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Nexus S 4G ICS Factory Images Released by Google, Hope for the LTE Galaxy Nexus Still?

Back in early February when Google decided that officially supporting CDMA Nexus devices under AOSP was going to be a challenge, owners of the Galaxy Nexus LTE and Nexus S 4G all let out one giant simultaneous grown. There were plenty of questions to be answered, many of which never were. One that was left semi-up-in-the-air though, was whether or not Google would still release factory images to these two CDMA devices when they receive updates going forward. That answer appears to be “yes” at least for the Sprint Nexus S 4G. At the end of last week, the NS4G received its official 4.0.4 update and by the end of the weekend, the factory images for it had been posted “for reference only.”

Now this is not a guarantee that when we see a new update for the LTE Nexus that we will also be given the factory images for it, but it certainly seems like there is a pretty good chance of it happening. Maybe we haven’t been abandoned after all?

More info for NS4G owners over at AL.

Via:  Google Code

  • Geh33

    What’s a grown?

  • Jpv190
    • Jpv190

       md5 checksum somehow is different: 801f872eb16df581d696e6340e402c4c

      • Jpv190

         If you’re rooted it should work, just boot to clockwork recovery and toggle signature and system check verification off. If u installed the crespo tether fix from Peter Alfonso like I did, u get the an error with /system/vendor/lib/libsec-ril.so, so copy it to ur computer for the meanwhile.. and download http://www.4shared.com/file/N724t60q/libsec-ril.html and put it in /system/vendor/lib/. Now update with the http://www.4shared.com/zip/D0geo1N_/TAMkDR3z.html file and after that place back the libsec-ril file so that u can have tether back

  • Jpv190

    Just got it in my phone!!! How to I extract it??

  • Andrew Akker

    Yes, this is a guarantee. Coming directly from Jean Baptiste Queru


  • Azn_Android

    As a Gnex owner, I am deeply disappointed in Google’s handling of all this. Sure Verizon has a very careful process in approving software updates for bugs but this is a Nexus device after all. The 4.0.4 update is long overdue and there is no reason why it should be taking this long to roll out. As for the factory images, if the NS4G got it, then I’m sure the Gnex LTE will get it.. If not, I have a feeling that the Nexus project as a whole will be no more after this year.

  • Scott

    Your assignment today is to use “grown” in a sentence. 


  • So when the GNex has 4.0.5, are all the owners gonna be like, “uh, the GSM nexus sucks cause they’re still on 4.0.4. Haha.” You have ICS which is 2.x% of the market. Stop bitching. I’m sure it takes longer since they have to get out the bug fixes that the GSM units didn’t have, since it’s different radios.

    • sru571

      2% of the market isn’t a bad thing when it can only continue to grow.  With the exception of a few apps, everything in the play store is compatible with ICS.  So 2% can enjoy 100% of the android experience, where is the problem?

      • i’m not saying there’s any problem. I’m saying that the reason people got this phone is so they can be the first of that 2% with ICS. They have it, and upping it 0.0.2 versions isn’t anything crazy. it’s still ICS. people are trying to be spoiled and they don’t understand that the LTE GNex has other kinks that need to be worked out, and it’s not just the software. we’re waiting on our first bug fix as well. I’m sure that after the bug fix(4.0.5), we’ll get our updates faster.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    People were warned over and over again that Vzw would have last say in Nexus updates. People refused to believe it… Now you all believe it????? 🙂

    • Tim242

      That is always the case with carrier Nexus phones. This is not a bad thing.

      • Counsel Dew

        I think it is a bad thing… Your opinion just differs. 🙂

  • Michael Forte

    Okay people, have you ever thought that the update just simply isn’t ready? Would you rather them release an update that still has issues and then complain for another update or have them make sure the update fixes all the issues? We’ll receive the update when it’s ready, calm down. The Nexus was never promised to get updates every month, it is to be kept up to date, which even being on 4.0.2 is better than 98% of other Android phones. When we do get the update it’ll probably be 4.0.5 and be higher than all the other phones and then you can gloat about it because the Verizon version has 4.0.5 while everyone else has 4.0.4or lower. Or you can root and install 4.0.4 now while you wait for the OTA.

    • Flat_Stanley

      This is only valid if all the issues are actually fixed when it is finally released.

      This was the same reasoning many people used to explain the delay in the release date, and yet it still had many issues from day 1.

      I’m hoping the 4.0.5 update is already in testing so that we can get it sooner rather than later.

  • 11knives

    Love my G Nex… Where’s my 4.0.4 Google bitches?
    btw Yeah, I’m mad bro!

  • ddevito

    The GNex is a truly great device…

    but a true Nexus it will never be.

