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Verizon Announces Dozens of New and Expanded 4G LTE Markets for April 19

Verizon started rattling off their next wave of 4G LTE markets that are either going live or expanding their reach on April 19. The list is pretty massive, many of which we covered a week or so ago. Today’s list expands on that list though, showing Big Red’s never-ending quest to take LTE to every area that already has access to their 3G.

We have a feeling that this list may continue to grow over the next couple of hours, so be sure to check back for updates. For now, jump past the break and see if you town is listed. And yes, I said “town” since VZW is working hard to cover the smaller markets as well. 

New and Expanding Markets:


  • Ft. Collins-Loveland


  • Ocala


  • LaGrange
  • Brunswick
  • Macon


  • Boise-Nampa


  • Duquoin
  • Christopher
  • Benton
  • West Franklin


  • Marion


  • East and Southeast Des Moines


  • Hays
  • Garden City
  • Great Bend
  • Wichita
  • Dodge City


  • St. Louis
  • Springfield
  • Halltown
  • Mount Vernon
  • Stotts City
  • Sarcoxie
  • Pierce City
  • Monett
  • Aurora
  • Marionville
  • Billings
  • Nixa
  • Ozark

New York

  • Cattaraugus-Allegany Counties
  • Buffalo
  • Tonawanda
  • Cheektowaga
  • Williamsville
  • Getzville
  • Angola
  • Hamburg
  • Akron
  • Kenmore
  • Derby
  • Lackawanna
  • Springville
  • Niagara Falls


  • Columbus
  • Cleveland

South Dakota

  • Garden City
  • Pierre


  • Adams
  • Bon Aqua
  • Centerville
  • Carthage
  • Chapmansboro
  • Cornersville
  • Cross Plains
  • Cumberland Furnace
  • Greenbrier
  • Lascassas
  • Lewisburg
  • Lynchburg
  • Lynnville
  • McEwen
  • McMinnville
  • Mooresville
  • Pleasant View
  • Portland
  • Pulaski
  • Readyville
  • Santa Fe
  • Smithville
  • Springfield
  • Stiversville
  • Westmoreland
  • White House
  • Winchester
  • Woodbury


  • Spring
  • Tyler


  • Provo-Orem
  • Salt Lake City-Ogden
  • NoIOS4Me

    Verizon dont forget about us out in California….

  • jlschulz

    Still no upgrade to the 6 the largest city, Phoenix. Coverage here is spotty at best, it sucks.

  • peggsie

    Finally got 4G in Summerfield, FL. I’m about 20 miles south of Ocala.

  • Yet, Flagstaff, Arizona isn’t on the list —- 🙁

  • Utah- Provo all the way up to Salt Lake already had some 4G coverage, but I’m very excited about the extending coverage from Provo to Orem, this includes my little town of Lindon which borders Orem! Sweet!

  • aharrson

    Shafted in NJ….ironically just outside one of the wealthiest counties in the country…they don’t have 4G either..

  • Joshlewis87

    At least most of you are close to 4G markets… I live in Billings, MT and the closest 4G coverage is 400 miles away. We are the largest city in a 4 state region and we wont have it for another couple of months. Main reason is there are so many miles to travel between towers from 4G areas.

  • Sean Bello

    still no more CT…ugh.

  • Guma822

    Long Island shafted again, all those New York locations and not one of them for me, half of Long Island still has no LTE. Thats only a COUPLE MILLION people, no biggie

  • clockblocker

    The lady pictured in this holding 2 iphones will be wondering why she can’t get 4g service come Thursday. 
    http://www.ocala.com/article/20120417/ARTICLES/120419714?tc=cr  Too funny.

  • Jonathantheunicorn

    Hey, Verizon, if you hear me, please do Valdosta, Georgia. Thanks.

  • ScottyByrd

    Yay for Robins AFB getting LTE

  • Drewgy

    Still no Connecticut I-95 corridor love…. 

  • WTF Verizon?  Why aren’t setting up 4G in Ventura County, esp. the Oxnard Plain?  The 101 freeway runs right through it.  We have over 850,000 people living here with a median household income in excess of $75k, and still can’t get any 4G love…what is the criteria; population density?

