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Benchmarks: HTC One X vs. Galaxy Nexus

Let’s be honest here – benchmarks for the most part, are not something we care all that much about in 2012. Back in 2010 when we were overclocking everything that walked and phones still ran single-core processors, it was a big deal. Now, not so much. With the amount of power in phones today, a benchmark doesn’t tell the full story. With different cameras, screen sizes and techs, and build materials becoming increasingly more important, benchmarks are really just a piece of the puzzle and mostly for bragging rights now. And in the case of the HTC One X with the world’s first quad-core mobile processor inside (aka Tegra 3), bragging is exactly what we aim to do here.

We unfairly compared it to the Galaxy Nexus with its OMAP4460 dual-core chipset since it is the hottest Android device on the block, just to give you an idea as to how the T3 compares to last year’s dual-core chips. So what the G-Nex has to fight with is a “4-PLUS-1” quad-core processor powering a 12-core GPU. “Oh joy!” 

HTC One X (left) vs. Galaxy Nexus (right)



CF Bench



One X

Galaxy Nexus





While the benchmark numbers should be no surprise, I will say that while performing them and watching the graphical elements, the GPU performance truly is remarkable on the HTC One X. Environments that were jittery or slow on the Nexus were buttery smooth on the One X and never really under 50 fps. As we see more and more games developed specifically for chipsets like the Tegra 3, gaming on mobile devices is going to completely change things, if it hasn’t already. It’s scary to think that you have as much power in your pocket as the computer on your desk.

On a related note, Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon S4 (MSM8960) that is in the U.S. LTE version of the One X, is by all means as good if not better in some areas than NVIDIA’s quad-core offering. That phone is not out yet so we couldn’t do comparisons, but Googling it will certainly get you some results. We are about to embark on a mobile journey that will blow minds on performance, gaming and power consumption levels like never before. The Tegra 3 and the first dual-core Snapdragon S4 are just beginning.

More from the HTC One X is on the way. In the mean time, be sure to watch our unboxing and first impressions post.

  • ConCal

    Wow, and imagine it running CM9 or AOKP! 

  • Its great stuff, definitely I will buy HTC One X instead of Galaxy Nexus, i am very impressed by such HTC One X features, and it’s really makes gadgets handy.

    Hire Android Developer

  • Kresot

    the nexus is not perfect yes I have one but it is a great phone. this mnew htc is lets face it kids faster has a better screen and proablably louder with better radio’s.  No it is not  astock ui but I bet sence 4.0 is nice plus the phone has so much muscle that a ui will not slow it down.  And in the fall the next nexus with ti omap 5 or god knows what will be even better but is a niche product. To each their own but this looks a really nice option

  • Bradley Michael

    I was watching a benchmark video for the AT&T version and thought it was interesting that it had 4 lines instead of the three dots for the menu bar

  • David1

    so what is the best phone to get now or later because i am about to upgrade soon and i love big screens

  • josh

    i’m amazed at all of this nexus hate….i’ve never had any issues with my phone and i’ve had it since release

  • CP

    what really matters is that we are all using a platform that doesn’t limit our capabilities, overcharge, lack technology and release products that are the exact same time and time again. HTC devices are amazing and I love my Nexus…Android owners do it right. 

  • Boris Badenov

    wow! i am impressed.

    but by the time i am ready to upgrade this thing is going to be OLD!~

  • F150Fan

    I agree with you on this. The different versions, or higher rather, really don’t mean a whole lot in the long run, as long as what is on your device performs as it should. That there is the whole problem. ICS performs decent on the Nexus, stock form, but not as well as it should considering it is a Google branded device. Maybe I set my hopes too high for the Gnex, but somethings are still not performing like they should. I should not get reboots in the middle of using Google Maps, that is just unacceptable. I really like ICS, but the hardware may not be playing as well as it should be with the software. Also, there are still many apps that do not play well with ICS. This is also wearing on the experience. Lately it has been harder for me to use Android. Not sure why though. I could be expecting too much from Google and the awesomeness that is Android.

  • Really was a joke putting in such an ancient GPU in the Gnex.

    #1 reason I would never buy it. 

  • People only care about benchmarks when “their” phone wins them. 

  • xiaoxiao115


  • Unlock the device & get rid of HTC Sense…oh and use ICS on-screen buttons….and it will be better than the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Tyler

    The Galaxy Nexus (LTE) has the potiental to be a great device. The only thing holding it back is software problems. For being a Google device, there are other devices coming out with higher version numbers then it. We dont have the latest OS version we have the latest major OS version. Google needs to get their act together and send out these updates to their devices and fix the problems. Not a single update in how many months? 

