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When Apple Creates a Google Glasses Product

Yeah, one of our readers went there and we laughed. Someone go dig up the patent. How easy would their top-down Instagram shoe pictures be to take? Imagine the emoji power. Reinvented glasses, again…again. Bloatware free though!  

Cheers Guy P.!

  • LOL it would be so typical of apple tho.

  • yangyang266


  • baniels

    Did they somehow isolate the Asian half of Tiger Woods for that picture?

    • Dan Wagner

      funniest thing I heard all day

  • Wmsco51

    ok does this come in perscription lenses and how much power does it consume off the phone

  • Jo

     Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets.

  • where the f*ck is the glasses actually…

  • Diegojavs
  • richlizard24

    Just keeping it civil!  

  • Kakashiisagod

    ilook like an idiot

  • jojo4747

    Havent looked at that video yet but if that’s the eyefone episode of futurama dude we are lost twins

  • GJB


  • iWear.

  • Guest

    Why would I want to have to *READ* all my text messages 1-by-1 as the forced in my face?
    Why can’t I simply listen to my texts in my current bluetooth?

    • Droidzilla

      In my day, we didn’t have no fancy “look at these texts” goggles; we listened to a robot read them into our bluetooth, like God intended!

      • And we walked umpteen miles up hill to school, and the walk back was also uphill.

  • Nate Davidson

    They aren’t really “glasses” if I can’t see if I put them on instead of my regular glasses….

  • Morpheus282

    If they were for real they’d also come with an Apple logo tatoo for your forehead.

  • cowdog

    Sigh another google beta concept (one that has been out there forever) that will likely never become a real product and another apple bashing by the droid lemmings.  Meh.

    • androida

      the bashing is all in fun man. 

    • Kakashiisagod

      U mad bro?

  • Neutrontwin

    It would be cool if they were transition lenses

    • TC Infantino

      Or how about Transmission lenses

  • Mecevans


  • JeffDenver
  • ddevito

    Didn’t Nokia make a video with this technology s couple of years ago?

  • ghostrigger

     like some sort of clip-on to the wearers regular glasses

  • ghostrigger

    i have only one problem with the project glass that i hope is easily resolvable and that being they can make them usable with people that wear glasses full time already for vision problems

  • Cam

    If we see them buying RayBan, we know what’s up.

  • EvanTheGamer


  • Bob Martin

    Google quick. File patents that prevents Apple from ever releasing glasses with smartphone technology. They will just ruin the idea because we all know Apple will sue everyone that releases better glasses. like they do with android phones

    • Apostrafee

      They already filed a patent for smart contacts

  • Thanks for the credit DL.  This was a fun 20min project to poke a little fun at apple, after all we are on a diehard Android Site.

    • feztheforeigner

      I actually enjoy the look of your mock up more than the Google’s.

  • EMAW_29

    I believe the term is “ew”…

  • QQpayne

    I can just imagine people walking down the street with these, stumbling into other people/lamp posts/traffic.

    • Droidzilla

      Actually, I think one would be less likely to run into things if they’re going to do the same things on this that they already do on their smartphone while walking down the street.

  • CompCrash
  • jjrudey

    True retina display technology. It’s so elegant!

  • Destroythanet

    Hopefully they didn’t patent one in like 1985.

  • Futurama did it. Called the eyePhone

  • TheCheapGamer

    Google should seriously call it the eyePhone, just to be hilarious.

    • Bob Martin

      It would be funny but Apple will probably sue them because it sounds too much like “iphone”. Since Apple can’t deal with failure. They havent been able to since android was first released

      • iKing_5

        iPhone 80% of profits in the smartphone market
        All other pretend iPhone makers: 20%

        Boy what a failure…..they’re REALLY showing Apple who’s boss aren’t they? Lol

        • Smeckle

          And only 45% of the sales. As the article says, Apple’s profits are so high because they charge more for their products.