    • WTF Verizon?  Why aren’t you setting up 4G in Ventura County, esp. the Oxnard Plain?  The 101 freeway runs right through it.  We have over 850,000 people living here with a median household income in excess of $75k, and still can’t get any 4G love…what is the criteria; population density?

  • about time idaho is getting some expanded coverage but hopefully more expanded coverage though

  • mike


  • Wind

    Are a lot of these smaller market areas getting 4g due to regional carriers? I know in Easter KY Appalachian Wireless is supposedly setting up 4g and verizon is going to bounce of of theirs. 

  • Rip32city34

    Still no CT

  • mustbepbs

    Still no f***ing love for NH.

  • Droid_Dude

    Come on Verizon, connect the dots and give me 4G already! You have it in Bakersfield and Los Angeles, I’m in the Antelope Valley which has over 300,000 people and sits between these two cities and no 4G love yet. Make it happen!

  • mikeym0p

    So much in New York, so little in New Jersey 🙁

    • CORYK333

      Damn right…..oh, you were talking about 4g coverage 🙂
      -kidding aside, i live in NYC & do work/travel in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, NYC, & western Jersey. It SUCKS having 4G everywhere i go except Jersey & a few parts of bumblefuck Suffolk County, so hopefully they get that coverage up to par ASAP

  • Tom

    The Illinois area is some out of the way place. It’s NW of the Shawnee National Forest. It looks very rural on a map. I wonder why they chose to expand there.

  • Can we get Jackson, Mississippi already!

  • Supaj69

    Still need Eugene, Oregon. It’s the second largest city in Oregon. GO DUCKS!

  • my home town, Union City, TN, was supposed to have it before the start of 2012 and still does not, even though the two neighboring towns that were announced the same day do.
    most of those new towns in TN are on the outskirts of the nashville coverage area, so most of middle TN will now have it, west TN is still in the dark.  I understand that the population in west TN is smaller but still.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    Verizon LTE Coverage Decision Maker 1:  Should we provide LTE coverage to a market of 120k people just outside Kansas City, MO with a simple expansion of the existing Kansas City LTE network?

    Verizion LTE Coverage Decision Maker 2:  Nah, lets provide coverage for this insignificant town of a couple thousand in the middle of Kansas instead.

    • unstableapps

      Living North of Hays I couldn’t be happier they went with option #2 😛

  • artsr2002

    Damn, Tennessee! Get some 4Geeess! LOL

  • You know there’s this little state called CA that has plenty of 4G in the desert, and yet here in Ventura County still no 4G.  

  • Tim Buchanan

    Wow, once again nothing for CA.

    • sam

      They just had a big roll out for CA only last week.

      Though still no coverage for Ventura county 🙁

      • Tim Buchanan

        Ya dude, that’s where I’m at.  Ventura county getting nothing. 🙁
        First world problems, man.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Why am I getting the feeling that my area will be last….

  • Driddy

    Still no love for Maine… What gives Verizon?

  • Mike

    start showing connecticut some love…northeast is the bread and butter of all carriers…

    plus not having the route from boston to nyc covered is kind of lame

    • Rip32city34

      We have 4g in New Haven…but really who wants to go there lol

  • Jason

    And the Oregon suckage continues.  Thanks Verizon!  

  • AboveTheClouds

    I have been getting reliable 4G coverage in Los Alamos, NM for a couple of weeks now. Before that it was 3G only.

  • bakdroid

    Surprised they have not stated that Lancaster, York, and the I-83 corridor (from Harrisburg to York and points south) are turned on.  The latter 2 have been on for over a week and the first has been on for about a month.

  • Tyler is showing up on and off in TX.  Amazing speeds for sure. 30 miles out from there, but often enough in town.

  • Seriously, I would love to have THREE G over here in Morgantown.

  • johnny

    Where is Santa Clarita, CA!?! 200,000 rich people right here in L.A. county, sheesh

    • Bclarke

      Seriously!! Where is our upgrade… bakerstucky (Bakersfield) can get 4g… but Santa clarita can’t…?

