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Temple Run Hits 10 Million Downloads in 3 Weeks, Adds Twitter Integration and Other Bug Fixes

According to the Play Store page for Temple Run, the hit iOS game has already become a massive hit on Android as well, amassing 10 million downloads in just over 3 weeks. Through those first few weeks, we have seen a number of updates to address bug fixes, but today, we get new functionality. Twitter sharing of scores has been added, taking your runs public. Ready to challenge your friends?

For fun, why don’t we all toss out our top scores in the comments. Mine is a meager 1,254,633 at 7,142m and 3,256 coins.

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  • SLAYER6669

    Got my best score today

    5546 coins

  • My High Score! 5,281,926


    About a million on my RAZR MAXX, 12 million on my iPod touch, and 40 million on my iPad. 

    (Don’t worry, the Apple products were gifts)

  • Gameboid

    Looks like I win! 5,158,968. 19,401 m. 12,303 coins.
    We have it as the game of the month at work…
    however, I still don’t hold the high score there.
    White GSII.

  • JDHokie

    I bow to your collective greatness

    2,174 m
    335 coins

  • vince mcmahon


  • Don

    I obviously need to practice more.  
    2,100 m
    332 Coins 

  • Crimsonation21


    3,313,313 at 18,394m and 8,149 coins. On my wife’s iPhone: 6,956,428

  • Justin

    Massive fist pump at the end.  Resembled the end of Breakfast Club

  • EvanTheGamer

    I still want an Online Leaderboard feature!! Hit LIKE if you agree!

  • Best I’ve ever done is: 627,002 points, 5,281m, 1,964 coins
    It’s a fun distraction, no doubt, but I’ve never been all that mush of a gamer so it’s the best run I can hope for 🙂

  • EvanTheGamer


    • Mcgovern0302

      I hate Germans… they’re rude.

      • EvanTheGamer

        I only like the good kinds. There are good kinds, right?


  • One bug that I seem to see a lot is re: the speed boost.

    Most of the time I get it, It will do my turns for me, but sometimes it will run me straight into the water, instead of staying on path. 

  • It is an addicting game when you are waiting in a hospital with no mobile data signal.

  • Blake Pool

    6,913 coins

    I work at a Verizon agent and have way too much time on my hands lol.

    • Mack

      Way to remind me that I still suck at temple run. I’m lucky to break a million points. 

  • Joedirt2217

    1,628,465 – 5,540m – 3,610 coins

  • I love this game. I just wish it wasn’t a total battery drainer, and my poor nexus gets super hot. 

  • Steve

    You people need lives.  

    858 Coins

    • EvanTheGamer

      Lives? We are alive. Although being a Zombie I hear is pretty cool.

    • I dont see how a casual time-filler game would prevent anyone from living a full life. Also, some people play games for recreation. Not everyone wants to live their life the same as you, some might even laugh at how you live yours.

      Adding, I really don’t get the hype of this game.

  • sylent101

    2,448,120.. I deleted the game though..caused quite a bit of battery drain.

  • Stewie

    I’m just thinking that as popular as it is on both platforms, to not charge a dollar for it … even minus the cut to Google, etc. thats a lot of moola missed out on …

    • What many people do not realize is that would it be as popular if you did charge for it. How many people would not even try it? Its hard to say. Granted a lot would pay for it, a lot would not too. Its hit or miss on what is the latest fad.

    • The authors estimate that between 1-3% of players actually pay cash money for coins in the game…  and apparently that percentage is high enough that they’re actually making a LOT of money off Temple Run.  “Freemeium” games are going to become more of a rule than the exception because of this.

  • Link

    2,021,440 8,595m 7,864 coin…blah

  • Michael_NM

    Hmmm. 10 million Android downloads, but it still gets to be referred as a popular iOS game. I say thanks to the iSheep for testing this popular new Android hit. 🙂

  • Steve Benson

    My best: 1,566,720 points; 7,636m and 4,815 coins.

  • I feel better about my own score now – 1,308,394 points at 7,715m with 3,275 coins.