  • JulianZHuang

    forgot about the battery, GN fail that too. 

  • Jesus, has everyone lost their minds.  The HTC One X is a MUCH newer device, of course it’s faster. If a Nexus were released now, it would have the same performance as the One X.  Newer, faster, phones come out all the time, get used to it.  The next Nexus will blow away this phone when it comes out.

  • yarrellray

    We need to revisit this comparison stuff when the EVO 4G LTE and the HTC ONE X on at&t arrives then let’s see how much better those devices will be compared to the GALAXY NEXUS. Then let’s talk today and for the next 3months the GALAXY NEXUS rules android plain and simple. Plus when the GALAXY S3 arrives with quadcore exynos 5212 and LTE along with that 4.8 inch screen and 2gb of ram people will forget all about this HTC device.

  • yarrellray

    Truthfully this overall comparison MEANS NOTHING in the real world. This device the HTC ONE X is abroad NOT HERE in the states someone should take the moment to PROVE to us HOW MUCH BETTER the snapdragon S4 is compared to the GALAXY NEXUS. The measuring stick should be based on that and that alone and we won’t see any of that ontil At&t and Sprint recieve their respective devices on their network. The GALAXY NEXUS is the GOLD STANDARD of android and 5months later still no device is BETTER. I have owned the EVO 4G and EVO 3D on sprint and now own the GALAXY NEXUS on Verizon and I am here to tell you that nothing BEATS a stock android experience exactly what google intended. Various technology site have denounced the HTC ONE X for being extremely buggy and sluggish which brings back extreme memories to the things I went through with my EVO 4G and EVO 3D. HTC is famous for the well known friendstream bug, browser crashes, text messaging bugs, and just weather widget problems as far as syncing TRUE htc owners know exactly what I am talking aboutit exist on every android HTC device. There verison of sense 4.0 might be light compared to sense 3.0 on the evo 3d and sense 3.6 on the htc ryhme and htc vivid but still a CPU HOG. The GOLD STANDARD of android today is the GALAXY NEXUS and the GALAXY NOTE no other devices are better than these (2) in android land. I appalud HTC for stepping up their game here in early 2012 samsung BLEW their DOORS OFF in 2011 and will remain on top in 2012. The overall problem with sense 4.0 is the extra enhancements are not needed on top of android and the design with the three bottons on the bottom of the htc one x is not properly in accordance with ice cream sandwich. The GALAXY NEXUS will remain BEST until either the GALAXY S3 or the next NEXUS arrives who knows the GALAXY NOTE/JOURNAL will arrive for Verizon in July and people will need to seriously look and consider that device I will be looking into that when it arrives to VZW. Meanwhile people watch this video educate yourselves about these differeances the galaxy nexus is a better day to day perfomer and in the real world thats all that matters….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3a2s9xRbK0

  • Swift_LawnGnome

    If you turn on “Force GPU Rendering”, the Galaxy Nexus receives much better scores, and this isn’t really cheating.

  • Theoiulkj

    I love how you write a paragraph at the beginning about how benchmarks don’t mean everything just so all the nexus fanboys don’t wet themselves.

  • Migamix

    simply put, most people buying phones dont give a flying frell about benchmarks anyway. comparing a device that was built in the latter bit of 2011 to a device just out, expect Moore’s law to work with phones, big deal. 
    i love my Gnex, and would almost want a new phone with go faster stripes, but i dont have access to my mommies credit card like most of the trollers. so i will wait it out
    just did a quadrant (no reboot with all sorts of things in the background, 3027 is not bad for a NON-OC’d device, i dont see the call issue most people have. its not a perfect device, but it beats the arse off my DroidX and it greatly locked down, crippled ways… ill never go back to a locked device, and since HTC has been doing somewhat good in that department… it may be the next flagship phone… until the next phone, or the next phone .. or the next phone… 
    be realistic, people shelled out money for the device they now own, if its working for them, they will fight for its honor.. deal with it trolls. 

  • then again its  QUAD core…

  • Bosey626 (Todd Klevgaard)

    That HTC One X smashed on the Galaxy Nexus!!!!

  • poeddroiduser

    Why is there a “SD Card” speed test when there isn’t an SD card on either device? 

