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Verizon Continually Adding New 4G LTE Markets and Enhancing Others – Here is a List of 44 of Them

Over the last few weeks, Verizon announced all sorts of new 4G LTE markets that will go live soon or have already. Our inbox certainly reflects these new activations, as folks from Tennessee to Kansas to Oregon have pinged us with excitement over seeing the “4G” logo for the first time on their phones. We browsed through VZW’s news release list and compiled a hefty batch of towns across the country that are either seeing service for the first time or that have been enhanced, which essentially means they have expanded into new neighborhoods. Good luck keeping up, Sprint and AT&T. 

New Markets:

  • Cattaraugus-Allegany area, New York
  • Auburn, Alabama
  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Macon, Georgia
  • Dodge City, Kansas
  • Hays, Kansas
  • Great Bend, Kansas
  • Garden City, Kansas
  • Lagrange, Georgia
  • Brunswick, Georgia
  • Centralia, Washington
  • Shelton, Washington
  • Cheney, Washington
  • Deer Park, Washington
  • Mica, Washington
  • Valleyford, Washington
  • Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho
  • Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
  • Post Falls, Idaho
  • Rathdrum, Idaho
  • Stateline, Idaho
  • Albany, OR
  • Salem, OR
  • Corvallis, OR
  • Pulaska, Tennessee
  • Carthage, Tennessee
  • Woodbury, Tennessee
  • Waverly, Tennessee
  • Winchester, Tennessee
  • Centerville, Tennessee
  • Springfield, Tennessee
  • Portland, Tennessee
  • Lynchburg, Tennessee
  • McMinnville, Tennessee
  • White House, Tennessee

Enhanced Markets:

  • Concord, New Hampshire
  • Waltham, Massachusetts
  • Townsend, Massachusetts
  • Sterling, Massachusetts
  • Raynham, Massachusetts
  • Groton, Massachusetts
  • Randolph, Massachusetts
  • Lowell, Massachusetts
  • Woburn, Massachusetts
  • Hartford, Connecticut

Expanded Markets:

  • Wichita, Kansas
  • St. Louis, Missouri

Cheers Joshua W!

  • Wayne King

    And yet again Arizona gets left out. How many military bases here, with many many Verizon subscribers? Yuma’s not that far from San Diego and Phoenix, why not bridge the gap (finally) in the 4G coverage?

  • JohnGaspardo

    i was promised blanket coverage between rockford and chicago  by april like 6 months ago by a Verizon rep but that hasn’t happened yet it’s gotten better but still spotty still getting like 10mbps up and down on bionic 

  • king Troupe

    Yes it’s about time Macon GA is on the 4g

  • Amador232425

    What about in Laredo, Texas ??

  • john moore

    What exactly is an Enhanced market?

  • B1tchT1ts

    No Tri-Cities, Washington? We helped make the atomic bomb, give us 4G! haha

  • Kau
    • Kau

      Counties listed as being included in the expansion:
      Jefferson, Mo.; Eastern Franklin, Mo.; Monroe, Ill.; Clinton, Ill.; Eastern St. Clair, Ill.; and Eastern Madison, Ill.

      • Kau

        I think they turned on at least one 4G antenna.

  • WTF … these small towns in TN getting LTE yet I can’t here in Indiana unless I live in Indy basically … 

  • Michael

    It’s “Pulaski” Tennessee, not Pulaska.

  • Stealthbomber254

    wb Waco, Tx?

  • Wow still no Santa Clarita California

  • Travisgary

    I bet money that i will be the last human in the country to get 4g

    • smwandrie93

      do you live in alaska???
      do you run ATT
      do you run sprint
      do you run tmobile
      do you run any other carrier????

      if you answered no to the questions then no you will not be

  • its starting to come out to long island new york, southern suffolk is all covered now time to cover northern area!

  • @scottyfromga

    It WOULD be nice if they had a close “switched-on” date….the 3G for my Nexus struggles but didn’t on my X.  Maybe 4G would be a welcomed sight for my little handheld buddy.

  • Jake

    Have yet to see 4G signal in Garden City, Kansas….

