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Unreleased Doctor and Tennis Android Mini-collectibles Show Up on eBay

A reader of ours received a shipment of Android mini-collectibles that from what we gathered, have never been released before. The two that he has multiples of are pictured above as a doctor and an athlete/tennis player. He is willing to part with some and has posted them up on eBay in case any of the mini-collectible collectors in the building are interested. Could they be a part of Series 3 or were they axed from previous box sets? Tough to tell, but we definitely want some for our own personal collections. 

Has anyone else seen these before?


Cheers Wyatt!

  • robotsforeveryone

    Good news everyone!  Sport and Doc are back in stock.  You can buy them here: 

  • robotsforeveryone

    Thanks so much Droid Life for your support!  They are all sold out for now.  I’m working on getting a new batch. [email protected]:twitter on Twitter for more information and updates on inventory.  

  • LiterofCola

    I want a Han Solo one.

  • This have been for more than 2 weeks in ebay but they are not a S·, the are  Special EDition, Big BOx.

  • smellyfeet

    what kind of pathetic looser would buy one of these…..wait there’s a few on here. 

  • They were made at the same time as the Big Box series for Google and given out, largely internally, for free as promotional items, they may be part of another retail Big Box series in the future.

  • robotsforeveryone

    I’m Wyatt, the seller of these unreleased Androids.  Thanks to Kellex and Tim-o-tato for the shout. I’ve got 9 sets left on sale and 1 individual Sport figure.  These things are moving fast and I don’t know where to get anymore.  If anybody has a question they can leave a message via eBay.  Thanks for the interest guys! 

    • evltwn

      I just bought one from your ebay store.  I also sent you a question regarding shipping.  Can’t wait to get these guys.

      • robotsforeveryone

        Received and replied.  Thanks for your purchase.  Andrew Bell makes one hell of a product, that’s for sure.

  • @androidrevenge

    There’s also a Google Analytics Android Mini floating around out there somewhere

  • Awesome

  • @androidrevenge

    I have these already! There’s a pic on my twitter for those that follow me ( no one haha)

    • robotsforeveryone

      Hey I saw your Android mini shelf on Twitter.  I just shot you a message there.  Awesome collection you have there.  I’ve got them all too.

  • Mike Kilar

    Awesome! Just grabbed both of them.

  • Greg Buxton

    Based on the boxes having windows, I’d assume they’re from the Big Box set and not a 3rd series blind box.

  • Aww dammit, I want a Doctor Who Android collectible :/