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Imported a Phone Like the HTC One X from Europe and Can’t Find “English (United States)” as a System Language?

This is probably an issue that many will never run into unless you take your phone obsession to the next level and start importing phones from overseas, but we wanted to make you aware of it in case this ends up happening at some point. When you buy an unlocked phone from say, the UK, it was meant to stay in the UK or in Europe and not the U.S. Typically, when you first boot a phone like this and start the setup process, it will think you are in another country, automatically displaying time and languages from somewhere outside of say, Kansas. On most phones, you can fix the issue simply by going into “Language & keyboard” and finding “English (United States)” from the “System Language” pull down and never worry about it again. But from time to time, like with an imported phone like the HTC One X (unboxing and first impressions), “English United States” is not listed (see middle screenie below), so you have to choose another variation of the English language. Well why is that an issue, you ask?

For reading and writing, it’s not. English is English. But certain apps tend to look at your “System Language” to determine how they should function. Take Amazon MP3 for example. When loaded with “English (United Kingdom)” set on my phone, it would pull up Amazon UK and not give me access to all of the music I had stored in my cloud here in the States. Prices also showed up in GBP rather than dollars and there is no setting in the actual app to have it switch off of this version. So what can you do?

Simple. Install an app called MoreLocale 2 and find the language you desire (screenshot bottom left). That’s it. While it doesn’t appear to actually install any other languages on your device, it seemingly tricks it into thinking that it is another language, making your phone function the way it should. The minute I chose “English (United States)” I was able to reload Amazon and get the U.S. store front with all of my cloud.

Oh, and so far, after installing, selecting a language, and then uninstalling the app, it still believes that my phone is running the United States version of English.


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  • I have HTC One S from
    http://www.mp3.sk/htc-one-s-android-os-black-p-204606.html but there is no Slovak language only English, but in another versions are Slovak languages.
    Do you know how it is possible to install another language pack in HTC one S.
    Do I have to root it ?

  • Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!

  • duke69111

    Not a fan of Kansas huh? Tread lightly.

  • Bobby Phoenix

    OMG!  Thank you so much.  I’ve been trying to figure this out for years!  Yes years!  I imported the Desire HD from the UK when it was released to here in Florida USA.  Without the “United States English” I couldn’t use the Amazon MP3 app, and the Market changed to Play Shop, and I don’t get everything.  This is awesome!

  • STiK

    Look.. The dude chooses to tote around a pos Samsung and he owns a Droid blog. Get over it. Even the best of us are allowed to be delusional once in our lives 🙂 

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  • Eddie Izzard talks a little about languages. 

  • Stephen Lammers

    Had this exact same issue with my imported EVO 3D GSM. Thank you!!

  • Nice phone.. A little too big…

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  • It’s because “English US” isn’t a real language tbmfh.

    “Rule, Britannia! Britannia rules the waves;Never, never, never shall Britons be slaves!”

  • Bob Martin

    Phones in America should be English only phones. just like how phones in other countries are NOT english

    • Antinorm

      Because nobody in the USA speaks a language other than English as their primary language, right?

      • Cindy


        Here in the US we should have many languages available, believe it or not we all don’t speak English (actually of those who do speak English only a small portion do it properly) I liked your comment showing how ridiculous saying “English Only” is. The comment made by Bob Martin and probably others as well suggesting that Americans should only speak English need to look back upon our history and remind themselves that we could have adopted any language and it just happened to be English, but could have been German, Spanish, Chinese …I as an American am so sick of those people who are one step down from a White Supremacist or KKK affiliate making rude and racially charged comments such as “press one for English, no other options should be given” I commend you for your short and effective comment and although I stumbled upon this site, I felt your comment powerful enough I had to comment.

        muchas gracias, thank you,  शुक्रिया ,gratias, obrigado, σας ευχαριστώ,Cindy

        • HTC1

          Ummm if you don’t like speaking english, MOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Sorry but english is the language here. Liberal nonsense

          • Sonofskywalker3

             Agreed. America was supposed to be a melting pot, a place people of all different backgrounds could start over and just be “American”. No need for different languages or cultures, everyone the complete equal of everyone else. Ironically it’s the minorities that aren’t willing to give up their other cultural heritages (*insert other country/continent/ethnicity here* Americans) who are perpetuating this inequality.

            If I moved to Japan I would learn Japanese. If I became a Japanese citizen, I would respect the local cultures and traditions of the land, not try to impose my language, culture, and beliefs on native citizens. Why is it so taboo to ask American immigrants to do the same?

