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Amazon Wireless Selling Galaxy Nexus for $50 to New Customers

Thinking about signing up for Verizon service as a new customer and want to get your hands on the Galaxy Nexus? Amazon Wireless is carrying the device for only $50, which is a great deal. And for folks looking to upgrade and renew their contract, the price still isn’t bad at just $150. Definitely the best deal we know of that is on the web.


Cheers Pete!

  • Taglogical

    So if you’re out of contract and not a current customer it’s $50? And if you’re out of contract, but an existing customer looking to renew, then it’s $150?? I suggested this to my friend looking to upgrade a Droid X2 and Amazon said he wasn’t eligible for these offers.

  • Dancenoahdance

    Wow, i bought mine from amazon wireless last weekend for 69.99 :'( oh wellll….

  • Throwawayxyz1

    I am eligible for an upgrade, but have never bought from Amazon Wireless. I am grandfathered in to the 450 minutes with Unlimited Nights and Weekends, 500 Text w/ Unlimited IN, and Unlimited Data. It looks like to upgrade I can keep my Unlimited Data but I am forced to upgrade to 450 with no nights and weekends free, and 1000 texts. Anyone have experience with keeping their previous plans even though you need to select these new options on Amazon?

    • Zed

       would like to know this answer as well

  • Well, I recently got myself a Galaxy Nexus (RIP Droid 1) without having to sign another two year contract, so I’m waiting for Galaxy SIII next month to see which carrier will receive it.

  • Taglogical

    Went through 3 Galaxy Nexus devices. Had to go in another direction as the phone was not sufficient for anything more than hobbying.  I understand that Android has always been a ‘beta’ product but android software (beta) + nexus hardware (beta) was just too problematic.

    Above all, I still need it to be a phone; and phones need to be reliable.

  • Just bought it yesterday for $229, called today and they were so cool and refunded me the difference.  Thanks @amazonwireless, you’re the bestest

  • thesaber2000

    Don’t know why all the hate for the gnex. Best phone i ever used, and I Can do what ever i want to it, its not locked like some phones, to me, this is a true android phone. Freedom,the way a android phone is supposed to be.

  • Jlmcc

    jealous of a 50 dollar phone? really ?

    • Tim242

      Yes, really.

      • Jlmcc

        didnt your mother tell you that if you tell a lie you will pee the bed? or is that playing with fire?  never mind

  • robertpaul21

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  • MKader17

    Obligatory “OMG Verizon totally screws their loyal customers. I swear I’m going to switch to (Insert Carrier) after my contract is up!” post

  • Adaemvanlin

    25 cents cheaper at Sams Club online.

  • Oaguinaga80

    How do you add another line to your verizon account to get the gnex if its a individual account?

  • JosephCabrera

    I was going to buy through them with the price match guarantee of wirefly, but they are unable to transfer upgrades between lines like Verizon, and you have to keep the phone on the line it was purchased for, for 6 months to not incur any charges before switching the phone with another line. 

  • Matthew Harmon

    Bought mine this morning ($150) for existing. Where should I start when I get it.  Coming from a 2 year old DX running CM7.

    • capecodcarl

      Check to make sure you can hold a 4G signal, if not, prepare to send it back for a replacement before you do anything like unlocking it or rooting it.  These phones have a large failure rate with the LTE radios out of the box.

      • Jlmcc

        you cant use juice defender on them,its cuts off 3g and 4g when you go awhile without using it, then the only way to get it back is to reboot

        • capecodcarl

          No, I mean on a fresh, out of the box phone or freshly reset to factory defaults and no installed software packages.  The LTE radio flakes out so you have to get it exchanged. It is a common forum problem unfortunately. 🙁

          • Jlmcc

            i’ve had 4 so far,latest one seems ok after I uninstalled juice defender,seems a bit more stable,but still has the mic cut off problem

  • Harryeballs1234

    That’s about $49 more then it’s worth….

