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Ice Cream Sandwich Updates Arriving for Rezound and Verizon XOOM on 5/9 and 4/23 Respectively?

According to an anonymous redditor who works for Big Red in “some capacity,” we could see Ice Cream Sandwich updates for both the Motorola XOOM (3G/4G) and HTC Rezound in a matter of days. The source claims that this information came out today and pegs 4/23 as the XOOM ICS date, with the Rezound dropping about two weeks later on May 9. Normally these anonymous posts aren’t much to go by, but the amount of info in his post including size, soak test dates, etc. is enough to at least grab our attention. 

HTC Rezound – 05/09

  • Software Update Version: 2
  • Soak Test: 04/16/2012 – 05/07/12
  • OTA: Verzion
  • Size: 297mb
  • Push OTA: 05/09/12
  • Pull Avail: 05/09/12

Xoom 3G/4G – 04/23

  • Software Update Version: 5
  • Soak Test: 03/29/12 – 04/19/12
  • OTA: Google
  • Size: 106mb
  • Push OTA: 04/23/12
  • Pull Avail: N/A

We should also point out that – according to this report – there was supposed to be a soak test for the XOOM that ended today, yet we have not heard from a single XOOM owner who has received anything. Feel free to be skeptical, but we always like to have dates to at least look forward to. This gives us a couple.

Via:  reddit

Cheers Andrew!

  • jayjay

    I still havent received the xoom update yet.

  • TexasReb

    Does anyone know if the Verizon Motorola Xoom must be connected via 3G or 4G to update?  I ask as I don’t have service on my Motorola Xoom and use it with WiFi only and it has not updated to ICS and it’s 4/28 now.

  • SuperLip

    Owning the 4G Rezound and stand alone WiFi Xoom, count me as one anxious to get ICS for the Rezound. In terms of the Xoom, ICS was made available, was downloaded direct to the Xoom, and was automatically installed from Motorola MONTHS ago. Once ICS gets into my Rezound, imagine the possibility of using the Rezound to tether the Xoom. Until both are ICS, it’s not doable.

  • Cellphone Fiend

    Back in December they said the Rezound would be getting ICS “early” 2012 maybe January or Febuary. Well… May/June/July is not “early” 2012. I think they tell us this crap as a sales tactic. Once you have paid for the device they have no incentive to be aggressive about providing updates.

  • RLJSlick

    Has anyone seen a update yet? I got nothing!

    • Gleff49

      Nothing yet….the wait continues.

  • paul romero

    NO ICE CREAM ANDWICH on the 4G Xoom as of this afternoon..Ive waited this long whats another month or two. I hope it comes before my Contract is up..What to Do what to DO?

  • Ar

    Has anyone received the ics update for the xoom 4g

    • JW

      Still waiting…

  • Paws

    My Xoom just updated Youtube to 3.5.5, Google Maps to 6.5.1, and Gmail to 4.0.5, which I believe are all ICS versions ^^ I hope it comes tomorrow!

  • Heather

     I’ve got the LG Spectrum and I hate it. The battery sucks. Can’t wait to get Ice Cream Sandwhich on it though.

  • Buckoman

    There’s an annoying bug with the Rezound (4.0.3 ICS RC). It will constantly lose your time zone, making your calendars go off earlier than expected. Fixed it by manual setting, but annoying, nonetheless.

    Now it just won’t show me the lock screen. I click the power button, it lights up, shows the status bar, but everything else is black. Will be calling Verizon tomorrow as there is no way to get back to 2.3 from 4.0.3.

    I know, it’s “what I get” for installing a release candidate instead of waiting for the official. I didn’t root though, so no warranty was voided and the package was signed by HTC.

  • Aliasqa

    I had an Galaxy Nexus in fact two of them got the first one on the release date.
    And replaced it because I thought I had a defective unit only to find out the phone sucks……
    + Loved Ice Cream Sandwich OS
    + loved not having the Verizon Bloatware
    That’s where the love affair ended…………
    – Both phones couldn’t hold a 4g signal when it attempted to go to 3g I lost all data capability.
    – Volume was extremely low on the headset and the speaker phone.
    – Ring tones were a joke had to install an app to boost the audio so I could hear the ringtone.

    I’m so glad I got the Rezound the build of the phone is much more solid………….
    The radios hold the signal when the phone leaves a 4 g signal it seamlessly moves to 3g with losing my data connection.

