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Additional Galaxy SIII Details Revealed – Multiple Colors, a 1080p Display, and a Quad-core Exynos Processor?

Additional details have been reportedly leaked about the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. According to sources of BGR, two color options will be available at the time of initial launch:  one in blue and black and the second one in solid white (perfect for Kellex). Along with colors, there will be two size options – 32GB and 64GB. In addition to that, a set of specs were also talked about by the source that stated we will see a 1080p HD display (Seriously? Who needs that?), the quad-core Exynos processor we discussed earlier, along with full 4G LTE capability in the device.

This device is beginning to sound like some of the dream devices you were all asking for last week. As an extra bit of info, the source also stated that Samsung’s Galaxy SIII will be the official device of the 2012 Summer Olympics, something we have essentially known since January. That makes sense though, now that Samsung has confirmed that the unveiling is to take place in London on May 3.

All we can say to these rumors is, “Verizon, please open your hearts and embrace this device.”

Via: BGR

  • J Dub

    Unless they have really outdone themselves on the chipset I am leaning towards the Snapdragon S4 chipset. The 28nm process used will save power. The fact that LTE is built into the chipset and is not a separate chip is also a power saver. The S4 chipset seems like it could be the first LTE chipset that doesn’t suck the battery.  

  • Fap fap fap fap fap fap

  • 1080p………….you know it won’t be. 

  • nicotinic

    I heard that the case/dock is a life-size, fully functional T-800 Cyborg(T-1000s don’t support LTE). By default it’s set to kill John Connor but, if you prefer, you can toggle that off in the settings. 

    don’t ask, cause I don’t reveal my sources.

    • TC Infantino

      Would rather have it be a Cherry 2000 model cyborg.  Much nicer, and very user friendly.

      • nicotinic

        I just sat throught the trailer for Cherry 2000…thanks. Funny how may celebs were in that short Clip.

  • They are not going to get it. But it’s ok since the Droid Fighter is going to have better battery life and a better camera. 


    I would have to see a 1080p screen…at this point all I can think of is smaller text on a web page. I don’t need that, 7 is enough. Also,when you look at TV if your TV is smaller the 32″ 1080p is pointless, unless you one of the small dudes , that just wants to say, hey, I have 1080p. What the dpi of a 1080 42″ TV, under 90 dpi I bet. would I mind if there was text resizing on a browsers, no…but its not needed at this piont. Like 3d, cool but not needed.

  • T4rd

    I will almost guarantee that it won’t be 1080p.  This is worse than the Galaxy Nexus rumors the week before it was announced.  I remember leaks saying it was going to have an OMAP 4470 with an SGX 543 GPU (same as the iPhone 4S and iPad2).

    Whoever is starting these rumors has to be deliberately messing with the media.  1080p at less than 5″ is just retarded.

  • Nigga

    and it runs froyo

  • This mock up looks good, if this is the real thing, it looks better than the S2!!

  • Nexus Snob

    If it has hardware buttons it is no good.

  • Ooooooo

    Verizon please get this!!!

  • Trevor

    I really hope there is an external memory card slot included.  Even with 64 GB internal (which would be awesome), it’d be really nice to have removable storage.

  • Zymo

    BGR is saying  there will be two size options, 16 and 32GB, not 32 and 64. 

  • smellyfeet

    nice phone.  too bad it’ll be on either att or t-mobile’s crap networks. 

  • Taglogical

    Dear Cell Phone Hardware Engineers: Please don’t make mobile hardware with screen resolutions higher than 720P. Also, mobile technology needs to be usable when the user is mobile; aka STOP USING THE HORRENDOUS OLED DISPLAY TECHS. Enough already. KthxBye

  • cryop

    If this has great battery life then this will be he android phone of the year…unfortunately 1080p and a samoled screen larger than the gsii will probably spell doom for this phone in terms of battery life and any chance of me wanting it (currently have a gsii and absolutely hate having only 4 to 4.5 hours of straight web browsing, fakking samoled and white backgrounds). The only hope this phone has is either/both a 3000+ mah battery or samoled + HD being redesigned to be a lot more efficient.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Well…I won’t be getting another upgrade until I think near the end of 2013, so…well…damn, I have a long road ahead of me.

    Ah well…my Galaxy Nexus still continues to impress, and when it’s time for an upgrade, something a hell of a lot better than the stellar Samsung Galaxy SIII will be available.

