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Best Buy Releases List of 50 Stores to be Closed, Many by May 12


If you follow us on Twitter, you probably saw this over the weekend, but we wanted to make sure all of our tech-obsessed readers were in the loop. Since Best Buy didn’t post the greatest Q4 earnings numbers, they have decided to close a bunch of their big box stores in 2012 – 50 to be exact. Over the weekend – probably to sneak by the media – they released a list of the stores, many of which will close by May 12.

It’s not specifically Android-related, but we know that many of you buy your phones and keep up with tech via Best Buy. Some of you may have a harder time doing that if one of the stores on this list was your closest. Missing from the list are two stores that already closed in Kansas City, MO and Scottsdale, AZ. 

  • spursrchamps2007

    I was actually curious what the comments would look like here, because for some reason I was actually upset my store in Nyack, NY wasn’t on the list.  Apparently though, I am far from the minority here.

  • I have no love of Best Buy but it’s hard to compare the output of speakers online. That’s where brick and mortar has an advantage.

  • tyler

    As overpriced as Best Buy is…I like it because I can go and get odd tidbits of technology that your standard super-store might not have (like a specific memory card for my DSLR, $19.99), and Best Buy is the only true technology store my city has that has things like this readily available.  I like Best Buy for the little things that I can’t get anywhere else.  Why rejoice over the downfall of a business?  If you want a TV, and find it cheaper somewhere else, just go there? 

  • Guest

    *GOOD PLACE TO WINDOW SHOP, then go buy on Amazon.com 🙂


    lol, some of these comments are funny. best buy is becoming the new Circuit City.  I know stores that are doing worse that are still open and not getting shut down like they should be. 

    This Bryan guy who keeps defending best buy obviously sucks the teat of best buy hard and went to his store meeting and loved it. 😛

    Just because they are opening 100 chinese stores doesnt mean anything for best buy in the US. unless you are going to transfer to China. opening up more best buy mobile stores. cool. just train your people right. stop going for the cheap hire. quality over quantity. Obviously they forgot about that. 

    I’ve gone to many different best buys in many different states and ill tell you 1 thing. dont let the first person who helps you ruin your experience. there will always be that 1 person in each store that will be helpful and sadly that person will be the outcast. Because they dont help the customer like best buy says to. 

  • ABerry5

    initially I was pissed bestbuy consumed circuitcity I loved CC.. but after they consumed them and were essentially the only large electronics store and a monopoly, they actually adopted reasons I loved CC in the first place.. 110% price matching, returns have no stocking fee, can return without receipt, etc.. so they aren’t half bad when you stack coupons and specials together

  • They aren’t closing the 2 Best Buys in my city (South Tx) only because almost 90 percent of their customers here are from Mexico, and if they do anything right its getting people who dont know what they are buying and sticking it to them with crazy prices. The only service i ever used from Best Buy was price match for cell phones, I paid 20 bucks for my OG droid, and 120 for my infuse the week it came out, at least they were good @ that, but like many they aren’t my goto electronics store, everywhere else is cheaper. 

  • TheWickedShepherd

    The Best Buy in my area is absolute terrible. Especially the cell phone department. I bought my first and last phone ever from there and the experience was a complete utter nightmare. The sales people will lie to your face, then when you politely ask for them to remedy the problems they cause they will get pissy and rude and lie even more.

    Add on the fact their crap is overpriced there is no reason to ever go there.

    • tyler

      Well there’s your problem.  Cellphone purchasing (in my opinion) should never be done at some 3rd party super-store.  You’re getting service from people who aren’t necessarily a cell-phone specialist.  If you go to a Verizon or AT&T store, you’re atleast getting someone who has been trained by your carrier.

  • Shooter_454

    I work at the largest best buy distribution center in the US and can say we have been told by 2014 they plan to open 500 more stores….The temp ceo replacement came to our center today to tell us everything is going great with bb,we all sure hope so as we ship out 6 -10 mill in product 5 days a week I don’t see us going any where anytime soon.

    • Jamsil0877

      Losing a job is the worst and I wish it on know one, but unfortunately Best Buy will  succumb to same death as circuit city. The stock price is your barometer, when it touches the teens it will drop like rock in water and the short sellers will decimate the stock, ultimately making the company invaluable. I hope I’m wrong, but there’s no future in stores that solely rely on electronics, the internets are just to cheap!

