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Hot Donut – Roll, Jump, and Fly Your Way to Donut Freedom

There is something about donuts flying across my screen that just makes me happy. But Hot Donut isn’t just about some ordinary donut. This is a super donut, complete with cape and jet-like flying abilities. If anyone here has heard of an iOS game called Tiny Wings or Android’s Dragon Fly, then this game will look and feel quite familiar to you. You press on the screen to roll your donut down a hill, then lift your finger off when you want to see him flying across the sky to avoid large gaps of watery doom. It’s a pretty tasty game, but the one downside is that after playing you may crave Krispy Kreme. 

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  • Superguy

    I can see a bunch of bored cops playing this while they sit in their cars. 😀

  • turdbogls

    Fun game…but once i got to the later levels it started messing up on me.  i couldn’t tuck and roll after flying….after that happened, i stopped playing it.

    but it is a good time killer

  • Buckazui

    its fun nothing super special i got it on the faotd a while back played it for a while and then caned it.

  • Lodidarkening

    This was the free app of the day months ago on Amazon. Not exactly sure why you felt this game deserved a nod. It wasn’t very good or original then and it hasn’t changed at all. As much as I prefer your informational posts and even like when you review a game as long as there is something original on that game, I feel like sometimes posts like this will turn readers away.

    • ItsJustABlog

      They just post games that are time killers. Not every game can be a temple run or angry birds!

      • both of which suck.

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          • yesh

          • Noyfb

            I emailed tiny wings dev back in november 2011 and they said they were working on an android version of the game, but still nothing. There was a petition for tiny wings on android too.

      • Josh Groff

        Or Crush the Castle.

  • drinksprite

    “you can go to jolly pirates donuts and take a two hour sh** for all i care!!!”