  • Binglut9

    I would sell my nexus

  • Gshubert1943

    SSSSStill not Motorola quality. They are coming.. Give em a few.

  • JohnGaspardo

     1080p HD display (Seriously? Who needs that?) 
    Maybe you should just go back to 240p… Crazy bastard!!!

  • RoadsterHD1

    This is going to be a monster of a devise!!!!

  • My Contract is up… Hold out for the Razr HD or hope for the Galaxy SIII??? What to do???

  • yarrellray

    Can’t help but laugh looks liked everyone got SAMSUNGED AGAIN. Guess the HTC ONE X looks useless here folks and YES it be on Verizon COUNT ON THAT..

  • That render is so fake I don’t even know where to begin..

  • jjrudey

    I wouldn’t trust BGR if my life depended on it.

  • 11knives

    OK, Quick poll… I have 5 days left on my 14 day return policy from VZ on my Galaxy Nexus. Should I ( 1 ) Return it, go back to my DX and hope the SIII comes to Verizon or ( 2 ) get over the cellphone envy and just move on with my life? My wife choose option 2 lol

    • ExLi

      Go with option 1, what do you have to lose?

      • Tyler Cameron


  • FortitudineVincimus


    I am on VZW – we know what that means

  • Michael_NM

    “Verizon, please open your hearts and embrace this device.” VZW has no heart.

  • Angelrod111

    Seriously guys, how old are we?  The comments on this site are getting beyond juvenile!  I’ll go read this story at BGR!

    • Jlmcc

      how true, i expect to see tinkerbell on here any minute  lol

  • Is a 1080p phone screen even possible? Even if they blew it up to 5 inches, that’s an insane 440 PPI or so. I don’t even know if the technology is there for that…

  • Jlmcc

    damn is this the rainbow blog

  • EraserXIV

    Was kind of hoping for a dual core 5 series Exynos. A quad core old gen will definitely be a power guzzler and likely slower.

  • Matthew Merrick

    for the love of god please left this render be fake. the 3 button setup here is awful. not only does it go against the very principles of ICS, it has a hardkey for multitasking, which means it’ll need the same onscreen “menu bar” that the HTC One line has. 
    physical buttons are bad enough on ICS, but the 3 hard button setup needs to die in a fire. 

    This was (and sense) drove me away from the otherwise perfect Evo LTE and if this render is real may be a dealbraker for the GS3 as well 🙁

    *sigh* there’s always the asus padphone……..

    EDIT: phew! did some digging around the source article and this is an old image concept. not even a render passed off as real. I’m still hoping for onscreen keys for the Gs3

  • guest

    if only it had decent radios…

  • This is just unfair. 

    But let’s be real. No way that battery lasts long

  • Hillard

    Galaxy s three…… Samsung this phone might be nice as long as it’s not a piece of shitay…… Okay?

  • Trevor

    I don’t understand the point of the 1080p resolution, but this phone sounds awesome!  I need a Verizon launch confirmation as well as good battery life to be truly happy with it.  

  • This quad core and 1080p stuff is just marketing. Don’t get me wrong, I realize anyone who isn’t etching a piece of fruit on the back of their device is vulnerable to failure, but still, I think this is taking it a bit too far. Especially when as I understand it, carriers are starting to lose money because hardware is getting too advanced for them to subsidize it like they always have.

    • Doan

      I’m not so sure about that.  The original Moto Razr (the old flip phone) was $300 on contract, and $800 outright when it first came out.  Prices are the same; only the technology is changing.

      • Yes, pricing is the same, hence carriers losing money with this gaudy hardware. I don’t know if that’s actually true or not though. Just what I’ve heard.

        • Binglut9

          30 dollar dollar update fees… Don’t stick up for the carriers they make bank on contracts not phones sold… That’s why phone prices stay the same and contracts go up

  • Dq Sanders

    I don’t ask much from Verizon. EVER. But if there was ever a time that I need them to come through for a longtime supporter it would be RIGHT NOW. For this device right here.

  • Destroythanet

    1080p on a phone is dumb imo. All it’ll do is overtax the graphics processor and hurt battery life for a difference you only notice if you like to hold your phone right in front of your nose all day.

