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Starting April 22, ASUS to Ship Tegra 3 Equipped and 4G LTE Capable Transformer Pad 300

According to PC World, Asus has announced the official launch date and pricing for the upcoming Transformer Pad 300. Starting April 22 in the US, folks can pick up the quad-core Tegra 3, 10.1″ beast for $399 for the 32GB model with a 1GB of RAM. According to reports, the tablet shall be marketed as a laptop replacement and will feature 3G and 4G LTE capability. (Um, yes please?)

The slate will come with Ice Cream Sandwich out of the factory and offer up to 10 hours of battery life, with an additional 5 hours with the attached lapdock accessory. With the new information stating that this tablet has 4G LTE connectivity, the last question we all want to know, is whose 4G LTE? Verizon? AT&T? April 22 is merely days away, so we shall be impatiently waiting for an announcement from Asus. 

Does this new Transformer Pad strike the interest of any potential slate buyers out there? If it comes with Big Red’s 4G LTE, we could potentially see the beginnings of the most successful Android tablet yet, especially at that noteworthy price point of just $399, instead of some ridiculous $699 or above.

Via: PC World

Cheers Radgatt and Anthony!

  • So can someone give a link explaining how the 300 does Tegra 3 and LTE while everyone else has such a problem with it? (yes, I know the Infinity is Snapdragon, but nothing on Asus’s webpage suggests that the LTE model here uses anything but the Tegra 3)

  • Hyper67584

    LOL   and still have that same GPS issue and the higher VZW bill too???  No thanks

  • It’s $399 for the tablet with 32GB and Wifi only….the 4G I’m sure will cost more and then add the keyboard dock for $150…you’re looking at around $600+ after Verizon is done with it.

    So if you rrrreally don’t care about the data plan then I’d just say wait until the Infinity comes out…that will also be around $600 but you get 64GB and a 1080p screen with a bigger battery

  • W

    gahh i think i know where my tax return is going!  this thing looks sweet and I don’t know how long i can hold out for the infinity

  • Ant

    Price jumped to $498.00

  • Radgatt

    I wonder if Best Buy will be selling this as well.  I’ve been holding onto a gift card I got for Christmas for this very tablet.  The red tablet is looking pretty nice.

    • Claire

       I am hoping for other outlets as well.  I did not see the red one on Amazon.

  • Tim242

    Tegra 3 isn’t compatible with LTE…

    • Someone else claimed that the LTE model was Snapdragon, but I can’t verify that on their site. Their site definitely says Tegra and LTE together:


      Maybe on a tablet they’ve figured out how to glue together an LTE modem with a Tegra chip in a way that smartphone manufacturers haven’t figured out…

  • Claire

    The price has just jumped to $449 on Amazon.

    • Dan

      Wow, that sucks. I’m totally glad I jumped on the $399 price when I did. Maybe they are low on stock for the initial order?

    • Dan

       Correction: I figured it out. Its a higher price because its sold by “Mobile Advance” through Amazon instead of sold directly from Amazon for the previous lower price. Amazon sold out their stock of 300’s quick.

  • Ant

    Nothing on Asus’ page yet.

  • My question is… are they going to lower the price of the Prime?  499 is just too much.  And I really want one!!!!!

    • Boop

      Trust me you don’t want the Prime. It’s full of defects: Low wif-fi signal, dysfunctional GPS, light bleeds around the screen, random restarts, dead pixels, the list goes on and on..

  • So this might be (and probably is) a stupid question, but what’s the difference spec-wise between this and the Transformer Prime and why is it so much cheaper (assuming the specs don’t answer that question for me)?

  • Buckoman

    I would get this in a heartbeat, only if this is the Wifi only version. Hopefully this report is wrong and it is the wifi only. Verizon likes to sell their tablets at $600 or above.

  • Other than price , what would make me want to buy this over the Prime or vice versa ?

    • Keith0606

      Prime has 1.4GHZ tegra 3 vs. This one (300) which runs at 1.2Ghz
      Prime has better model IPS display (though same resolution) better viewing angles/brightness than this one (300)

      The 300 should have better GPS/Wifi Reception due to plastic materials.

      • MKader17

        Can they really afford to lower the price $100 when all they did was underclock, weaken the brightness and make the back plastic?

  • Can we get a 7″ version for $300 or even $350 please?

  • Me08053

    So if I’m still in my 30 day return window, should I return my prime and pick this up?

  • Boston

    AMAZING! I have been waiting for this!!! I will buy one in each color.. Keep one.. Wife one.. and sell one.. 

  • Butters619

    So their “more affordable but not as good” tablet will be better and cheaper?  Call me crazy but it seems like somewhere the facts got mixed up.

    And that’s not even considering the LTE/Tegra 3 combo.

    • Keith0606

      i think the screen is of lower quality and also the Tegra 3 chip is clocked lower (in comparison to the prime)

  • A wifi only version at $300 would be nice

  • Chris G

    My TF201 already has LTE.  From my rooted GNexus.

    But I do like that prices are starting to come down across the board.  I do not in any way regret buying my TF201 and dock.  It has served me very well so far and will continue to.

  • Huh. I’m thinking this is a mistake, and that it’s the wifi-only version. I just don’t think there’s Tegra 3 support for LTE yet, and I don’t think the LTE-enabled version will be $399.

    • hkklife

      The LTE version will be Qualcomm Snapdragon-based, as previously mentioned. 

      • I think you’re thinking of the “Infinity” series, which is Snapdragon-based across the board.

        According to Asus’s web page, the 300 is Tegra-based with LTE:


        Can you find something that shows the 300 will ship with a Snapdragon with LTE? If not, can you explain how Asus doesn’t have the problems with LTE? Did they manage to glue together LTE modems with Nvidia processors in a way that no one else has been able to? (maybe in a way you could only expect on a tablet?)

  • RedPandaAlex

    I thought tegra 3 didn’t play nice with LTE

    • Noyfb

      It’ll still have wifi correct? I don’t want to pay for any more data, especialy now I can use my wifi hotspot for free on my gnex with that work around app.

      • Droidfann

        Is it 399 total or 399 with 4g contract, i too don’t need another data plan.

    • Someone else said that the LTE model actually has a Snapdragon in it. (not verified)

      • I’m working on verifying the Snapdragon thing on this model. The Infinity model definitely has Snapdragon across the board.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Alot happening on April 22nd. ATT One X (rumor sitll) Sprint Gnex…. I’m looking forward to get my hands on one to see how I feel about the hardware

  • edaddy

    Wifi only please.  Big Red has enough of my money, thank you.

    • For real.  I’m not paying an extra 50 a month for 5 gigs, when I can easily tether my phone to this stupid thing if I happen to be on the road.  Which definitely isn’t often enough to justify paying for tethering.  Thanks and gig em!

  • Dan

    Already pre-ordered mine through Amazon. 🙂

  • Michael_NM

    When will they release the GPS “dongle” for this one?

    • The backing is plastic now. It will allow for better reception of GPS and Wifi