    The audio isn’t the best I’ve heard but at least I can hear someone talking or calling

    My only Bitch about the phone is Verizon should be ashamed of themselves for installing so much bloatware.

    I wouldn’t have an issue with the bloatware installation if they just let you remove it without rooting the dam phone.

    O well my 2 cents…………..

  • Jbh00jh

    This has to be bogus , the ICS zip file in this article is not large enough ,needs to be at least 600 MBs.

  • RON


  • Jer85008

    Fantasy – The delay in the ICS update for the Rezound is because they are adapting Sense 4.0 and ditching 3.6, with an update coming before this Summer.

    Reality – The update won’t happen until early Q4 and will be virtually identical to the ICS leak with Sense 3.6

  • angermeans

    Wow Verizon/Moto thanks for going out of your way to update the 4G Xoom fast with ICS. What a complete joke. This is the reason I will never buy a Motorola product again. Complete crap of a company that cuts corners (literally too, plus their screens are complete garbage when they used to lead the industry) and keeps their customers waiting. I am so glad I dumped the Xoom for the new iPad and I will never go back to an Android tablet. I just sold my Transformer Prime as well as I was going to keep it, but it just is no where as nice as the iPad. It looks like it will be Android phones (as long as their is a Verizon Nexus line as I wont buy a skinned phone again) and the iPad for my tablets. Good riddence. 

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      You’re right to blame Verizon as they are the reason for the delay. Wifi Xoom has been running ICS for a couple of months (stock, not rooted) — thanks to Google & Motorola. Verizon’s 3G/4G radios are proprietorial and they traditionally don’t let 3rd parties push operating systems on to their system – they prefer to test, and test, and install bloat.

      Never had a Motorola phone but I’ve my Xoom since wifi launch 3/27/2011 — it’s a beast on ICS ! 

  • Binglut9

    I haven’t touched my POS Xoom in months f that thing and verizon

  • yarrellray

    Plus WHERE is 4.0.5 update for the GALAXY NEXUS??? Verizon sucks

    • squiddy20

      It’s still in testing you moron. 4.0.4 is THE latest Android version currently available. Quit your b*tching or man up and root your phone. Oh that’s right, you can’t. You’re the idiot who told me on multiple occasions that rooting is for “2plus year old devices” and had to get assistance from the Bowery Mission to learn how to turn a computer on. What a joke.

    • Division by Zero

      The GNex doesn’t get it’s updates from Verizon, it gets them from Google. You can update it without rooting, but if you have a GNex, I would highly recommend rooting it and flashing a custom ROM. Vanilla Android is cool because of the ease of customizability, but not really so much unto itself, if you’re used to custom ROMs It is very, very easy to root a GNex, and unless you completely disregard the instructions, you’re not going to brick your phone. If you’ve never rooted before, just do a little research, and find a good walk-thru video, and follow the instructions exactly. Watch the video a few times first, if you’re a noob to get yourself familiar with what you’re doing. Ideally, if necessary, and you’re unsure of yourself, run one computer to root the phone, and another one, to run the video instructions. Also, try alternate launchers. Apex and Nova both have some nice features.
       Think of it this way. A stock, off-the-showroom car is nice, but not nearly as nice as what you can do if you customize it, and add some horsepower, or use less, for battery management.

  • Gonecks1

    Im calling bogus. Im on the moto feedback group or whatever its called and I got no invites for the soak test (i got one for the orig ics soak test but couldnt do it b/c i have the vzw model)

  • yarrellray

    Piss on Verizon and there entire update scheme they are the biggest JOKE in carrier land when it comes to updates. It fiqures they would place the XOOM first before the rezound.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Wifi Xoom was first because it is a GED — Google & Motorola had no restrictions on the radio. Verizon, on the hand, is very much a “walled garden” when it comes to pushing out operating systems on their proprietorial 3G/4G radio.

    • squiddy20

      Wow. You’re quite the little hypocrite there Dicky. Not even a few weeks ago, you wouldn’t shut up about how “great” and “pimp slapping” Verizon is and now here you are saying this crap. He’s a bright idea: quit b*tching and ROOT your phone!

      • WCDave

        Alright Squiddy, take a breath – if this guy bothers you that much, don’t reply to every message he writes negatively. Let it go.