  • Jlmcc

    you can tell one thing about this ad, they are having a hard time selling this phone, to much bad info on it, but for 50 bucks its the right price

    • Tim242

      They are not having a hard time selling this phone. They discount all.Android phones…usually down to a penny by now. They make their money from commission.

      • Jlmcc

        the store where I bought mine on dec 16 had 10 for the launch   as of last week they still have 9 left

        • Tim242

          All of the stores in my area said it was a bigger launch than the Razr.

        • Guest

          Where do you live, North Dakota, lmao

  • Jlmcc

    thats about what its worth

    • La2da

      Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you Jlmcc. Exhibit “A” in the argument for abortion.

      • Jlmcc

        thank you thank you,i’m here all week

        • La2da

          No, you’ll be here forever. Bad trolls with third grade grammar never die.

  • Baylorar

    Someone make me feel better about buying through amazon.  I have a droid 2, am eligible for my upgrade, and want a nexus.  I’m worried about my plan changing and I don’t want that (I have the unlimited data).  You can indeed keep your plan the same, correct?

    • will bartlett

      for the upgrade yeah it all should stay the same. there is an option to keep your data plan how it is im pretty sure.

      tbh though i only used amazon to add a new line to my account. which in turn, i added unlimited through the loophole a few months back.

    • Diablo81588

      Don’t waste your upgrade on this. Wait a few months and something way better will come along.

    • Matthew Harmon

      When I bought mine this morning, there was an option to “Keep current plan”, we’ll see when I get it.

  • tervorsalienarms

    Can’t say enough good things about Amazon Wireless. First place to send me a GNex that actually works like it should without any issues, and they have a functional direct line to Verizon to handle any issues that might arise during the activation of you new phone.

    From the time you order your phone and all the way through activation, an Amazon rep sends you e-mails to let you know when your phone shipped, when you’ll get it, and then offers assistance via phone should you need it. In my case, we needed Verizon to get involved with a number port, and within a minute, the Amazon rep had Verizon on a three-way call with me, I was pretty amazed at how the Amazon rep more or less dictated what the Verizon rep needed to do. They just got it done.

    The whole experience was probably the best phone purchase I’ve ever had. Fast, friendly and efficient. I was left with the impression that buying through Amazon was like a layer of customer service that Verizon (and every other major phone company) has sorely been lacking.

    Oh, and I’ve also purchased from wirefly previously…that felt like an outsourced/automated set of operations at best. It was fine, good price, got what I wanted ultimately, but I think Amazon has something here in terms of great customer service at the very least.

    • Through all my experiences w/ amazon i’ve never left leaving things could be done any better.  Great company that leaves the customer feeling taken care of.  I’ll be getting this phone tomorrow.

      I actually emailed them this morning before the price dropped as I was getting the phone regardless.  I was looking to see if I could overnight the phone so id have it by the weekend.  They said they’d do everything they can to work w/ me.

      • UPDATE: Bought phone.  Called amazon to see if they could upgrade shipping so I could have it by weekend.  Gave me overnight shipping for free.  Great company

  • I’m still trying to get one that works with the LTE turned on.  Works perfect in 3G mode but when in 4G my cell reception comes in waves.

  • jbeise

    i added a line to my Verizon account and got a nexus yesterday for $39.99 through amazon.

  • How does Amazon handle Verizon credit (assuming you still have NE2 credit left)?

    • They won’t give you anything toward your “NE2”

  • radiohead14

    just wish it had a better camera!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    so it’s finally getting its true pricing

    • will bartlett

      cry more. the phone is awesome. i couldnt ask for anything better atm.

      • Tim242

        My sentiments exactly!

        • Jaschart

           The glass is crap 🙁

          • Tim242

            No it is not. I have had my GN since launch day. I don’t even have a scratch on the screen. I dropped it in the toilet face down, no scratches or scuffs. 5 minutes in front of a heat vent dried out the water.

