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Amazon Appstore Announces In-app Purchasing

Amazon announced this morning that in-app purchases are now a part of their Appstore. Developers can integrate the API with ease, opening up subscription-based content, add-ons, and more to their apps using this new service. This seems like something that should have happened months ago, but as so many would say, “Better late than never.” The Google Play store and other markets already have a similar model in place. 

If you are a developer and need assistance getting this setup, check out the Amazon dev site.

  • OhAaron

    I refuse to use the Amazon app store.  I don’t support the forking of Android.  They’re only encouraging companies like Samsung to do the same.  

  • dcyamaha

    But Flurry Analytics just said that Amazon was “showing Google how to play” for “in-app” purchases. So, how could Amazon show Google how to play if Amazon couldn’t do in-app purchases until now?

  • Only used Amazon for the free apps then not very much at all…

  • I hate in-app purchases and wish the Play Store would follow Amazon’s lead on allowing them to be disabled.  My son spent $400 one day on “gems” for the Pirates of the Caribbean game.  The fact that Disney and other dishonest companies use misleading tactics to get children to charge up their parents accounts is disgusting.  

  • Mad Llama

    Disabling in-app purchasing has been a settings option for awhile now. Just planning ahead?

  • The Amazon Appstore is just too slow and clunky. I get so frustrated trying to navigate around because it just takes forever to load and respond to things.

    • Max

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  • Droidzilla

    I’ve filed Amazon Appstore in the same drawer with my Netscape Navigator.

    • ocdtrekkie

      I actually uninstalled Netscape off someone’s computer *LAST WEEK*. I was like… “lol deleted”.

      • Droidzilla

        That guy’s gotta be up for some kind of record; that’s passed the realm of pathetic and entered into extraordinary.

        • ocdtrekkie

          I support a lot of PCs owned by seniors.

  • Michael Forte

    I HATE in app purchases. Just let me pay for an app up front instead of stupid micro transactions.

    • ocdtrekkie

      Iunno, trying something free is nice, and the Market axed that when they killed the refund window. And in-app purchasing means I don’t need to redownload the app and start from scratch gameplay-wise to upgrade.