    • Doan

      1080p capabilities are useful if you know how to take advantage of them.  You could watch movies/games/mirror your phone on a 1080p TV, for one example.  Add a Bluetooth-capable TV and phone to the mix for seamless integration.

      • My 13.3″ laptop has a 1600×900 resolution (which looks great by the way), and when I connect it to my TV it does 1080p.

    • Binglut9

      Are you retarded? Screen matters and a 1080 p will probably look incredible which is fine by me…. Who wouldn’t want the best screen?. Get your head out of your butter technology should always try to be better for innovations sake

  • RBI411

    I’m sorry, but doesn’t it sound profoundly stupid to say “it comes in two colors: blue and black. It also comes in white”?

    • Doan

      “One in ‘blue and black'” vs “the other in ‘solid white'”.  Two different color schemes.

      • RBI411

        Nevermind. Reread it and now it makes sense to me. “Blue and Black” and “White” not “blue, black and white.” I’m gonna go hide now.

  • Guest

    Saw the source was BGR, laughed out loud, and stopped reading.

  • i’m really interested in the battery life of this sucker. esp with a 1080p screen.

  • Alan Paone

    Its going to be 720p. Sammy didnt develop a whole new screen tech to only deploy it in the google phone. My bet is that the anonymous source doesnt speak english super well, and says HD, and idiots like BGR call it 1080p.

    • Nklenchik

      Samsung could care less about the Google phone. They had way more sales with the SII than with the Nexus S

    • Tim242

      Actually, the GN has a 720 P Super Amoled display. They will now be using HD Samoled +.

      • Adnoxaei

        That’s what I’m hoping.

  • “Verizon, please open your hearts and embrace this device.”
    This WILL NOT happen.

    • TheDude

       Proof. Otherwise quit trollin.

      • Trueblue711

         He’s probably right. Verizon is the type of company that would not want a phone to come out too far ahead of its time (like this one may be) because they think it might affect future phone sales. I really feel like this is why some corners were cut on the Galaxy Nexus (inferior camera, not the highest-quality AMOLED screen, etc.)

        •  >> corners were cut on the Galaxy Nexus

          Corners were cut not because of VZW, but because it is a Nexus. Seriously, I don’t know why people thought the Nexus series had cutting edge hardware. It never did. For example, all 3 Nexus phones launched with a PenTile display. The GNex, actually has the most competitive hardware comparing to other Android phones launched around the same time.

    • sgtguthrie

      Why not? You sound quite certain… People Also said that vzw would never see a NEXUS, and they’re still the only carrier in the us that has it.

      They had the s1 in the form of the fascinate, passed on the s2 to get dibs on the galaxy nexus, now they should get the s3. They do nothing more than brag about their 4G LTE network, so why would they dream of passing on a high end device with true LTE integration? They won’t…

  • Mike Mike

    I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t care about this or the One X and is perfectly content with his Galaxy Nexus?

    • OhAaron

      I’m sticking with my GNex, but I still like to hear about new devices.  It helps me put together my wishlist for the next Nexus. 🙂

      • Tim242

        Amen to that!

      • tomn1ce

        Same here, they can pimp the hell out of the SGS3 that just means that the 2013/2014 devices will have better specs….I’m quite happy with my G-Nexus at the moment….and if I get bored of it, then I’ll root it….

        • ABerry5

          root it now and put AOKP29 on there man… Ive had my gnex since jan and saw no reason to root since 4.0.2 is literally perfect except for Id like to see power control in the noti drop down bar and the addition of a customizable button on the lock screen, but after 4.0.4 still isn’t out yet I decided to bite the bullet… OMG I can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier.. this ROM is completely stock looking but gives you the additional options that you wish you had.. this is my homescreen with the noti bar pulled down then two pictures of the selection in the ‘Android Settings’ menu called ‘ROM Control’ where you can customize galore




          the rooting process was as simple as two clicks using ‘Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit 1.3’ and I now have image backups.. basically I was on the fence and now I know how big of an idiot I was.. I’ll be the first to welcome you to 4.0.4 🙂

    • Tim242

      You are not the only one. These new phones cannot compete with my Nexus : )

      • Tyler Chappell

        Actually they can….Besides, Verizon GNex gets probably the worst battery life I have ever seen on a phone. I have the Thunderbolt with the extended battery, and my dad has the GNex with 2 Sammy batteries, and a third one I got off Amazon.  It’s sad how much juice that phone sucks.