            Cindy – By saying that the only people who want a uniform national language are “one step down from a White Supremacist or KKK affiliate” you’re being just as biased as the people you’re seeking to disparage. It seems like the best way to be hated these days is by believing in absolutes.


            If you’re American, just be American. Assimilate, don’t segregate.

          • WCDave

            Living in one country doesn’t mean you should have to surrender your cultural background.

          • Sonofskywalker3

             Absolutely true, but you should learn to interact with everyone else on a common level. I have no problem with people speaking other languages at home or among themselves, but when you walk into home depot to buy something to fix up your house, you should be able to speak with the sales people and cashiers without having to find one that happens to speak a minority language.

          • WCDave

            Now that’s something I fully agree with. What got my goat is when it was said that “it’s the minorities that aren’t willing to give up their other cultural heritages ”

            That being said, I don’t think it’s fair to necessarily conclude if someone DOES talk their own language in a public place (for example) that they are “trying to impose their language, culture and beliefs on native citizens”

          • WCDave

            An amazingly bigoted thing to say.

  • GazaIan

    Unlike doucheboy Travisjshepherd, I appreciate this news. I’ve been running a One X ROM on my Sensation and English UK is the closest thing that I could take.

  • Wmsco51

    ok i’ve always wanted to know how much does it cost to put on a carrier for an imported phone is at&t the only one and how does it work anybody know?

    • Nklenchik

      It’s a lot. Well, the phone…then you just have to figure out how to swap sim cards

  • Trbasil

    Yet again, another article that belongs right where the owner of the blog wants it. go figure.

  • bogy25

    If this phone comes to the US I will drop whatever carrier I have and get this phone – please be quad core tegra 3 – don’t they understand us United States people will give our money for this phone without a thought?  Agggh! 

    • GazaIan

      Why would you want quad core Tegra 3? That’s awful, the dual core and quad core Snapdragon S4 destroys the Tegra 3, and the Tegra 3 doesn’t even support LTE.

      • Matthew Merrick

        that 12 core gpu is droolworthy, and the 4+1 archetecture means more battery savings. good enough for me. 

        • GazaIan

          The GPU is meh… the Adreno 320 murders it, but we aren’t seeing that until later this year. As for their 4-plus-1 architecture, its not as great as it sounds. It doesn’t beat the Snapdragon S4.

          • Matthew Merrick

            comparing a an actual product to vaporware is a non-argument. 
            and i didn’t say 4+1 was more powerful, i said it wouldh ave better battery savings (significantly less power consumption when idle/doing low-end tasks, and one of four cores firing is still less power than one of two S4 cores in use – you’ll see a lot of apps that don’t require even one full core of the tegra 3)

    • BSweetness

      It is coming to the U.S. with slightly different variations on AT&T and Sprint.  But since the push towards LTE is the big thing in the U.S. (as it should be), they’re just getting the dual-core version (the quad-core Tegra 3 in the One X isn’t LTE compatible).  So you’ll have to make a choice – a domestic version with dual-core and LTE, or an import version with the Tegra 3.  For me, it’s a no brainer – LTE.  Quad-core is cool and all, but nothing is optimized to use it yet.  I’ll worry myself with Quad-core when there’s software that can fully handle it.

    • JaeLim

      Why would you want quad tegra 3 when dual core krait is much more powerful and battery efficient?

  • GooGooFruit

    Oh, Kellex, despite what Travis says make sure to post all Galaxy S3 news on DL even if its fake, until the phone is announced. At that point, if the phone is not coming to Verizon then I never want to hear about it ever again, k, thx.. ^_^

    • Travisjshepherd

      lol, I don’t mind those kinds of stories, in fact they are kind of entertaining. But a European phone is not a droid, nor VZW, so just spread the stories to the appropriate channel. I’m not saying don’t post it.

      • Ikithme

        The phone is coming to ATT and the imported phone can be used on US networks.

  • GooGooFruit

    Too bad imported phones won’t work on Verizon. Maybe in a few years via LTE sim card? 

    • No, because Europe (along with Asia and Africa) mostly uses 2.4-2.6GHz for LTE. Verizon and AT&T use bands that aren’t at all compatible with European and Asian devices (except maybe NTT DoCoMo’s).

      • GooGooFruit

        Good point. Reminds me of those old 3g i*hones on TMobile, hilarious stuff.

      • Lavoisier1794

        I also think that the US carriers lte bands aren’t compatible with each other.

