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TWC TV Application Updated, But Streaming TV Unavailable for Rooted Users? (Updated)

Yesterday we heard that the Time Warner Cable TV application was going to receive a pretty hefty update to include live streaming support for Ice Cream Sandwich devices. Well, the app was updated, but the folks who own rooted devices found that the application does not allow them to stream the live TV that they were hoping for. This shouldn’t necessarily surprise anyone, as most media-centric apps these days block content from rooted users, including Google’s own Movies store.

We have seen a user submitted tip that if you wipe the application’s data in your app settings menu, that could clear up the issue. It’s worth a shot, so give it a try if you have been having this trouble and let us know if it works or not.

Update: We knew it wouldn’t take too long for a developer to take all of these root device restrictions and throw them out the window. He has released a build of the newest TWC app that has a build.prop fix and removes root access restrictions. You can download the apk and load it as you would any other third party app. Cheers B00sted!

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Cheers Garland and Bob!

  • Angel Contreras

    Since the last updated on July 2. I can’t view videos on Live TV again.

  • Huehruer

    Look at their icon. It’s a vesica piscis with a golden spiral in it.


  • blue horseshoe loves…

    BOOsted, you’re a stud!  works well on CM9, a la TouchPad.

  • thesaber2000

    I knew a dev would fix this 🙂 gotta love the community

  • Eric

    The download does not work…. bad link I think

  • Is it really that hard to just unroot (su -c “mv su mu”), do your streaming, and re-root (mu -c “mv mu su”)? You can make these actions run as scripts that you can fire off from your home screens. Or you can use one of the many apps available in the market that do this for you.

    Then you don’t have to use a busted dev version of an app that will eventually get updated and have to be re-busted.

  • C-Law

    Couldn’t you use voodoo ota rootkeeper to temp unroot? I do that to get access Google play movies and it works great

    • b00sted

       dont work on all of them sadly, this came about after me reading every “this works” thread and getting pissed off lol

  • littleneutrino

    the app is nearly un watchable it is laggy and the video quality is very poor. i can stream HD video on my connection on other apps but on this not so much.

    • b00sted

       ya it is pretty bad.. but it is a start at least

  • TomasHunter

    So basically it won’t work on my phone and even if it did, I wouldn’t be able to use this mobile phone app outside the house. Sounds like a Win to me. Only 3 percent of Android devices are running Ice Cream Sandwich. How many of those users subscribe to Time Warner cable? I don’t know about rooted devices, but my DISH Remote Access app works on the majority of iOS and Android devices. I was just showing one of my coworkers at DISH how I stream live TV over 3g, 4g or WIFI. I can stream my DVR recordings too. I’ll give Time Warner a little credit for trying, but it seems they stopped well short of the goal of giving customers TV Anywhere.

  • summit1986

    Is eveyone too good all of a sudden to just use Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper?

    • b00sted

       working on “fixing the root” issue.. compiling now to test 🙂

      • b00sted

         still no luck..

    • Danny

      Wasn’t working for me.

  • Herach

    Yeah. It is only for Android 4.0 & higher. WTF. how about us with GB?

  • b00sted

    Here is the decompiled app if anyone wants to take a crack at gutting the root stuff.. just give me the edits back and I can try to recompile.. I am at a loss of what to remove where lol http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22063477/com.TWCableTV-1.zip

  • Bionic_Pags

    OTA Rootkeeper by Voodoo should
    do the trick on most phones… Literally takes 1 second to unroot, use whatever
    app it is you want which previously denied you, and then 1 second to root again
    when you’re done using it. The
    app Renames the SU Binary So you basically loose root access till you rename it
    back within the app.  I highly recommend it if it’s compatible with your


  • Joshyz73

    They do the same thing with the iPad app.  You can’t stream on jailbroken devices.

  • up yours fanboy

    TAKE THAT NEXUS FANBOYS WHO ONLY CARE ABOUT ROOTS!!!!!!!! (ie 97% of the sites viewers and all the writers) hopefully one of these days the google play store will get the same idea and not allow downloads to rooted devices!!! that would make my day

    • That is just an uneducated comment.  If you do not understand Root access and the idea that it was around long before the Galaxy Nexus came out (that being said the Nexus line is a developer device and Root privileges are for more advanced users) you should refrain from commenting. Individuals having Root access does not in any way, shape or form effect you or your Android experience and anything you read to the contrary is also BS. Like you have heard before and will most likely hear again, if you have nothing to add to the conversation just move along.   

    • Ginosylum

       what are you 12?