  • HTC Hath Taken Control

  • Nigga

    if the one x didnt beat the nexus.. then epic fail on HTC

  • YesMan

    So long as youporn.com runs buttery smooth…I don’t give a crap about which processor is faster.

  • Hansvries

    I dont get it. My sg s2 gets antutu scores over 6200. Cf bench over 6700 and nenamark steady on 55 fps. Quadrant over 4300. Dual core so way behind the one x. But what is wrong with the nexus that my s2 is so much faster on ics

  • joe buck

    well it wouldnt take much to beat a nexus,

    • Tim242

      Doesn’t take much to bring out a bitter troll.

  • They forgot to mention the bloatware that will come with the HTC One X……..I’ll stick with my galaxy nexus ftw

    • Tyler

      Galaxy nexus still has bloatware(MyVerizon, VZBackup), only difference is you can disable it and never see it again.

      • GazaIan

        You can also disable it in Sense 4.0… It’s still ICS.

      • MyVerizon and VzBackup are not bloatware because they are actually usefull.  Iam talking about blockbuster, golf games etc.

  • tonysam1


  • nexus owners aren’t concerned with benchmarks.  We didn’t buy this phone expecting to own “best in slot” hardware.  We purchased this phone because we want full control of our software.  This is it.  stop trying to push customers to buy subpar handsets with subpar software on them.  Just because you can beat me in a benchmark doesn’t mean your phone is any better.

    • Atst88

      Except when You cannot keep a data connection ever, the mic drops mid call or you cannot hear the quiet speaker volume. Maybe that’s why people are upset at the nexus. I had it. LOVED it for a wekk, then sold it. I will wait for something that WORKS. Samsung has screwed me twice. Fascinate, then Nexus.

      If you experience is better, I am glad. I would LOVE the phone if it worked, but after 3 of them, I quit.

      • PC_Tool

         Loved my Fascinate.  Love my Nexus.

        ..both currently run AOKP, though AOKP truly shines only on the Nexus (nav-key mods). 

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Have you guys beem seeing all these videos on youtube with the one x showing tremendous amounts of lag? Its crazy bad!!!

    • NemaCystX

      or maybe the cameras aren’t good enough to stay ahead of its awesome speed.

      • Thelegendofdavid

        I wish that was the case…..go check them out. I was shocked to see how much lag it had

  • Trevor

    What’s the point of the HTC One X having capacitive buttons if they have to use up a portion of the bottom of the screen anyway for a menu button? Unless they had to make the phone bigger to fit a larger battery, I don’t see why they didn’t just use on-screen buttons.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    Yeah…that comparison makes total sense!  It’s like a race between a stock Ford Mustang V6 and a Bugatti Veyron.  The outcome should be obvious.

  • ddevito

    Kellex – are you running your (4.0.4) GNex on the IMM76D build?

  • If the phone runs smoothly with little to no hiccups, it’s fine. That’s exactly how my GNex has been running since I got it on launch day. It’s a great damn phone. NOBODY needs a Quad-core processor. It’s ridiculous. It’s a total sale ploy just so HTC can say “Most Powerful Phone on the Market.”

  • Tweekex

    I have NEVER gotten that low of FPS off my Nexus..

  • This is the first Android device or smartphone that I can say is superior to the Galaxy Nexus. It is head and shoulders above anything else out right now.

  • ddevito

    And yet another Android 4.X phone is released with hardware buttons.


    • Biggest gripe about everything that’s not the Nexus. The on-screen buttons have won my love.

      • Bodhiballer

        Then best is when you’re watching a video and they go away giving you a screen almost as big as the devices itself.  It will take more than mere benchmarks to replace that!!

      • zUFC

        Nevermind being a “Gripe”, i can never have a phone that has hardware buttons, NEVER!!!!!   and i like new phones every few months. so it looks like I’m bummin……

        I can’t beleive they do that. And i can’t beleive how stupid they look. come on!!!!!!!

        please please start using the ICS soft keys. I’m begging you

      • Liderc

        Agreed.  No one knows how nice they are until you’ve used them for a while. 

      • PC_Tool


        Especially with Zaphod’s AOKP Tweaks.

        I mean…damn.  Set up your dock items as long-press nav-key actions, get rid of the dock completely…so totally bonus.  I will *never* be able to get my ass off of AOKP now that they did that.

        The only thing that would make it better is if they could “stack” the icons two actions for each button,

        …or even better(But possibly even more impossible), make a long press on any of them replace the icons and the actions of each one (5 buttons, long-press brings up the 5 below for that button, icon and all = 25 different actions, each expressed graphically along the nav-panel with a simple long-press on any of the existing 5.)