  • warren harding

    Virginia gets no love

  • iamme

    its funny they never announced my area as to having 4glte yet I’ve had it here for a month. i live in toms river….4g seems to be covering the whole coast of NJ

  • And still no Montana…..F*$^ing imagine that? I swear the whole universe still thinks we play cowboys and indians up here and were non-civilized….

    • David Geiger

      I agree that we do not play cowboys and indians here but saying we are civilized might be a stretch. 

      Shaking my fist at Verizon!

    •  My friends back home think I moved here to smoke weed and drink beer.  They were wrong initially, I do drink quite a bit of beer nowadays :-/

  • yep, they got 4gee almost to my area and stopped. tech teases…oh gee guess ill still be waiting

  • m

    4G LTE love in las vegas, seattle and portland

  • guest229845

    Maine has nothing and is getting nothing…………WTF??

  • Connora

    No Jersey love. 🙁

    • iamme

      4g is covering a lot of jersey….they just aren’t announcing it for some reason…..i have it in toms river and the surrounding area… its also in manahawkin and the surrounding area there as well

  • JBartcaps

    They’re loving MD and TN

  • possomcrast1

    How many times must I point out that Michigan hasn’t been on any of these lists in months.

  • JBartcaps

    Most of the East coast of MD has had 4G for about three weeks but I haven’t seen it published in any Verizon press release

  • Evan Knofsky

    Thanks for the PA love 🙁

  • guest

    Garden City, SD: population 53.  Awesome

    • Billings, Missouri population 1,193… just about as cool. but you win my friend

      • guest

        I live in SD, but still had to look up where Garden City is.  Pretty much dead center of nowhere.  Good for those 53 people though

  • CivilDroid

    Doin work in Tennessee….and Garden City in SD?…I live in south Dakota and don’t even know where that is 

  • Twitter

    How the f*ck is there not almost full coverage in NJ

    • Drewgy

      Because somebody in the Technical Deployment group saw and episode of Jersey Shore…. true story…

  • Synaptic13

    Sure they are making a push like this now…right before a $30 increase for upgrades. #cunningbastards…lol

  • Hell yes for Buffa-love and pretty much Western New York in general

    • hell yeah Buffalo, western NY getting LIT UP!

      • Jimmy Jam

        Springville barely has 5000 people and sorry but SR219 ain’t a major thoroughfare, yet Bath & Hornell both top 10,000 and are positioned right next to I390 and/or I86.  Bath is the county seat for Steuben county, and Hornell is a NYS DOT regional district office.  What the bazonking heck is that all about?

  • Dom Suppa

    once again VZ says  F you to the entire area 20 min west of thier corporate hq………. F YOU VZ. F YOU,

  • wish there would be more PA 🙁

  • Imhthomase

    Be nice to see it here in Myrtle Beach

  • Seriously, way to leave out KS college towns.  Derp derp.

  • lugoogle

    Yet again Victorville,Ca gets left out. They claim they want to light up the route to vegas to l a and that is a major hub. Meanwhile sprint T-Mobile and att spotty services have 4G guess I’m wasting 300 a month in service. Time to change

  • Bloodangel310

    no love for michigan again

  • droidrev71

    Holy Tennessee Batman!!

  • Thank goodness.  I get terrible LTE (and 3G) reception where I live.  They’re expanding in my city so hopefully I’ll be able to pull a good signal at home.  I wonder if battery life is better with a good 4G signal rather than struggling to get anything…

  • JamesU513

    Come on man! Palm Springs area please!

  • Really? Marion Indiana before Muncie?  That doesn’t make sense.  Ball State has 20,000 on campus students…

    •  ewww. Indiana


    • That’s what I was thinking! Now I’m slightly mad

    • Marion has the largest Verizon reseller in the nation, bro’s before ho’s 😀

      • Huh, I had no idea, I even lived there for a year!  I’m surprised it took them that long to provide for them then!  But still!  Muncie needs some 4g love 😀

    • Vonny571

       Feel the same way about Kansas. Dodge City and Hays before Manhattan or Lawrence?

      • Reeb99

        Has to be I-70 related. I’m in P’burg, KS, and seeing all of those tiny MO towns listed really has me scratching my head as well, but I think some of them are on the interstate between Joplin and Springfield.