        • While it’s true, that’s a different story. Compatible bands wouldn’t do much anyway, as AT&T is pure GSM (2G @ GSM, 3G @ WCDMA, 4G @ LTE) and Verizon is CDMA + GSM (2G and 3G @ CDMA, 4G @ LTE which is sort of GSM).

          • Lavoisier1794

            Yes and no. Once Sprint gets LTE, you still won’t be able to take 4g lte phones between VZW and Sprint…at least that’s my understanding. Also if they ever switch to. selling all lte phones (no 3g/1x radios), which I could see happenings on VZW in say 3-5 yrs if they get their network entirely in LTE and some users won’t care about reception in really rural areas, it could matter.

          • You missed my point. I meant that even if bands were compatible the phones wouldn’t function as expected.

            Having an LTE-only network is a perfectly plausible solution for a carrier like VZW (or Sprint) as their roaming services are rarely used. GSM carriers worldwide, including AT&T, will likely continue to support their 2G/3G infrastructure due to compatibility that is provided on these bands and the fact that every GSM user expects their device to roam anywhere in the world.

          • Lavoisier1794

            I see your point and it’s a valid one. The point I was trying to make is that VZW customers will be even more tightly bound to their contract if VZW goes to an all LTE network. It will be physically impossible to make your phone work on any other network.

            I should note that I wouldn’t say VZW’s roaming services are rarely used. As great as VZW’s network is, there are gaps on it, even on major highways. I see 1x Extended Network from time to time on long drives.

          • But which networks does your device roam on then? Cricket or Metro? I somehow doubt that VZW would use their services…

          • Lavoisier1794

            Possibly US Cellular in this part of the country…

  • mbanicek

    Travis. You will be silent and like it.

    • Travisjshepherd

      “Silence Will Fall!”

      • Droiiddd

        love the Doctor Who reference

  • Travisjshepherd

    Again, something that belongs on ANDROID LIFE!!!

    • U mad bro?

      • Travisjshepherd

        I’m not a troll, it’s just AL is lacking in the article department & DL is always throwing VZW/Droid irrelevant stories on here. I read & enjoy both, why can’t Kellex just post some of his non-VZW stuff on AL?

        • ReX

          Simple reason really: $$$
          He gets more advertising money for traffic driven to DL than AL.
          Does any other blog or news outlet actually send traffic to AL? Hardly. They all send their readers here. So when Kellex has an article to post that clearly doesn’t belong here, he posts it here anyway for the $$$.

          It is the  Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water boiiiii!

          • cizzlen

            I was just listening to that album today for the first time in a while. Talk about irony!

    • DontTrollMeBro

      don’t read if you don’t like…trolloloolololololo

    • qmartman711

      I love that you know what the scope of this blog is and what categories things belong in…thanks for your contribution.

    •  Yet you still opened the article and read it.

      • Travisjshepherd

        I read almost every article.

        • Travisjshepherd

          I read every article because I have no life. I just recently got fired and my girlfriend broke up with me. She admitted she sucked my best friends’ cocks. 🙁

          • TheUI

            She sure sure did. Hmhmhm.

          • joe buck

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          • MeanBean

            A dude with to Cock’s would be good reason

          • Josh Groff

            Friends’ (plural)
            Friend’s (singular)

          • FidoDimarco

             And to top it off, your best friend is your dog.

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    • it does, but as well all know, Kellex usually becomes obsessed with a new phone every few months and that phone will dominate DL until it arrivesl

      • Travisjshepherd

        good point, but obsess on AL, since Big Red will never see this particular phone.

    • RadicalPie

      I agree but still read it no matter what. If K would just post it on Android Life and do a “from AL” thing they do here it would still get views I don’t know why they don’t do this.

    • feztheforeigner

      I was very interested in this, it does affect people on Verizon who want phones like the One X or Galaxy S II.

      • droidman101

        too bad the international versions of these phones are gsm.

        • feztheforeigner

          I’m a developer so these are great test devices for me. Who uses their phone as a phone anyways?

          • droidman101

            I use lte a lot for watching videos and stuff, rarely use it as a phone, but I text often. what I meant was that we will never be able to use this version on Verizon.

          • I do.

    • rocketdaddy

      There’s a site called Android Life? Cool!

      • Travisjshepherd

        No f*cking sh*t, sherlcock!

    • Michael_NM

      As it’s Dr. Droid’s blog, the story belongs wherever he puts it.

    • ABerry5

      Uh why? Lots of ppl here have the one x ROM on their rezounds