    • napes22

      This wins the award for most ignorant comment of the day. 

    • Joe Buck

      ok, even I know that was a realllll stupid post fanboy

      • Noyfb

        Are people going to hate on razr max dev phone people too when they root their phones?

      • Noyfb

        Are people going to hate on razr max dev phone people too when they root their phones?

    • TC Infantino

      And another entertaining comment from the shallow end of the gene pool.

  • Joe Fischer

    Clearing app data doesn’t work for me. Of course this would happen. Think we will see a hacked version like we did for the Netflix app when it came out?


    Another reason I don’t root.  Content providers give you the shaft.

    • Ginosylum

       Things like this are few and far between, and there are normally work arounds… The up side of rooting WAY outweighs staying stock…

      • Mule0331

        What exactly is the upside of rooting again? So you can flash a ROM onto your phone to have a red background instead of a blue one? Great upside if you ask me. Before rooting, after rooting phone still does the same exact thing.

        • tyguy829

          For me, rooting is all about the great apps that you have to have root to take advantage of like adfree to block all ads from loading on webpages and wifi tether to create free wifi hotspots. custom roms and kernels are icing on the cake

        • Ginosylum

           you really have no idea what you are talking about… You can overclock your CPU… you can upgrade your OS without waiting on OTA updates.. you can strip bloat ware off your device… You can custimize your phone WAY past anything a stock phone can do.. you can get free wifi tethering… The list goes on and on..

          you ignorant little troll… if you don’t know what you are talking about, please, just don’t talk,.  If you don’t want to root, don’t.. but people who know how to get the most out of their smartphones do…

        • PC_Tool


          Cool story, bro.

  • moelsen8

    this is some crazy sh*t.  if i fire up netflix on my laptop (on which I have administrator access), it doesn’t tell me i can’t watch it.  some really mismatched or misunderstood priorities going on with this content/rooting bs.

    • dk81

      are u saying u cant use it on your phone? im rooted and use it all the time, never did anything special its just always worked

      • stupidllama

        no hes saying netflix on his laptop doesn’t care if he has admin access or not in order to run, so why should it matter if he has admin access on his phone to use this app.

  • Smooth918

    Once Again, FkU Time Warner!

  • So lame.

  • Russ

    Just a thought but couldn’t you use Voodoo OTA RootKeeper to temp un-root your device?

    I don’t have the app though because I think Time Warner Cable is the devil!

    • Comcast is the devil!

    • zach

      tried that and other apps no luck

  • Pete Alfonso recently modded the Google Play Video app to work on rooted devices…not sure if you can download it separately but if you download one of his latest nightly builds for the GNex you can pull the apk out of system/app

  • littleneutrino

    I tried to sign into the app yesterday and it told me i had to update my set top box that i had an old version. Does this limit the usage of the streaming as well (i have not updated the app yet today as i have not been home)

    • I’m looking forward to giving that a try as well. Very frustrating to have waited for the app, only to find out that the supported equipment isn’t available in my area. I’m really hoping this update provides more wide-spread support.

  • Rakoskjc

    also a wipe does nothing 

  • Jlmcc

    to funny

  • Okay, wait… the problem companies have with streaming to rooted devices is that you can record the stream and effectively create a video file of whatever you are watching, correct? They forget that you can already do that on any desktop web application — no exceptions.

    If that is not the problem they have, what is?

    •  thats exactly the issue. its stupid. there are a millions different capture devices and programs. hell I can video capture the streaming internet TV from windows 7 media center…

      its really a stupid reason and another case of technology companies telling consumers what they can and cannot do on their purchased products.

      • Let’s be mad at the correct thing. No one is telling you not to root your phone (except your carrier). Media companies are simply protecting their interests — they are not telling you not to root, but simply denying you service if you root.

        Media companies to not understand that DRM (and it’s various implications) does not work, has never worked, and will never work. It is not inherent to the computer. This is simply yet another step into DRM (or rather, a policy for a device on which DRM doesn’t even have the appearance of working). They do not learn from their mistakes, and rather have to make the same mistake for every single new piece of technolgy, and this is what we need to be mad about.

    • Stephen Morrison

      But isn’t recording for your own personal use legal?

      • That’s a fairly misinterpreted area. “Time-shifting”, as it is legally called, involves recording live (public) TV so that you can watch it later, since it may not be convenient for you to watch it when the networks want you to — that is indeed legal. Cable TV gets trickier, since that’s not public — it’s still viewed as pretty much legal though, or at least people have stopped arguing about it (it was technically solved by TiVo, as it allows you to record stuff on the networks’ terms).