  • Booboolala2000

    I hope its true for the XOOM. Have been patient with that thing. My GNex loves ICS. Wheres the RAZR in all this though.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      You’re gonna love what ICS does to your Xoom… the change on my wifi version was night and day!

  • Dane Butters

    Meh, I’ve had ICS on both my Rezound and my Xoom for months.  Why get excited about less capable ‘official’ releases?

  • Smooth918

    So, I finally got around to Rooting my XOOM with AOKP, Verizon is so FKn Lame, sells me a piece of Sh*t, makes me wait for the 4g upgrade, send my Sh*t in for 10 Days, had to reship it again, because it wasn’t right. They then came out with a whole new family of improved XOOM, still no ICS for the OG XOOM, Screw U and your FKN waiting Game Verizon. Had it not been for AOKP ROM, this XOOM would have sat in my Dead Device draw until the contract is up. 

  • Michael

    What about the Incredible 2?

    • Dave

      And on an additonal note on the ICS update for the Rezound and Xoom blog, the Incredible 2 will not be getting ICS at this time.

  • Stephen Morrison

    Are we going to see a difference between the ICS leak on the Rezound and what they are “supposedly” releasing on 5/9?

  • Alphabets13

    i haven’t taken an OTA since 2.1 on my OG Droid 🙂 One you start romming OTA’s become a thing of the past. I’m already running ICS and Sense 3.6 om my Rezound. Not a single issue with the Rom either.

  • RLJSlick

    ABOUT TIME! Thank god! Verizon finally get off their butts and update the Xoom 3G/4G!

    • Netranger7787

      Didn’t get my update yet did u get yours

  • CaptainHowdy13

    My only problem with his post is that the leaked Rezound was 640MB he has it as 297MB. How did it shrink to less than half the size? 

  • Cool…..I hope?!

  • Bob Martin

    as an Asus Transformer owner i can tell all the Motorola Xoom owners that ICS works and looks great on a tablet. i can’t imagine how much honeycomb sucks compared to ICS. i bought my tablet a few days before it recieved ICS and enjoyed it better when it did

  • Chris

    my rezound needs some ICS and sense 4.0 love, even though its getting sense 3.6 🙁 

    • TC Infantino

      I wouldn’t worry too much, with HTC phones out that now have Sense 4.0 it won’t take the Devs long to adapt that onto a ROM built from the ICS OTA.  Once I have updated to the new OTA, it will be back to unlocked, rooted and ROM’d for me.

  • fauxshizzl

    I’ll believe it when I see the update pop up on my Xoom and not before.

  • akazerotime

    Unless this build adds AD HOC to the wifi settings, i’m happy with my rooted build from Pete or going back to Honeycomb.  I still have that feeling that once Wingray gets this update, that’s it.

  • John Jones

    Great. Got this just as I am installing the leaked ICS. On another note (Laaaa) Best Buy was only off by about a month. That’s progress for them.

  • Jak_341

    HTC and Motorola: late to the party as usual. Anyone surprised?

    I really doubt ‘insider’ information anymore.

    • Yeah. Because the GNex has received soooooooooo many official updates. And don’t bring up ROMs, because that crap doesn’t count. 

      • EC8CH

        “And don’t bring up ROMs, because that crap doesn’t count.”

        If you truly feel that way, I think you’re reading the wrong blog.

        • This may come as a shock to you, but believe it or not, there are Android enthusiasts who just want a phone that works and can’t or don’t want to spend hours on forums looking for ROMs, wiping data, constantly flashing stuff, setting everything back up, finding solutions to bugs, etc etc. 

          I for one don’t. I like reading this blog a few times a day to see what’s going on in the Android world. But I don’t enjoy flashing ROMs. I went several months with my Rezound bone stock, and it was perfect, just what I wanted. It wasn’t until last week that I decided to unlock/root the phone so I can use wifi tethering and get rid of the bloat 🙂 

          • EC8CH

            Don’t be shocked if some people around here take offense to you calling custom ROMs “crap the doesn’t count”

          • Benjamin Landwehr

            Droid Th30ry’s ROM, just download and flash.  No wiping data, chache, or anything like that needed. 🙂  Just flash and you’re good. Make a quick backup of everything, and restoring is pretty much non issue.  Restore App+Data and you’re good.

            But I get what you mean.  On these sites we are the “minority” and most people that buy phones are not looking root and whatnot.  So a casual usuer might of boughten the Nexus for fast updates without the need of root and.. yeah, that hasn’t relly happened yet.

