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Wednesday Poll: Would you care if Google sold off Motorola’s handset business?

The Wall Street Journal reported last night that Google is unsure of what to do with the product side of their Motorola acquisition. As has been mentioned by numerous tech pundits, the overall feeling was that this purchase was made simply for patents, since Moto has a ton of them. With a growing need for IP protection after battles with the likes Apple, Microsoft and Oracle, most believe that the hardware side of things in this move had almost nothing to do with it.

In the WSJ report, there was mention of Google potentially shopping Motorola’s handset business to competitors, namely Huawei. This is not the first time that anyone has brought up the possibility that Google would want to sell off  some of what Motorola has. In fact, within the last few weeks, rumors suggested that their set top box business may be up for sale, so that they could focus solely on smartphones. But what if they decided to offload it all? Was this move really only about patents?

Motorola hasn’t exactly been killing the smartphone landscape as of late, so maybe this move makes sense for Google. At the same time though, how disappointed would many of us be to see one of the major Android players disappear? While we can’t stand some of Moto’s policies around “security,” most of us agree that there aren’t many who can make a handset with their quality.

What do you think? Were you hoping that Google would make them the darling of the Android world again? Or have you moved onto other pastures?

Would you care if Google sold off Motorola's handset business?

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Via:  WSJ

  • tomn1ce

    I say they don’t sale Moto and have them build the nexus line or curve them on how many devices they can put out in one calendar year. They should stop releasing devices 2-3 months apart with minor hardware upgrades on the same carrier. Moto’s build quality is great if not the best, the OG Droid was a solid device at its time. There’s wasn’t a phone on VZW at that time that caught my attetion at that time. The OG Droid was the phone that made me get an Android powered device. Now I have the G-Nexus, it’s a good device but the speakers are killing me. I don’t use them that often but when I do I would like to hear the audio coming from the speakers. Samsung dropped the ball on the speakers on the G-Nexus. The OG Droid speakers had good sound quality. Before anyone say to get volume+, I haven’t rooted the G-Nexus and I’m not into installing roms on the phone. I don’t like the hasle of having to tweak my phone and reorganized my home screens everytime I try out a rom. So far the G-Nexus is working great on stock ICS except for the speakers. I have no issue with the device like the complaints that I have read on this site and other blogs.

  • Chet Stovepiper

    I feel like google has a huge opportunity here that they are squandering

  • Jay Bussiere

    MY droid X has amazing data connect.  Nexus no data connection or very weak spotty in a low reception area.  

    Droid X streamed fine over 3G.  Nexus, streaming is a joke.  Again, is poor reception area.

    I prefer reception and data connection over not.  Nice screen and all.  If you have no internet.  It’s useless.

    Some day I’ll get a tablet and the phone will be relied on for a good data connection.
    I’ll probably sell the nexus.  Even though verizon says the update will fix this.  HA!

  • ocdtrekkie

    As a pure Motorola device owner, I’d be very upset if Google sold it off.

  • etg9

    I like the Motorola build quality but hate a lot of the policies. Locked boot loaders and low res screens need to be things of the past. I’m not sure what they need to do to take an actual hard look at being a good company but if Google selling them off really sparks the fire they really need then so be it. They were on top of it all with the OG Droid but squandered it away trying to f- their customers with bad upgrades.

    HTC is reinventing themselves too and I hope they do really well. In the end intense competition for us, the consumer, is best for everyone but fat profit margins. 

  • Marcus Schoen

    Soooooo many trolls. Here are the facts:

    Motorola is a good company with horrible CEOs that fail at marketing (They shouldn’t release a Razr, Razr White, Razr Maxx and Razr purple, just one or 2)

    Motorola Blur is not the social nightmare it was, it’s now the least intrusive skin of any manufacture. Look at it, it’s practically stock with minor (but important) enhancements.

    Motorola obviously has a large loyalty base, unlike Samsung and HTC to my knowledge. It would be a shame to loose them

    Motorola makes good sturdy phones with good radios (Photon has EIGHT) and good call quality (Droid X)

    Verizon is the one who locks the bootloaders.

  • bangbang223
  • OneTime

    Anyone ever compared radio reception between Moto and Samsung? Not in your imagination, but side by side in real time? Sammy still has a ways to go to catch moto in building a phone!

  • 386583576


  • TC Infantino

    I think that Google should bring in people who show the initiative and the imagination to try new and crazy ideas with the Motorola phone division.  People who can help lead Motorola to be game changers and industry leaders are needed to head Motorola.  I think that Google should keep Motorola and try to reinvent the mobile phone again with fresh ideas and projects.  Motorola is a great company and they have a good history, along with very good quality phones that, if they were done right, would demolish the competition.  Motorola phones are solidly built, have a cool style (in my opinion), and sport some of the best hardware, including radios.  I am sure there are very many happy Razr and Razr Maxx owners out there, and if Google can make Motorola provide unlockable bootloaders, I am sure there would be more happy Razr and Razr Maxx owners on here as well.  With just a few changes, Motorola will continue to be the best Phone manufacturer.  I truely hope that Google doesn’t sell off the company.

  • TylerB2010

    I don’t plan on buying a Motorola phone anytime soon, but considering how much they alone have shaped the cell phone and smart phone market, it would really be a shame to see them get sold off.

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    I’ll buy Moto. I’ll split the loan between 3 banks and take over operations as the sole owner. That way I can control who designs and builds the software. Also this would allow Moto to OEM their phones to other providers and smaller companies that want to sell their own custom handsets. Moto builds the hardware and the third party writes the software. You can not dispute the quality of Moto hardware.