        • Adnoxaei

          What on earth is he doing? Does he use it a lot more? Streaming? File downloads? My roommate has a Thuderbolt and it sucks down juice faster than my GNex with every task. I can kill mine faster by streaming video while hers in not doing anything in her purse, but that’s kinda expected of any comparison like that.

      • LiterofCola

        Sure buddy

        • Tim242

          If I can’t customize them to my liking, out of the box and change out batteries, they can’t compete.

  • jon

    All we can say to these rumors is, “Verizon, please open your hearts and embrace this device.”DOUBLE that…If not my contract is all most up ill pack the etf if i had too..

    • Doan

      My contract is up in June.  The ball’s in your court, Big Red.

    • Mayze23

      It would be a crying shame if VZ doesn’t get this phone. I can’t leave em. Grandfathered in to unlimited data.

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  • To hell with Verizon! They screwed up the Galaxy Nexus launch. Last thing we need is them screwing up this one.

    • Doan

      I’ll take a screwed up SGSIII launch over no SGSIII launch.

      • LiterofCola


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  • Zebra

    1080p seems pointless anyways. Don’t you need around a 32″ TV to even see the difference between 720 and 1080? I know a phone would be more like a monitor than a TV but it’s not like it’s going to be running at true res, the text would be impossible to read from more than a foot away.

    • niuguy

      I thought it was a 50 inch TV at a normal viewing distance to begin to see it.

    • MKader17

      From what I’ve been told a good rule of thumb depends on your distance from the source.

      With 1080p the minimum is 1″ of distance per 1″ of screen
      720p 1.5″ per 1″
      480p 2″ per 1″

      So if you have a 50″ TV and you sit over 75″ away from it you will not notice the difference between 720 and 1080

      • So…I have no idea about the screen size of the GSIII, just going based off what I saw – but if it is 4.6″, you only have to be 6.9″ away from the screen to see the difference between 1080 and 720? I would expect it to be closer, like 1″ away.

        • Jlmcc

          you cant tell the difference between 720 and 1080 on a 52 inch screen from 10 feet

        • MKader17

          According to that, yes. And according to my crude calculations, I leave the phone about 8″ away from my face while sitting at my desk. So assuming the same screen tech as your current phone you “shouldn’t” notice a difference under normal usage.

      • Jlmcc

        i got a 52 inch and from 10 feet you can not tell the difference between 720 and 1080,or 480 really

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Wow, 1080p? That would be pretty incredible pixel density if the screen does end up being 4.6 inches, as rumored. And a quad-core Exynos processor should be able to keep a phone running smoothly at that resolution, so I say bring on the 1080p display!

    • cryop

      Imagine the battery life on that thing… 10 hours of moderate use. No thanks. However if Sammy is a half decent company truly trying to take all the thunder out of apples next iPhone then we can expect good, not decent, but good battery life. Also seeing how they want be number one on the android front they’re going to need to make something that can out spec the razor maxx. I’m guessing 50/50 chance they screw this up with terrible battery life… 1080p and 4.6+ screen just doesn’t look promising

    • Adnoxaei

      Since we have reached “retina” density at 720p on 4.65 inches I would rather just make it not be pentile. Super AMOLED Plus 1280×720 is what I want. I don’t want the battery draw of 1080, and 720 is high enough that we won’t see more detail, so I’d rather have a more optimized improvement of the GNex display.

      Also, I want a 1920×1200 10 inch SAMOLED+ display in a Galaxy Tab lol I might be lure away from my Transformer by that.

      • Droosh

        You need over 400 ppi at one foot for retina density. No smartphone has yet reached that standard.

    • John

      Rather have 720p.  I’m sure the exynos cpu+gpu could drive 1080p just fine, but why?  Squeeze all that power into driving a 720p display with performance numbers off the charts. 

  • Michael Forte

    If it is a 1080p screen hopefully it isn’t pentile. If it is, I’d rather have a Super AMOLED Plus HD 720p screen instead.

    •  I am going to bet that it won’t be 1080p. Instead, we will just see a 720p AMOLED w/o PenTile.

  • Zebra

    1080p? That just means the LCD Density is going to be set lower (higher value)…720p is already too small when in full res on the GNex.

    • MKader17

      Do you mean the original 320dpi in the build prop makes things too small?