          • Balthazar B

            The radios are probably the bits that need fixing most, despite the nice things custom ROMs and kernels bring to the table.

        • nicotinic

          Seriously, if you buy a Nexus Device and don’t plan on using it to it’s full potential then you’re doing it wrong.

          • WCDave

            It’s always reassuring to know that the minority who are ‘doing it right’ are so supportive to fellow users who may just not know any better.

          • nicotinic

            Why buy what is essentially a developer phone if you’re a casual smartphone purchaser? Buy a product and be aware of what it can and cannot do. Google hasn’t been known for “timely” updates lately on Nexus devices.
            Some of the specs on the GNex are lacking compared to the competition. I don’t think most casual consumers are purchasing with the primary deciding factor being whether or not it will receive timely updates. Why not look at camera quality, battery life, user reviews, stability, radio strength, call quality, etc.
            Get off that horse, you’re not a knight and I think it’s on something. This is an enthusiast website. Here I’m not in the minority.

      • Booboolala2000

        The Gnex will be on 4.0.7+ by summers end. Where will the rezound be?

        • bakdroid

          Yea it is going to take that many updates to get it to actually work correctly…

        • It’ll be making calls and not dropping them, and surfing the web without losing a data connection, and taking fantastic pictures. Zing!

    • Bob Martin

      what’s the point of waiting for an official update when u can just go online and flash your own rom that’s more updated than your stock phone?

      • TC Infantino

        Because the new official update will hopefully have a new kernel that has been optimized for the new OS, and fixes bugs that the leaked ICS RUU has. 

    • Ihavemyheadinmyhole

      The nexus will be released on this date, oh wait no…this date….not that this date…..crap, fer sher on this date……oh wait, definitely on this date………

      Sound familiar? Samsung is so different. Get real dude!

  • gpzbc

    Everyone is getting an update except the GNex.  Bummer.

    • Iny

      I just put a call into Verizon to see if there was an update on the horizon for the GNEX since mine kept restarting itself, and they had a lot of non information for me. I brought up the GSM version, and they said it was only an update for “that particular model.” On the bright-side, they’re sending me another GNEX.

      • gpzbc

        Good luck. Just watch for screen issues with your replacement. I had an ear speaker issue with my original phone and they replaced with a phone that had a terrible purple tint to it. I sent it back and got one that was even worse. When it was all said and done, I had tried 7 replacement phones before I got one that had a screen that wasn’t purple or had banding on it. So now I have a screen that is decent, but not as good as my original. But honestly I got sick of sending them back. Oh, and my new phone is doing the mic cutting out issue that everyone is raving about. https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=24019

        All of this is to say that we need an update now! There are a lot of issues with the GNex, and it seems to be being ignored.

        • Mannysaurus

          1) Root your phone
          2) That bootloader is coming off very easily
          3) Install a custom ROM. AOKP 32 is nice.
          4) This is what the Galaxy Nexus was made for. In my eyes.
          5) ?????
          6) Profit

          • gpzbc

             That has nothing to do with the issues I mentioned.  People with 4.0.4 are still having these problems.

          • Steve229h

            I love how people always suggest rooting as a means to alleviate the numerous inexcusable flaws with the nexus. We are on Droid life. We know the options rooting will present. The nexus is, in many user’s cases, unusable as a phone. Until newer radios are released, rooting will not prove to be an adequate solution. The lack of transparency from Google/Samsung/Verizon with regard to these glaring issues has been the most frustrating aspect of all.

          • gpzbc

             Well said.

          • Balthazar B

            Google has been very transparent. Samsung less so, but they haven’t been opaque bricks as VzW has been…

          • “4) This is what the Galaxy Nexus was made for. In my eyes.”

            Um what? The GNex was made as a way to throw $300+ in the trash for a buggy turd of a phone and wait for the development community to find fixes? That’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard and just screams of fanboi’ism. No knock on the devs of the Android world cause they do amazing things, but we as consumers shouldn’t have to rely on them to make a phone function properly. That’s up the the manufacturer and the carrier. That fanboi mentality is what lets companies get away with building crap products in the first place. 

            Look at HTC. People complained. They listened. And they changed the way they do business. Their recent phones have been nothing but high quality bug-free phones. If you don’t believe it, try one for yourself.

