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Original Angry Birds Updated, 15 Brand New Beach Levels Await You

The OG version of Angry Birds has just received an update to add 15 brand spanking new levels. They are called the “surf & turf” levels, so expect to see some sand castles and bring your sun screen. On a separate note, did Angry Birds Space make anyone happy? I thought it was actually pretty intriguing and look forward to future updates for that game.

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Cheers Justin!

  • sv

    i get message error 498, when I try to download my purchased Angry Birds Space upgrade. Why do I get this message? I can not even download the original free one either

  • haohao113
  • Justinmoser

    Yes I loved the way they did angry birds space. It is so.much better than angry birds Rio. And something else I noticed in this new angry birds update is that the format finally fits nicely on my G-Nex.

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    • RW-1

      Hey great! now go f-ck off like a nice spammer

  • After this update, I started getting this weird error popup- “Looks like you forgot to declare the Millennial Media MMAdViewOverlayActivity in your manifest file”, mostly while playing the game. (do I get it any time else?? haven’t noticed). A quick google search takes me to forums discussing Nook reader. But I don’t have that installed on my GNex. 🙁 What’s goin on with this…!!

  • Since Temple Run came out, the Angry Birds series has been kind of sidetracked..

  • Harryeballs1234

    Angry Birds Space…..where no one can hear you oink…..

  • Androidfan1981

    Angry birds space is why better then the old versions of the game space brings alot of new animations to the angry bird game so keep it up the good work there game devepers

  • DroidzFX

    Once you go into Space there is no coming back

  • Does anyone legitimately still play Angry Birds?

  • moelsen8

    yeah, as interesting and fun as angry birds space was, i have no interest whatsoever in the older three anymore.  they’ve run their course.

  • HTC1

    Yes, people (on here) make fun of Angry birds. But i think the space one is great. I still love palying it.

    I like the old one also (but not as much as space)

  • I still really enjoy the all Angry Birds games, including Space. Gives me something to do on the crapper.

    • Stephen D

      I’ve gotten bored of the first 3 games, but Space definitely grabbed my interest again. Can’t wait for updates for it. 

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  • Space is ALWAYS intriguing.