which we reviewed yesterday. It should be a solid device for those in the market for an upgrade this Spring.

Cheers CG!

  • Mark_Venture

    Incredible 4G LTE wont be here until May.  

    • NightxFall

       Ok. Why do you think this? Every other Incredible phone released around the same date.

  • chris125

    This has been out of stock for awhile now on verizon’s site….

  • TheRealChizz

    I hope the Incredible 4G dont come out till early July lol sorry guys but thats when my upgrade is and  im definitely gettn the Incredible 4G. I have the Incredible 2 right now and i luv the Incredible series.  

  • $30 fee = bulls**t.

  • dezignstuff

    I’ve got an upgrade coming and I’m looking forward to this phone. I do wish it had a denser display, but I’ll take a One S variant with removable SD and battery with the killer processor. I like the smaller size too.The display is the only thing to not love on this phone, and that’s only when you compare it to the OneX and Rezound.

  • Snowdog

    Inc2 just died 2 days ago..replacement arriving today(4-19).  They still have certified pre-owned vivows.

    • Clayschluter

      Is it an Ausiron replacement or through Verizon?

  • AE35

    I hope the specs are wrong and this is a better phone than rumored. I don’t really like Verizon’s phone line-up. 

    Next “big” phone should be the Droid RAZR Maxx HD and I don’t do Moto until they loosen up their bootloader.

    • chris125

       It will be same specs since it is verizon’s version of the one s…

  • ATBvsBFZ

    I think the Incredible is looking old and fat these days – it should come out in gray and white.

  • wikid_one

    Of course the Incredible 4G is coming… right after they add the $30 fee on Sunday

  • I’m confused. Will it be the Incredible 3 4G? If not, then will people think they skipped the 3rd version and say it’s the Incredible 4…G?

  • Mmoreimi

    As a Rezound owner, should I feel insulted that my phone is available for $50 when the Incredible 2 is listed at $100?

    •  Rezound is infinitely better.

      • zepfloyd

        EDIT: Deleted for being an idiot and reading too fast.

        • Mmoreimi

          He was referring to Rezound vs Inc 2.

          • zepfloyd

            Thanks, clearly I’m not with it today, meant the 4G but he’s right vs 2.

    • htc rezound isnt listed at $50 price