  • smellyfeet

    motorola sux.  their hardware is good, but their software is absolutely horrible.  after the bionic, i would never buy another moto-i don’t care who owns them. 

  • Azndan4

    Motorola sucks. End of story.

  • Huawei sucks! Don’t do it, Google! {{o_0}}

  • smellyfeet

    my feet smell

  • smellyfeet

    motorola sucks the big one

  • smellyfeet

    i don’t care that they bought them, still won’t buy another moto phone.  absolute garbage

  • Dliuzzo110

    I would never buy a moto product after the whole razr/maxx fiasco but I think that motor is still big enough to be an asset to android. They just need some new top dogs and a new business model

  • I had a OG Droid, Droid 2, Pro, Droid 3, and an X, and I must say, I have a reason to burn Motorola, as I have had many phones with them, Good Riddance, they make a flagship phone every month, and then drop it like a kid with a toy.  They forget their flagship phone from the prior month.  I am embracing HTC, and loving it!

  • AndroidUser00110001

    Although I am a former Moto user they do make the best hardware and Google should use them to make their Nexus devices whether it be phones, tablets, glasses or whatever else is down the road…

  • Andrew

    Nexus with a physical keyboard please!

  • N8shon

    I don’t want Motorola or any other good hardware manufacturer of Android phones to go away at all. There are many companies out there right now making good hardware and competition makes everyone improve their output. If Motorola is no longer in the product picture, it only reduces that competition.

  • N8shon

    I sincerely hope they aren’t sold off and the the brand killed. I love the Motorola products I’ve owned and it would be a tragedy for the brand to be thrown away like that after so many years of innovation and a legacy of game changing products. The inherent value in the Motorola name is huge and brand loyalty is significant. I hope Google makes a better decision than to just toss Moto to the wind. 

  • Wmsco51

    i haven’t liked them since droid 2 and stuck there head up their……………..

  • Joe12304

    I don’t understand. This is a perfect way for Google to put out new Nexuses…isn’t it?

    • ddevito

      Nope. The Nexus program does two things: it allows Google to debut new software, and it also gives one of their OEMs a huge boost to the company rewarded the big/agreement.

      Having a Moto Nexus after an acquisition like this would do nothing but start infighting amongst Google and their hardware partners.

      • Jr

        Oh sure because that’s just a guaranteed thing. Android OEM’s are apparently as mature as high school girls I guess.
        The way I see it, they didn’t object to the idea of Google acquiring Motorola in the first place, why would there be a problem. And HTC, LG, Sony, huawei etc, didn’t apparently have an issue with Google and Samsung announcing they’d be working more closely on stage at that show a while back, why would they all blow up with this?

        • ddevito

          Umm, and how do YOU know how the other manufacturers felt? It’s not about girlish jealousy it’s about business.

          HTC can’t be pissed, they had the first Nexus. As for LG and Sony they’re on their way up. Huawei is a newcomer – you get the idea

          • Jr

            How would I know? how would YOU know? You’re the one talking about infighting like you would know what would turn OEMs against google. Guess we both don’t know crap, eh?

  • subiedude85

    I do live Motorola but if their security policy is not changed by the time I am up for a new handset I will get an HTC.

  • Man, for this to be an android site, we sure are forgetting that motorola is mainly responsible for getting android off the ground in the first place with Verizon’s Droid by Motorola (because the G1 was so successful). When I look up at the title of this site, DROID life, I see an homage to motorola’s greatness. Coming from the OG>DX1>DX2>Bionic>GNEX (only because I dropped my bionic -___-). While I am enjoying my Nexus, I would never want to see one of the fathers of Android be taken out like this. Google should definitely utilize the patents and hardware. People are very happy with Motorola’s hardware with the exception of the bootloader, and the average user is perfectly fine with blur/pentile/bootloader. So while i’m glad samsung has done better too, Most of the smartphone community would never want to see motorola sold off. The Makers of Android and the Father of the first true nexus(ish) device are together. Only great things can come from this.

    • Jane

      well apparently Moto’s locked bootloaders have been killing people’s fathers and raping their mothers. Also Moto’s been going around bludgeoning people on this blog with their old Cellstar phones so as to injure the part of the brain that gives them a sense of perspective.
      That’s the only way to explain the vitriol and wide spread belief that the consumer is somehow screwed by locked bootloaders when most of them still don’t know what a bootloader does.

  • Jack

    Who cares,Good riddance.The GSM petaband Galaxy Nexus is by far the best smartphone I have owned and I have owned quite a lot over the years from every OEM including Apple and and not a single one comes close to the Galaxy Nexus imo ,Second best is probably the iPhone4s and personally I’m not interested in buying anything other than a Nexus at this point and if the Nexus program is ever dismantled I will probably go to Apple (Reluctantly)But all in all none of the custom carrier or OEM UI skins add anything of value to Android anymore,They may have been needed in the past when Android was still young but the truth is Android has grown up and is faster,more stable & better looking than any other Android variant and with roughly only 2% of all Android devices running the latest software all of these variations are now inhibiting third party software and game developer’s from bringing amazing software to our beloved Android platform,There is already enough work for a developer to do after the initial development has been done they then have to create optimization for all the different CPU’,GPU’,Screen size & resolution,And the many many other factors that come into play and then to make matters worse not only do they have the many different versions of Android but also the many versions of Sense UI,Motoblur,TouchWiz and then to add insult to injury the refund window & app piracy after the hefty 30+% that Google takes,Makes it easy to see why a development team would just do the logical thing and just not get involved with Android.Which is terribly sad but until the day comes where a few of the reasons above are addressed I believe Android will not get the much deserved third party development support that would be so greatly appreciated.

