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Wednesday Poll: Would you care if Google sold off Motorola’s handset business?

The Wall Street Journal reported last night that Google is unsure of what to do with the product side of their Motorola acquisition. As has been mentioned by numerous tech pundits, the overall feeling was that this purchase was made simply for patents, since Moto has a ton of them. With a growing need for IP protection after battles with the likes Apple, Microsoft and Oracle, most believe that the hardware side of things in this move had almost nothing to do with it.

In the WSJ report, there was mention of Google potentially shopping Motorola’s handset business to competitors, namely Huawei. This is not the first time that anyone has brought up the possibility that Google would want to sell off  some of what Motorola has. In fact, within the last few weeks, rumors suggested that their set top box business may be up for sale, so that they could focus solely on smartphones. But what if they decided to offload it all? Was this move really only about patents?

Motorola hasn’t exactly been killing the smartphone landscape as of late, so maybe this move makes sense for Google. At the same time though, how disappointed would many of us be to see one of the major Android players disappear? While we can’t stand some of Moto’s policies around “security,” most of us agree that there aren’t many who can make a handset with their quality.

What do you think? Were you hoping that Google would make them the darling of the Android world again? Or have you moved onto other pastures?

Would you care if Google sold off Motorola's handset business?

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Via:  WSJ

  • tomn1ce

    I say they don’t sale Moto and have them build the nexus line or curve them on how many devices they can put out in one calendar year. They should stop releasing devices 2-3 months apart with minor hardware upgrades on the same carrier. Moto’s build quality is great if not the best, the OG Droid was a solid device at its time. There’s wasn’t a phone on VZW at that time that caught my attetion at that time. The OG Droid was the phone that made me get an Android powered device. Now I have the G-Nexus, it’s a good device but the speakers are killing me. I don’t use them that often but when I do I would like to hear the audio coming from the speakers. Samsung dropped the ball on the speakers on the G-Nexus. The OG Droid speakers had good sound quality. Before anyone say to get volume+, I haven’t rooted the G-Nexus and I’m not into installing roms on the phone. I don’t like the hasle of having to tweak my phone and reorganized my home screens everytime I try out a rom. So far the G-Nexus is working great on stock ICS except for the speakers. I have no issue with the device like the complaints that I have read on this site and other blogs.

  • Chet Stovepiper

    I feel like google has a huge opportunity here that they are squandering

  • Jay Bussiere

    MY droid X has amazing data connect.  Nexus no data connection or very weak spotty in a low reception area.  

    Droid X streamed fine over 3G.  Nexus, streaming is a joke.  Again, is poor reception area.

    I prefer reception and data connection over not.  Nice screen and all.  If you have no internet.  It’s useless.

    Some day I’ll get a tablet and the phone will be relied on for a good data connection.
    I’ll probably sell the nexus.  Even though verizon says the update will fix this.  HA!

  • ocdtrekkie

    As a pure Motorola device owner, I’d be very upset if Google sold it off.

  • etg9

    I like the Motorola build quality but hate a lot of the policies. Locked boot loaders and low res screens need to be things of the past. I’m not sure what they need to do to take an actual hard look at being a good company but if Google selling them off really sparks the fire they really need then so be it. They were on top of it all with the OG Droid but squandered it away trying to f- their customers with bad upgrades.

    HTC is reinventing themselves too and I hope they do really well. In the end intense competition for us, the consumer, is best for everyone but fat profit margins. 

  • Marcus Schoen

    Soooooo many trolls. Here are the facts:

    Motorola is a good company with horrible CEOs that fail at marketing (They shouldn’t release a Razr, Razr White, Razr Maxx and Razr purple, just one or 2)

    Motorola Blur is not the social nightmare it was, it’s now the least intrusive skin of any manufacture. Look at it, it’s practically stock with minor (but important) enhancements.

    Motorola obviously has a large loyalty base, unlike Samsung and HTC to my knowledge. It would be a shame to loose them

    Motorola makes good sturdy phones with good radios (Photon has EIGHT) and good call quality (Droid X)

    Verizon is the one who locks the bootloaders.

  • bangbang223
  • OneTime

    Anyone ever compared radio reception between Moto and Samsung? Not in your imagination, but side by side in real time? Sammy still has a ways to go to catch moto in building a phone!

  • 386583576


  • TC Infantino

    I think that Google should bring in people who show the initiative and the imagination to try new and crazy ideas with the Motorola phone division.  People who can help lead Motorola to be game changers and industry leaders are needed to head Motorola.  I think that Google should keep Motorola and try to reinvent the mobile phone again with fresh ideas and projects.  Motorola is a great company and they have a good history, along with very good quality phones that, if they were done right, would demolish the competition.  Motorola phones are solidly built, have a cool style (in my opinion), and sport some of the best hardware, including radios.  I am sure there are very many happy Razr and Razr Maxx owners out there, and if Google can make Motorola provide unlockable bootloaders, I am sure there would be more happy Razr and Razr Maxx owners on here as well.  With just a few changes, Motorola will continue to be the best Phone manufacturer.  I truely hope that Google doesn’t sell off the company.

