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Rockstar Game’s Max Payne Headed to Android, Arrives on April 26

Get your guns cocked and ready to take down some dirty drug dealers, because Rockstar Games is bringing Max Payne to Android. Starting April 26, folks will be able to pick up the classic title on their Android devices through the Google Play Store. There is no list of supported Android devices yet, but here’s hoping it launches with no hiccups regarding device compatibility.

The full classic Max Payne PC experience, Max Payne Mobile has been optimized for both iOS and Android devices and features HD graphics, high-resolution textures, Social Club connectivity and user-customizable controls.

Rockstar is most likely making a trailer for it as we speak, which should hopefully give us a peak at how awesome this game will look on mobile. No word on pricing yet, so let’s just guess it will probably be around $4.99, much like Grand Theft Auto was. Anyone excited for the Payne?

Via: Droid Dog, Rockstar Games

  • shouji33
  • Tabs

    Doesn’t this blow anyone else’s mind? I remember when this game was the talk of PC gaming for its revolutionary bullet time gameplay. Now I get to play it and a whole bunch of other games that used to max out my PC ON. MY. PHONE. God I love the present 🙂

  • yangyang266


  • Jo

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  • Todd Klevgaard (droid.xer)

    Games on a smartphone FTW!!!

  • N-Niazi

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  • Bob Martin

    I want this game when its released but I think Rockstar should be working on GTA vice City. Because when Vice city is released that means it will be alot sooner before San Andreas is released. 

  • EvanTheGamer

    HELL yeah!!

  • SH

    Everyone else rips Android for not having good games, but Android users complain that they don’t want them. 

    • Bob Martin

      Its a smartphone/mini computer. Not a video game. A phone shouldn’t have good games. it should make phone calls, texting, camera, music player, web browser, and many other apps. the games are just an added bonus. I personally love all the games on android and have alot of them. but the people that rip on android for not having good games r just jealous of what else android does have.

      • Noyfb

        I don’t complain about good games, I complain about the lack of support after you buy the game play it once and it never works again, like some games from gameloft and EA. Email them about problems and they never update their games or contact you for support, after paying $5-10 for their games on a supported device.

  • Sweet.

  • joe buck

    why in the world would anyone want to play games on such a small screen, thats why god made huge flat screen tvs for

    • Blood

      God didn’t make huge flat screens. Santa clause did.

    • because you can stream your android screen to your big tv and play the game on there.

  • Johngi

    popping pills.. brings back memories-_-

  • joe buck

    why would anyone want to play games on such a small screen, thats why god make huge flat screen tvs for

    • Bob Martin

      yea try carrying a huge flatscreen around with you. or try bringing a huge flatscreen with u in the car so o u can play games on them. Let me know how it works for you.

      • joe buck


        • Bosey626

          Joe u a kid?

  • With these games being ported over to Android I wonder how much more difficult it would be to port it over to run on any Linux distro?

  • Lulx

    why would anyone in their right state of mind want to play this game on a touch screen

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Same people (like me) who couldn’t WAIT to download GTA

    • Jason Purp

       Why would anyone in their right state of mind want to play GTA on a touch screen

      • GTA actually plays pretty darn well on a tablet. Plus, if you have a bluetooth controller you’re doing just fine. 

        • Droiiddd

          ok so:

          tablet: $200
          bluetooth controller: $60
          app: $5
          $265 – to play max payne on a small screen

          used xbox1: $30
          used max payne: $1
          $31 – to play max payne on a larger screen with a better controller.

          you do the math.

          • Okaaay. So, if you already own a tablet (let’s say Prime) and have a PS3, then you’re only paying for the game and you can play it wherever you go if you want. My point was not to say that it is cost effective to go buy a tablet, buy a controller and the game versus playing it at home on my TV. 

            Try not to think too hard on these things. 

          • OR – Max Payne app – $5.  And that’s it.  Because you are supposed to already have the tablet/phone/bluetooth controller whatever.  I don’t think Rockstar’s intentions were “People will rush to buy tablets to play Max Payne!”

          • misterwight

            You forgot $4,000 to buy a used car to go to the store and buy the tablet, plus give or take $30 in gas to fill the tank. Also, fees at the DMV for the license…

          • Bob Martin

            or think about it like this 

            bluetooth controller: $60
            app: $5


            used xbox: $30used max payne: $1Ability to carry a tv around with u or use a large hd tv in the car: Well it just cant happen.

        • Jason Purp

           I think it plays pretty darn well on phones as well, and I can’t wait for Max Payne to arrive. I was just making fun of the other guy’s comment lol.

      • Why would anyone in their right state of mind want to play GTA, for more than hour.

        • natediddy

          Dude, I could play any of the GTA series games (maybe not 1 or 2) for literally hours on end (plus Red Dead for that matter), and I actually have more than any other video game I’ve played lol. They’re my all-time favorites. To me at least, they have the most interesting stories and gameplay and keep me hooked far more than other big sellers.

        • Bob Martin

          a few days ago I played GTA 3 for about 3 hours nonstop. I only stopped cause i had to go to bed for work in the morning.

    • InvaderDJ

      I feel the same way about GTA. It’s cool we can have these games in the palm of our hands with the scale and graphics not degraded, but they just require more precise controls than a touchscreen can give.

      Max Payne will be even worse than some, you really need pixel perfect accuracy for this game.

    • Blood

      This is perfect for people who have an xperia play.

      • drparty

        Or a sixaxis controller.