    • Jlmcc

      well the lte nexus is the worst phone i have ever had,on my 4th,its a joke really,

      • dieringer scott

        How exactly is it the worst phone..

        • Jlmcc

          you really dont know?

          • dieringer scott

            I know of the issues that you have and seem to scream on every post.  Yet I have never had any of these issues.  Granted Im rooted and on 4.0.4

  • Randomschmoe

    If  true that would be the slimiest crap ever. If they didn’t want to keep the company as one unit they should’ve bought the patents and ONLY the patents.
    Now they’re trying to offload them to Huawei at inflated value to make even more money on a company and keep its most valuable parts?
    If this was true I’d never buy another product google’s software on it. Really hoping this is just a rumor.

  • Rodeojones000

    Considering I’ve seen no positives come from the acquisition of Moto (an unlocked, stock Moto device still hasn’t arrived) I don’t care what they do. I’ll continue to choose the Nexus phone regardless of who makes it.

  • sirmeili

    I didn’t vote because I felt as though you are trying to twist the results into meaning something else. My answer would be simply “No”, but not because I have moved on from Motorola. The same could be said for “Yes”. Why would yes means that you want google to change them? Either add more options or just let us vote “Yes” or “No”.

  • Wintersg3

    I think it would be a big mistake for Google to sell.  Owning Motorola gives Google an opportunity to influence the quality of Android phones in many ways.  If Moto builds better products then others must as well to compete.  Apple has a lot of pull with the carriers that Google does not cause they control a very popular product that many customers want very badly.  No one Android phone maker has that kind of pull.

  • radiohead14

    I think a lot of Americans will just be upset about an (iconic?) American company possibly being sold to a Chinese company (if the Huawei rumor gets some traction)

  • Firant

    The words “pissed” and “betrayed” come to mind.  Just responding emotionally.  

  • Trevor

    Personally, I think many of Motorola’s latest phones have had great build quality and as far as skins go, I don’t mind their’s so much.  I don’t care much about locked bootloaders, but it is annoying they haven’t made unlocking easy HTC style.  I would hate to see Motorola handsets disappear.  I’d still like to see a Motorola-built Nexus….

  • I’ve owned a few Motorola phones as well as HTC and currently have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. My last 2 (HTC and Samsung) have left me hoping that the next Nexus is built by Motorola. Samsung hardware has not impressed me much. The Gnex camera is low-ish quality and battery life isn’t very good. I’ve been having second thoughts about the Gnex and thinking I should have gotten a RAZR MAXX and rooted it. HTC makes decent hardware but ruins it with their crap software. So I’m keeping  my fingers crossed for the next Nexus to be built with Motorola hardware with completely to Google’s optimal specs.

    • Jlmcc

      so true,im thinking about reactivating my original droid and putting my nexus under a chair leg to level it, moto phone are the best quality

  • Gary Patrowicz

    moto has shot itself in the foot with consistent lies about unlocking bootloaders and devices being updated. They put them self in a negative light by not standing behind their products or their word. Moto will not be missed by me and after being screwed over by them i will never buy another moto product.

  • Jlmcc

    they do make the best quality phones

  • DanWazz

    I haven’t owned a Motorola since the original Razr dumbphone and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. However, it would be sad to see Motorola sold off and lose a big player in the Android game before they can resurrect themselves.

  • Raven65

    Couldn’t care less what Google does with Moto.  I bought a Droid X2…’Nuff said.  I’ll never buy another Moto phone again.

  • Aubreyvt

    Why should I care???? Haven’t seen anything from it so far. 

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    Yeah…I’d be mad just because I still believe in the mythical Google Nexus.  I know Google and all the “experts” said they wouldn’t get involved in hardware manufacturing, but it just makes so much sense.  The perfect OS for the perfect device designed to the highest specifications.  They’d be crazy not to at least give it a try.  If it didn’t work out, it’s not like that would be the first failed Moto or Google product.

    • Jlmcc

      mythical Google Nexus, boy that is the right name for the nexus,what a joke

      • ostensibly001

         that doesn’t even make sense.

  • Jak_341

    Nope. Don’t care. Motorola is pretty much dead anyway. They really haven’t had ANYTHING since the OG Droid. Everything since has been trash. We don’t need Motorola any more. Not when you have devices like the GNex.

  • b00sted

    they stuck it in my ass on the bionic so they got a lot of redeeming to do and seem to be the only ones that still give you the finger on unlocking ur phone..

    • Jay

      I’m looking at a Bionic right now. Sucks for you if you got one of the bad ones, but mine hasn’t missed a beat since I got it, even on .893. 

  • Rob Becker

    Poor wording on the choices. I think Google should not hold onto Motorola. Sell it to dodge any flak it gets from other OEMS and anti-trust wisperings. Just keep the patents you need and get rid of the rest.

  • EC8CH

    Keep the Hardware

    Sell the Blurware

  • People mostly dislike Motorola because it’s the only major mobile phone manufacturer that only releases smartphones powered by Android.

    Can you name a Motorola smartphone released in the past 2 years that is not running Android?

