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Video: HTC Sense 4.0 Overview on the One X

htc one x sense

Well, it has been a full week since we got our hands on the HTC One X and are getting closer to a full review, but first, we wanted to do an intense look at Sense 4.0. As you may have heard, this version of Sense is supposed to be the lightest and most toned down yet, resembling stock Android much more than any other release. Whether that’s true or not is up for debate, but the changes are drastic enough that we wanted to point some of them out to you. This is technically the first OEM skin to be slapped over top of Ice Cream Sandwich that has been released to the public, so it is definitely worth talking about. Some of it is definitely good – some of it not-so-much. Overall though, I’d have to say that I’ve enjoyed parts of the Sense experience, just not the launcher itself. Prepare yourself for 20 minutes of glory.

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  • The GNex takes pics while recording as well.  I’m sure the One X is nice (sense aside) but I am still totally happy with the Nexus and have no complaints so far.  I know two other people that have them and neither of them have had issues.  

  • blix247

    The Google Reader bottom overflow is an application specific problem.  Meaning it will manifest itself on any application that still uses legacy option menus.  HTC chose to make it appear above the capacitive buttons.  Since Google made their buttons software, it wasn’t a big deal to put it on the right hand side of the other buttons.  That definitely was a really stupid decision on HTC’s part.

  • Common_Dense

    So much stupid nit picking instead of just reviewing the phone and giving your pros and cons and let the watcher decide if they like Sense 4.0

    Him crying about the background is hard to change, really? How often do you change your background?  The end is the best part, Sense is more like stock android, but he’s gone away from it because he likes to customize things. So you don’t like Sense because it isn’t stock ICS, but you put a custom launcher on because you don’t like things stock.  

    • jroc74

       I dont know…

      One thing I dont like about my Rezound, thats not even on Sense 4.0. If I wanna set pics I took as the background…I have to crop it a certain way. On my RAZR it just fits on the screen.

      If I can just make it fit the screen….its hidden in some setting.

  • When are you going to post a full review of the One X?  Have you had a chance to see the Evo 4G LTE in person?

  • i would say the asus transformer was the first one to skin ICS as it isn’t purely AOSP 

  • HbGREAT4u

    Hey lets see a Camera showdown between the One X and the Nexus. I heard that after 4.0.4 the nexus’s camera is really beginning to shine.

  • Lucas

    After seeing this video, it just makes me appreciate my GNex that much more.