  • Guest

    Verizon already has 6 *TIMES* more LTE 4G coverage than AT&T.
    I wonder why that is?

  • TFuf

    VZW needs to Expand/Enhance their San Diego LTE market!!!

  • GA-Boy 32

    I knew this months ago about Macon, GA because my phone started s aying that I had 4g service about two months ago

  • Haproot

    Montana?  🙁

  • Prescott, Arizona could use an LTE market since verizon is practically the only carrier that gives the town service. 


    You’re missing Lancaster, PA in your list of new cities. Network lit up last weekend. Still a little wonky though, but hey, it’s better than EVDO!

  • kobalt7

    They need to enhance the Southern California markets. While some areas have strong 4G, simply driving down the freeway it drops to 3G, then back to 4G. It needs to be consistent

  • Jay

    what i don’t get, is they don’t list a SINGLE place in NJ, yet we just started getting 4g down here on the shore as of a few weeks ago.  why don’t they list it?

  • Show Illinois some love Verizon. Please. Specifically Mattoon, IL. Haha!

  • Drewgy

    Idaho? Idaho?? IDAHO!? What the !)(*&)

  • diamonddave242

    How the hell does Deer Park, WA get 4G and Bellingham, WA doesn’t?  

  • Unless I missed it in this list or somewhere else, you never mentioned that South Jersey around Atlantic City has had LTE coverage for about a month now.

  • Just Joe

    You know what sucks Verizon, I live between Santa Barbara (4G) and LA (4G) but I only have 3G. Who cares about half of these BFE places..!

    • balthuszar

      i’m sure the people that live there do…

  • thanks for this post!! i always kept the 4g turned off on my nexus to keep the battery from going down, but i just tried it here in northern middle TN and full bars, speedtest at 31mpbs THANKS

  • Rebel447

    What about in the middle of the country, like in Nebraska.they are more peoplw in Nebraska than freaking Idaho yet they light em up. Bullcrap, ImO!

  • fvqu

    About a week ago I finally started receiving 4G from Long Island, NY.

  • So close to Montana, dammit Verizon!

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Pretty sure I got a note from VZW that read: “Dear Lac, your backwater podunk town wont be getting LTE until two weeks after Hell freezes over. kkthxbai”


    • TC Infantino

      I seriously almost sprayed coke on my keyboard when I got the the end of your post and saw the ‘kkthxbai’. 

    • Travisgary

      i got that letter too

  • OhAaron

    Brunswick? Yes! I am right in between Brunswick and Jacksonville. I am literally 1 mile above where JAX LTE ends.

  • Falexander115

    When I upgrade my phone in December I was told by the Verizon Rep to expect 4G-LTE in the Jacksonville, NC area by the end of the First Quarter. So far, nothing! Anyone out there have an update for me??

    • balthuszar

      yes, never believe the verizon reps…

  • Corey Marrier

    Got LTE last Wednesday in northern VT

  • Western New York any time soon Verizon….hello…Big Red?….anybody there?

  • not listed, but I have been (and others) getting 4G in Burlington VT for the last week or so.

    • BDFio

      Last Wednesday speed test was showing me connected to new york, NY now it shows (Mount Royal, QC) Montreal. Quebec. Rogers?? I don’t really care what it says as long as I get the speeds but kind of interesting.

    • Mark Webb

      Yes, VZW considers Burlington, Vt a “soft” launch which occurred last weekend. Not being advertised. This launch also includes Colchester, St. Albans and Rutland. I just drove from Burlington and indeed had 4G coverage as well as last weekend.

  • Sporttster

    Nope,still left out….heck, T-Mobile has faster service in my area! Ridiculous….

  • Shaun.Ober

    Again nothing in Minnesota

  • Dom Suppa

    how about 30 minutes west of your corporate headquarters you @SSHOLES!

  • Nah

    No Florida again

    • I’ve been getting 4G in Milton, FL for a week or so. They must have done something

  • Tim Rodgers

    Need More in Southern California i need 4G again going through withdrawals. 

  • duke69111

    Good to see a few extra cities in Kansas getting some 4g love.  I will also be excited to see how much farther the extended coverage stretches.  Right now it seams like its the exact city limits of Wichita and a few of the suburbs and then it dies.    

