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PopUp 7, An Unobtrusive SMS Popup That Actually Works Pretty Darn Well


This is by no means a new application, but we are just stumbling upon it and think it’s definitely worth sharing with all of you. This one is called PopUp 7 and it features a pretty slick Windows 7 mobile look and feel. Once you receive a message, you are notificed by a little slider on the top of the device which you can slide down and view the message. With the paid version, you can reply from the slider, enable voice commands, or even have the app read the message out loud to you in case your eyes are busy looking at something else.

It’s a pretty sweet app and worth checking out. Does anyone else have a cool popup application which they use daily?

Play Links:  Free | Paid ($1.99)

Cheers Jacques!

  • Colbalt Blue

     SMS Enhanser does this, and more for free.  The setup can be … difficult for the less-than-tech-savvy, but well worth it.

  • Mikescalero

    I love that Android robot wallpaper, where can I get it for my GNEX? 

  • Cat

    Love this app… Used lots of free popups but this does not disturbs you when new msg comes, very handy and slick. Whn i get missed call it reminds me about that with a Icon in slider. Voice Commands are awesome.. I replied to friends without touching my device from my desk.. wow awesome.

  • D3nkianma

    I’m Surprised no one has mentioned Go SMS it has a lot of amazing features, has the same pop up options as Handcent, but also has the ability to completely customize the look of it and is free!
    Play Link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jb.gosms&feature=nav_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDMsImNvbS5qYi5nb3NtcyJd

  • JulianZHuang

    everyone around me use whatsapp now…. 

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    • galaxynexusprime

      thanks man for the link, that;s a lot more than i make now!!

  • David Larsen

    Well there’s one called SMS Popup that works beautifully.  It has custom notifications, both sound-wise and LED.  There’s even a beta that has a sexy ICS look.

    • John

      ya the new beta is solid

    • kselby

      Ignore this…can’t figure out how to delete comments on here.

  • Dliuzzo110

    Isnt the point of a popup to be obtrusive? Otherwise its just a regular notification. Handcent stills works very well (even though it doesn’t look that great). And also skyvi has a polyp that reads you your message as well as speak one back.I’ve been very impressed with skyvi lately

    • droider

      Yes, POPUPs are made for to be obtrusive but this app is not.. You can do every thing you do with a POPUp sms but without disturbing current task… What is multitasking if you have to halt current task and then resume 😀

  • Is the black theme only available in the paid version??? Don’t see a black or gray color option in the free version… :

  • John

    Smspopup still works great…the latest beta anyway

  • Daniel Rowen

    Can’t comment to how it looks in ICS yet, but I use Handcent SMS’s popup and have it show the keyboard automatically over my lock screen and am addicted to that now

    • eleazar

      Aren’t you worried about sending pocket messages (or worse with your phone unlocked) if you get a text with the phone in your pocket?

  • stephen

    Not worth the 1.99 that handcent does for free

    • John

      & smspopup (the new beta)

  • Josh Nichols

    Wp& Notifications is much better IMO

  • David Cohen

    Kellex, does this work with google voice?

  • Jacques Parker

    YAY!!!! i did good??? lmao 

  • Jared

    What does it look like when you’re running a full screen app?

    • Jacques Parker

      its pretty minimal.. and u can edit how many lines of text popup 

  • Anything like this that can also aggregate message from e-mail (gmail/corporate e-mail), other chats,  etc? I would like a more unified pop-up notification with the user info. Suggestions?

  • Bionic_Pags

    Not really interested in any “Windows 7 mobile look”… but still appreciate the heads up on some cool apps… i’m personally happy with my stock notifications

  • evcon

    I may actually give this a shot. I like how it shows at the top, a lot like MIUI does text notifications.

  • xbadz

    I’ve stuck with HandcentSMS’s integrated pop-up feature.

  • I’ve been using SMS Popup, but I’ll have to try this out

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “a pretty slick Windows 7 mobile look and feel”?

    didn’t know there was such a thing.. huh

    • There isn’t.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        yeah, i didn’t think so, which is was I was so confused

  • Android 

  • I get a popup every morning and its free

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  • RadicalPie

    Google Voice support? Don’t know why I am asking. Probably not.

    • Chris Kirby

      it should. there is a new option in the latest version of the google voice app that allows you to choose where you receive the messages… via the google voice app or the native messaging app. I’m on ICS, so it may be a 4+ feature.

      • RadicalPie

        what?!?!? I feel like I am living under a rock now. Does option to use native messaging app use up text messages from your cell plan? (sorry if that didnt make sense)

        • John Mozelewski

          I wanna no the same thing

        • Frank

          Yes. It uses your txt messaging plan. Don’t do it if you pay per txt.

          • I have been using this for awhile and im pretty sure it doesn’t use your texting plan. Why would it use a proxy number if it did.  also why would the messages sent via the proxy number end up in my Google voice account.  Can you please elaborate on how you determined it was using your texting plan?? thanks

      • Inquizitor

        This is interesting. There doesn’t seem to be an option for sending in the native app as your Google Voice number. I shall experiment.

        • Decalex

          There’s an app called NotifierPro that actually works with Google Voice (the dev’s other variants of the app also work). While it doesn’t have as many options as I’d like, It’s the only one out there I’ve found that works with GV. And as a faithful user of GV (I only use GV), it’s nice to have. There’s a free version you can check out too that works fine.

          He gets around this by letting you choose “other apps” to receive notifications from. It doesn’t make sense for 90% of the apps in the list, but works perfectly for Google Voice.. so that’s cool with me 😉

          I hope other devs will follow suit!

          • Inquizitor

            But is it actually better than the GV app on ICS?

  • balthuszar

    in the first pic…is that a deadmau5 head or an android?