    Can you name another large manufacturer who only uses Android as their platform?

  • Ultima450

    I don’t understand why so many people hate Motorola. Blur is probably the least intrusive skin available and they have some attractive phones. Their biggest issue is putting out too many small phone hardware updates in such a small span of time. People are way too quick to kill off the phone company that made Android popular to begin with! With guidance from Google, there’s really no reason they can’t be a dominant phone maker.

    • Doan

      Aside from Sense, Blur is by far the most intrusive skin.

      • bakdroid

        You have obviously never used the new Blur that is on the Bionic/Razr/Droid 4.  Sense and TW are far more intrusive.  Blur is becoming (if the ICS leak holds true) one of the lightest out there, besides Asus.

        • Doan

          I said Sense is more intrusive.  Explain to me how Touch Wiz is *far* more intrusive than Blur.

          • bakdroid

            Are you kidding?  Their childish ripping off of iOS should be a crime.  It looks horrible and has far more changes then the new Blur.  I will agree that the old Blur was horrible, but give me a break, TW sucks a fat one!

          • Doan

            I’ve noticed that you haven’t provided any facts; you’re just blindly repeating what others are saying.

            You also have yet to mention any way that TouchWiz is more intrusive than Blur.

          • ddevito

            They both suck.

            There, now carry on. 

  • Those poll choices are seriously awful. Why does the choice in favor of keeping the handset business make it sound like they’re floundering, when they’re outselling everyone but Samsung in the only market where they’ve got significant name recognition? Meanwhile the choice for No could be substituted for “nah, f#ck em!” and that’s that. 

    Incredibly bad poll aside it’d be a real friggen shame for that to happen. Moto’s the only American handset OEM and the only one to consistently make phones that have good reception and speakers, something would one think would be paramount for a PHONE, at least in this market.

    I know, they assemble their handsets in China like everyone else but even so I wouldn’t want to see the name of a Chinese handset maker emblazon on my device. Especially not Huawei because I hate that name….not the company just the name. Sounds like onomatopoeia for dry heaving. 

    • bakdroid

      Yes, people forget that at the end of the day that they are PHONES have have to make actual….you know….phone calls.  A good or bad screen doesn’t really matter when they are pressed up against your cheekbone.

      • Doan

        If I were to divide my phone usage into percents consisting of ‘talking’, and ‘everything else which relies on the screen’, ‘talking’ would consist of 10-20%, while ‘everything else which relies on the screen’ consists of 80-90%.  So yea, a good or bad screen matters very much.

        • well that’s good for you but those of us who spend more time using their phones as phones and not PDA’s, because I’ve got a laptop after all, other aspects are more important than how many pixels we can make out.

          • LiterofCola


          • ddevito

            then you Sir, are a dinosaur

          • LiterofCola

            And you’re a douche

          • Why? because I prefer a 13in. Screen and a keyboard for managing my day over a <5in. touch screen? I can live with that

          • TC Infantino

            I think I must be in the minority, because I use my phone to play games, read kindle books, listen to music (with the headphones and connected to my car stereo), and watch movies.  I want my phone to have the best possible screen available. 

          • Why? because I prefer a 13in. Screen and a keyboard for managing my day over a <5in. touch screen? I can live with that

          • shanklin07

            I don’t understand how you can say screen quality isn’t important. Why buy a smart phone if you don’t use it like a smart phone? Save yourself some dollars and go with a basic phone. I think you may have sacrificed your standards to prove your point. Screen quality should matter if your purchasing a smartphone. And no I’m not saying radios and build quality shouldn’t matter. They all matter right?

          • Well I should bloody hope so, because at no point in that post did I ever say that screen quality wasn’t important…

          • shanklin07

            You implied it by saying you don’t use your phone like a computer or PDA. You were backing up what bakdroid said above. 

          • No I didn’t, I implied that there were more important factors given just how clear screens actually are these days, not that they were of no importance. And it was in response to DOan, not backing up Bakdroid

        • Jak_341

          Agree! Screen quality, unlocked without UI, and developer support >>> perceived call weakness. Give me open or give me nothing.

    • boybert

       More and more, supporting American companies is important to me.  Moto has a rich history and is definitely tops in radio and build quality.  I would hate to see them go.

  • jeffxallen

    I used to hate Samsung, now I think there phones are the best (mainly for screen reasons).  Moto could turn it around still.  There are many other products in the future google could have them make too.

  • Doan

    If Google isn’t going to have a direct hand in Motorola’s mobile devices, then I see no reason for them to keep the company now that they have their patents.  So, no.  I don’t care if Google sells Motorola.

    My preference, however, would be that Google keep Motorola and strongly influence Motorola’s future devices.

  • Liderc

    I haven’t liked a single phone Moto has made since the Original Droid.  Unless they make something truly incredible I’ll never go back to them.  I’ll take a look if they make the next Nexus, but I really doubt Google will let them do the next Nexus. 

    I also don’t like the generalization that Moto is so much more “high quality” than the other manufacturers.  There is nothing high quality about the screens they use and their designs are hideous.  HTC has easily surpassed Moto on quality and Samsung is right behind them.  Not to mention HTC and Samsung actually use good screens, which is the most important/most used part of a handset. 

    • OhAaron

      I love Moto build quality and radios. I miss the Gorilla Glass that was on all 3 of my Droid phones. I baby my GNex, but it has quite a few scratches. 🙁 Still an awesome phone, though.

  • Greyhame

    Voted yes cause I think they have potential under some direction from Google (direction, not control mind you).