          • iKing_5

            45% of smartphone sales from just 3 models (not the over 300 models that it takes Android)
            80% of the profits
            The “winning” side is left to scrap for the remaining 20%

            Apple charges more for their products because of the DEMAND for their products, or did u miss that part in business 101. Regardless of what Apple charges the retailers, I pay the same $199 for my real iPhone as you do for your pretend one. And in most cases, the “high end” Android phones are $299, making them more expensive to the average consumer…..


          • Guest2


          • Decklyn MacGee

            Go get bent over by a German guy named Vito.

          • IKing_5

            Dude, I already did.

          • IKing_5

            Hey, wait a second!

          • Decklyn MacGee

            Go drown in your mother’s pussy juice.

          • Decklyn MacGee

            8=D~~~~ [ ]<– That's your phone. How much do you want to bet you've never been laid?

          • iKing_5

            *Still waiting for an actual response to the points raised by iKing_5*
            By the way, you’re responding to IKing_5, not iKing_5…..you’ve been had

          • Decklyn MacGee

            Okay, I admit. I was joking. But what are you doing on an Android site on a Friday night? Shouldn’t you be having fun or something instead of rubbing lube on your dick to spread on your phone?

          • iKing_5

            Hey, sorry for being an ass. 
            I like to masturbate to the thought of my mother.

          • iKing_5

            Translation: we have no valid rebuttal so we must resort to acting like 5 year olds…..SO predictable

          • TC Infantino

            Yes, and you calling people fandroid on a site dedicated to Android phones isn’t acting like a 5 year old?  Please spare us your attempt at growing a brain and go back to licking Apple’s shoes.

          • MicroNix

            Funny he had no reply to this 😉

          • Smeckle

            How is Android left to “scrap” the remaining 20% of profits? It’s not a pre-set amount of money. It is what it is. They make profits. You can’t call it scrap profits because it isn’t just what’s left over from Apple. In other words, it isn’t a pie, it’s all based on what the phones cost. If there were only x amount of profits available per year, and that number could never be exceeded within a year, then yes, it would be scraps. But there isn’t, so it’s not. Again, because Android leads iOS in unit sales, the difference in profits is because Apple on average charges retailers more money to carry their phones.

            You do not pay the same $199 for an iPhone as a “high end” Android phone, because the ultimate determining factor in iPhone price is storage. You get a 16-gigabyte iPhone for $199. The “high end” Android phones are 32 gigabytes. They typically cost $299 to consumers, and some even cost $199. A 32-gigabyte iPhone always costs $299 to consumers unless it is refurbished, bought from an unofficial third-party (e.g., an eBay seller), or is being succeeded by a new model, which only happens once a year. In the meantime Android phones get cheaper to consumers every couple months. While you are still paying $299 for a “high end” iPhone, Android consumers can get “high end” Android phones for significantly less because Google does not set the prices like Apple does.

            And the only reason why Apple alone commands 45% of the market is because Apple is the only company that makes the iPhone. Despite your premonitions of doom and gloom, we will likely never know what it is like to have only one company making Android phones. So yes, Android unit sales numbers are split up among many different manufacturers, all of which pale individually next to iPhone unit sales numbers. That is because consumers have more than one company to choose from when they are shopping for an Android phone. Consumers can only choose from Apple if they want an iPhone, hence Apple’s individually larger share of the unit sales market. If Apple allowed other manufacturers to make phones with iOS and to customize them as they wish, we both know Apple would not have that 45% anymore. But again, that would likely never happen. 

            Finally, why don’t you take another look at my initial response to you and note how I simply pointed out a solid fact in a completely neutral manner? There’s enough animosity between iOS and Android users as it is; there’s no need for you to get bitchy in your reply to me when I wasn’t trying to be aggressive at all. Feel free to reply again, but jfyi I typically don’t carry on internet arguments for very long because I don’t see the point…it’s the internet, not the real world. I probably won’t respond if you do reply. Don’t consider it a huge victory if you end up having the “last word”; I’ve likely just moved on.

