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XOOM WiFi on 1Saleaday for $329, Not the Refurbished Version Either


It is a rarity to see these ‘one day deal’ sites selling non-refurbished Android tablets these days, so we just had to give everyone the heads up on this deal. Today only, you can buy the original Motorola XOOM WiFi developer tablet for only $329. This tablet is the definition of vanilla Android and usually receives Android updates long before any other tablet on the market. But buyers beware, as we start seeing newer versions of the Android OS, we don’t know how much longer the XOOM WiFi will be supported by Google and Motorola.


Cheers Tucker!

  • Jordanlong20

    I understand peoples concerns with the Xoom, but don’t recommend any honeycomb tablets. The ics update made my Xoom an entirely new device. I know new stuff will be coming out (jb/nexus tablet) but for 330, the Xoom is your best android tablet option now.

  • ShopDroid

    Y buy this when u can have the Asus Transformer for 250.  Better deal even with 16GB less and refurb…

  • That’s a rip off. Also I WANT ICS ON MY 4G XOOM!

  • angermeans

    I wanted so bad to love the xoom. I just got rid of mine, but this is still a solid deal.

  • Kyle Schilling

    I just tried ordering the Xoom Wifi and this is my story…

    Went to 1saleaday and made an account. Logged in and added Xoom to my cart. Checked out with paypal. Logged into paypal, verified info and clicked ok. Back on 1saleaday I clicked to confirm purchase. 

    ERROR: You transaction could not be completed. Please instruct customer to check out using a different method. 

    Well that sucks. I always prefer to use paypal rather than putting my card info right on the site. Oh well, I really want this Xoom. So, I filled out the info right on the page and double checked it. Clicked  ok. On popup page clicked confirm purchase.

    ERROR: “AVS: Street address and postal code do not match. CVV: Not Processed This transaction cannot be processed.”

    Well thats really lame. I tried a few more times using both paypal and the site form because I thought maybe I typed something in wrong. Nope. Same error every time. About 5 min after doing all this I got a call from Shazam. They were calling to check up on some recent card activity. I told them it was fine cause I was doing it and they told me the error was actually coming from my bank. Thanked them and called my bank to find out whats wrong. Bank put me on hold and when they got back to me they said that in the area 1saleaday is based that there is a very high amount of fraud and so my bank (First Citizens National Bank) has actually blocked the transactions in that area. She said paypal may have also blocked transactions as well since that didnt work either. She said that 1saleaday is not necessarily a bad site, but its in a high fraud region. So take that with a grain of salt. O.o

    TL;DR My bank blocked my transaction because high amounts of fraud is committed in the area 1saleaday is based. They warned me about actually buying from them. I chose not to.

    • autoverse

      Thanks for the heads up. 


      Don’t feel uncomfortable with them. Not entirely unsafe…

    • Anon

      I buy from 1saleaday at least 10 times a month and have never had a single issue.  I would certainly attest to the fact that they are 100% legit.  All in all I would wait for the nexus tablet myself though

    • Kyle Schilling

      Ya, I’ve read enough now that I presume them to be a legit source. The hoops that my bank is making me jump though though proved enough to stop me from buying this. I found out that its majorly Florida and California that have high fraud. Go figure -___-

  • Guest

    What do you people think is better Xoom or Asus Transformer (not prime 1st one)?

    • I’d say the Transformer.  The screen on the Xoom is an unimpressive TFT, where the Transformer has a decent IPS screen.  And the Xoom doesn’t have the option of adding a keyboard dock / external battery like the TF101.  The Xoom’s not bad, but at this time and at $330, it’s not a great deal.

    • feztheforeigner


  • Granpa

    I have a Xoom and honestly, I wish I would’ve held out for a slimmer tablet.  Not the most comfortable tablet in the world.  My advice to anyone in the market is to hold out for something slimmer. 

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    One year later and the Xoom is still a beast! I’m a day-one adopter of the wifi only launch – we celebrated Arthur’s 1st birthday 03/27/2012… yes, I call my Xoom ‘Arthur’.. DON’T JUDGE ME!  :p

    Able to plow through word docs, spreadsheets & powerpoints, gorgeous screen, sweet gaming ability and stock ICS 4.0.4 — really is a great price for a great tablet.

  • QtDL

    If this was $100 less I’d get it for sure. Still a little too much for an older tablet. Waiting patiently for the Nexus tablet…. 🙂

  • Dan

    Oh, so tempting. If it was 200 or 250 I think I would have jumped on it….BUT with the Galaxy 10.1 Note, Google Nexus and Asus 300 on the near horizon I simply can’t justify the cost when these will start at around the same price or slightly more with this years technology. 

  • Sinofueramos

    I had one of these… for a week. Still prefer a used iPad 1 at the same price (or lower).