        You’d still get the long-press to activate the action directly below that key, but it would also, at the same time, alter the icons for the other 4 keys so that sliding your finger along the nav-bar to that key would select the appropriate action from the alternate set.  So you could have Menu in position 1, long-press could open Settings, and long-press+slide could activate any of 4 more actions along the “new” keys that show up when you long-press menu.  (…and pressing Home in position 3 would have the same affect…opening the app drawer or, with a slide to the left or right, any of 4 *more* actions…)

      • Taglogical

        Having used 3 Gnex devices (for approximately 2 weeks each), I WANT the ‘hardware soft-key’ buttons.  Why bury function unnecessarily? Why turn a 1-press base-lvl, always-available function into a sometimes-buried multi-press or hold-and-press maneuver?

        Furthermore, the ICS implementation, well let’s call it what it is, the OLED implementation of the soft-key menus in ICS will only realistically be efficient on OLED displays… The second you put this on an LCD (which I would rather have in my mobile device than an OLED any day) and you now have to light and drive a significant portion of the screen. This is wasteful (battery life) and stupid (adding steps to basic functions ala CrApple).

        • IanKellogg

          okay you and a bunch of other people on here are kind of stupid. The back lighting for a LCD screen is panel wide (unless it has local lighting which NONE of the mobile displays have) so the only thing the on screen buttons are doing is taking up space on the screen. Second the touch buttons are almost always back lit which means each button has its own LED that has to be lit. Etherway having on screen buttons uses less power.

          • Taglogical

            The larger the screen, the more lamp power for equivalent luminance. To put the softkey buttons on the LCD, while maintaining the intended, usable LCD real estate is more taxing on the system than dedicated softkeys. To ‘drive’ it is to render it; unnecessary CPU and GPU cycles.

            Lamp, CPU cycles, GPU cycles… and to achieve an end result that often requires more user input to accomplish the same thing (more clock cycles)…

            And no, the softkeys to not have individual LEDs. And the one led that drives them doesn’t have to luminate through pixels.

            Having on-screen buttons does not use less power.

  • Spc Hicks09

    My RAZR gets better benchmarks than a GNex lol.

    • Azndan4

      I marvel at the large size of your e-penis.  Is your Razr overclocked and/or custom rommed? Because the Gnex in this post is running stock, presumably at stock clock speed.

    • ddevito

      My GNex has 4.0.4 lol

    • Not if you do apples to apples IE stock vs stock, custom/OC vs custom/OC. TI 4430 is inferior to 4460 enough said.

      • Atst88

        Depends. Does the boost in GPU matter if it has more pixels? (Nexus vs Razr?)

  • While I am jealous, I am going to keep this nexus until something exponentially better arrives. 

  • Stewie

    “One X and never really under 50 fps” like your eyes could tell if it were running between 40 and 50 … jeez!

    • No, but the benchmark app’s FPS counter could.

  • SH

    I bet a lot of people wish it was the one on the left with the nexus logo.

    IMO, HTC has great hardware (should have been on screen key), but sense=barf!

  • John Mozelewski

    My rezound senseless is good enough for me

  • Bpstroh

    Were you running these tests with background apps running also? I’m scoring significantly higher than you on all benchmarks with my Nexus.

  • cizzlen

    The only thing I care about with these newer processors is having better battery life management. 

    • Destroythanet

      Agreed. And a non-removable battery is definitely a big minus for the One X. I HATE bulky external battery solutions.

      • dezignstuff

         Ha! Two SGN owners pwned.

        • TheBigNoob

          What is this, I don’t even. 

        • NemaCystX

          Ha, uh, no,  I don’t consider the Nexus at all to be bulky even with the extended battery, the design is so well thought out, the bulge still works with a variety of cases. Your point is moot

        • PanicsWhenUbered

          The HTC One-X is 6-months newer than the Galaxy Nexus. Shouldn’t it be faster and better?

          I’ll continue enjoying my unlocked and vanilla Android on my Galaxy Nexus for the next year until I can do an early upgrade to the next gen-nexus 🙂

          • majormudafuckinhun

            benchmarks mean nothing to me. What does make me happy to see all these nexus owner stick up for their device. I understand it’s hard for you to admit that a Sense device can best a Google branded device. Well lemme tell ya HTC already did it with the Rezound!