    But it would be SA-WEET if Samsung (and their terrible radios) purchased Motorola.

    • OhAaron

      We don’t need Sammy having any more control of the Android Market share. They are already looking like they want to Fork Android.

  • Kkinderen

    There was a time I would have cared about the fate of Motorola (OG Droid). No longer. I said bye to them a while back (X2).

  • Mikel61101


  • Dan

    I think Google should buy all the Android companies to streamline the OS and make it easy for consumers to recognize and love. Oh, and name the new company. “Samotohtcsus….lg” by Google.


    Seriously: Motorola has not made a competitive device in a very long time. They’re the new HTC: critically deficient devices in some essential respect, be in CPU, GPU, or screen resolution.

    The employees deserve better than the mediocre marching orders they’ve been given. Hopefully someone else can give Motorola the treatment that Moto did not.

  • yeh

    Google has little motivation to bring mobile hardware production in-house.  If the public is to believe that they’re committed to an open ecosystem, they need to sell it off.

    As for the handset business, it’s about the only thing that Motorola Mobility gets right these days – but it’s dwindling.  Customers only buy Motorola smartphones when there is a slight hardware advantage like the RAZR MAXX battery, which is usually fleeting.  When customers have full access to information about alternatives (like flagship Google phones), they don’t go with Motorola.  Google should sell it while it’s still worth something.

  • Haha, nobody wants Motorola Mobility, not even Motorola. Let it DIE!!!! 

  • Derek

    I know all of Motorola’s products are built overseas, but they are one of the last big US based electronics companys. It would be a shame to see them sold to another Asian corporation. We’ve got nothing left.

  • Asuriyan

    If they sell off Motorola to some third-rate company like Huawei, this is my last Android handset. They’d be killing off the three-way competition that has resulted in constant innovation over the past two years.

    • Huawei has been making some shrewd moves, starting with low cost devices, and ratcheting up in quality. It could become a serious contender, especially if it merges with another big manufacturer.

    • wastry

      Really?  You’re gonna leave Android because there’s one less OEM and move to Apple, the only OEM for iOS?

      • Asuriyan

        Who said anything about Apple? I might give Windows Phone 8 a try. We’re speaking in hypothetical terms. I am pretty frustrated about the way companies like verizon are abusing the open nature of android- signing the death warrant of one of the 3 biggest OEMs won’t help the state of the ecosystem.

  • bakdroid

    Everyone is quick to burn Moto at the stake.  But it would be sorely missed if its gone.  Moto has always had a far superior build quality to its hardware then the likes of LG, Samsung, or HTC.  Moto hardware lasts! (though no one seems to keep anything for long anymore) But would everyone really want to buy HTC’s cheap plastic phones or their “new” oxide finish phones that chip?  Or Samsung’s problematic radios?  Or LG’s….LG?  If Google would get behind Moto (now that Sanjay is gone) and unlock the bootloaders and run a minimalistic Blur (which is what ICS Blur is looking like) or a removable Blur, I am positive everyone on this site would jump all over them and throw their other phones in the garbage.  But, everyone is right, lets get rid of all the other manufactures and just go Nexus….then we can call it Appdroid…

    • While they make great hardware, their screen choice is terrible.  After trying two Pentile displays from Moto, I will not buy another one until they change it.  And I was a huge Moto fan.

      • bakdroid

        While there screen choices have been lackluster, they really aren’t as bad as so many….Kellex…..makes them out to be.  The Bionic isn’t near as bad as the D4 and the Razr screen isn’t bad either.  But, they do help with battery life and for a device that is primarily a phone and for email, I think they foot the bill.  If they could get the dpi higher they would look a lot better and they are much less over-saturated than the Samsung pentiles.

        • ddevito

          The 2011 Moto screens are the worst screens ever put in electronic devices in 10 years. 

          Dude my 1997 VGA monitors were crisper and brighter.

          • N8shon

            Not true.

          • ddevito

            My OG had a much MUCH better display.

          • G3spike

            Very true. OG Droid has better display than the Droid RZR.

          • LiterofCola

            You know thats not true

        • True, for phone and email, the pentile display is fine. For watching video or game playing, they are not. I found Angry Birds on my X2/Photon unplayable because of the tearing/shadowing caused by the Pentile. Also, paging through text is very smooth on my non-pentile displays, and looks like it is dragging on the pentile. When I put my Rezound next to the RAZR, for me it is no contest, the Rezound wins.

      • Hmm…..

        Actually, the RAZR screen is FAR superior to their previous choices (and the one on the D4). Sure, it would be nice if it were HD, but it’s really good as is, and has gotten great reviews (including here). While not the best available, still an excellent screen.

    • feztheforeigner

      Not to mention how much they have done in the phone landscape. They invented the original phone, created the RAZR (original flip phone one) and the Droid, starting Android off for real. I think they have greatly contributed to the mobile side of things and would greatly miss them.

      • RW-1

        Which I agree, however we only NEED moto every 4-5 YEARS to actually change the landscape…

        The intervening years in which they screw over their customer base with endless repeats of the same major gamechanger unit revamped in one respect or another (razr vs razr maxx, the razr moniker being brought back is a prime example anyways ….)  is simply NOT needed.

        • feztheforeigner

          But once they’re gone, they’re gone.

      • Steve S

        Didn’t they create one of the first PDA style phones? Anyone remember the Q?!