  • XIII

    Just about everywhere in MA except the North Shore….

  • Scottyb112

    Omg the whole state of TN will be covered now, but not one lick of LTE near Myrtle beach SC. Where 16+ million people travel every year, but a town of 1200 in rural TN probably has 40mbps right now.. BS Big Red. Im being such a hater right now lol

    • Sonnyrock76

      Yea I live in Conway SC. I have 2 LTE devices & still no 4G coverage. Patiently waiting.

      • Scottyb112

        Yea same here i have 2 lte phones, and still no lte. Im in pawleys island, so youll probably get it when it launches in myrtle if your closer to myrtle an CCU. Ill get shafted down here though. Too bad, i have a tower right by my house too! Ill be in Columbia this weekend, so ill be playing with my Nexus non stop cause of the 4g up there

  • Cantuckee

    the ONE positive thing to come out of Cincinnati, was early LTE networks

  • Dodge… but not Lawrence :/

  • joejoe5709

    This really isn’t amazing. I live in Eastern Washington and half of these cities are within 50 miles of each other. I’m sure it’s the same for all the other areas. You could probably knock this down to 3 to 5 markets. Not 44.

  • Ramon Toscano

    They missed Tyler TX, I’ve had 4g for like a month now. But its never been listed.

  • minuett

    Maine pines for 4g.  (heh)

  • How about northern WI?

  • whosinaname

    And once again, Montana will get 4g when 5g is released….. 

    • I absolutely GUARANTEE we’ll have 4G by 2040.  

    • Im in Polson, and hoping Missoula gets it REAL soon, im there a LOT.

  • Stsmith69

    Fort walton beach/Niceville Florida should be on this list. As well as south Crestview. All three cities finally got 4g this past week.

  • Definitely have it in the Milton-Pace area outside of Pensacola, Florida now.

  • Strange_creation3000

    What about the jersey Shore verizon

    • m0la

      i have been getting 4G signals and speeds around Brielle, Manasquan, Heights, and Belmar but no official announcement has been made about it and the Verizon website still says that the area is not covered…..

      •  Ill assume the OP meant the actual Jersey Shore and not the wanna-be area’s that you listed.

        Atlantic City has had LTE for about a month now but no farther east then Egg Harbor Twp. I get it at work but not at home here in Mays Landing. Ill assume they will expand the market to cover the rest of the shore south of us and west to connect to the western Jersey coverage from Philly before the summer with how huge the summer is for tourists.

  • unstableapps

    Verizon Wireless in Hays, KS says April 19th.

  • Guest

    Been in Tyler, TX for last 3 weeks about 4 days after Longview-Marshall went live. 🙂

  • Timfantry

    SC 🙁

  • LifesABitch

    WOW My city still isn’t up yet..Come on VRZ WTF

  • Hey Verizon….add Palm Springs and the other Desert Cities already! 

  • Underfundedmandate

    Burlington Vermont
    4bars 4g, 1st time noticed,
    never seen it listed.

  • undone98

    oregon!!!!!! lol my town and 2 of the 3 closest towns to my city have it yea!!!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Massachusetts!…. I get pretty solid 4G in Waltham where I work… Good to see that they are beefing up though… Nice.

    • Evileclipse

      Was just in mass and i had LTE everywhere I went. Worcester, fitchburg, leominster, peperell. Good luck where you live !

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Yea we’re pretty much blanketed. I do live in Boston… And its Full bars everywhere. I love it especially for Data + Voice Simultaneously.

  • Drumronin

    Damn. 5 miles inland in CT and you are effed…STILL

  • EatUrCrap

    I’ve had 2 4G phones, and yet, still no 4G up here in Redding, CA. 

  • Cattaraugus-Allegany area, New York WOOT!  I’m likely the only one here excited about this area!

  • Motodroid

    We’ve had it here unofficially in Martinsburg WV for about five months now…

  • All you corporate haters out there are just plain dumb.  If they don’t strive to make money they won’t be able to improve.  They are a company that offers a service and they do it very well.  If you don’t like it why not just move to sprint or AT&T, and if you feel so inclined maybe T-Mobile.  Oh yeah their 4g is terrible and we all know it.  So Cmon Verizon keep up the good work and I am happy to pay a slightly higher fee.

