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This Week In The Life Of DROID: 4/13/2012

We have been patiently waiting to get a look at the Incredible 4G, and it finally happened this week. Some folks may be disappointed as it is no replacement for the Galaxy Nexus, but will still be a formidable addition to the Android lineup on Verizon. Along with that, our beloved Instagram has been bought by Facebook, for who knows what purpose. Don’t mess with my Instagram, Zuck! If you missed any of the week’s important stories, we have highlighted them down below:

On a fun note, our buddy Kovdev made these awesome Andy wallpapers which we have been enjoying and we wanted to make sure you all had a chance to enjoy them too!

  • haohao113


  • huihui22
  • Love these. Simple, androidy, delicious!

  • Cmonnats23

    Okay… retarded question… How do I download these? I am on a pc! would prefer do download directly to my phone

    • RadicalPie

      What I do is long press on the icon and choose “open in new tab”. Then go to the tab long press and choose download image. Go to gallery set as wallpaper.

  • AmineRomdhane

    Ialso heard that the 7 inch model will be available a little earlier since pre-orders are possible today for delivery on April 22. Its price is more aggressive since the Samsung will sell across the Atlantic from $ 250.

  • Akuma

    These wallpapers are awesome. 

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  • nwd1911

    Love Love Love the wallpapers.  Pink is actually my fav.  Droid Life shirts with this graphic would sell.  At least I would buy one anyway.

  • CivilDroid

    Kover is da Bomb! That is all…oh and yeah , Lustre beta is da bomb also

    • kovsucks

       dude makes some of the ugliest themes ive ever seen.  like worse than touchwiz looking.  slap 40 colors together and paste in icons found via google search and hes praised. i dont understand his fame in the slightest

      • Adamcorolla

        Hmm, I think you are talking about someone else. Tha Phlash designs the icons and Kov just compiles it all into a sellable product.

        Either way you’re an idiot.

      • thanks cupcake 🙂

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  • Greg Morgan

    any chance we can get those icons from Kovdev? 😉