        • QQpayne

          The Q was a nightmare of biblical proportions. It belongs in the same category as the Rival, and the Citrus. Only to be trumped by microsoft and its Kin.

      • wastry

        Everything they did was 10 yrs ago.  Like Circuit City, they’ve outlived their usefulness

        • N8shon

          Not true at all. 

          • Noyfb

            My grandfather has a pair of handie talkies motorola radios from WWII. They are 5 times larger than the 80’s cell phones. And they still work!
            I’d hate to see a great american company that helped the United States in several wars be flushed down the drain and sold to chinese Huawei. 
            Google needs to keep motorola, and have Motorola built in the United States and start a trend back here to Make U.S. goods again and create jobs at home. Show corporations that a U.S. Company can Build goods in the U.S. by citizens. 
            The only way to build up our economy again is by making products again that are needed and wanted. If anyone can start a trend for U.S. made goods again I think Google can

          • Taglogical

            Except, today’s Google couldn’t give a $&*# about that : ( Too bad… I used to be fond of Google; meh.

      • G3spike

        the Droid was more of a google product than anything else. It was the phone google wanted to launch android into the giant it is today, so they had a huge part in its design. The OG Droid was like a Nexus device. Motorola since then has thrown away everything google gave them, and made trash for last 3 years. The Droid RZR is a mediocre phone, with a 480p ugly display with way to much blur. Most Moto fanboys will say blur is a good thing and it was… on the Droid X1, since then its only worsened the experience, especially with the introduction of blur on ICS.

        • feztheforeigner

          But now that Google owns them they may get a say again.

          • G3spike

            Google owns them for the patents, nothing else. That is why we are having this topic, they may even sell them now that they have the patents.

      • tonysam1

        They make a giant leap forward then stagnate for years on end due to poor decision after poor decision. This cycle just keeps repeating. I’m hoping Google will shape them up…

        • MichaelCrackMonkey

          That’s because they had a moron for a CEO. 

    • Hmm…..

       It’s just the mob mentality. They hear people badmouthing Moto, and think they sound intelligent if they jump on the bandwagon (“ooooo, Blur is awful etc, but no, I haven’t tried it lately or even know what it adds”). If the bootloaders were unlocked, the tide would swing the other way immediately. People tend to have very myopic views of tech – whatever their present device is does not necessarily declare the entire history of a company or its future. I keep going back to Moto for the build quality and radios. Those are far more important for a phone that works when you need it to, and Moto still leads in those departments.

      • N8shon

        Build quality and radio quality are exactly the reasons I chose the Moto over other brands. All phones have strengths and weaknesses but at the end of the day, I run my business through my phone, and I need something that is reliable and that will last. 

    • LiterofCola

      Well said

    • ddevito

      dude stop talking about Moto like it’s the best manufacturer. Moto puts piss poor displays in their handsets, takes risks in the worst areas (batteries), makes horrendous software (blur), and makes far too many phones to support over a span of (oh) a year. 

      I won’t miss them if they went away.

      And stop the Samsung radio bashing. Just because the GNex displays THE CORRECT SIGNAL STRENGTH isn’t the fault of Samsung. My wife’s Bionic gets the same signal strength my GNex gets, it just lies about it.

      • Jay

        The batteries are risky? what the hell does that even mean? And quit bellyaching about blur it’s as good or better than any GB skin. 

        And who cares what the signal strength is reported as? Whether the GNex displays the correct signal strength or not is no where near as important as whether or not it’s consistently dropping calls and eating battery life in 3G…which is exactly what it does…

        • ddevito

          “it’s consistently dropping calls and eating battery life in 3G…which is exactly what it does…”

          Based on? Mine is fine, all other people I know personally with a GNex theirs are fine also. 

          • N8shon

             I didn’t realize you knew everyone on the face of the earth that owns a Nexus. I personally have no problem with the Nexus and I think it’s a fine phone with its own strengths and weaknesses. I feel the same way about the Razr Maxx I bought. It’s all about finding out what qualities about a particular phone suit you and your personal needs. The Nexus suits you. Good, I’m glad. The MAXX suits me. Good, I’m glad. Stop acting like there is only one good phone manufacturer in the world. The fact is there are many. And…uh oh, I’m gonna say it…there is even good hardware on other OS’s like Windows and iOS. Personally, I like the fact that there is so much choice within the Android ecosystem. To come in here and act as if the phone you use is the “end all be all” of phones is ridiculous. There is no “end all be all”. There are only phones you like, phones I like, phones someone else likes etc. When you buy a product, you are making a statement with your money about your opinion as to which product is best. I do the same with my cash, and so does everyone else here. No one is “wrong” or “right”. Welcome to capitalism. Stop ranting like a child.

          • ddevito

            Great good for you.

            Had you actually read my reply I was responding to the usual daily GNex radio bashing that is usually led my Moto fan boys.

            Quit your lecturing professor. You missed my point.

          • N8shon

            Thanks, but I don’t need your clarification, or permission to say what I’d like to say about the ridiculous remarks you’ve peppered all over this discussion. It’s painfully clear that all you are here to do is preach the Nexus gospel to everyone rather than admitting that your remarks reflect nothing but your personal opinion. It’s obvious who the “fan boy” here is. Go back to class. 

          • Jlmcc

            i have had 4 gnex phones, everyone of them sucks,another guy on here said he has had 5…JUNK

          • G3spike

            I agree, it seems as if people say the Gnex has poor battery life, and bad radios, only if they do not actually own one. Anyone who actually owns a Gnex would say it has above average battery life and its radios are fine.