          • kulanapan

            Mmmm, not really. It does nothing better than the GNexus, and looks uglier doing it.

          • See, that is the great thing about Android. Sense can never best a Google branded device and visa versa, because that isn’t what android is about. Android is about providing the best user experience to the end user. In this case you clearly prefer the enhancements of a sense based phone while the comments above prefer the flexibility of a completely open device. The Galaxy Nexus is a great device, and I am sure that the One X will be as well. 5 months is a long time in technology and the specs of this device are definitely bleeding edge, but another 8 months down the road, there is going to be another Nexus device that will be even bloodier! 

            tldr; quit bitching about which phone is the best and be thankful that we have such an open and diverse operating system!

          • Lol the Rezound is inferior to the Nexus in almost every way, it was one of the many products that caused HTC to lose money. It was too big, the software too bloated, the processor outdated. This device is superior to the Nexus and that is because it is many times better than the inferior Rezound.

          • majormudafuckinhun

            Well at least you’re battin’ for HTC! That’s all that matters to me!

          • Tyler

            The only thing the rezounds beats the galaxy nexus with is headphones and display pixel density, but who really cares about those. 

          • majormudafuckinhun

            I care! Don’t forget about camera dipshizzle!

          • Daishi

            Your chintzy Resound has been dropped in price because nobody is buying it.  In a month they’ll be giving them away for free…

          • majormudafuckinhun

            I could care less about its price! The Rezound is a badass machine with better sound, camera, screen quality etc. than the chintzy phone you hold in your chintzy paws son… Enjoy!

          • Daishi

            Where is the HTC Resound in those benchmarks?  I don’t see them…

        • GrandeRojoFU

           I don’t care about speed so much, but I do care about the radio for voice and data quality.  My Galaxy Nexus call quality and 3G data quality are horrible.  4G is decent where I can get a signal.

          I can not wait to dump this GNex.  Getting rid of it will be worth the $300 ETF.  This device is a POS.

          P.S. No, I do not want to try out 15 different ROMS each with some limitations to see if a new radio version is better…especially since verizon can’t seem to get 4.0.4 to work.

          P.S.S.  I’d like to see benchmarks between the Tegra 3 One X (with quad core, but last gen A9 architecture) and the Snapdragon S4 (dual core with A15). 

          • Bill Mitchell

            If you’re not willing to put in any work to make this device better than what it is at stock (still great), you’re not able to intelligently call the device a POS… 

          • joe buck

            stock still great? what are you smoking

          • Bill Mitchell

            For sure! I must be smoking the same thing as the people at respected technology sites. because they think so as well.

          • Kelly Lee

             Respected?  By who?  The clowns sitting in their mom’s basement all day surfing the net?  Those sites are the National Enquirer of tech.  Worthless.

          • kulanapan

            You know what that makes you?

            The National Enquirer of Trolls.

          • Bill Mitchell

            Can’t tell if trolling, or the most ignorant person alive… If you read any tech outside of this site you’d know that Joshua Topolsky is one of the most respected and renowned writers in the tech world. I love Kellex and all, but it’s an entirely different league.

          • Daishi

            My GNex is still stock and I’m still loving it.  I’m sure that many of the non-modding community feel the same way.

          • Counsel Dew

            If the other party can’t hear you, the PHONE IS a POS… I tried 3!

          • Bill Mitchell

            Like I mentioned, if you’re too lazy to do a little tweaking…

          • Jeff Mancan

            The only ones too lazy to “do a little tweaking” were Samsung and Google when it comes to the GNex.

          • Bill Mitchell

            I’m not disagreeing with you, but they’re definitely not the only ones…

          • F150Fan

            You shouldn’t have to “tweak” a phone to act like a phone. Period. You shouldn’t have to “tweak” the device to perform as intended. The majority of people buying these devices do not “tweak” nor know how to “tweak” these phones like the most of us do. They should perform out of the box, period. A couple small bugs, ok, big ones, not ok. The terrible data connection, battery life, and reboots (using Google Maps especially as well as random) were enough for me to experiment with an iPhone 4 for the month of April. So far, no reboots or hangups. Still love Android but a device from Google themselves should perform at a much higher standard than it has. My DX was a better overall device in terms of battery, reception, and crashes. 