        However, recording streaming video is a different thing altogether, since it is on-demand — essentially, it is impossible for streaming video to ever be inconvenient (I won’t mention slow internet connections). Essentially, the answer to your question is no.

        • Stephen Morrison

          But this streaming video is the same as what’s “streaming” straight to your television anyhow. It’s not on demand.

          • Well, not quite. The service they actually provide is being able to watch live TV without having a TV present. Streaming is them technically still on-demand (the demand being TV, and not a specific show). Basically, it’s a lost battle to try to make internet streaming not be considered an on-demand service.

  • Rakoskjc

    thanks for posting this, i tried root hide and it did not work.  lame someone want to edit the apk?

  • Rickerbilly

    I bought a 46″ Sony Bravia, that is how I watch television. 

    • Michael_NM

      How does that work when you’re in line at the grocery store? 😛

      • Guest

        Considering this app only lets you watch when connected to your home wireless network, just as well as this.

        • Michael_NM

          Okay… so when you head to the crapper, it’s still pretty inconvenient to carry the 46-incher… (I mean TV, not well, you know)

          • tvjrc603


            1. human litter box

            2.  use the cat’s litter box

            3.  mount a TV in the bathroom

            4.  make your wife stand in the bathroom holding a TV

            consider it handled.

          • Jacob121791

            You forgot ziploc bag….. dummy!

          • Another option… PAUSE the TV

          • nahbro25

            If you are in the crapper long enough that you need a TV, you might want to go see the doctor or change your diet.

          • Its called a DVR.


          • PC_Tool


            Everyone knows the bathroom is for Twitter…

      • Rickerbilly

        Point taken. BUT do you really want to waste time at Walmart watching TV? I for one want to get it done, get the hell out, and go back to my 46″er and press un-pause!! :P,’,’,’,’,’ 😀

        • I’d rather be watching something on my phone at Walmart than having to look at some of the creatures that wander the isles there.

          • Diablo81588

            Haha creatures. So true.

          • Liderc

            People shop at walmart?=x

        • Bob Martin

          It will be pretty hard to watch the tvs in walmart while u r in the passenger seat of a car or on a bus or train.

    • thats not a very big tv. ill be buying at least a 60″ tv soon. now thats how u watch tv. on the go i use sling on my nexus.

      • 55″ Samsung for me – This TV is absolutely ridiculous.

        • Liderc

          Nice tv, but those wires would drive me nuts.  Get the drill out!

          Edit: +100 for the tv showing a House episode.

          • Haha I LOVE House. I had just remounted the TV.. wires are cleaned up 🙂

            Had a few unfortunate problems with last years model of the same TV so Samsung gave me this years model at no cost. If you want to see how ridiculous it is, the model number is UN55ES8000

          • autoverse

            Wait – what’s last year’s model of the same TV? I have a UN55D6450 (6000 series smart TV – no web browser), and I love it (it’s the biggest of the thin bezels, but it’s ok). Am I sitting on a future lemon?

          • last years model would be the un55d8000. Basically what happened was the original panel (the actually viewing screen) had a problem so they replaced it and then the one they replaced it with wasn’t sealed correctly on the edges so there was light showing through on the bottom and left side so they replaced it again. One of those times, they didn’t hook all my cords back up so I took it off the wall, hooked it back up and when putting it back on the wall, I was stepping on the audio (fiber) cable and it ended up breaking the port on the TV. Told them a white lie and said I wasn’t sure what happened, but I also said that if hadn’t been repaired 3 times, it would have never happened in the first place so they replaced my TV haha. You should be fine. Samsungs product is good and if the original panel hadn’t gone bad, all of these other problems wouldn’t have happened.

          • autoverse

            Ahh ok. Good to know. Thanks!

    • Jlmcc

      I bought a bravia 52 a couple of years ago, great tvs

    • bitch_please

      For the money you bought a Sony TV you could buy much better Samsung or LG TV for less.

  • BA_Carroll

    Just like with the play store and renting videos! BOOOOO!!!

    • WAldenIV

      Just like the article states.  Boooo to your reading comprehension.

      • tvjrc603

        boooo to you for reminding me of the reading comprehension section of the proficiency tests we had to take in middle school.

    • Prospector

      I don’t understand? I’m unlocked and (confirmed) rooted (but not running custom roms) since day1 with my nexus and Google Play Video works fine for me? I’ve rented and watched movies no problem on the Nexus. I wonder why I don’t have issues?