  • TylerB2010

    I don’t plan on buying a Motorola phone anytime soon, but considering how much they alone have shaped the cell phone and smart phone market, it would really be a shame to see them get sold off.

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    I’ll buy Moto. I’ll split the loan between 3 banks and take over operations as the sole owner. That way I can control who designs and builds the software. Also this would allow Moto to OEM their phones to other providers and smaller companies that want to sell their own custom handsets. Moto builds the hardware and the third party writes the software. You can not dispute the quality of Moto hardware.

  • smellyfeet

    motorola sux.  their hardware is good, but their software is absolutely horrible.  after the bionic, i would never buy another moto-i don’t care who owns them. 

  • Azndan4

    Motorola sucks. End of story.

  • Huawei sucks! Don’t do it, Google! {{o_0}}

  • smellyfeet

    my feet smell

  • smellyfeet

    motorola sucks the big one

  • smellyfeet

    i don’t care that they bought them, still won’t buy another moto phone.  absolute garbage

  • Dliuzzo110

    I would never buy a moto product after the whole razr/maxx fiasco but I think that motor is still big enough to be an asset to android. They just need some new top dogs and a new business model

  • I had a OG Droid, Droid 2, Pro, Droid 3, and an X, and I must say, I have a reason to burn Motorola, as I have had many phones with them, Good Riddance, they make a flagship phone every month, and then drop it like a kid with a toy.  They forget their flagship phone from the prior month.  I am embracing HTC, and loving it!

  • AndroidUser00110001

    Although I am a former Moto user they do make the best hardware and Google should use them to make their Nexus devices whether it be phones, tablets, glasses or whatever else is down the road…

  • Andrew

    Nexus with a physical keyboard please!

  • N8shon

    I don’t want Motorola or any other good hardware manufacturer of Android phones to go away at all. There are many companies out there right now making good hardware and competition makes everyone improve their output. If Motorola is no longer in the product picture, it only reduces that competition.

  • N8shon

    I sincerely hope they aren’t sold off and the the brand killed. I love the Motorola products I’ve owned and it would be a tragedy for the brand to be thrown away like that after so many years of innovation and a legacy of game changing products. The inherent value in the Motorola name is huge and brand loyalty is significant. I hope Google makes a better decision than to just toss Moto to the wind. 

  • Wmsco51

    i haven’t liked them since droid 2 and stuck there head up their……………..

  • Joe12304

    I don’t understand. This is a perfect way for Google to put out new Nexuses…isn’t it?

    • ddevito

      Nope. The Nexus program does two things: it allows Google to debut new software, and it also gives one of their OEMs a huge boost to the company rewarded the big/agreement.

      Having a Moto Nexus after an acquisition like this would do nothing but start infighting amongst Google and their hardware partners.

      • Jr

        Oh sure because that’s just a guaranteed thing. Android OEM’s are apparently as mature as high school girls I guess.
        The way I see it, they didn’t object to the idea of Google acquiring Motorola in the first place, why would there be a problem. And HTC, LG, Sony, huawei etc, didn’t apparently have an issue with Google and Samsung announcing they’d be working more closely on stage at that show a while back, why would they all blow up with this?

        • ddevito

          Umm, and how do YOU know how the other manufacturers felt? It’s not about girlish jealousy it’s about business.

          HTC can’t be pissed, they had the first Nexus. As for LG and Sony they’re on their way up. Huawei is a newcomer – you get the idea

          • Jr

            How would I know? how would YOU know? You’re the one talking about infighting like you would know what would turn OEMs against google. Guess we both don’t know crap, eh?

  • subiedude85

    I do live Motorola but if their security policy is not changed by the time I am up for a new handset I will get an HTC.

  • Man, for this to be an android site, we sure are forgetting that motorola is mainly responsible for getting android off the ground in the first place with Verizon’s Droid by Motorola (because the G1 was so successful). When I look up at the title of this site, DROID life, I see an homage to motorola’s greatness. Coming from the OG>DX1>DX2>Bionic>GNEX (only because I dropped my bionic -___-). While I am enjoying my Nexus, I would never want to see one of the fathers of Android be taken out like this. Google should definitely utilize the patents and hardware. People are very happy with Motorola’s hardware with the exception of the bootloader, and the average user is perfectly fine with blur/pentile/bootloader. So while i’m glad samsung has done better too, Most of the smartphone community would never want to see motorola sold off. The Makers of Android and the Father of the first true nexus(ish) device are together. Only great things can come from this.

    • Jane

      well apparently Moto’s locked bootloaders have been killing people’s fathers and raping their mothers. Also Moto’s been going around bludgeoning people on this blog with their old Cellstar phones so as to injure the part of the brain that gives them a sense of perspective.
      That’s the only way to explain the vitriol and wide spread belief that the consumer is somehow screwed by locked bootloaders when most of them still don’t know what a bootloader does.