  • mike

    Mother fucker. Where is Suffolk County ny. They have been testing 4g for over a month. We have more people than some states.

    • That’s probably the problem. Have to make sure the network can handle the traffic.

    • Nicholas

      I’m waiting too man. I had it in Lindenhurst and Bay Shore a few weeks ago, nothing now. I still received it in Central Islip up until last week, haven’t checked since then =/

    • Neo1738

       Typical Strong Island attitude…haha I’m jk but I had to

  • Earleepa

    Of course, as usual. Nothing in Arkansas.

    • Tackapalooza

      Supposedly Benton, Arkansas is in “Extended Coverage” for 4G.  If that’s Verizo-speak for “you’ll get low 3G speeds and like it” then we are certainly covered.  I talked to a local engineer.  He said that the towers in Benton have been upgraded and that they’ve been doing local tests.  I’ve visually inspected a handful of towers that I know are Verizon owned and they have been reconfigured and fitted with what I believe are LTE antennae.  Question is, when do they get turned up?

  • Salamber

    WWhen are they going to expand Virginia Beach?

  • @scottyfromga

    MAAAAAA-CON!! Look at us getting all fancy high tech here.  almost makes me wanna take the cousin out for a root beer and biscuits!

  • Bolton Alford

    How is there nothing in Waco yet, seeing as how we have 20,000 on our Baylor campus…c’mon…

    •  UT got it 🙂

      • Bolton Alford

        Lol so did ut tyler now and A&M in college station. I’m pissed

  • moelsen8

    wow, kudos to big red

  • No love for CT

    • UconnCountry

      Live in danbury and I’ve had LTE for a couple weeks now . Although it was never announced and apparently still isn’t.

  • Justin

    Go DuQuoin!

  • Mikel61101

    Still waiting for the 4G LTE switch to be turned on for Grove, OK…

  • We’ve had 4GLTE in Spring, Tx since March 17 2011? lol. Not sure why they are announcing it now. Heck, I thought it was considered part of the Houston market

  • EvanTheGamer

    No California…damnit.

    • …I know…WTF are they not putting 4G in Ventura County, esp. the Oxnard Plain?  The 101 freeway runs right through it.  We have over 850,000 people living here with a median household income in excess of $75k. 

  • XF1ber

    Metamora/ Washington IL having intermittent 4G showing up as of  yesterday

  • KreeTerry

    they really need to start showing SC some loving!!!

    • IgotGAME

      I couldn’t agree more… how do they not have the myrtle beach area covered yet? It’s only one of the biggest vacation spots in the southeast.

      • KreeTerry

        Yea i know, its ridiculous that the closest place is Lumberton.  And its spotty even there.  By the time my area gets it they will have completely gotten rid of unlimited lol

        • Jbx77

          I agree. I live in Lumberton and 4G is very iffy. Hard to imagine Myrtle Beach without 4G

        • I know, Ive been out on a farm in bolivia nc, and Shalotte and had 4G lte speeds of 30-40mbps.. but we get shafted in Myrtle area..  Charleston SC has good LTE coverage. and last week i was in Columbia SC, it was very spotty and sometimes slow. But did get a speedtest at 54 mbps DL

      • Bro I know, Im in Pawleys Island (15 Mins South) and now they have Wilmington through sunset beach NC. Charleston SC, Hilton head, Savannah, Brunswick GA, Jacksonville FL.. But yet not us, and more people come here a year than all those other coastal cities.  Sucks!

  • Phatdaddyz01

    Macon GA had intermittent 4G at 4:30 this morning (4/17).

    • @scottyfromga

      damn, wish i woulda checked my phone.  but at 4:30, my fatass was sleepin!

      • Phatdaddyz01

        Downtown Macon has 4G right now-full bars.

  • John

    Verizon loves my state (TN). They’re expanding all over the effing place here

    • *cries* I wish they would find the top of my damn mountain!!!!! 

      • John

        what city are you in? 

        • Usmitcboy


    • chrismcconkey

      Yeah but they don’t care about NW Georgia. We are getting some bleed over from the Chattanooga market but nothing past the Ringgold area.