  • Erikd887

    im cumming in pants for this phone

  • Android1997

    Dear god, 

    I know i really only talk to you when i want something. And it is pretty selfish. But God, Verizon needs this phone. Why? Well because we missed out on the One X. And i want a quad core LTE device. 

    Well, im just asking fo you to bring this phone on Verizon. Thanks


    Oh and can you convince my mom to have pizza tonight???

    • Tim242

      Dear Android1997,

      You don’t need quad core. I’ll send you a Galaxy Nexus. If you bad-mouth it, I will reserve your spot in hell. I have instructed your mother to buy you pizza tonight.

      Your Welcome,


      P.S. Yes, God is really gay.

      • OhAaron

        I always knew he was gay! Either that or I’m just lucky as hell.

        • Jason

          Who needs Grinder!?!? I can pick up a date on DL!?! Whoo hoo.
          And he’s a nerd….even better. 🙂

          • OhAaron

            Bahah, who knew there were so many of us that were into gadgets?

          • LiterofCola

            The male g-spot device manufactuerers? 

            lol I kid, I kid

      • Eazy E Dlf

        Wow man you got some issues…ill pray for you 

        • Tim242

          Don’t waste your breath.

          • Eazy E Dlf

            nonsense my good man, you need all the prayer you can get

          • JohnGaspardo

            what was the original comment? it got blocked by the censoring fucks that enable the police state we now live in….

          • Noyfb

            The Galaxy SIII actually sounds Like IT should of been the Nexus device.

          • ABerry5

            anything sounds like “it should have been the nexus device” when it is released 7-8 months later.. cmon man get smart… there was no better phone spec wise than the gnex when it was released in November and announced in October

          • sonicyoof

            So Droid Life enabled the “police state we now live in”?

          • JohnGaspardo

            That’s right by aiding and abetting censorship of ANY kind they have in fact contributed to the downfall of america as we know it and made it a common place activity and therefore I stand by my comment. It’s a slippery slope!

          • TC Infantino

            Nope, sorry, not the same at all.  Droid Life isn’t owned or even partially paid for by the government, and as a private company they have the right to refuse service.  Just like the local convenience store can have a no shirt, no shoes = no service policy, this site can have a no obnoxious a$%hole policy.  Nothing to do with censorship or your freedom of speech. 

          • JohnGaspardo

            Yeah but they set a example and introduce the concept into people’s mind’s. In 10 more years you’ll see… you will all see what I warned you about.

          • LiterofCola

            Cry me a river and go hug a tree

          • JohnGaspardo

            LOL I respond to people like you for answers just like this. Thanks for making my day 😉

      • Android1997

        Your not God!!! My Dad just texted me telling me were having sammiches for dinner!!!

        Ps, i read the text on my POS G-Nex, which i am selling to buy the G SIII

        • Tim242

          I spoke with your mother. She has not informed your father of my instructions. It will all work out. Even though you were blasphemous toward the Galaxy Jesus phone that I hold so dear, I will give you some time to repent. It is not a POS. You must not have really experienced many phones prior to it. I hope you enjoy your Pizza tonight. You can thank me later. Don’t forget to pray to me tonight. Your worshipping skills are lacking.

          • CORYK333

            The most pathetic thing about your poor & corny attempts to be clever is that anyone on here a lot knows that your Gnex comments above are pretty much in line with all your other posts…..Give It Up!!!!! Clowns like you give Android users a bad name…..so please, go away. I enjoy my GNex but you’re probably the one that “hasnt experienced many phones prior to it” if you cant see its flaws. Its called “blind worship”, bc you havent seen/used anything else to compare it to. Im happy you enjoy the device, but you gotta tone down the BS worship down fool.

          • Tim242

            It has few flaws. All phones have flaws. AOKP works great. I don’t experience any issues. Stock was OK, but J lije more customization. I have had many phones to compare it to. I have a owned and used the HTC Hero, HTC EVO 4G, Droid Incredible, HTC Thunderbolt, and now the Galaxy Nexus. I also tried out the Droid X, Droid 2, Droid Razr, and the HTC Rezound. I think I have used enough phones to make an informed opinion.

          • Tyler Chappell

            Marry me? Well, in some other state than the one I live in, hah. =]

          • OhAaron

            Bahah. +1.  I live in Georgia, so I feel ya.

