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Best Buy Releases List of 50 Stores to be Closed, Many by May 12


If you follow us on Twitter, you probably saw this over the weekend, but we wanted to make sure all of our tech-obsessed readers were in the loop. Since Best Buy didn’t post the greatest Q4 earnings numbers, they have decided to close a bunch of their big box stores in 2012 – 50 to be exact. Over the weekend – probably to sneak by the media – they released a list of the stores, many of which will close by May 12.

It’s not specifically Android-related, but we know that many of you buy your phones and keep up with tech via Best Buy. Some of you may have a harder time doing that if one of the stores on this list was your closest. Missing from the list are two stores that already closed in Kansas City, MO and Scottsdale, AZ. 

  • spursrchamps2007

    I was actually curious what the comments would look like here, because for some reason I was actually upset my store in Nyack, NY wasn’t on the list.  Apparently though, I am far from the minority here.

  • I have no love of Best Buy but it’s hard to compare the output of speakers online. That’s where brick and mortar has an advantage.

  • tyler

    As overpriced as Best Buy is…I like it because I can go and get odd tidbits of technology that your standard super-store might not have (like a specific memory card for my DSLR, $19.99), and Best Buy is the only true technology store my city has that has things like this readily available.  I like Best Buy for the little things that I can’t get anywhere else.  Why rejoice over the downfall of a business?  If you want a TV, and find it cheaper somewhere else, just go there? 

  • Guest

    *GOOD PLACE TO WINDOW SHOP, then go buy on Amazon.com 🙂


    lol, some of these comments are funny. best buy is becoming the new Circuit City.  I know stores that are doing worse that are still open and not getting shut down like they should be. 

    This Bryan guy who keeps defending best buy obviously sucks the teat of best buy hard and went to his store meeting and loved it. 😛

    Just because they are opening 100 chinese stores doesnt mean anything for best buy in the US. unless you are going to transfer to China. opening up more best buy mobile stores. cool. just train your people right. stop going for the cheap hire. quality over quantity. Obviously they forgot about that. 

    I’ve gone to many different best buys in many different states and ill tell you 1 thing. dont let the first person who helps you ruin your experience. there will always be that 1 person in each store that will be helpful and sadly that person will be the outcast. Because they dont help the customer like best buy says to. 

  • ABerry5

    initially I was pissed bestbuy consumed circuitcity I loved CC.. but after they consumed them and were essentially the only large electronics store and a monopoly, they actually adopted reasons I loved CC in the first place.. 110% price matching, returns have no stocking fee, can return without receipt, etc.. so they aren’t half bad when you stack coupons and specials together

  • They aren’t closing the 2 Best Buys in my city (South Tx) only because almost 90 percent of their customers here are from Mexico, and if they do anything right its getting people who dont know what they are buying and sticking it to them with crazy prices. The only service i ever used from Best Buy was price match for cell phones, I paid 20 bucks for my OG droid, and 120 for my infuse the week it came out, at least they were good @ that, but like many they aren’t my goto electronics store, everywhere else is cheaper. 

  • TheWickedShepherd

    The Best Buy in my area is absolute terrible. Especially the cell phone department. I bought my first and last phone ever from there and the experience was a complete utter nightmare. The sales people will lie to your face, then when you politely ask for them to remedy the problems they cause they will get pissy and rude and lie even more.

    Add on the fact their crap is overpriced there is no reason to ever go there.

    • tyler

      Well there’s your problem.  Cellphone purchasing (in my opinion) should never be done at some 3rd party super-store.  You’re getting service from people who aren’t necessarily a cell-phone specialist.  If you go to a Verizon or AT&T store, you’re atleast getting someone who has been trained by your carrier.

  • Shooter_454

    I work at the largest best buy distribution center in the US and can say we have been told by 2014 they plan to open 500 more stores….The temp ceo replacement came to our center today to tell us everything is going great with bb,we all sure hope so as we ship out 6 -10 mill in product 5 days a week I don’t see us going any where anytime soon.

    • Jamsil0877

      Losing a job is the worst and I wish it on know one, but unfortunately Best Buy will  succumb to same death as circuit city. The stock price is your barometer, when it touches the teens it will drop like rock in water and the short sellers will decimate the stock, ultimately making the company invaluable. I hope I’m wrong, but there’s no future in stores that solely rely on electronics, the internets are just to cheap!

    • TC Infantino

      If the new CEO can make the right changes and pull it off, then that would be a good thing.  Of course, that would mean changing the average customer experience in store to be alot more pleasant, informative, and helpful.  Along with moving company policies towards bettering the customer experience with returns, Geek Squad help both in store and in home, and having much higher technology knowledge base among the sales staff.

  • Does this mean they’re gonna be having clearance sales? I have no idea where the hell monroe nc is but I’ll drive there if it means good deals.

    • bryan

      In approximately a week, the liquidation process will begin for the stores set to close by May 12. Each store’s project team will go through and determine markdowns based on a number of factors.

    • tyler

      I imagine the product will likely be relocated.  Best Buy isn’t going under, just closing a few stores.