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Still way too much!!! Drop it down to 200 and maybe
    …maybe i would buy one

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  • prettyballerdeal

    For what its worth, I own a Xoom wifi and I would consider that a solid deal, especially since its new. I have also used 1saleaday three times (for 2 watches and an SD card a while back) and I have 1-2 friends who have used. Shipping was prompt and I had no issues. Wifi Xoom gets solid development (I’m on AOKP but you also have CM9 and Codename Android to choose from) as others said you can overclock to ~ 1.7 ghz If jellybean is really that important to you chances are you are the kind of person who can/will root and get it through that (that is if we dont officially get it) I say go for it just my two cents.

  • Christopher Riner

    damn, thats actually pretty damn decent.  I have been looking at tablets lately (getting anxious for the google tab) and of course the transformer is at the top of my list, as well as the galaxy tab 10.1 and the xyboard. 

    BUT, with a pure vanilla android experience, unlockable bootloader, and with toooooons of roms out for it, the xoom is still a heavy competitor in the tablet market, imo.

  • Also… is this 1 Sale a Day website legitimate???

    • James_Kernicky

      Absolutely, been using them for years.

    • AnothaMexican

      Yeah its legit. I’ve purchased micro sd cards and other electronic gadgets to maintain my technology addiction without breaking the bank.

    • Yes, it’s a legit site. We won’t post anything that is shady 🙂

      • Thank you all for your input! I’ve been contemplating buying a tablet for a while now, and I finally did today, thanks to Droid-Life! Some things are just meant to be! 😉

      • edaddy

        is there such a thing as a Non US version of this tablet?

        • Jordanlong20

          Yes, they have different versions per region (Europe, middle east, Africa/Asia/ north America/south America/ etc ) but its not very hard to change the software to USA.I got my dad a Dutch Xoom via 1saleaday and had him on US software before the day was over.

  • moelsen8

    this is an awesome tablet for that price.  it’s still pretty solid tech, even a year after its launch.  and you can overclock xooms to ~1.7 ghz.  mine’s been running stable as ever at 1.4 ghz for a long time.  smooth like butter.

  • speraider430

    ICS on my Nook will hold me over for quite a while before I consider another tablet purchase…

  • hkklife

    Good point there about “we don’t know how much longer the XOOM WiFi will be supported by Google and Motorola”. 

    Going by the past history of the OG Droid and NS, I predict that the Xoom will NOT see JB  or, if it does, it will be a rocky upgrade path.   That said, this is a pretty solid deal.  Xoom accessories are on clearance everywhere and can be found very cheaply.   That fiddly AC adapter tip is still a deal-breaker for me, however.

    • Your AC adapter tip resonates with me. Can’t stand using the tablet while it charges since the tip just falls out when holding it. Silly silly silly design, Moto.

  • feztheforeigner

    Love my XOOM, but this is still to much considering for another $150 I can get tablets that are so much better (such as ASUS Transformer Prime)

  • feztheforeigner

    Love my XOOM, but this is still to much considering for another $150 I can get tablets that are so much better (such as ASUS Transformer Prime)

    • hkklife

      Or, for $450, the upcoming Acer Iconia A510.   That looks to be a chunkier and less stylish alternative to the TF Prime.  The Acer’s got a bigger battery and presumably no GPS or wifi issues . I loved my A500 but it was just a tad too chunky for traveling and I didn’t care for Honeycomb much on it. I would definitely give a solid 10.1″ tablet another shot, however.

  • AnothaMexican

    I love my LTE Xoom. Im running aokp build 31 and its smooth as butter.

  • edaddy

    I looked at the another tablet this seller had on eBay also and he had like 250 negatives in the past 30 days. I’m not willing to take a chance on that.  His overall score was pretty good but the last 30 days 250 negs??  

    • moelsen8

      I’m also pretty weary of daily deal sites, but I bought an HTC Evo View 4g from 1Saleaday at the end of last year and had no problems whatsoever.  Item came brand new in the box.  Took maybe a week from ordering it until I got it.

    • James_Kernicky

      I’ve been using 1saleaday.com for years and have never had any issues.  In regards to the negative feedback, the 250 is out of 32,980 which is less that 1%.  When you sell that many items you are bound to have a few mistakes or bad customers.

      • edaddy

        Thanks for clarifying that.  I couldn’t tell how many transactions that 250 was out of so that’s why I said that. Good to know you haven’t had any issues. 

  • I was considering buying the wifi Galaxy Tab 10.1 for $399 – is this a better tablet for the price??

    • Logan_jinx

      If your really set on the look and feel of the galaxy tab then go ahead. If not the original transformer is selling for much less and its already on ICS. If you are willing to hold out a little longer you can wait for the release of the Asus Transformer Pad 300 and that will have far better specs than anthing you can get now and it will still be cheaped than the galaxy tab.

    • Galaxy Tab is thinner, lighter and has a better screen.

  • CAUTION: If these are NOT the US version you will not be seeing ICS anytime soon.

    • RLynker

       I would be suspicious about these being US units because the description says “Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS (upgradeable to 3.2)”.  Given that EVERYONE knows the Xoom now has ICS, the description would surely capitalize on “upgradeable to 4.0”, right?  I can’t find anything in the description that eases those concerns.  I know you can hack it and make it ICS, but for that price I’d want it to be ICS ready legitimately.