    • TC Infantino

      If the new CEO can make the right changes and pull it off, then that would be a good thing.  Of course, that would mean changing the average customer experience in store to be alot more pleasant, informative, and helpful.  Along with moving company policies towards bettering the customer experience with returns, Geek Squad help both in store and in home, and having much higher technology knowledge base among the sales staff.

  • Does this mean they’re gonna be having clearance sales? I have no idea where the hell monroe nc is but I’ll drive there if it means good deals.

    • bryan

      In approximately a week, the liquidation process will begin for the stores set to close by May 12. Each store’s project team will go through and determine markdowns based on a number of factors.

    • tyler

      I imagine the product will likely be relocated.  Best Buy isn’t going under, just closing a few stores.

  • nightscout13

    DOWN with the conformists! 

  • iPwn U All

    They’re closing the Best Buy over here in Vallejo, California 🙁

    • Jamsil0877

      Now you have to drive to Hercules, or is that Pinole. I come to at the refineries about once a year.

      • Jamsil0877

        You know what I mean.

  • JohnGaspardo

    sucks that the employee gets screwed again and management gets another bonus or 2 for running them into the ground

    • Best Buy had horrible customer service and their selves were almost always empty.  It’s hard for these large stores ( Remember Circuit City, Good Guys, Federated ..etc.) to compete with the online stores which have a fraction of the overhead costs and most don’t charge sales tax.  Fry’s isn’t that far from closing up shop either.

    • bryan

      Job offers for other positions/locations within the company will be extended to all affected employees. Should they choose to decline, a severance package will be given.

      • JohnGaspardo

        Yeah and then they get to compete in this ridiculous job market therefore driving down the cost of labor more. basic supply and demand however most jobs at best buy are already min wage so there’s really no place to go but up lol

  • Charles

    After bestbuy nearly caught my car on fire by improper stereo installation I havent gone back. I would sooner buy product online and have professionals install things or at least people who know what they are doing. Prior to nearly destroying my 25000$ car they also lost my computer that was turned in for geek squad repair and couldnt find it for three weeks.

    • TC Infantino

      What I have done for the last three vehicles I have owned is purchased from Crutchfield and then installed myself, with usually a friend or two to help.  For much cheaper than Best Buy or really any brick and mortar store, I was able to get all the components and the cables and connectors.  Then for the price of a case of beer and some sweat I had everything installed just the way I wanted, not the way someone else thought would be quickest to do.

  • Lovehate

    Best buy is only over priced if your a noob. They price matched Amazon prize for rezounds

  • FortitudineVincimus

    People shop in brick and mortar stores?

  • Well I live not to far from the Biddeford Me one in fact it wasn’t built no more than 5 years ago I was on the the construction crew that laided the foundation down for that store.  But I’m not surprised to see it being closed there are two major malls with in 40 miles of each other and biddeford is right in the middle of both and those Best Buys are the a lot better than this one by far and beside no one ever went to it wasn’t a big surprise to anybody here in southern Maine

  • guest

    I live in Pittsburgh, PA. Not Pittsburgh, CA. Unless there’s another Pittsburgh out there somewhere???

  • I want BestBuy to either go away or change their 300% markup to something a little lower than 300%.

  • NOW where are we going to go for our 1000% overpriced HDMI cables?!

  • lugoogle

    That’s what they get for running circuit city out if business

  • JaySee08

    : They will be opening MANY more Best Buy Mobile stores in the coming years. Something that is related to your blog Kellex. 🙂

    These stores are way more profitable then the big box versions. It seems to be their next push. I left the company about 2 months ago.

  • The beginning of the end of BB.

  • jtwildman1

    Amazed the one here in Columbus,IN wasn’t on the list..it’s always dead.

  • Bewara2009

    Didn’t they learn their mistake from Circuit City? pretty soon there will be no Best Buy at all…

  • Jarrough

    Best Buy must be Medusa…  we just had 2 new stores go in within 10 miles of me, and the one 20 miles away in Cleveland is closing. 

  • EvanTheGamer

    Excellent…none of the Best Buy stores near me are closing. Yeah!