          • Bill Mitchell

            YOU DON’T HAVE TO TWEAK IT TO ACT LIKE A PHONE!!!!!! I had a DX as well, and I have much better battery life and less crashes with my GN. It might not have the best reception, but it’s definitely not as bad as people are saying… I’m also not trying to say it’s better than the One X, because the only thing keeping me from trading in for one of these is the GSIII 😉

          • F150Fan

            You were responding to the person who could not be heard on the other side of the conversation, with three different phones and telling them that they need to tweak it to act like a phone. Now you are saying that you don’t have to tweak it to act like a phone. Am I missing something here? They had microphone problems on three different devices, when a phone doesn’t act like a phone out of the box the user should not have to “tweak” it to use it. Many of us have only cells as our only phones. They need to work as phones, meaning the other party needs to be able to hear you. I understand that not everyone has experienced this but for those who have, I understand their frustration. 

          • Bill Mitchell

            I understand his concern, but when dealing with this type of thing it’s usually a radio software issue, not the microphone. -_- It’s good that you’re trying to be unbiased, but it seems to me that you’re leaning towards the underdog side, which is a common thing. I mean, the fact that you came out of a 4 month commenting retirement just to like  Jeff Mancan’s comment about Sammy and Google being lazy says something about how you think about these comments. It was a nice quip he made, but also a very ignorant one considering how much time they use tweaking the software. It’s a constant strain on the developers that was overlooked in order to grab a few laughs and some respect.
            I apologize very much for going off on that tangent, excuse me :p What I was trying to get across is that people shouldn’t call this phone a piece of crap just because it has some reception issues (that will be fixed in 4.0.4). If it has the potential to be an amazing device, then that’s what it is! You just have to put in the work to get it there.

          • F150Fan

            The reason I went into retirement was because I had gotten the Nexus and needed a break from scouring blogs and such for info, etc. I have started to make a slow return to the fold though. People generally don’t buy a product based on its potential. They buy it on what it already can accomplish. That said the GNEX has a lot of potential, and hopefully when the next update arrives, hopefully sooner than later, it will be better. Everyone has a different experience than others when it comes to cell phones. When the phone cannot complete its primary function then what is it really?

          • C-Law

            There’s no tweaking to fix the phone issue some people have where their mic cuts out and no one can hear them. I dunno what causes it but I’ve been lucky enough to have a launch day gnex with no issues

          • joe buck

            I agree I am on my 5th nexus, first and present ones were brand new,the other 3 were refurbished, all are crap, had to redail someone 4 times last nite because the damn mic keep shutting off

          • Tim242

            Lying troll is a liar.

          • F150Fan

            And you know he is lying how? I have heard about this bug from more than just him. There are problems with the GNEX, even if you don’t want to recognize them. I have not experienced this bug but again, not the only one complaining about it. 

          • Bill Mitchell

            We know he’s lying because anyone who is stupid enough to try the same phone 5 times is either lying or too stupid to turn the phone on -_-

          • F150Fan

            Or maybe he really wanted to like and own the GNEX but couldn’t. There is no way that could be true either… Que sera, sera. 

          • Taglogical

            I stopped after at my 3rd Nexus. I am very glad that I went back to the Bionic; it’s a fantastic phone after Motorola’s updates.

          • Yup I am going to try HTC but honestly if Samsung doesn’t learn how to make a radio and if HTC is no better then this guy is going back to locked bootloader land because they are phones before anything else and Motorola still makes some of the best radios out there.  I am honestly considering taking my GNex off of my account and switching back to my DX2 because I am sick of my Gnex never having data in areas where my wifes RAZR and my Old DX2 have perfect reception.  Anyone that says it’s all in how it reported and the signal is the same is full of it too.  I never  dropped a call at home with a any of the 4 different Motorola Droid’s I have owned, OG, DX, DX2 and RAZR and now with the GNex I cannot talk on the phone in my basement.  Can you hear me now? No I bought a GNex.  ICS is boring at this point anyway.

          • “Can you hear me now? No I bought a GNex”

            That’s great. If I still had a Nexus, that would be my sig on every forum I’m a member of. 

          • lakingscrzy

            ICS is boring at this point anyway.

            Can’t tell if sarcasm…

          • tonicboy

            It’s P.P.S (Post Post Script), not P.S.S (Post Script Script)

    • GazaIan

      The S4 has it.

  • Damn. I need one. 

  • sc0rch3d

    hey Kellex, is that a stock Nexus?

    just ran quadrant on my nexus (DT axi0m, franco kernel) and scored 3000 with well over 40 fps on all the graphic tests.

    i know the 1x is a beast, but something ain’t right.

    • Stock 4.0.4.