          • Android1997

            My phones- Random Feature Phone, Random Feature phone, LG ENV 3, Samsung rouge, (First Android) Samsung Fascinate, Galaxy Nexus. I used to get hand me downs, only picked the LG ENV 3, and G-Nex

          • Tim242

            I didn’t choose to live my life as a Gay man. Being Gay is about attraction. Could you change what sex you are attracted to? I’m not talking physical acts, I’m talking what turns you on. Bottom line, it’s not a choice. Now, back on topic : )

          • Eazy E Dlf

            ok well God still loves you… i assume you have a galaxy nexus…this phone is awesome. What rom are you running, if any

          • Tim242

            AOKP. I love it. It. It’s hard to believe it has so many options, yet runs so smooth. I don’t think I could go back to stock, or skinned. I just hope Verizon gets the next Nexus. OK, I’m going to just enjoy my Nexus and take one day at a time : )

          • Eazy E Dlf

            yeah im running axiom but he hasnt updated in a while so ill probably switch to black ice rom…its just a themed aokp, which is awesome btw

          • LiterofCola

            Dude, his comment was about phones, how was sexual preference brought into this mix?

          • Tim242

            Well, hopefully the GSIII will make it into your hands. You might want to ask mom for money, instead of pizza though. It will cost ya!

        • Jlmcc

          cant blame ya there,but do you really want another samsung ?

      • CORYK333

        Dude, go away.

        • Tim242

          That’s no way to talk to God.

          • Eazy E Dlf

            nonsense my good man, you need all the prayer you can get

          • Tim242

            Not really. It would be wasted breath. I’m Gay, Vegetarian, and Atheist. So, I am perfectly capable of thinking for myself. I don’t need people that want me to be different, asking a non-existent being to mold me to your liking. I do appreciate the offer though : )

          • Eazy E Dlf

            its not my liking actually…i dont judge you for how you choose to live your life. God still loves you no matter what. Im pretty sure you have gotten hated on by “Christians”, but let me tell you those people are seriously deluded. 

          • Eazy E Dlf

            wait lol i thought that thing meant something else… God is in no way a mere superstition…

          • haha I was actually thinking this exact same thing while at work today. 

          • evltwn

            Never prayed to the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. I may have believed in them when I was a child, but I always prayed to God. God is not a superstition.

          • Jlmcc

            he thinks his nexus is god, he sure does worship it

          • Eazy E Dlf

            lol nah im pretty sure my nexus isnt my god 

          • Jlmcc

            didnt mean you

          • Eazy E Dlf

            lol i stand corrected sir

          • Keii Graham

            I noticed Humble wasn’t on your list of self-proclamations. 

          • RoadsterHD1

            You’re going to need SPF 1million where ur going.

          • Tim242

            I love how some people believe what they are told to believe, and think when people can think for themselves and form their own beliefs…they are just wrong and bad. Hahaha

          • LiterofCola

            Damn, you’re like the Republican’s trifecta of evil

    • LiterofCola


  • I don’t think it’s about who needs it, rather than trying to be the best and beating Apple to the punch.

  • Drew Carpenter

    Still call BS on the 1080P screen. Can anyone point to a manufacturer of screens that even has that ability to put that high resolution into a 4.5 in screen? Unless Samsung has been keeping that under its covers as well. Android devices just got a 720P screen less than a year ago

    • Well if anyone was going to be able to do it, I’d think it’d be Samsung.

      • Agreed. Sammy or LG lol

        • OhAaron

          Or Sharp.  They don’t make smartphones, but they make screens. 😛

    • Tim242

      qHD was only standard for a few months. That being said, I too question the possibility of 1080P. But, the real question is, WHY?????? 720P is more than sufficient for a phone.

      • kidtronic

        Marketing advantage. 

        • Tim242

          No doubt that would be their angle. But, you have to have a 50″TV to see a difference in 720 and 1080. They need not push that on me.

  • Yes please.

  • If VZW doesnt have this for shame…

  • Why would you even get a source from BGR? They suck.

    • rals

      You mean the same source that said the Iphone 5 is exclusive to Sprint?

      • shdowman

         The same source that had all the leaks for the iPhone5, that turned around on release day to say, and I quote: “This is the phone we had expected”….


  • Forget the specs.

    Give me a nice looking phone that runs smoothly (optimization) and I’ll be happy.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Amd a FAT battery.