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Google+ Receives UI Redesign, Ready to Give It Another Try?

Google+ is still at it, with more than 170 million users, there appears to be no slowing on the innovation and change fronts. Late last night, a new UI started to rollout to users, bringing with it a more fluid layout with an application ribbon, bigger and more beautiful photo and sharing experiences, easier to find activities and content, a better home for Hangouts, and more. I will say for the first time since the service launched, that this new UI actually makes sense and has me itching to try to include it in my ever-increasing list of social services.

The preview video below gives you a nice look at what’s new, but we suggest you head over to G+ yourself and decide if this new layout works for you.  


Via:  Google

  • I like the new layout!!! 

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    ‘Ghost town’ is certainly not the case — though it might be true if you are using G+ wrong. It’s not about “omg no friends here” – it’s about finding people through shared interests. Ever been at a social event and gravitate towards someone because they just pulled out “Phone X”?  Or strike up a conversation in a game store based on what ever title they are holding? Yeah, that.

    Now imagine doing that with the world. Type “HTC Droid Incredible” in the search bar and BOOM! Tons of people all over the world that you suddenly have one thing in common with. 

    Customization via Circles is crazy good — you invite the people you want to the circles you create… some of my circles include: Netflix Recommendations, Crazy Australians, Family, Phone Photography, Fans of Howard the Duck…

    Give a shot… it’s a big ass world – link up with others on this pale blue dot who like what you like & hate what you hate.

  • dk81

    Poor Google+, your probably better than facebook but I’ll never know because I don’t know a single person that uses you.  Being pre loaded on a phone doesn’t count as a user in my book.

  • I really like the new layout.  It’s much cleaner and easier to see what’s actually going on.

  • Jtpeckham

     I think this is a great feed of comments from people on both side of the fence…I’ve started using Google+ with much more regularly than Facebook these days and this new UI won’t change that..

    To those that are on G+ and are a fan of the changes follow me and let’s talk more — always on the hunt for more interesting people..


  • It’s not going to catch on. There inst enough wrong with Facebook and Google+ doesn’t have anything that Facebook doesn’t. 

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    I think the new look sucks. Where the hell is the scroll bar to view posts below?

  • One thing I love about Google + is the Instant Upload feature for my pics.  I don’t have them post or shared immediately but it’s good to know that if I’m out and about or I haven’t bothered with transferring photos back to my comp from my phone for a few days I can still get to them without worry.

  • CrymeLord

    I don’t think UI changes matter at all. The problem with Google+ is that it is not FaceBook.

    What I mean by that is that the usability of G+ vs. FB doesn’t matter. I use FaceBook because all my friends use it. That’s it. I don’t see how any company can end FB’s dominance.

    If I were them I’d target younger users before they have FB’s fangs dug into them.

    • Dyslexicbunny

       I dunno. Facebook seems to be doing a pretty good job on its own.

      If Google plus would set up events, I might even be able to convince more people to join.

    • Elementix

      Remember that FB didn’t start out with all of their users. Before it existed, everyone was on myspace. It takes time for a social network to get going. Honestly I think Facebook will eventually get too big and destroy itself, but we shall see.. People get bored of the same old thing, so it can’t last forever! 🙂

      • CrymeLord

        FB will one day be no more. I can’t see it though. MYSPACE was seen as more of a kids space. Facebook has everyone. To get people to move you have to migrate many at once. There aren’t too many who leave and not care who follows and less that willingly maintain a presence in both worlds.

        It’s a herculean task and since I like G+ better I hope they win out, but I have no desire to leave FB and hope people follow.

  • Full HD experience.

    • baniels

      Full HD means your were cheated out of 120 vertical pixels.

      • I’m unsure what you are talking about. My FP241Wz displays everything in full HD, at 1920×1200. Do you mean there are monitors providing a resolution of 1920×1320?

        • baniels

          Ha ha. No. Whenever I see “Full HD”, I always notice it is for a monitor that is 1920×1080. Widescreens used to predominately be 1920×1200, but then the manufacturers realized they could shave off 120 pixels and call is “Full HD”.  I thought you were a sucker, but you aren’t.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    Still looks the same for me.  Did the redesign include a new url or something?

  • Looks great…except on high res screens. Then the whitespace is awkward.

    Also, I wish that the G+ android app looked like this on tablets.

    • Brent Stewart

      I agree, the whitespace is disconcerting and drives me nuts. But if you step back from the design it’s tablet friendly so I think your wish is probably the ultimate goal. I suspect when the Google Play/Nexus tablet launches we’ll see a lot of the Google apps done up in a similar design. Its a hint of things to come me thinks.

  • google+ sucks

  • Ellis ‘Clark Kent’ Owens

    My wife calls Google+ “Facebook for Nerds.” I agreed its more for techs. But I think it will catch on.

  • no new ui for me.

  • Mark Wilk

    “Google+ is still at it, with more than 170 million users…” Are those active users? Everyone who signs up for a Google account automatically gets a Google+ account and I highly doubt all of those people use it.

    • Me

      no they dont, you still have to initiate an account on G+, do your research moron!

      • Guest


      • Mark Wilk

        So they don’t get an account automatically, I was mistaken but my question still stands. Also, you should talk to someone about your rage issues.