      • i live in Cleveland, Tn and its great in town…but I cannot get any 4g signal at my house and I live relatively close to town.

  • rals

    Damn, Michigan is getting shafted here.

    • John

      you should be used to it

    • sc4fpse

      SERIOUSLY. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR MONTHS. Michigan hasn’t had an LTE glance since the end of the fall last year, save for a whopping 2 towers or so up near Ferris State. 

      Michigan — We’re still here! The state hasn’t collapsed yet!/raaaaaage

      • rals

        I live in Wisconsin, but travel a lot to Michigan as I still have family, Ann Arbor is decent, but they need to expand a great deal in SE Michigan regions as well.

        • sc4fpse

          Southeast Michigan? Like, where exactly? Anything that I would call southeast Michigan is covered by the massive Detroit coverage area. And while I live in Lansing, a little ways away from that, the few times that I have been down there, coverage has been incredible. And driving along some of those highways… Good God, I’ve never seen so many cell towers in my life. You pass one every 10 seconds in some areas. o_o I don’t think coverage down there could be improved if they tried. 

          Now, Lansing on the other hand… Downtown Lansing between the skyscrapers is mostly 3G. Totally embarrassing, Verizon. And Flint’s coverage is pretty atrocious too, but more than anything, that’s just weak LTE radios and far too few towers in most areas.

          • qmartman711

            I have great 4g in brighton, wixom, and novi. Ann arbor has great coverage too

          • rals

            My issue is in Canton. 

          • RAZR_FANN

            Really? I get great service in Canton (I live there) and Troy quite a bit to meet friends, among other things. The larger suburbs are more covered than the smaller ones. 

    • Sad to say this but the Michigan’s hopes are dying faster than we know it. 

    • Jeff Stewart

      I here you i am 15m away from a 4g network its killing me. Hard to sell a 4g phone in my store when its not here yet. “Is 4G around here yet?” “Sure is its down in Kawkawlin right now 15m from here.”

    • tyguy829

      I know! While their coverage map for michigan looks relatively impressive, i can tell you that it is pretty spotty, especially in the lansing area and bloomfield hills area  (suburb of detroit). We havent had any love since last year?

    • Dave in Columbus

       Well, Michican sucks

  • Sam

    I’m guessing “West Franklin” in Illinois is supposed to be “West Frankfort.”

    The collective population of those four Illinois towns is about 20K by the way…pretty awesome to see VZW getting 4G into those small markets.

  • Bjcroteau

    Still nothing for Lynchburg va oh well

    • Burkett375

      really? it’s right there in the list…

      • Burkett375

        nevermind, i’m an idiot.

        • John

          hah. beat me to it 😉

          • Bjcroteau

            lol good times..

    • Kebova1

      I feel ur pain um I’m a fellow Lynchburgian with the thunderbolt since it was released…. Sure is nice to get it in Roanoke why not us!

      • Bjcroteau

        earliest i heard possible is June..zzz

  • Andrew

    Cleveland! Nice… our coverage here is already very good, but I’m excited for more coverage in the suburbs.

  • GuidZilla

    Why oh Why can I not get the 4Geeez that are 15 minutes away from me by car…

  • Randark

    Wasn’t Buffalo supposed to be covered when the did the NFL Cities?

    • Andrew

      They gave it to Toronto instead

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      Nope.  Interference issues since Canada didn’t shut down analog TV until August 31st last year.  Buffalo’s been live since November last year though (October unofficially)…. this is just an expansion… and from what I saw yesterday driving around… an expansion into the vast farmlands.

      • blame Canada!

      • Randark

        But not to Batavia where I live… I like to stream MLB games while at the Muckdogs games.

        • BulletTooth_Tony

          Oh the irony of watching the Bigs at a Single-A game…

          It cuts out at Golden Pond Estates if you’re driving down 5… and just outside of Riga/Chili down 33 Rochacha way. I’ll have to check out Thruway performance later, it used to drop right after going over Transit, and virtually no coverage at the Galleria.

  • Still nothing at Cape Cod?

    • Jhamlin13

       Or the North Shore…..

      • KnowYourEnemy462

        I get a good 4G signal here in Salem and even better in Lynn.  I’m guessing you’re north of me?