          • Benjamin Landwehr

            I have the Nexus and I completely agree.

          • Balthazar B

            The GN is the best phone by far I’ve owned, despite the fact that the radio firmware does need tweaking. I’m not happy VzW has taken so long to develop and release its fix, but I don’t blame Google or Samsung for VzW’s shortcomings,

          • nwd1911

            I’m so glad you added 5) and 6)…I use that all the time and on one gets the reference.  Well played.  Extra underpants gnomes in your stocking this year.

        • Iny

          Thanks for looking out. I’ll definitely compare the screens side by side and check out the ear speaker before sending my original back. If it’s not up to par, I’ll keep my original and tell them their replacement was a piece o’ crap.

          • gpzbc

             The “Display Tester” app in the Android store is a handy app to have. Good luck!

    • Mcp770

      Who needs official updates on gnex? I’ve been on 4.0.4 for over a month. Root knows no waiting on big red.

      • UndergroundWire

         I’ve had it since February on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. 

  • KleenDroid

    Great news for Rezound owners. Congrats!

  • nwd1911

    Anybody part of the Rezound soak test?

    • Nope, but I have an unlocked device and am ready to profit from someone that is!

  • edaddy

    Was definitely a mistake buying the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. Next time I’ll go with my gut.  

    • KleenDroid

      Why?  Do you need help of some sort?

    • Mike Tyson

      Funny, I’m pretty content with my Nexus. I can do everything with it without any problems

      • edaddy

        I’m unlocked and rooted, running custom ROM and pretty happy but I would have like the 4.0.4 source code to be dropped by now so we can have some of the improvements.  This is a Nexus device after all. 

      • edaddy

        I’m unlocked and rooted, running custom ROM and pretty happy but I would have like the 4.0.4 source code to be dropped by now so we can have some of the improvements.  This is a Nexus device after all. 

        • Daniel Archibald33

           Woohoo Nexus Smexus. who gives a crap about it

        • PuzzleShot

          the 4.0.4 source has been dropped? i’m on a droidx with gummy and that’s based on 4.0.4, unless you’re talking about factory images or official rollout

        • 4.0.4 is out

        • Smooth918

          AOKP ROM, Build 32. 4.0.4

    • Last week I went to buy the Nexus because my contract was finally up and saw the screen and literally went “ugh”. Then I saw the Rezound and remembered HTC allows unlocks now, went to HTCDev and low and behold it was one of the supported devices. Bought the Rezound, unlocked, rooted, and can’t be happier. I can’t believe I gave Motorola my money for so long. This device is SO much nicer than my Droid X, X2 and 3. Goodbye pentile, hello better than Retina!

      • feztheforeigner

        Don’t use the make-believe Apple term known as retina. Not ever.

        • nicotinic

          To be fair to Lonnie, retina display is not make believe. It’s a marketing term. That screen also set a bar that many previous and upcoming displays are compared to.
          Don’t let your iPhone hate cloud your retinas.

          PS: My Rezound uses Retina Display +.

          • feztheforeigner

            A made-up marketing term rather than using “High-Resolution”, “High Definition/HD”, or even “beautiful”…he chose “retina”…

      • Towelie420

        Last week I went to buy the Nexus because my contract was finally up and saw the screen and literally went “ugh”.

        At that point you lost all credibility for the remainder of your post. The Galaxy Nexus screen is only a couple pixels per square inch (ppi) short of the iPhone’s retina displays. But it’s much larger, so it has an excuse.

        • EC8CH

          Auto brightness on the G-Nex is a little dim.  Turn up the brightness a bit and it cleans up the dirty whites that SAMOLED has.  Once you do that the deep contrast of the G-Nex screen really shines.

          • But there are times where you don’t want the screen at 100% brightness, lots of times actually. That makes the whites look terrible. My first Nexus wasn’t too bad with white colors. The second phone was awful. All the whites appeared gray and full of smudges with low brightness. I don’t understand how people can call that a good quality display. 

          • EC8CH

            I don’t mean 100% brightness, just up a bit from where the auto brightness puts it at.

        • Eric

          Even though the nexus screen is a little larger, the colors do not look as natural as they do on the Rezound

        • Ummmmm that is kind of the point 342 Pixels Per Inch makes it look nicer.

          • feztheforeigner

            And a bigger screen also makes it look nicer. Go GNex!