          • F150Fan

            I own one and can say that Motorola’s radios are better. The GNEX has better radios than I thought they would be but I still miss Motorola’s, and their overall build quality. 

          • Jay

            based on reports from (some) owners on every major forum, Phonedog.com(test over a 14 day span), and more battery tests than I can even remember at the moment. I’ll be happy to search google for the links to throw in your face later on

        • ddevito

          Dude I went TWO Bionics because neither could obtain a data connection. And yet everyone loves Moto for superior radios.

          What a joke. Get off the bandwagon, it’s about to capsize shortly.

          • Jay

            Dude I went through ONE Bionic because the signal and data connection is as stable as I could want it to be in an area with spotty 4G, and I know my former roommate hasn’t had a problem with his. Which he’s had for at least 4 months longer than I have.
            Oh I’m sorry, is your Bionic experience the only one that matters to you?

          • kixofmyg0t

            I live 30 miles away from a LTE city. You are totally right that the Bionic has no reception at all man. 

      • Wmsco51

        don’t forget what Moto said to us that we don’t matter and they are going to do what they think best………..so i left i dont support them

      • shooter50

        Razr, bad battery? The only way your Nexus battery outlasts a RAZR or RAZR MAXX is if you find a way to attach your wifes vibrator battery to your nexus!

        • ddevito

          I didn’t say it has a bad battery, I said it was a risky move to make considering LTS is in its infancy.

          Especially considering I can swap my stock battery with an extended battery thus giving my GNex more juice than the Almighty Razr Maxx.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Cool story bro. But I can daisy chain 6 car batteries to my Bionic and  have longer battery life than you! 

            Whats ur point? 

      • kixofmyg0t

        Im a Bionic owner, why am I supposed to be mad when the Fighter is released?

    • LiterofCola

      Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar

    • smellyfeet

       that’s because they suck, ‘tard.

  • Jordan Webb

    I think it’s fine either way. If they sold off the hardware business to Huawei, there might be some kickass phones coming out of Huawei with better software ideas. I’m all for anything that will improve the market, and I honestly don’t think that the market would have been improved by Google owning Motorola.  There would have been too much bitching about antitrust for them to actually get anything done.

  • ddevito

    This has ALWAYS been about patents, why are Moto fan boys so blind and ignorant? All I’ve heard on this site since the acquisition is a Moto Nexus, bla bla bla.

    Google has NEVER been in the hardware business, and will never be in the future.Fools.

    • Doan

      Only a fool would say something like that using a definite word like “never”.  Google will do what is required of it to stay afloat and on top of emerging technology.  If that involves moving into hardware, then that’s what they’ll do.

      Rather, you should have said it’s unlikely in the near future.

      • Good point. There were people said Google would NEVER make an OS of any kind, and we have Android and Chrome OS. Then there were people who said Android would NEVER be successful with Android, look how that turned out.

        • ddevito

          I love Chrome OS, but honestly what the hell was the point. And I wouldn’t exactly call it an OS.

          It’s a linux kernel with a minimal xwindow system shell and the chrome browser. I love it but let’s not call it an OS.

          (But I understand your point and it’s well taken) – but in its 13 years of existence it’s never thought about hardware – it’s just not who or what they are.

      • ddevito

        Then you know nothing about Google. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

        If Google goes into hardware of any kind it would do nothing but piss off their partners. And more importantly Google promotes an open (source) (ish) approach. There isn’t a company in the universe that can claim to be open and yet make their own hardware + software. That, by definition and strategy, is a closed ended approach – not even Microsoft can pull that off outside the game console business.

        What sense would it make for Google to make their own hardware, obviously put their software on it, then give away their software to other manufacturers? What would Google gain? I agree that Android itself isn’t a direct revenue stream but hell nothing Google has is to begin with.

        Don’t be so naive.

        • Doan

          With all the facts you’re putting into your statements, clearly you know everything about Google.

          A 10-second search shows that Google purchased Agnilux two years ago.  Agnilux develops processors.  Processors are hardware.  Therefore, Google develops processors.  Processors are still hardware.

          In addition to what yahoo-4FK7THEOSHI4UJDSKNNQAX7CVA has said, Google also stated that they would never develop desktop software.  Chrome, anyone?

          I’m starting to think you know nothing about Google. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero.  You fool.

          • ddevito

            That acquisition was all about server hardware. That’s an entirely different scenario – which has nothing to do about Android. Do your homework kid. 

        • LiterofCola

          Get over yourself

  • moelsen8

    i’ve moved on from moto but would gladly move back if some changes happened.  i really wanted google to make them their exclusive nexus-ish line after all the antritrust crap died down.

  • NemaCystX

    I voted no, but if Google could fix Motorola’s shortcomings, or even forge an alliance to make Motorola a stronger brand with Verizon and use the DROID branding to make it even more known, then use it to debut the latest versions of Android. People don’t know what a NEXUS is unless there Android-buffs like me, although DROID seems much more usable than NEXUS, so maybe kill off the Nexus strategy and just use DROID branding to debut the latest greatest of Android. DROID is already a household name, anyone that has an Android and calls it a DROID when its not is my example

    • DROID is a Verizon only brand.

      Devices made for Verizon account for less than 30% of Motorola Mobility’s sales.

      • That under 30% number seems low considering that I don’t think Motorola’s had a successful smartphone on any other carrier and all their tablets are on Verizon (and while their tablet sales are disappointing, they’re still in the millions).