          • Jaschart

            Got gnex on March 2. Sunglasses scratched it in my pocket, then dropped out of my pocket and split the glass right across the middle. My DroidX bounced across my driveway multiple times in the two years I had it, used car keys on it to freak out IPod sheep, it never showed a single mark.

          • Tim242

            You should prob not put it in a pocket with sharp items. I have bounced mine, with not even a scuff mark. After dropping it in the toilet, I added insurance. I wanted to make sure I was covered in case it gave me issues later. They were having open enrollment recently. You may want to see if they still are. I have never been one to do the insurance. But, with just a $99 deductible, I jumped on it. I worked at at&t and their deductible was $200-$300 for smartphones. That is a rip off, $99 is well worth it.

          • Jaschart

            I have the insurance, but I hate to pay another $90 for a phone I just bought a month previous, especially if I’m going to have to pack it in foam to keep it from breaking again, and I’d hardly consider my sunglasses a sharp object.

            The glass on this phone is…just glass. If I had known they were using such substandard material, when clearly better is available, I would have bought a case or a Razr. The reviews all said the GNex glass was good. Not on mine.

            I scoffed at the thought of owning another Moto phone until I got this cheaply made junk. Runs fast though, and looked pretty for a couple weeks. Only 18 more months and I can get a new one.

          • Tim242

            First of all, the glass is fortified, just like Gorilla Glass. It is a bit better, since it can be curved. It is not a cheaply made phone. Maybe you should be a little more careful with such an expensive piece of equipment. My phone is in pristine condition after 4 months, after being dropped in a toilet full of water face down. So, you pay $6.99 per month for insurance, but don’t want to use it??? That tells me all I need to know about you.

    • TheOiulkj

      Yup, it’s true pricing with a 48.99 shipping fee.

  • Rickerbilly

    You haters are funny. You must be jealous. All you do is unlock it, root it, and customize! THAT is why we love it! The stock experience is NOT why we buy them. 😛
    Gummy Nexus Toro 101 baby!!
    PS, VZ i want a $249 price match b1tches!! 😀

    • MrWolf

      Some of us need a professional phone that works reliably, not a toy to hack with.

      • Rickerbilly

        I am a professional hacker and I use it professionally and it is very reliable, thank you, and good night! 😛

        • malcmilli

          That makes it reliable for you. But not for the general public. My evo 4g is rooted and altgough faster and better looking, it does freeze up and bug out on me on a semi regular basis, something I never had to deal with on stock

          • MKader17

            If you can hand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

          • malcmilli

            Lol I don’t understand half of these replieS. If you say “this is great but it doesn’t really work for me” then ppl want to talk smack

          • MKader17

            I’m saying, if you can not handle the responsibilities of rooting, then don’t do it.

            Rooting is supposed to be for only people with very intimate knowledge of the device. Many people (including myself) rely heavily on others to make the process simple or to explain it in very clear detail. However many people (not including myself) expect perfection from developers and complain if they don’t get it. Rooting is an exploratory field and should be treated as such. One must accept the plausibility that rooting can cause instability in there phone. If they are unwilling to accept this risk, they should not root.

            Diving further into the previous statements:

            Your initial statement says that rooting does not increase reliability for the general public. That is a true statement. However, you initially made an incorrect assumption that Rickerbilly was stating his phone is reliable because of rooting. In fact, he was saying that his professional career is a “hacker” and his phone works reliably in his professional field.

            Similarly, my career is in research. I use my Galaxy Nexus for all my business calls and it is very reliable. I have rooted my device and I still continue to enjoy the same reliability that I expect in my device. Therefore I feel safe labeling it a reliable, professional device.

            This means that both Rickerbilly and I can conclude that our devices are professional and reliable. This reliability has nothing to do with with our devices ability to access the root files of the device.

            Ironically, this means that your statement about the reliability of rooted devices does not fit into the context of the conversation that lead to my additional off topic statement. The reason that you are unable to comprehend half of the replies is because you are discussing a different subject and developing your thought process based on an incorrect assumption about the topic.

