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Here is Another Phone That Someone Wants You to Believe is the Samsung Galaxy SIII

Fresh out of Brazil, we have two new pictures that someone is claiming to be the Samsung Galaxy SIII. They are calling it the GT-i9300, which I thought was already debunked as some other mid-range Samsung device. Yep, we did and this looks just like it. This source is emphatic about this being the SGS3 though and continues on by saying that it has a 12MP camera and is thinner, yet heavier than the Galaxy SII was.

Shaking. My. Head. 

Via:  Gizmodo

  • Rick

    That is exactly what it says, Samsung… Just in Europe not in this POS country…

    Were the only dumb ass country whom will pay higher prices for electronics that are just crap… No wonder Europe gets better phones and stuff…

  • JohnPA2006

    For the love of all that is holy, someone get this man a microfiber cloth and use some hot breath.
    Or stop eating greasy food then touching every square inch of your device.

  • Siorizzo81

    The front of the phone looks good but I hope the back of the phone is not made of some type of plastic. Samsung has to use more quality material on the phones that they release. I’m tired of holding cheap plastic!

  • Ferdjvrz

    dont like it.. :Z

  • NicholeMaldonado

    could have at least cleaned it of fingerprints…

  • Guest

    This couldn’t be the real GSIII because the color (it seems) is only black. Where in the announcement Samsung said it would come in Blue/Black and Solid White. 

  • I would give this to someone with OCD and watch them continuously trying to get every fingerprint off

  • wolverinefan

    Seriously this is stupid…. Why are we looking at Android phone were the Big Red VZW will never, ever get…. In order to get this phone you probably need to switch to ATT&T…. So F… it

  • riteshk

    Recent spills from a Samsung insider say that this indeed is the GS III, B U T, its a dummy case with the real S III hardware for testing purposes. 

  • Sjschwar

    Holy greasy fingers Batman!!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    damn.. I dont see the VZW stamp :/

  • the verge debunked this as a gs3 with a generic casing 

  • Tim242

    That is obviously a Galaxy Nexus is a weird casing. Look at the top up close. You see the GN curve, and a bad cut job on the ear piece part of the case.

    • NemaCystX

      according to an article on Verge, they are saying this design like all the others that were “leaked” are test designs, kinda like mules used in the auto industry (like I said a few hundred posts below)

    • Liderc

      Not a GN at all, it just looks like it’s using a GN screen protector. 

      • Tim242

        Still just a generic box.

      • chris125

         It looks like they put a galaxy nexus screen protector on upside down.

  • I see an apple growin’ on that phone….hmmmmm

  • will bartlett

    someone has some dirty fingers

  • So, wait. They took a Gnex and uglied it? Hooray.

  • Drew

    Sloghtly photoshopped galaxy note

  • Jlmcc

    who really cares

    • I do, and you seem to too

    • Bob Martin

      You obviously do if you clicked on the article

    • Tim242

      Must you litter every thread?

    • Go away.

  • Mark Lewis

    Not news.  Please don’t clog up my feed with this nonsense.

  • Keitsmnr

    LMAO @ reflection of the Apple Logo in the top photo!

    • EC8CH

      HA! Mr. Blurrycam uses iPad

      • that makes so much sense now!!!!

      • So thats why the pictures are so blurry!

        • Noyfb

          It’s one of those weirdos who take pictures of everything with their tablet

    • riteshk

      LOL… someone just hovered their inventory iPad over for a quick snap. Although, I don’t, for a second, believe that this is the GS 3.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I dont see that, but I can see the Scream mask face in there

    • X2caleb2X

      Who takes photos with a ipad?

      • It’s at such a super secret, top-notch security facility that they don’t allow camera phones in the building. Luckily he was able to sneak his iPad in.

        • Nigga

           but its so thin! and when a screen is that sharp.

  • Michael_NM

    Is it me, or does there appear to be an Apple logo in the first picture?

  • Cruzzin4abroozin

    It’s a Galaxy Nexus in a case.

  • Michael_NM

    I’ve been needing a new pocket mirror.

  • can someone measure the screen size?

    also no video of the device = me no buying it (the leak oviously)

  • -= )v(urphy =-

    I’d actually believe it more if it looked like the i*hone 4S

    • you Sirious?

      • riteshk


  • -= )v(urphy =-

    So if we don’t believe it, why is this news?

  • EC8CH

    Seems Legit

  • Radgatt

    i am going to go out on a limb and say that it is the sgs3…

  • cant they make fakes with no home button? thank you very much….. 

  • Tommy Thompson

    Whats with the weird outline on the front? Like a screen within a screen..

    • EC8CH


    • Jeff Tycz

       uhh thats called glass

      • Tommy Thompson

        So the inside is glass and the outside portion is suppose to be what exactly. My Epic Touch is completely glass on the front. No weird outline like above.

    • NemaCystX

      its kinda the same concept HTC put into the HTC One X, the design around the screens bezel is what your looking at,  from the looks of it, the screen bezel looks an awful lot like the Galaxy Nexus, then with the added frame around the bezel to give it that rectangular look.

      its nothing new, the LG G2X has the same idea

      albeit its not as much as the device shown in the article but it gives an example of how OEMs design the phones around the bezel.  

      Right now designs are pretty limited because of the touchscreen bezel (the black piece of plastic that frames the screen, this houses the digitizer)   but its also why most if not all, devices with a touch screen are rectangular or square (besides the resolutions being the next thing to hold back unique shapes)

      • Tommy Thompson

        On the LG it’s very subtle. That thing above is like BAM LOOK AT MY CORNERS!

        • NemaCystX

          Exactly, when they design devices with added form factor its to make the device stand out among the competition, or make the design that was added a more focal point of the design.  Those are my theories anyway

          • Tommy Thompson

            Well if you look at the LG the curves are both the same. Where as this one is completely different inner curve and outer curve. Doesn’t look right. A lot of unnecessary added space.

          • NemaCystX

            Could have an intended purpose of larger battery space too

        • NemaCystX

          also, this looks an awful lot like that one render we saw a few weeks ago

    • ArmanUV


      edit: someone though of it before me 🙁

    • Bob Martin

      Just think of it like this. Its like a taco inside a taco within a taco bell that’s inside a KFC that’s within a mall that’s inside your screen!

      • Tommy Thompson


    •  Looks like a screen protector film that wasn’t designed for this phone. G-Nex screen protector perhaps? Looks like the little gap for the earpiece is stretched or something.

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    I sure as hell hope not.

  • MrSteve920

    Looks like the middle section is a G-Nex with some kind of case and decals on it.

    • snowblind64

      My thoughts exactly.

    • well, it looks like it has a Gnex screen protector

  • DrHotmann