  • Jamie

    Best Buy Mobile employee here.  I read this site and Engadget daily and seeing how much hate the company gets makes me sad, but at the same time I can’t disagree that the quality of training has gone nowhere but down over the last five years.

    • bryan

      Your GM should have communicated to your store on Saturday that the company will be inventing approximately 70% more into training going forward.

      • TC Infantino

        Ah, you must be the Best Buy PR guy.  Heh.

  • Chris Phillips

    Sickening to see everyone celebrating the loss of jobs.  Whether you like the company or not, it’s not a reason to celebrate.  No ones making you shop there.

  • wtfman

    lol, those are pretty much all in “questionable” neighborhoods.

  • chris125

    best buy always was kind of overpriced.

  • J Dub

    Not that I care because I rarely shop there due to high prices compared to online. Mainly on things that I would want that day. Like a cable for example. Neither of the more local stores are closing in my area. It looks like areas that might have more than one store in the same city.

  • superchachi

    Ouch. 3 of those stores are within 20 minutes of their Richfield, MN headquarters. Here in Minneapolis, there are daily stories about how dirty the dirt is on what the former CEO was into. 

    • The Eagan store surprises me a bit, the rest really don’t…especially Brooklyn Center. That place is a sh!thole.

      • superchachi

        What, the BC mall isn’t a model of success?? 😉

        • Yeah…not exactly. Whats funny though is that it used to be a pretty nice area. I can remember going there when I was a young kid (mid 80’s). Kind of a hood now.

      • nograz

        The Edina store is small and didn’t have a good layout.  I have a friend who works there, he worked in the home installation and is moving to a new store, but said he wasn’t surprised.  He did say some people liked to shop there since it usually wasn’t busy.

        I am kind of surprised the Rogers one is closing.  It was one of the test stores for a smaller store with mostly popular items in stock (or so I have been told).  It seemed to have a pretty flow of people to it.  Sucks for us that live in the Rogers, St. Michael, Albertville, Monticello, Otsego and the other surrounding cities.  The next closes to me now is Maple Grove and then Coon Rapids, both of which I wouldn’t consider too close. 

  • glad im not losing Best Buy in my area because then i’m left with Wal-Mart ohhh joy.

  • Danielseymour4

    None in Orlando! Woohoo. I actually like best buy. I only buy xbox games there though. I order everything off Amazon usualy.

  • Frustrated

    The readers on this site just love to bash about every news article. Best Buy isn’t going anywhere sorry to say to the haters. Yes they are closing 50 of the lowest performing stores but I love how everyone conveniently forgets to mention that Best Buy is opening up 100 more stand alone Best Buy Mobile stores. Mobile is the most popular thing right now and customers love that they can have a one stop shop for every carrier.

    Best Buy will be improving and what Circuit City didn’t do that made them shut down was they didn’t change anything. You need to make drastic changes in order to be successful. You will be seeing Best Buy stores get rid of traditional registers and every employee will have tablets to get you rung out quicker and offer better customer service and better deals.

    People say they hate Best Buys prices. What brick and mortar store can you get priced matched for a iPod touch for 184.99? I really doubt Wal-Mart will even think about doing such thing. Sorry for the huge rant I’m just tired of people bashing something because they had one bad experience.

    • Jarrough

      Mobile is actually great at the stores, because they’ll give you brand new devices as replacement instead of refurbs. Those dummy’s want you out the door as quickly and easily as possible, whereas phone support from the carriers make you go thru the ringer and follow strict guidelines, which result in a refurbished device.

      • Dave

        Don’t forget about DEDUCTIBLES the Carriers make you pay. Best Buy Mobile has ZERO deductibles on their protection plans for phones. 

    • bryan

      You are correct. The only stores set to be closed are those that added absolutely nothing to the company’s bottom line. They are either stores that didn’t gain the projected popularity in areas abundant with other locations or stores in lowly concentrated areas. It just wasn’t financially smart to continue operating these locations. 

      As you stated, Best Buy is aggressively expanding, adding 100 Mobile locations all over the US. We are also set to open nearly 100 Five Star (Chinese retailer owned by BBY) locations in China. Best Buy isn’t going anywhere.. for a while.

