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Additional Galaxy SIII Details Revealed – Multiple Colors, a 1080p Display, and a Quad-core Exynos Processor?

Additional details have been reportedly leaked about the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. According to sources of BGR, two color options will be available at the time of initial launch:  one in blue and black and the second one in solid white (perfect for Kellex). Along with colors, there will be two size options – 32GB and 64GB. In addition to that, a set of specs were also talked about by the source that stated we will see a 1080p HD display (Seriously? Who needs that?), the quad-core Exynos processor we discussed earlier, along with full 4G LTE capability in the device.

This device is beginning to sound like some of the dream devices you were all asking for last week. As an extra bit of info, the source also stated that Samsung’s Galaxy SIII will be the official device of the 2012 Summer Olympics, something we have essentially known since January. That makes sense though, now that Samsung has confirmed that the unveiling is to take place in London on May 3.

All we can say to these rumors is, “Verizon, please open your hearts and embrace this device.”

Via: BGR

  • J Dub

    Unless they have really outdone themselves on the chipset I am leaning towards the Snapdragon S4 chipset. The 28nm process used will save power. The fact that LTE is built into the chipset and is not a separate chip is also a power saver. The S4 chipset seems like it could be the first LTE chipset that doesn’t suck the battery.  

  • Fap fap fap fap fap fap

  • 1080p………….you know it won’t be. 

  • nicotinic

    I heard that the case/dock is a life-size, fully functional T-800 Cyborg(T-1000s don’t support LTE). By default it’s set to kill John Connor but, if you prefer, you can toggle that off in the settings. 

    don’t ask, cause I don’t reveal my sources.

    • TC Infantino

      Would rather have it be a Cherry 2000 model cyborg.  Much nicer, and very user friendly.

      • nicotinic

        I just sat throught the trailer for Cherry 2000…thanks. Funny how may celebs were in that short Clip.

  • They are not going to get it. But it’s ok since the Droid Fighter is going to have better battery life and a better camera. 


    I would have to see a 1080p screen…at this point all I can think of is smaller text on a web page. I don’t need that, 7 is enough. Also,when you look at TV if your TV is smaller the 32″ 1080p is pointless, unless you one of the small dudes , that just wants to say, hey, I have 1080p. What the dpi of a 1080 42″ TV, under 90 dpi I bet. would I mind if there was text resizing on a browsers, no…but its not needed at this piont. Like 3d, cool but not needed.

  • T4rd

    I will almost guarantee that it won’t be 1080p.  This is worse than the Galaxy Nexus rumors the week before it was announced.  I remember leaks saying it was going to have an OMAP 4470 with an SGX 543 GPU (same as the iPhone 4S and iPad2).

    Whoever is starting these rumors has to be deliberately messing with the media.  1080p at less than 5″ is just retarded.

  • Nigga

    and it runs froyo

  • This mock up looks good, if this is the real thing, it looks better than the S2!!

  • Nexus Snob

    If it has hardware buttons it is no good.

  • Ooooooo

    Verizon please get this!!!

  • Trevor

    I really hope there is an external memory card slot included.  Even with 64 GB internal (which would be awesome), it’d be really nice to have removable storage.

  • Zymo

    BGR is saying  there will be two size options, 16 and 32GB, not 32 and 64.