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Full NFL Draft Coverage Available Through NFL Mobile App

The NFL Draft 2012 is quickly approaching. Over the course three days at the end of this month, you will know more about Robert Griffin III than you ever cared to. His third and fourth cousins-in-law will be interviewed, Jon Gruden will go all Chucky on him in a 6-part film room series, and somehow, just for ratings, at least one whack-o analyst will bring up Tim Tebow and talk about their similarities. It’ll be a fantastic time.

If you want to follow it all, the NFL Mobile app is still your best bet to do that. The app was updated a week or so ago and will include live coverage of all three days, draft trackers with live pick updates, bios with video clips, 2012 Combine results, and more. Football fans, this is your pocket pal.

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  • AroundTheFur

    Won’t run on a ROM. I’d rather keep ICS on my Bionic.

  • Rakoskjc

    does not work with gnex…FAIL

  • edaddy

    I must say, this app SUCKS.  It makes me login every time and every time I get an error. The NHL app never asks me to login and it just works.  Hate Verizon.

    • kretz7

      so ignorant…

    • It should only ask you to login if you’re on WiFi. Run off of 3G/4G and it should auto-authenticate (with maybe rare exceptions).

    • ddh819

      ive never had that problem.

  • John

    Screw the NFL. The NHL Hockey playoffs are going on right now!! 🙂

    • Bob Martin

      hockey is alot like a gay porno. you spend the entire time waving large sticks around and occasionally wrestler with other men.

      • John

        You must like golf.