            Hope that clears things up for you.

          • malcmilli

            Maybe I’m still misunderstanding, but I think you are saying the same thing that I said. I was simply defending the guy who rickerberry actually responded to, saying that rooting his device would not be reliable for his business needs. Rickerberry says he is a professional and it works for him. And i simply stated, yes it may work for you professionally, but it doesn’t work for many people, professionally. And you responded that it doesnt work for us, professionally because we dont have the same profession and skillset that you too have. Rounding back to the initial statement that it might work for some but it doesn’t work for others lol,

          • MKader17

            Ahh, no. MrWolf was being a troll and insinuating that the Nexus is not a reliable phone that can be used for professional purposes, but is only a toy for nerds to hack with. He is not saying that rooting makes it unreliable, but is trying to make false accusations about the reliability of the phone with out probably ever owning one. 

          • Anon

             Make more sense, please.

  • Micah Gemmell

    … can I add a new line, then cancel my account, throw my old number to the new line, and buy it that way? 

    I’m on a family plan, eligible to upgrade, but just waiting.

    • Josh Groff

      Port your number to Google voice, make a “new” account and port your number during the account creation, not sure how easy they make it to do on line, but it’s easy to do in store.

      •  …or just port your number to Google Voice permanently (only $20) and then just set up forwarding as needed to forward to your new number. Then, in 2 years, cancel the existing line and add another new one. Verizon considers it a new line and you just change the forwarding number in GV.

        • Josh Groff

          That would work too. Also would probably be the better option.

  • Diablo81588

    Still too much.

  • “Great at everything, except being a good phone”

    -customer reviews

  • JDHokie

    Price adjusted to match the deal at Wirefly, I imagine.  Friend bought from Amazon last week ($80), then got a price match when Wirefly rolled to the $50 price tag.

    • I upgraded to the GNex last week and paid $229 at Amazon Wireless. I just called them and explained that the phone went on sale and they said “No problem, we will issue you an $80 refund in the next few days”. Amazon FTW!!!

  • Great deal now, even better deal when they release the update.

  • Literally just bought this from them. Kinda PO’d, but whatever. Reminds me of when I got a 3DS before the price drop…

    • Liderc

      I believe they will refund the difference if you contact them. 

    • See my comment above. They did refund the difference for me! Totally worth a 3 minute phone call.

  • So customer loyalty would cost me an extra $100? 

    • Franklin

      Sure, but you can look at it more like a ‘hostage’ fee. Pay +$100 or chance it on a lesser network.

      •  I’m mostly staying because I’m grandpappied in with unlimited data.

    • shdowman

       They get higher commissions on new customers, hence the deals you always see for NEW customers. Verizon figures existing customers will stick in the subscriber base and likely forecast with that in mind. New customers earn them more $$. Not to mention with the way data has been redone. 

    • r0lct

      That’s another reason to switch to Google Voice.  Give out that number and you can take advantage of these deals at every renewal by getting a new account/number and cancelling the old one.

      • Josh Groff

        Genius, but does that work with texts as well?

        • r0lct

          Yes, just not MMS.  However there are work arounds.

          • Josh Groff

            MMS is overrated anyway. 😉

          • Guest

             how do you keep unlimited txts? I only see options for 1000 texts at $10 or pay per message for $0.20

      •   I’m mostly staying because I’m grandpappied in with unlimited data.

  • r0lct

    Any news on the “real” car dock?

  • crazysamz

    Wow… If only they had this on launch day, EVERYONE would have bought from Amazon. I was able to get droid razrs for a penny but not this phone

    • You overpaid.  😉

      • crazysamz

        I got the nexus myself, but I got my brother the razr for only $.01, and I’d say that was a good deal for him

      • Josh Groff

        Not if you buy the RAZR, sell it on swappa and buy a Nexus, Boom.