    • TC Infantino

      Well, I guess we will see.  Personally I do not think that Best Buy Mobile stores are going to actually make enough profit to keep the Best Buy company afloat.  And if their so called customer service at those stores is anything like what it is at the regular Best Buy stores, then I almost guaranty that they will fail as well.  I already gave my point of view about my experiences in their stores, but I will paste it here as well.  You may want to check out the link posted right above your post as well, considering that it states the same experiences and opinions that I have.  Here are my thoughts on the matter…

      While I agree that brick and mortar stores have a harder time competing with the online sites when it comes to price, I do not feel sorry for Best Buy.  If your products have to be slightly higher in price than online retailers, then you compete by offering what the online retailer cannot offer.  Quality customer service and informed friendly help in store for those who are not as tech savvy as most of us here.  I would feel bad for Best Buy if I could remember even one time in the past 5 years that I had a remotely pleasant experience at one of their stores.  Instead, I have had to deal with pushy salespeople trying to get me to up purchase from what I was looking at getting, or on the other extreme, unable to find a salesperson to answer questions I might have about some products.  Then there is the Geek Squad, who are trained in just enough tech knowledge to sound like they know what they are talking about to the non-tech savvy people, and are also trained to push overpriced services and products on those same marks…er customers.  So yeah, Best Buy has done nothing to try to make themselves better than their competition, let them go bankrupt.

  • Jason

    NONE are closing in Oregon.  What does this mean to me?  I get to continue buying many tech things with no wait, no shipping costs, and a great return policy.  It also means that 75-100 people at EACH store will continue to have a job in several communities around me.  Oh boo f-ing hoo.  

    Maybe their customer service sucks and is many times misguided.  However as most of us know Android products backwards and front, my question is WTF do you care for?  You go there to buy what you need, or you don’t.  I personally am very happy none of them are closing here.  

    • jgheld

      Great return policy?  You mean the one where if you return something you can’t return ANYTHING else for 90 days?  source:
      http://forums.bestbuy.com/t5/Best-Buy-Geek-Squad-Policies/Future-Returns-Will-Be-Declined-for-90-days/td-p/374604 among others….

      • bryan

        This is so far from the truth. Best Buy does not refuse any return unless out of policy. Often times we make exceptions when items are out of policy. Information from one’s ID is captured solely to be accordant with state and federal laws regarding consumer privacy, not to track or restrict returns. 
        Get your facts straight…

  • Mike91270

    Best Buy killed Circuit City …now they have virtually no competition and can’t survive themselves…sad

  • Craig

    The Best Buy business model is doomed to die. If not for their over priced warranties and spiffs from companies like Verizon they would already be gone. The margins are too thin in electronics to support the fancy mall space, employee wages, plus high utility costs. As anchor tenants like Best Buy, Sears, and KMart disappear it will be even harder for the smaller shops to survive as floor traffic will diminish greatly.

  • 87th and the dan ryan store closed as of saturday

  • Bsilver2988

    Wow Back Bay Boston?  I guess I’m not surprised.  They get insane foot traffic and I’d bet hardly any sales.  Like a lot of people here I shop in the store and buy on Amazon.  Hell I’ve even gone into a store, picked the product, and then ordered it from my nexus on Amazon while still in the store.  Back Bay was a convenient location but it probably costs them a fortune to be there and they’re just not making it back in sales.  Stores have become vehicles for previewing, not purchasing. 

    • JS

       There’s also the other Best Buy not far away. Wonder what will go in there now.

  • MrEnglish

    I’m glad they’re not closing any Jacksonville stores, because all we’d be left with is that China wholesale CompUSA, and that would be the end of civilization as we know it.

    • Gonecarcrazy

      I’m in Jax as well and completely agree with you. CompUSA is good for SOME things, but most of the time its filled with electronic junk.  But I’d rather be stuck with Comp USA than HH Gregg…..yikes! 

      • MrEnglish

        You are DEAD right on that one. It’s true though, CompUSA has some good stuff on the tidbit, parts and pieces front. I have to give credit where it’s due. I’m really just biased on the basis that I hate their policy of gypsy sales, or used car sales approach when you walk in the door. I’d be a lying hypocrite if I said I’d never bought anything there, and if something goes boom and it’s the only place that carries something, then yea, I’m there. As for HHGregg…..just WTF. 🙂

  • marty jones

    There’s an apple guy running as incumbent, and android guy running against Him

  • Liderc

    I actually like best buy, the employees never bother me.  They rarely have the best prices on monitors/tv’s but I get a lot of blu-rays from there. 