  • Another try?  I actually use Google+ rather consistently.

    • ddevito

      same here – like it better than FB because of how my media is linked to my G+ account from my phone

    • The Observer

      I’ve been using G+ since it was in limited beta, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve met a lot of really cool people, and made many new friends. With G+, you get out of it what you put into it.

      • Here too. Tired of hearing about how it’s a ghost town, and how it’s no fun because all someone’s facebook friends aren’t there.

        This is the internet, ffs, get out of your comfort zone a little and start talking about your interests, look for people who share them! Learn something once in a while, while you’re at it.

  • Biobroly

    Instead of complaining, why don’t we campaign instead? Dutch Facebook, get prone to use it, then we can start shelling it outward like a viral video.

  • ddevito

    Whether we like it or not, we’re going to use G+ as long as still live in G’s world.

  • ddevito

    Enough about this – how ’bout the news that Google is selling Motorola’s handset business?

  • Ellis ‘Clark Kent’ Owens

    Also Hangout on Air has been add too.

  • brando56894

    Sharing on Android via the app still blows. There aren’t any previews, it’s still just a url and for some reason autocorrect never works in the app. I have Swiftkey and it never functions properly.

  • planetes42

    All I want is “set theory operations” on my circles.

    Ie — Post to all circles *except* people in this circle.  

    • RadicalPie

      Right? Sounds like it wouldn’t be to hard to do

    • Pretty sure there’s a Chrome extension that does this.

    • Jtpeckham

       I too have been hunting for something like this…Maybe I want to post something but don’t necessarily want to share it with my boss who’s in one of my work circles…As of now I’ve had to create separate circles (1 with boss and 1 without)

    • Ry D

      Just put that one excluded group in one and all the rest in another You can put one person in more than one circle). Use the latter circle. Does that work?

  • very few people I know are on G+ and none use regularly, making it more like FB & Twitter doesn’t seem likely to make them start

  • 11knives

    The main problem is… no one I know uses it!

    • You’re missing the point. Get to know the people who are using it.

  • eze4

    No matter how many users Google+ will manage to get, it will never be as big as Facebook. No advertising & no I’m not talking about that one damn commercial lol.

    • LiterofCola

      I don’t care for it to get too big, just to be used by more people in my circle, and in their circles.

      • eze4

        You can hang that up, it’ll never happen. There are plenty of links & businesses that let you share or know about a product with Facebook & Twitter. No one is using G+ not even links or businesses.

  • fauxshizzl

    Is there a reason it still looks like the same G+ as yesterday for me? I fail to see anything like the picture posted above.

    • r0lct


    • Caleb Martin

       They’re still rolling it out, but as I understand it, you should have it some time today.

      • fauxshizzl

        Weird, I thought it would be all at once. But I am usually one of the last to ever get things that are “rolled out” so this is no surprise. Thanks!

  • EdubE24

    With 170 million users I feel like I should at least know one other person using it…

    • Leroy1983

      Exactly, be ause I know only 2 and they never use it, and the most people I know haven’t even heard of it. I don’t think google plus sucks, but I just don’t care for it. To me it’s just like Facebook but the majority of the people I followed on Facebook don’t even use Facebook like that anymore. They all migrated to twitter. So I ask what does google plus has to offer that Facebook doesn’t or even twitter.

      • How about engaging with people based on mutual interests instead of the same 5 guys you’re been friends with since middle school still telling the same old 5 jokes? 

    • brando56894

      I have about 60 friends on it but only about 5 actively use it. I just it for all tech posts that my friends on Facebook don’t really care about lol

  • Tom

    I just wish my friends used it instead of Facebook.

    • LiterofCola


    • make new friends

      • See, this sounds like a flippant comment, but he’s right. Google + is about social sharing – the point is not to read the same old crap from your same old friends, that will just turn it into facebook, which has turned into myspace, and so on. The point is to connect with people based on mutual interest, via sharing the things that interest you.

        • Greyhame

          Hmm… combine this point with the new UI and I might give it another shot.. never thought of it that way.

          • Stewie

            And you are more likely to find new friends on G+ that share the same interests, then a rehash of friends you may already know, and getting family dog photos all the time, etc.

            FB and G+ can live together, one for family, the other for more than that IMO …

          • Ry D

            I would rather use G+ for all my sharing. I prefer their sharing model better. I just need the mass majority of my friends on there too. I’ll use it for tech stuff for now. Thank god the VERGE is on there.

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  • mine isnt updated.

  • Scott

    It looks just like Facebook now and I hate it.  Crowded, Cluttered, Slow, and Complicated.  

  • Like it, but too much wasted screen space to the left of the feed. And i don’t care what is trending.

  • Raven


  • FortitudineVincimus

    I Passed then, now, and will in the future…. stupid f**** social networking bull**** Jesus (sorry Jesus) people are pathetic with all this sharing nonsense.

    • Let me disagree. Depending how you using it, it also going be a powerful group communication tool, more effective than email.

      • Not only that, but the idea of an online photo album that will never be lost or compromised (as far as quality goes) and can be passed down from generation to generation… Definitely worth it.

    • Me

      so why are you out here sharing your lame opinions?