        • Xdinsmore87

          One thing nobody ever mentions about the Galaxy Nexus bigger screen is that the vast majority of the time you are using it you lose the extra space to on screen buttons.

        • BiG_Weasel

          My GF got her Rezound before I got my Gnex on day one.  Side by side, there is a slight difference in sharpness, but nothing epic or ground-breaking. For me, as a gamer, I’ll put my Gnex against her Rezound anyday.  Runs circles around it in terms of 3D rendering.   Reading books/websites is also easier on a larger screen.   Just our observations.

          • Whtciv2k

            Lies, the rezound has a better screen and no pentile matrix behind it. has a faster processor and is just has better build quality.

      • Chris

        and you are right. The rezound has a 342 PPI, thats higher then the iPhone, plus you get a 720p 4.3″ screen. I think the rezound has the highest PPI on any mobile phonem, if not mobile prodiuct. 

        • Iseenolight

          it has highest PPI PERIOD.

          • TC Infantino

            I have a Rezound and I Love this beast….but, I believe that Frapple’s new ipad has some insane high pixel count, though I don’t know what the PPI is for it.  But yeah, as far as phones, the Rezound has the highest PPI.

          • Loki

            WELCOME REZOUND OWNERS TO THE WORLD OF ICS!  Love from a nexus owner

          • Noyfb

            Hip Hip Hurray!

          • Whtciv2k

            If my eye can’t tell the difference, why does it matter to me. It’s all just a marketing gimmick. get over it…

      • Altaiagffa

        How do you unlock and root it? I too have a Rezound (UHH-MAZING) and I am curious about that rooting/unlocking action. Thank you!

    • Mudleyblind

      Why? What disappointed you? I am planning on buying it myself, please share your ideas and advice!

      • Smooth918

        There’s nothing wrong with the Galaxy Nexus, and just a two cents, there is not one phone out or that will come out that everybody likes 100%. Go check out the phone for yourself, and if it feels right to you, get it. This is a Nexus and the Developers seem to like it a lot, so there’s always Fresh Goodies… 

    • EC8CH

      You’re not trying hard enough.

      I just flashed aokp build 32 because it added support for bluetooth AVRCP 1.3+


      • realfoxm

         Same here, not because of the blue tooth, but because of quiet hours. This rom is solid.

      • majormudafuckinhun

        Well I’m running the stock in unrooted ICS leak for the Rezound an it’s pretty f’n flawless! I stopped rooting and roming simply because I haven’t had to. I already have an awesome screen, camera, 3g/4G switching and so on… Best of all, I have Sense which I personally realtor like.

    • Bewara2009

      Now you know not to buy into all that gimmick.

    • guest

      Got a rezound for you

  • Mmoreimi

    I have a b0ner.

  • ocdtrekkie

    Yeah, if they had soaked the Verizon XOOM, we’d know. It’s possible this was a planned figure in documentation somewhere, but it’s been since delayed.

    Although Google has a ton of XOOMs since they developed Honeycomb on ’em, maybe the soak was internal, since the push is coming from Google instead of Verizon.

  • InsertProductNameHere?

  • ElixirBlack

    This does little to mitigate the anger of those who purchased the XOOM 4G.  So glad to be on a XOOM wifi where updates are at the pace of devs instead of Verizon.

    • ocdtrekkie

      Yeah, I wish I had Wi-Fi. On the other hand, I bought mine on release day, so I’ve had my Xoom for at least two more months than all the Wi-Fi owners.

    • BPK

      Some of us Xoom 4G owners don’t rely on Verizon, either. I’m very thankful to be running ICS Team EOS on mine!

    • JWhap

      No Doubt! Overall I am happy with my Xoom, however, the ota updates should have been much faster on this device. I assume Verizon is the reason for the hold up as the wifi version shot out a couple of months ago.

  • Rodney L Guy


  • Aweeee yeahhhhh

  • Zachary Manville


    • Iny


    • Phonedome


    • Dliuzzo110

      I was just gonna say this…I thought this was about the time us tbolters would be getting some love but I guess not oh well

      • Phonedome

        smh I bet this comes out after the summer

        • Zachary Manville

          Good, just in time for me to leave and get an eyePhone

          • Tom

            eyephone? Like Google Glasses? LOL.

            Rumor, file is too small. If you cant wait then get the leaked rezound update!!