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SmartShift Lockscreen, Create Custom Lockscreen Profiles to Suit Various Needs

We use our phones for a huge assortment of tasks during the day and even more throughout a week or even a month. If a phone’s look and operation changed with what activity you were doing, you may just save a ton of time in the long run. Introducing SmartShift Lockscreen, a way to have your phone look and operate based around everyday tasks that you perform. To give an example, say you just sat down in your car and throw your phone into the car dock. The app recognizes this and changes to a user set profile that has your maps, GPS, and navigation all on the lockscreen. At the gym? As soon as you plug in your headset, the device changes to a lockscreen that has all of your multimedia apps right there at your fingers. 

Along with all of the custom usage, the thing that makes it stand out much like WidgetLocker, is the fact that you can completely customize the look. Icons and themes are available which gives you the ability to make your device look however you want. It’s a well thought-up app and runs $1.50 in the Play Store. Watch the video down below to get a good feel for all of the app’s uses.

Play Link ($1.50)

  • Julia

    got some good reviews so tried it and its a well thought out app very good

  • BTLS

    widget locker is way better, and Faster… FTW

  • Ben

    This is awesome! Anyone tried out the location feature yet? How well does it work? I’m stuck at work right now so dying to know!

  • Will

     This app is Really worth the money great

  • smellyfeet

    the reviews of this app on the market say it sucks sweaty balls.  

    • larry

      Well I own it and it’s decent right out the box with the potential to be really something special.  I haven’t encountered any bugs, but I will say that if you are impatient and want to see the lock screen in action right away, then you need to setup a situation.  Additional themes depending on  the awesomeness will set you back $1 (at least the one I liked).

      • Gritchu

        I call shenanigans. This app doesn’t come in a box. Therefore you either got ripped off, or it’s not what it claims to be. ;-P

    • Will

       You know what the reviews are actually quite positive if i had went with your huch would have missed out on a totally good app . Give it a try

    • Will

       You know what the reviews are actually quite positive if i had went with your huch would have missed out on a totally good app . Give it a try

  • digitalicecream

    I bought it at the 0:37 mark and was glad I did at 0:57

  • feztheforeigner

    Not available on Galaxy Nexus. I am quite disappointed.

    • larry

      This is normal for new phones because manufacturers aren’t so accepting to new operating systems because they have to modify their crap to go over the top of it and it’s a lot of work.

      • Noyfb

        which just adds to fragmentation of new os

  • TheOiulkj

     What’s even the point of a lock screen? Has anyone ever actually accidentally hit the power button in their pocket and did something weird with their phone?

    Plus, with all the widgets people are throwing on their lock screen, it literally makes no difference.

    • guest

      yes actually the day i rooted my droid x and took off the lock screen i had about 3 pocket dials and was googling kghdfr lol so yes it does happen

    • feztheforeigner

      Not on capacitive touch screens. Only thing to set them off would be water, magnets, or human touch. Most of those things wouldn’t be in your pocket (I hope!) so you’d be safe.

      • d4

        if your lining is thin, it can still work through fabric. But I agree, I prefer my pattern lock.

  • Little G

    This would be great for my nexus car dock… oh wait I don’t have one!

  • larry

    Looks pretty solid, I’m game for giving that a shot.

  • Jon

    Any chance on getting the wallpaper from the first screen?

  • I need to have a password/PIN for work. Does this still support that? I hate being hosed on nice lock screens because of security.

    • larry

      Yes it does, but it’s sort of weird though how it works.  It has no affect on your standard lock screen.  Once you unlock your device using your standard unlock screen, it goes to the locker screen then and if you lock that screen then you get to whatever launcher you are using.  This is my first application of this kind, so it’s going to take some getting use to for myself.  Some of the lock screens themes will set you back a $1.  

  • Refunded it

    • Care to tell us why you refunded it?

    • Chakabobo18


      • I’m to impatient to work it all out. 

        • dedli

          this is the best reason to refund something.

        • larry

          Yeah it took me a little time to figure out.

  • Oaxican509

    Awesome widgetlocker takes a year to update, so this will be a great replacement

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  • What a great app, and for only $1.50? Worth a look!

  • Xlinn


  • Jlmcc