          • iKing_5

            No sense in refuting your points if you’ve moved on…have a nice night, fandroid

          • MicroNix

            @iKing_FUD, aren’t most Android phone makers making more profits now than in their pre-Android state?  Put aside your rubbing off to Apple once as I really don’t care how much they make.  In looking at individual companies like HTC, Samsung and Motorola, are they not making more profits that pre-Android?  

          • iKing_5
          • MicroNix

            You point to an OPINION article.  Answer my question iBoy!  Answer it!!

          • i totally read your whole post…;) right

        • Mcleania

          omg you little fanboy.  obviously you don’t realize that the two platforms were developed in parallel and despite the 6mo headstart and marketing on Apple’s part, over 60% of the smartphone market belongs to Google.  not as much profit, but that’s because they don’t make the hardware and provide their software to the masses for free.

          • iKing_5

            And only a backwards thinking fandroid would brag about meaningless marketshare numbers when they’re getting their asses kicked in the only area that counts in business….profits. Over 50 different Android OEM’S pumping out hundreds of (mostly garbage) phones, all fighting for what amounts to table scraps. And oh btw, of that 20%, one company (Samsung, the most blatant iPhone copier) takes 15%. In a few years, most of these bottom feeders will be out of the business altogether, so get your fake iPhones while you still can…

          • Jnmigr

            Why praise on apple profit when u not getting anything, you are the consumer/sheep that keep making them richer.

          • iKing_5

            This is why, fandroid: Profits point to the overall health of a business. When a company is profitable, is assures that their products will continue to be available to the customers that prefer them. On the flip side, when a company is NOT profitable (most Android OEM’S are not) then their business is in jeopardy. How long do you think these peddlers of pretend iphones are going to be in business when theyre not making any money? http://www.droid-life.com/2012/01/09/manufacturer-woes-opinion/#disqus_thread

            A little history lesson, fandroid: did you know that even though Hewlitt Packard is number ONE in PC marketshare, they were on the verge of shutting down its PC division altogether? Marketshare without profits mean absolutely nothing…..get a clue about how businesses are run, fandroid

          • q`Tzal

            So great your devotion is.
            Now that he’s dead you can upgrade from cult to a real tax exempt religion.

          • MicroNix

            Hey King_FUD, which Android phone makers are losing money and not making any?  Feel free just to list 5.  

          • iKing_5
          • MicroNix

            So when one company makes a better phone and takes away sales from the rest, that means Android is a dead platform?  Its a shift of profits you dolt.  

    • Droidzilla

      The Google eyePhone with Cornea Display technology.

      • JaeLim


      • Jnmigr

        Then come the lawsuit from apple just it sound like I said iPhone.

  • geady

    I at first thought the title was a sham, but then knowing that it’s Apple..I knew it wasn’t far from the truth…

  • ApplesNAndroids

    More like Apple releases them, Google takes the idea and changes it up a bit, and then Samsung blatantly rips Apples design off.

    • JonLS

      Do you have an example?

    • Droidzilla

      That’s what I’m sure you’ll believe, in any case.

  • limik

    The way how I see this fight will go:

    Apple’s iGlasses…first smart glasses
    Google’s Project Glass made before iGlasses

    • Bob Martin

      Think about it like this. Apple “invented” the slide to unlock before doors had it

  • Now I can sync them with my iCloud!

    • pastaguy

      Not automatically.  You’d have to look up to sync, and hope it’s not a clear day.

  • InvaderDJ

    Looking at these glasses I’m wondering why they didn’t put lens in them. Make them sunglasses or something.

    • GawkerRedesignSucks

      Because you wear them indoors too.  People who wear sunglasses indoors are the worst kind of douchebag.

      • I did actually just laugh out loud at that.

      • Liderc

        Like you still won’t look like a douchbag wearing these instead lol. 

    • Ben


    • Bob Martin

      They should have something like that as an accessory. kinda like phone cases. you just clip on the lens when you need them.

  • I didn’t know that I wanted these until Apple made them! OMG!


  • Samvelavich

    now comes with revolutionary logo technology!

  • Now they seem so “magical”.

  • the would be called iGlasses.

    so simple! so pure!

  • El Big Chris

    Well, now I want them!