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New BlackBerry Messenger Picture Leaked, Still on Track to be Released this Year

The longer the BlackBerry Messenger app takes to come out, the more we get the feeling it is losing the hype factor. Back when there was a large influx of people switching from RIM to Android, this could have been highly useful, but now that the first reports of its existence were all the way back in March of 2011, we don’t know if there will be much praise when a release finally happens. Either way, as we can see in the picture above, a much newer build version 0.8.87 compared to the previous is out and about with testers.

According to the source, launch is expected sometime later this year, but there was no hint as to exactly when. Do we have any ex-RIM users that can’t wait for the launch?

Via: Techno Buffalo

  • summit1986

    BBM is the only part of my last phone I miss. GNex has been a great replacement to the BB Tour.

  • haohao113
  • joecmwu

    Maybe BlackBerry’s market share is shrinking, but it still has it’s market targetting enterprises and young generation who can’t afford the high cost to keep a smartphone like Android or iPhone. In BC, Canada, if you don’t care the quality of web browsing on the phone and mainly use call, email, and text functions, BlackBerry is actually the best choice. In the past 5 years, the cost to be able surf internet or other internet services on the phone has been increased from $15 unlimited data (CDMA) to $30/6GB (3G) to now $30(or$35)/5GB (LTE), and is expected to go even higher while BlackBerry users are still paying $15 for unlimited text, email, BBM, and social media access. I will say it’s very attractive to the youth.

  • shanklin07

    I remember worrying that I would miss my BlackBerry when I got the og droid way back when. 2 1/2 years later I can’t believe how out of touch RIM has become. I think I will always like the core idea of what RIM is but they did not evolve when they needed to. I dunno what to say, it really does suck that RIM is not a competitor in this current market. I feel like RIM is not dead yet, I think they can fix this but it just isn’t going to happen with the current people at RIM. They need a fresh group of people to whip the company back into shape. I won’t be switching back bc I prefer Android but RIM does have it’s place in the market for sure.

  • Si

    I think this will be recieved very well in RIM’s home country of Canada. the iPhone has only just barely passed Blackberry in terms of market share, and I know a lot of people who regret switching phones or won’t switch at all for the sole reason of BBM. Of course, Canada is well behind the rest of the world in Android adoption, so in a year, when (if?) if finally comes out, it probably won’t matter.

  • FROYO?!

  • GuestyMcGuesterson

    They missed the boat on this one.  No one cares anymore.  Maybe a year ago and before Google+ or some of the other services that are comparable.

  • Tyler Chappell

    This post is a total waste, who even cares? Blackberry is dead and the best thing they can do is make a boring messaging app? Just let them die already. Besides, judging by that screenie, it looks like a messaging app made in the damn 90’s, exactly the reason RIM sucks so much, everything about them is old and outdated.

  • Bodhiballer

    Not even close.  

  • EdubE24

    I know it’s user base is dwindling, but I thought the Bold 9930 was one of the best looking phones released last year.

  • KY

    As a Canadian – I can’t wait for this. The vast majority of my friends and family have black berries and use BBM. I recently just switched to Android, and one thing I really (read: desperately) miss is BBM. I think it’s one of the most complete packages for IM; as well as coming with an easy to use, simple UI. 

  • Kerrythebeast

    Blackberry left with Helio I thought

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    Actually, I know quite a few people who are sticking with BlackBerry only because of BBM. Before we post things like “why does this matter?” we should remember that we represent a small portion of smartphone users, and the needs of everyone else can be very different.

  • ABerry5

    The longer they delay this release the more time ex BBM owners have to completely forget about BBM and discover and use new services.. almost pointless to release it now

  • The 21st Centry

    What is a “BlackBerry”?

  • What kind of phone is that…

    • John

      Who cares…it’s running 2.2 anyway

  • IanAndersonLOL

    I would have loved this with a passion in 2010. I don’t really see a point anymore. 

  • Marc322

    I actually have a friend who chose a blackberry bold over a galaxy s2 on sprint. BBM was main reason why. So pretty sure there are some people out there

  • It would be a big deal for me a few years ago, now none of my friends have a Blackberry anymore so this is pointless.

  • I have a ton of friends that already moved on to Android or an I*hone. None of them miss BMM or RIM. Don’t think this is going to be anything exciting or anything worth being happy about. What version of android is that anyway? Don’t remember the last time I saw a gray notification bar

  • tooo late RIM.. KIK is here and has been here for a while.. BYE BYE rim

    • KIK does the same thing.. probably even better..

  • No interest…next.

  • Don’t have any friends with blackberry’s anymore and android 2.2 on motorola? 

  • Terminator

    Just R.I.P RIM..

  • Michael_NM

    In related news, Kodak is developing a service to compete with Instagram.

  • Anthony Armando

    i have no doubt that this was the brainchild of rims exceo jim balsillie. one of his plans was to make blackberry services available to to carriers and across various mobile operating systems. the new ceo, thorsten heins, opposed this plan.

    i dont know that we will ever see this officially released…

  • moelsen8

    hahaha that’s funny.

  • Barbacoa


  • Corymcnutt

    I just can’t excited about ANYTHING BlackBerry; and I never thought I would say that!  RIM really dropped the ball and is so far behind now I just don’t see them catching up, ever.  BBM, what can it do for me?

  • I don’t understand why it’s a big deal at all. I try to avoid being a cynic but Blackberry is a dying platform, every phone has text messaging, and every Android phone has access to every cross-platform instant messaging service from GTalk/G+ to AIM to Yahoo! Messenger.

  • What is this “BlackBerry” thing you speak of? 

  • Michael Forte

    And the point of this is what? There are already so many alternatives and I don’t see BBM making a big splash on Android, especially since it’s taking this long for them to release it. Personally I don’t know anyone that uses BBM, let alone anyone that has a Blackberry anymore.

    • TheDave1022

      Maybe useful for enterprise users…that’s about all I can think of

    • I think they’re called The British? I could be mistaken…

      • Noyfb

        moist british ladies I know use android and iphone

    • i think it’s gonna be a hype in indonesia because blackberry is #1 smartphone in indonesia and many android user wants to chat with BB users..

    • Dan Joyce

      I have a lot of friends, including my girlfriend, who have Blackberries (the shame) and being able to access bbm on an android will make it a lot easier, and cheaper, to contact them!