  • John

    Keep the Tennessee coverage expansion coming VZW!!!

  • Come on verizon Manhattan, KS

  • therealjohnmark

    I expected to see Tyler, Texas on this newest list because Verizon has to be doing final 4G testing in Tyler as I use 4G there all the time.  But I have yet to see Tyler, Texas on any Verizon news release.  (nearby Longview/Marshall has been listed)

  • How about VZW works on getting at least 3g in some areas. It sucks living of of WiFi and 1X I mean come on. GNex in the mountains is horrible.

    • Tim242

      Coverage in the mountains is always much worse.

    •  You try to put a reliable signal through tons upon tons of solid rock and see how that works for you. This is of course ignoring that there is likely a whole population in double digits in that area

  • Omgitzjose

    They need to work on staten island ny cause service blows here for the most part!

  • *cries* I dont think they will ever find there way to the top of this damn mountain in Tennessee.

  • Eugene, Oregon needs 4G now. Bring it!

    • undone98

      i know right i cant believe albany got it before eugene lol and their gonna turn on another tower in albany in about 2 weeks not that i’m complaining 

  • When will Verizon post “ANY” towers in the Eastern Panhandle of WV. We 20 minute north of Winchester VA, 15 minutes south of Hagerstown MD and an hour 15 minute West of Washington DC.

    • PSU_DI

      That’s right on the edge of the US Nation Radio Quiet Zone, so I doubt that you’ll ever see towers there.

  • Ventura County, CA nestled between 2 4G cities ( LA & Santa Barbara) still nada.  

  • Still waiting in the smaller VA cities. (Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, etc)

  • WNY

    Happy and shocked that we have it in Olean, NY.  Its been up for a week now and working strong.

  • Btrexler

    I wish they would give some love to PA. I’m only 30 miles from Philly and I get nothing!

    • bigdav1178

      Yep, right there with ya. The area between Allentown, Harrisburg and Philly seems to have been forgotten. All three of those areas were supposed to have expanded last time they made annoucements, but I haven’t seen the coverage between those cities get any better.

      • tikkitakkitorri

         I was just in Lancaster Co along rt283 a week ago and had 4G

    • TC Infantino

      I’m in the same boat.  I live between Mechanicsburg and Carlisle and I can pick up maybe 3 bars of 3G signal.  But I work in Harrisburg where I get great 4G reception.

  • romma

    Glad I didn’t buy a 4G phone last year. Still nothing in S. Eastern CT…

  • H1br1d7heory

    Still no support for Suffolk County Long Island :'(

    • Verizon 4G service is working in Ronkonkoma, Hampton Bays, and Shirley….I got it on my TB

  • Good god, still no Corpus Christi,TX?!?

    • Ralphie

      They don’t believe in 4G in them parts

  • stephen

    No more PA love. I guess I should just expect it

  • Jimbob

    Got to love all of the whining “Why do they get 4G before us? We’re bigger!” I thought it was understood that population is not the primary driving force behind Verizon’s roll out structure….

    • T4rd

      Yeah, I wonder if they’re going off subscriber population.  It would definitely be more logical to have priority in less overall populated areas if they have more subscribers than another more populated area with less total subscribers.

      • Tim242

        They’re going by back haul. A lot of places have a decent amount of fiber optics already in place.

  • Woodbury, Tennessee is the size of a postage stamp. Can’t believe they are getting LTE. But it’s very close to Murfreesboro, TN and then Nashville.

    • I feel your pain.  I live near Chattanooga, but not near enough.  :/

  • Tim Buchanan

    Wow, California is getting no love.

    • Jimbob

      this week…

    • No kidding. I live in La Habra, Ca. Brea, Yorba Linda area hitting strong 4G, but I’m lucky if I get 1 bar!

      • Tim Buchanan

        Ya, I live in Venura County. Have to drive down to The Valley to get a 4G signal.

        • NexusPhan69

          Ya because Cali takes 3 years to approve a new antenna. Don’t expect it to ever get better.

