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Adobe Reader Update Finally Includes Signature Support, Form Filling, and Doodling

How many times have you received a PDF document that needed a signature, yet all you hand on you was your phone? No way to print, no way to scan once you printed, just a phone with a big beautiful screen. Oh, and you also didn’t feel like shelling out the $4.99 that PDF signature apps run for these days. How nice would it be if the actual Adobe Reader app included a feature like this. Wait, they do? They do! As of today.

In the Google Play store, you will find one of the better updates to an Adobe app in a long time. In version 10.2 you can use their ne Ink Signature tool to sign documents, easily mark them up with a freehand tool, add comments or sticky notes, fill out boxes in forms, and send to others for electronic signing using Adobe EchoSign. Nice work, Adobe.

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Via:  Phandroid

  • Lisacea1203

    ICS ? Just say NO !!!!

    • JUANA

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  • The annotations are the important part, not the signature. An “electronic signature” is not just a scan of paper signature (or a trace of one) pasted on top of a document; an electronic signature is a cryptographic entry.

    What’s nice is being able to annotate PDF’s that you read as you read them. You can make notes, edits, etc. That’s a feature that those of us who read PDF’s daily cherish on some devices and have been waiting to see finally come to Adobe.

    • Noyfb

      Nuts, now i’ll have to buy a stylus for my galaxy nexus.

  • i hate when all i hand on me is my phone too.

    • WallyIAm

      You have to give Kellex a break.  If I played with phones all day my fingers would be numb too.

      • oh he knows I kid. 

  • Jason Purp

    Kellen, how’s the One X working out for you? Just curious. The Incredible 4G will be almost the same phone and I’m probably getting that.

  • SH

    Clearly they didn’t code it to include a menu button 😉

  • Every time I see an app update that doesn’t follow any of the ICS design conventions, I die a little inside.

    • Travis H

      every time i see an app update geared towards ICS i die a little more inside
      #nomotolove #bionic

      • Apps designed for ICS, with the look of ICS still work on older Android versions.

        • Travis H

          yes but it makes me want ics…

    • DavidH

       Why does Google get to control the design of all apps?  It’s no better than Microsoft dictating it in Windows.  Let app designers do whatever they want, and the users’ response can weed it out.