      • digitalicecream

        Can you run the same comparison on the Stock Sense 4 OS that came on the One X?  I’d like to see those numbers compared to the Nexus, and somewhere down the road to the One XL if you don’t mind.

        Running a rom on the device is a great insight into one possible option, but I am a fan of Sense and it is one reason why I’d consider this phone. If it’s not too much trouble.

        Thanks Kellex. 

        • GazaIan

          That phone is running stock Sense 4.0, and the Galaxy Nexus is running stock 4.0.4.

          • digitalicecream

            I’m not certain it is. Since Keller rooted and rom’d it over the weekend.

  • MikeD675

    Does the One X really have 2 Gigs of RAM as indicated in the first benchmark?

    • ramifications

      No it does not. That looks like a score, rather than a MB reading.

  • Deltaechoe

    and these will be obsolete in a few months anyway, people who buy computers need to realize that by the time the tech comes out on the consumer market it is already obsolete.  There is always something newer and better in the labs

    • Droidzilla

      outdate != obsolete

    • Barkleyfan

      Lmao @ the defensive comments. Nexus is what it is. For some, it fills the needs. Some of us don’t care about crack flashing as much add function. I like the Maxx enough I now have one on 3 lines. Its sturdy, reliable, and lasts. Some of us prefer capacitive buttons, SD slots, and functional bloat such as Motocast, Swype, and Webtop. IMO, ICS reminds me of Windows Vista. Its prettier than what it replaced, but clunky and unreliable. But to each their own. One X is s sweet, but I need a complete package. Numbers on a benchmarkI’ll never notice, a few pixels to small for me to see, a couple megapixels on a camera, I’ll sacrifice ask these for something that does everything well, and let fanbois enjoy begging rights for some peak that only shows under a microscope.

  • Zebra

    So even with the physical buttons, screen real estate is still used (wasted) for the menu key? Ha.

    • Miketoasty

      For any app that doesn’t have a menu button built in (So any app not built by Google =P).

  • microdot44

    Seems like everyone is making such a big deal about the HTC One X being a “better” phone. It’s newer and came out after the G-Nex. It should be better. That would be horrible if we move backwards with new phones. In 6 months or so there is going to be a newer phone that again beats the One X. I think the GN was first with a lot of features, biggest screen at the time, NFC, ICS, curved glass etc, feautures that will make it holds its own for a while even againts newer “better” phones that are coming out.  

    • Kyle Fullmer

      Look at the difference between Droid 3 and Nexus, then at this.  Everyone expects a jump but this is over double the scores most places.

      • T4rd

         The Nexus Droid 3, Bionic, and RAZR variants all have the exact same GPU and CPU. The Nexus has an OMAP 4460 and the rest have an OMAP 4430, but there’s no difference other than that.  The 4460 can just supposedly clock higher on the CPU and GPU, but for whatever reason (probably power usage), Samsung kept the 4460 at the same speeds as the 4430 SoCs.

  • moelsen8

    whoa.  that’s awesome.

    side note:  whoever decided to build the soft keys into the hardware on the HTC One X is an idiot.  that bar with the sole menu button looks horrible.

    • hkklife

      Yes, they kept the WORST possible legacy feature of Android YET did not retain any of the awesome features that help separate Android from looking like a “me too” iOS wannabe (removable battery & expandable storage).  
      What’s next, HTC?  Dropping microUSB and going with a proprietary latching 30-pin connector for charging?

      • GazaIan

        They wouldn’t be allowed to do that; mUSB is the required standard. Apple got around this with an adapter.

    • It seriously is the most painful part of this phone. I can’t use WidgetLocker because that menu button sits there all of the time. So many apps, including Google Reader, have it. It’s awful and ugly.

      • kulanapan

        Maybe this will be the thing that forces developers to update their apps. So many lazy developers in the Android ecosystem that need a good kick in the pants.

    • yes thats hideous, if you arent going to use soft keys built into ICS at least put the menu key as hard key

      • kulanapan

        No. It’s the developers that need to quit being lazy and update their applications.

    • New_Guy

      Yeah, that is kind of weird, right? Just do one or the other…

    • Q

      I wouldnt buy the phone for the reason alone… well I wouldnt buy it because sense, but that menu button is a disgrace.

    • Taglogical

      My take is that whoever developed ICS assuming every device running it (ICS) is using a single screen technology (OLED), a garbage display tech at-that, is an idiot.  The ICS soft-key implementation will only work (efficiently) on OLED displays… /facepalm

  • Trevor-kai Craig

    The One X is a very impressive device, but I have a love for my Nexus that is unprecedented!