  • m

    How unforunate. BB is not a bad store to buy things from dvds, electronics, computers, home appliances, etc. Better BB than sears or k-mart, imho.

  • Virgil_5

    For those happy they are closing stores, good luck buying your electronics at Target, Wal-Mart, and Costco.  Or, hoping what gets mailed to you works and having to wait on the mail system if you need to do a return.  People look to Best Buy to be something they are not.

    I greatly look forward to when everyone gets their wish

    • TC Infantino

      I am not happy that they are closing, however I am not sad about it either.  I use Amazon primarily, and am very happy with them.  Quite often I get free shipping, I have never had to wait more than 5 days from purchase until delivery to my door. They have great customer service, and have done everything they could to resolve an issue I had with a defective wireless router, all without costing me any more than the initial purchase price of the router. 
      My experiences with Best Buy on the other hand have been anywhere from neutral to anger at the customer service, sales staff, or store policies.
      So yeah, if they go bankrupt then they brought it on themselves.

  • Iny

    I only ever went to Best Buy to look at merchandise to kill time, then buy them online later.  The last thing I bought from there was a gift card during the holidays. During my last visit I saw a lot of school supplies, As Seen on TV stuff, and college license plate frames and mugs. Weird.

  • Surprisingly non in Michigan would have thought that would have been one of the biggest closures since the whole state is on a low low 

  • JohnPA2006

    Now what store will I go into, to see the physical item, before I go back home and order it from Amazon?

    I don’t like hearing about people losing jobs, that part is sad.

  • Sjschwar

    Store closing sales?!

    • Josh Groff

      I know right, that was the one good thing about the Circuit City near where I used to live closing. There’s always closeout sales.

  • eze4

    Cool, nothing in Houston.

  • Eric

    If u rely on Best Buy for anything and consider yourself tech savy. You’re sorely not.

    • Jason

      When they sell the same products as online for the same price AND have a fantastic return policy when your product goes tits up how does your argument hold up?  Why cannot you be tech savvy and happen to want to buy local?  That means not waiting as long many times, no shipping charges, and returns that take 30 minutes instead of 30 days.  Which one of us is the smarter shopper?

      • Anthony Armando

        same price? what websites are you looking at? places like amazon, tigerdirect, and newegg consistently sell stuff for as much as 30% cheaper. not to mention free or low cost delivery, and maybe no sales tax.

        fantastic return policies? i havent been to a best buy in a few years, but last time i checked you couldnt return dvds. i have returned stuff to amazon well after the return policy for a full refund, not store credit, no restocking fee, and they apologized to me for not being satisfied with the product. if by some heavenly miracle you do get something returned at best buy you will likely have to pay a restocking fee.

        and lets not forget the “helpful” and “knowledable” staff who often times are more annoying and stupid than anything. i went in looking for a SATA HDD that i needed immediately, which i couldnt find. when i asked a floor sales person he said, “a what? i dont even know what that is… do you mean SCSI?” he then attempted to sell me comcast or direct tv service.

        • Eric

          Thank you for saying everything i was gonna say.

        • Stephen Morrison

          You need to keep your eye out for sales. It is known to happen.

          • Anthony Armando

            keeping an eye out for sales is really a moot point as online retailers have sales as well. not to mention that their generally lower overhead results in even better sales than the brick and mortar stores.

          • Stephen Morrison

            It still happens, so it’s not moot.

        • Dliuzzo110

          Ha ha I must agree. When I bought my tbolt I asked about dlna or an adapter and they didn’t even know what it was. They had to Google it and still came up with nothing. So after looking at me like “i” was the crazy one I had to pull up the specs to show the tbolts dlna capabilities they just said “oh”.

      • Eric

        Clearly not u!

    • MattInPDX

      It’s called being consumer savVy. I am willing to spend a few dollars more if Best Buy has the exact same thing as Newegg or Amazon since I a) Can pick it up immediately, b) Return/exchange it immediately if need be.

      Best Buy also price matches so when Fry’s has something in their ad at a ridiculous price, I drive 5 miles to Best Buy instead of 20 miles to Fry’s.