    • Tim242

      Based on the made up definition of a Nexus from a few Android nerds? A Nexus means 3 things: 1. Releases with the new version of the OS. 2. Has an unlockable bootloader, 3. Updates are sent from Google. The Verizon Nexus meets all three. I don’t understand why some of you think you know more about what a Nexus is, or isn’t, than Google.

      • Counsel Dew

        Google send you the stock ics to that gnex? I own one so…. In addition, i’ve yet to handle one (had 3) that could handle a phone conversation for more than 3 minutes… The ones I’ve handled were more ipodish than phone-the problem being, I want and need the phone…

        • Tim242

          I’m here to school you. On skinned devices, Google sends the OS to the OEM to customize to their liking. On Nexus devices, Google sends the OS directly to the carrier for drivers and network testing. The Galaxy Nexus is not treated any differently than the Nexus S. For the record, my updates come directly from AOKP : ) I couldn’t care less about OTA updates.

  • Groan***

  • Jlmcc

    so it now looks like updates for the nexus maybe nexus to never,of all the phones I have owned this is the worst piece of crap I have ever owned

    • Earleepa


      • Jlmcc

        called a fried the other day and I had to redail 4 times because the mic kept shutting off,4 phones later and it still sucks,,, what a lemon

    • Tora

      Dramatic much?

  • The galaxy nexus suckssssss
    The Razr suckkkssss
    The Rezound suckkkssss
    Seriously guys, lets chill the f*ck out. Android is about choice. Some guys like locked bootloaders, other guys like crappy radios, and others like laggy OEM skins. 

    • Lacockanostra

      The resound is not laggy fan boy

      • PC_Tool

        Oh, it’s laggy alright.  I dropped mine off of a second story floor and it took 2 days for it to boot (“it” being the replacement I was sent by the insurance company).

        it doesn’t get laggier than that.  I’m seriously considering filing a class action lawsuit.  I could really use the 2 bucks…


        Yeah…sorry.  They spiked my Mtn. Dew…had to have,..

  • edaddy

    All hope is gone.

  • We’d need an update first.

  • Scott

    I’ll believe it when 4.0.5 drops for the LTE GNex.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Galaxy Nexus – the phone for the sucker masses

    • Mannysaurus

      Oh boy, here we go again. Let’s fight against other FELLOW Android lovers because we have a phone that’s better than theirs. OUR Android is superior to theirs. You do know that you people are basically arguing about opinions, right? I didn’t get a Galaxy Nexus because it was Samsung or because it had a 720p screen or because of anything else, I got it because I preferred it over the rest. In my opinion, the unlocked bootloader was worth more than a thin phone or a phone with superior audio. I could’ve gotten the RAZR if I had preferred a Motorola phone that has better build quality but the trade-off wouldn’t have been worth it (again, in my opinion). So, let’s stop fighting about whose opinion is correct.

      And root your phone, Android users. As far as I know, ICS has been out for months on all major phones.

    • PC_Tool


      I only ask because the masses don’t seem to agree with you. At all…

      They seem to prefer a different device entirely, actually.  

    • JJ


      • MooleyBooleyTroll

        There is no Troll in Truth!!!!

    • Thisguy

      Your moms a sucker masses

  • David Hahn

    While I’ve not felt abandoned I will say I did expect updates on the Nexus to happen more frequently then they have.  I also expected to get updated before any other device, but having said that I’ve not had the problems some have so it’s not been a horrible experience.

  • PC_Tool

    “all let out on giant simultaneous grown.”

    Wow.  Someone get this man some coffee before his brain completely shuts down…  😛

    Late night last night, Kellex?

    • Scott

       I would recommend an aero-press method.  I had some this morning and it did the trick. 

  • Spoken Word™

    We weren’t abandoned at all. And as I recall, Google explained in excellent detail why the images were removed; 

  • Alexa White

    Maybe a groan would be more appropriate.

  • S_T_R

    “We” were never abandoned. In fact, nothing ever changed materially. They were explicit in that they were really just changing wording to reflect how things work in the proprietary CDMA world. It was semantics.

    • Going to echo this statement. There was a ton of FUD posted back when it was announced, but it turned out to be just a semantics thing and a change of documentation. Google is still writing updates for the CDMA devices and have not abandoned us. Plain and simple.

      • 4n1m4L

        Thought kellex already figured that out..

        • Noyfb

          and 4 months later still no ota update for the vzw g-nex

    • Liderc

      Agreed, was all legal jargon to save face.

    • Max

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    • OMJ

      Agreed. I really dont see why anyone cares about official aosp support considering the device tree is still updated. Thats all that matters. Proprietaries can always be pulled from official builds or leaks.

    • Counsel Dew

      Right… except nobody has stock ICS on a verizon Nexus. You SEE apps not included with stock ICS… what makes you think V will agree to allow stock on the phones now?