        I haven’t seen any figures, though, so I’m just going by feel.

        • The Chinese market. Motorola is a major player there, and China has a much larger and lively mobile phone market compared to the USA.

      • TC Infantino

        Yes Droid is a VZW only brand, but I believe the point NemaCystx was trying to make is that quite a few people call any Android phone a ‘Droid’, even when it isn’t Droid branded, or even on the VZW network.  Two of my co-workers call their phones Droids, even though they are both on T-mobile.  Droid is much more recognizable as a brand than Nexus.

        • You see, if your T-Mobile friend calls their smartphone a “droid” they clearly don’t mean the brand. I also can’t really speak about the USA, but outside no one calls Android smartphones “droids”. Well, if you hear that from someone, most probably it’s “when will Motorola release DROID4 for Europe?”

  • Djenks24

    Guess I wouldnt care if they gave the secret to their radios to Samsung

  • Michael Forte

    I’m not sure how to answer. On one hand I hate Motorola because of their locked bootloaders and constant screwing over of customers with improved models of phones shortly after release, but on the other hand they have great radios and hardware and would hate to see that go away. I’d like to see Google turn Moto around. If not that, sell to Samsung and let them take advantage of Moto’s strengths.

  • Wow. This story has REALLY been blown out of proportion. Did anyone actually READ the original article in the WSJ? They only mentioned the RUMOR that Google was shopping it around…and even said that Google insiders claimed that was unlikely.

    Man…all the blogs are tearing into this story for all the wrong reasons. 

    • bakdroid

      That’s how media works, they take a rumor and turn it into a fact so everyone can jump off a bridge over it.

      • Who is calling this a fact? It’s a rumor that we are turning into a discussion. That’s it.

        • Oh, I didn’t mean you directly, K…I mean in general – there are sites running wild with this story as fact. As someone said in one of those comment threads, this was basically a throwaway line at the end of the story…I’m surprised that it’s what most blogs have focused on.

    • ddevito

      WSJ is hardly incorrect. This wasn’t BGR reporting this.

  • I would like to see what someone can do with those resources, be it Google or someone else 

  • Motorola is dead to me.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Those really aren’t the only two options. I think a lot of people are upset with Moto but were excited about the idea of Google being able to tell ONE of the Android OEMs what to do–like open the hardware and kill the skins and bloat. Yes, there’s the Nexus line, but if I wanted the choice of one phone a year, I’d get an iPhone (no, I really, really wouldn’t).

    • Skins and bloat is not up to the manufacturer, it’s up to the carrier. Take Moto for example. Verizon has them by the balls. 

      • Verizon doesn’t care about skins, and skins/effects in the UI slow down phones the most. Verizon definitely cares about bloat, but with ICS you can freeze apps from running. It doesn’t free up the space but it won’t slow down your phone. 

        • tehsusenoh

          They definitely don’t care about bootloaders. 🙁

  • Scott

    Based on Google’s crummy Nexus support thus far, Motorola may be better off without them.

    • Crummy Nexus support?

      • dieringer scott

        Hes complaining since the LTE nexus is still on 4.02

    • ddevito

      umm, huh?? That statement made zero sense

    • jjrudey

      the support is so crummy that every nexus device listed on this page besides one has official ICS 

  •  I think Google should embrace the set-top box division of Motorola and finally make some decent cable boxes.

    • ddevito

      oh, they want to sell that division off too

      • hkklife

        Keep ’em! 

        -Revamp Google TV into a kick-ass STB for the cable companies.  Barring that, come out with a KILLER IPTV (plus OTA DVR for good measure) solution that’s better than all the halfassed Roku/WD/Netgear streaming boxes out there now  .  Give the cable cutters something to get excited about!

        -Commit to, say, 3-4 Nexus handsets and 2-3 Nexus tablets per year.  Basically, pare Moto’s lineup down to the bone and make them all very competitive, high quality, fully supported Google Experience devices

        -Consider buying a big chunk of T-Mob or Sprint and start allowing “pipe” connections.  You buy one unlimited wireless data package and use it as you see fit.  Spin the “Nexus” model into an actual wireless service model as well.

        • ddevito

          I give you an A for effort – but sorry, the writing’s on the wall.

        • OhAaron

          Problem: All of the cable companies have stopped buying Moto STBs since the acquisition. Cable companies don’t want a device that allows viewing of content they don’t control.

  • John Mozelewski

    Moto SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!1 but u need 3rd one that says MOTO SUCKS but want google to keep theme to change them to stock.

  • I voted no, but I’d like to change it to yes.  I voted no because Motorola sucks and I don’t care about them.  And that’s the same reason I now want to vote yet.  Motorola currently sucks, so maybe Google can make them awesome.

  • I’d care only because it would be a sign that Google has way less direction and foresight than I thought…

    • ddevito

      foresight into what exactly?

      They have tons of hardware OEMs that are doing the hard part for them already – why would they change that?

      A company who touts open-ness isn’t exactly about to go closed (source) on us, now – come on, wake up.

      • Firant

         Open hardware?

      • Foresight as in a vision in where they want the company to be down the road… I agree there is no incentive for them to change what they’re doing, but then why buy Moto in the first place? It means they screwed up due to a failure to plan.

        • ddevito


    • You can’t revive something that has been dead for over a year.

      • Please… Motorola is hardly RIM.

        • wastry

          You’re right – Moto has been on life support for much longer