      So your statement and spelling are horrible.

      • Jarrough

        I agree. Higher-end tech devices can generally be found online cheaper. But, if you know what you’re looking for you can generally get the same price at BB with a great return policy. Instant Gratification. Plus their Silver Rewards members get returns without fees (for items with a restocking fee), extended returns, cash back making that item cheaper, and again… instant gratification. 
        I do most of my tech shopping online, but when that big new gadget it coming out soon, the store price is no different than the online price.

      • Eric

        I missed a “V” and  my spelling is horrible? Sorry professor LOL!

        Being “consumer savvy” means u(opps can’t spell again) can wait the few days and save some money.  Clearly you(is this better?) are one of those guys who has to have the latest and greatest asap.

        • Counsel Dew

          Just because you disagree with each other doesn’t make either of you wrong. Try that logic out…

    • Stephen Morrison

      Welp! That’s ignorant. Have a good one!

      • Eric

        You too!

  • Wow
    So many people expressing joy over this.

    I love best buy.  Its fantastic.

    I also hate to see people lose their jobs.

    • HTC1

      No joy here. If my Best Buy closes (which is less than a mile away from me) i will have NO WHERE to buy that kind of stuff.   What else is there? Staples? Walmart? those places have junk compared to Best Buy

      So instead of closing I want them to open a million more stores !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • maratu

        Go to their competitors, the online stores.

        • Turd_Ferguson

           who wants to wait on shipping? when I need something I will pay the extra $ to have it that day rather than wait.

          • HTC1

            Exactly….I hate waiting. Especially for something as fragile as electronics… How do you even ship a TV?  I’ll pay the extra 2 dollars to drive 5 minutes and have what I want right then….

          • Marley


          • spursrchamps2007

            newegg.com depending on where you live I get somethings next day.

    • Ben Bloom

      Yeah, it is disappointing to see so many people celebrating this, but the fact is that there is a general frustration with Best Buy that has come about over the last couple of years.

      I remember almost a decade ago when I could go to Best Buy and Circuit City to look at the coolest upcoming tech.

      As the online retailers picked up momentum over the last couple years, it became harder and harder for actual brick and mortar stores to compete on price. We saw Circuit City fail, and we saw Best Buy retreat.

      In the last few years, Best Buy has begun to target less informed and less tech savvy users, as more of the people on the bleeding edge could go online and find an identical product for a fraction of the price (often times without paying sales tax).

      Now take a walk through a Best Buy and you can see this everywhere: Dynex and Insignia flat screens, most PCs sport decade old processors, and they are routinely expanding their Apple offerings.

      The business model of Brick and Mortar will always struggle to compete with eStores when it comes to selling the top of the line tech for the lowest prices, and for that reason, Best Buy has pretty much stopped trying to do that. That is why you see such a backlash in the geek community.

      • Tom

        Exactly.  I went to Best Buy to buy my new TV, only to buy in on Amazon for 100 dollars cheaper (no tax either)

      • TC Infantino

        While I agree that brick and mortar stores have a harder time competing with the online sites when it comes to price, I do not feel sorry for Best Buy.  If your products have to be slightly higher in price than online retailers, then you compete by offering what the online retailer cannot offer.  Quality customer service and informed friendly help in store for those who are not as tech savvy as most of us here.  I would feel bad for Best Buy if I could remember even one time in the past 5 years that I had a remotely pleasant experience at one of their stores.  Instead, I have had to deal with pushy salespeople trying to get me to up purchase from what I was looking at getting, or on the other extreme, unable to find a salesperson to answer questions I might have about some products.  Then there is the Geek Squad, who are trained in just enough tech knowledge to sound like they know what they are talking about to the non-tech savvy people, and are also trained to push overpriced services and products on those same marks…er customers.  So yeah, Best Buy has done nothing to try to make themselves better than their competition, let them go bankrupt.

        • No

          What do you want from bottom of the bin wages?  You cannot expect stellar service when most of the people there hate their job and are paid piss. You cannot be entitled to top bill service when your paying for economy.

          • Ben Bloom

            No knows what he is talking about.

            The fact is that if you want to sell to the tech savvy you must have sales associates that are as or more knowledgeable than the customer.

            People that intelligent are already in short supply and usually do not work for hourly wages. The only real option is to sell generic stuff to a less informed demographic which is basically the concept behind a big box retailer anyway.