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    • Noyfb

      My opinion here: I like that HTC is make great phones now, my family members have had htc phones and I’ve never been impressed with one ever until now. They are really getting their act together. If this phone had released back in January when I bought my nexus and I had to choose, it would have been a very difficult decision.

      What”s the price of this phone $300? 

  • Inquizitor

    So, wait, is there always that black bar there just for the legacy menu button? Seems like a waste of screen real estate.

    • Bodhiballer

      There should be a benchmark for that…
      Number of legacy menu button bars on screen (lower is better):
      HTC One X:  1
      Samsung Galaxy Nexus: 0

    • Josh Nichols

      No, it’s only there when an app hasn’t been updated to include a menu button.

      • Inquizitor

        Even still, that just seems like a waste of space. I don’t get why HTC decided to do that rather than just have all-software buttons.

  • NemaCystX

    And yet, Verizon passes on the HTC One X for a mediocre model of the One S, Incredible 4G….

    • The Tegra chips don’t play with LTE.  VZW can’t have this phone – it won’t run on their network.  QED

      • Miketoasty

        The S4 will though so it doesn’t really make any sense. 

      • [email protected]

        O_o how is the xoom 4g working with verizon?

        • It’s a Texas Instruments OMAP in the Xyboard, not an Nvidia Tegra3.

          • JosephMoreno

            Not the Xyboard, the OG XOOM rocks a Tegra 2 chip with LTE, the only one that does since Verizon scrapped the Original Bionic for an OMAP phone.

          • leetusername

            My Galaxy Tab 10.1 has LTE and a Tegra.

          • JosephMoreno

             Right,sorry forgot.. Oddly enough AT&T put an S3 chip in their LTE 8.9 version.

          • Tegra 2 ≠ Tegra 3

          • iNfAMOUS70702

            Tegra 3 < S4 krait

          • JosephMoreno

            SmokeNMirrors just said Tegra in their comment, not Tegra 3

        • bjn714

          That is why it took 438 months of delays to get the upgrade going.  It is not an ideal situation by any means and manufacturers would rather not deal with it right now than spend years in R&D to get LTE and Tegra going properly.

      • NemaCystX

        HTC One XL (AT&T variant has S4 chip)

    • dezignstuff

       You’d better read the other benchmarks comparing the S4 to the Tegra 3. S4 is on top. I don’t think the Incredible 4G is going to be beat by the OneX. In fact, there was a set of benchmarks that shows the OneS comes out on top of the OneX in performance.

      • NemaCystX

        You forget that even Droid-Life reported that the Incredible 4G is going to be mediocre at best.  Not to mention the S4 is on the HTC One XL (AT&T’s variant of the One X)

        • chris125

           Of course Droid-life says that. What other phone on verizon will even compare to the s4? Have you looked at the benchmarks for the one s? It is no slouch

        • Dain Laguna

          are you serious? because droid-life says so, it must be true?

          take a look at this: (its benchmarks engadget ran of the one s versus the one x)

  • Miketoasty

    I love my Galaxy Nexus, and know that benchmarks aren’t everything, but let me just pick my jaw up off the floor at those readings!

  • chris125

    Nexus was behind when it came out. Underperformed as iverrated

    • Miketoasty

      How do you figure?

    • rodney11ride

      says the guy under contract with a droid bionic… lol 

      Come on man. if your gonna pipe in then say something worth saying. 

      Just like everybody has been saying… those benchmarks for the One x are remarkable and would carry weight if it even mattered anymore. It will be a major player just like the Gnex. If you like “sense” then get one… but you dont make any sense.

      • chris125

         I never had a bionic. Nice try though

    • Azndan4

      Uh… What phone had a better proc. than the Nexus in Dec 2011?  More importantly, what phone on Verizon RIGHT NOW has a better proc. than the Nexus?  

      • Droidzilla

        SGSII for your first question. For your second, nothing on Verizon beats the Nexus right now; probably not until at least June if not later (even then, the GNex will be pretty awesome with the software customisation even after something comes out that technically beats it in hardware).

        Well, in fairness, the GPU in the iPhone 4S beats that in the GNex, and it’s on Verizon. But it’s so gimped in software that it really shouldn’t count.

      • iNfAMOUS70702

        i aint a fanboy of any OS so i have an unbiased view….the A5 in the 4S is a better chip than the OMAP in the Gnex