            The last time I addressed an employee at a Best Buy it was the manager of the computer accessories department and he insisted the 2TB external drive I was looking at was solid state. When I said I thought that was unlikely he said I obviously had no idea what I was talking about.

  • SaurusX

    The one that they’re closing in Austin is literally less than five miles away from another Best Buy store.  They simply over-saturated the market.  

  • Michael_NM

    Best bye-bye.

  • Kyle

    why does everybody want best buy gone? I go there when I am bored and look at the cool technology things I want but wont buy.

    • Twitter: AlwaysAndroid

      And here we have the exact reason why they are closing: too many people go there to browse and compare, but then buy for cheaper online.

      • Art Holguin

        we found the problem now fix it best buy!

        • Noyfb

          Left out of the article is that they will open up 100 new smaller stores to focus on cell phones and tablets only. 

    • snowblind64

      Why do I hate Best Buy? Well…

      1. Terrible customer service
      2. Pushy sales people who will lie to you to make a sale
      3. Geek Squad, who will lie to you and tell you you can’t add RAM to your computer without breaking the warranty.
      4. Overpriced (best buy my a$$)

      I say good riddance to Best Buy. I’ll keep going to Fry’s or Microcenter.

      • Alex

        Cant say i dont agree with all that.

        But it is fun to look into because it has just about everything i love technology wise.

      • bgb

        They tried that “void the warranty if you add RAM” line on me a few years back as I was checking out.  I put my credit card back in my wallet, left and drove straight to Costco to buy a computer.  They only time I had a good experience shopping at Best Buy was store pick-up for online purchases.  They will not be missed by me. 

      • nightscout13

        I agree 100%

        Also overpriced.

      • robotsforeveryone

        I can’t say I like the idea of anybody losing their job.  Best Buy is all those things and more.  I like Fry’s better but they have their moments of poor service too.  They shouldn’t close the Lake Pleasant Best Buy in Peoria.  The one in Glendale needs to be condemned.  Those guys suck!

      • TC Infantino

        I agree with your entire list, and I can add a personal anecdote.  My mother’s PC got a virus (most likely from opening and passing on those annoying chain emails) that was particularly nasty.  I lived halfway across the country at the time, but I told her to tell me everything that popped up on the screen, and that I would walk her through how to get rid of the virus.  Then I would send her links to the best anti-virus programs and get her up to speed on better computer security practices.  Well, my parents thought it would just be better to have a professional from the Geek Squad come out and fix their computer.  They paid over $400 dollars, some for the housecall, more for ‘removing the virus’, and then convincing my parents to purchase whatever crap anti-virus subscription the Geek Squad was pushing at the time. 
        Needless to say Best Buy can go out of business for all I care.  If I need any tech, I can order it online.

      • q`Tzal

        Remember Circuit City? Best Buy doesn’t.
        They’d remember that chain was the previous holder of the title for overpriced product and pushiest sales staff short of the skeezy local used car salesman.

        If Best Buy did remember they would have just bit the bullet and leased their brick and mortar stores out as physical sales floors for Newegg.

  • summit1986

    I’m actually disappointed mine isn’t listed…

  • Firelight

    As someone from Rocky Mount, NC – I would say BOOOO! Except I rarely shopped there so they’d probably boo back at me.

    • RobG

      You can always come down here to Wilson

      • Firelight

        They always have better inventory in Wilson (pronounce wil-T-sun in these here parts) anyway. How a community 2/3 the size of Rocky Mount supports much better retail options than RM always escapes me. And y’all have a BW3!

  • Mrguipo

    One is in my town. Good riddance

  • Ken

    DIE! Best Buy must be killed. 

    • ramifications

       this is terrible logic….

      more competition means lower prices for all of us.

      No matter whether you like the store or not. Not to mention, all the jobs that will be lost.

    • rals
      • HTC1

        thought i was kind of vague.   Every store attakcs you now. I won’t even go into half the stores at the malls because of it. I find Best Buy to be the least intrusive. At the register youmight have to say “no thanks” to the extra warranty but every othr store is BRUTAL!!!!!!!  If i go to walk in and see an employee run from the back just to make sure they greet you, i leave. Can’t stand that.