          • Phil Burton


          • Tripod2

             New antenna towers are not needed to upgrade an area to 4G LTE. They simply upgrade the existing hardware. Los Angeles to the south and Santa Barbara Counties to the North including San Luis Obisbo have LTE, yet Ventura County is barren so far. I was told by Verizon last year that LTE would come to Ventura County by December 2011. Of course the sales people tell you anything to get you to spend money. Having LTE in the south (Santa Monica, Venice and the “Valley”) is great and the performance has been amazing. Having LTE in the town I live in would be nice, though I use WiFi when at home and even Downtown Ventura has free WiFi.

        • Sorry to hear that, I’m in San Diego and I get a great LTE signal

        • Eh

          Ventura is part of the current LTE deployment. My company is installing the LTE cabinets on a daily basis up there. They just won’t be turned on until there are enough sites inside a cluster.

        • davetheAndroid

          Exactly. I live in Simi Valley, literally live like 5 minutes away from the Valley where the 4G is. GGRRR!

          • Tim Buchanan

            I hear ya, man.  I live in Thousand Oaks.  No love here.

    • Jonathan V Ly

      So upset every major city up California’s Route 99 got LTE except my town!! 🙁 damn merced.

      • MERCED! I visit family there every now and then. I think they were the last to get 3G in the country. 

  • McMinnville, TN has been on since  3-28. Maybe they’ll get the map updated now. I still prefer 3G. Better battery life and for 95% of what I use my phone for, internet radio then 3G is fine.



  • Jluers58

    How about Batesville Indiana next

  • pm83


    • Beranimus

      Some day they might make it here….maybe

    • Synaptic13

      GO DUCKS!!!

    • Christian Bennett

      Should have gone to OSU.

      • pm83

        I’m actually from the East Coast, didn’t go to school here.

  • T Hall

    Oh yeah!  All the Idaho and Washington expansions are right in my neck of the woods.  I think this means I will rarely see the 3G logo 🙂

  • bakdroid

    Weird they still aren’t showing Lancaster, PA.  Guess they are still testing it out cause its been up since last week.

    • Yes it has.  Atlantic City, NJ had a SMALL coverage area in late January, and as of about 2 weeks ago, All of Atlantic City, parts of Pleasantville, Absecon and Egg Harbor Township have it (for those familiar with the geography)  

      I’ve send numerous tips to Droid Life that have been ignored, so I’ve been tipping this off elsewhere.

      • bakdroid

        What?  I said PA, not Atlantic City.

        Also, DL doesn’t care whether you are seeing coverage or not to report on.  They look at VZW site for news releases on what cities are being added or expanded.  My comment was the fact that VZW has not announced it yet because they must still consider it to be in testing phase.

        • I was agreeing with you by saying “Yes it has” I was in Lancaster a couple of weeks ago and I was seeing it.  I was just mentioning that I didn’t tip it because they never reported on my other tips.  As far as them not caring about our tips, they should stop asking if “you’ve seen it in your area” and possibly remove the tip button as well.

    • bigdav1178

      Lancaster finally got some love? – Good to hear. To the best of my knowledge, Reading still hasn’t.

      • bakdroid

        Yea they fired it up about a week ago.  Still nothing in stone age York either.  

  • Onelowchef

    what’s up with central / northern virginia….we get no love…what the heck?

  • kniceguy

    Just gets more and more painful every time Charlottesville, VA is not on here

    •  I had one VZW rep in Harrisonburg try to tell me that they had 4 towers turned on in C’ville… and that the wires had been laid for the Harrisonburg towers… of course he was just trying to make a sale. and probably lying.


    Best BBQ restaurant thats not in the state of North Carolina 😀

  • Mattcrecelius

    I have been seeing a lot of work being done on towers in St. Louis, I am just not sure if the towers belong to verizon or att, hopefully verizon.

  • Treybarnes66

    Tyler TX has been live for about 3 weeks now.

  • Scott

    To bad Baltimore didn’t make the enhanced list.  

    • NemaCystX

      They were enhanced last month along with D.C.

  • Captain_Doug

    Cheney, WA before the tri-cities? What the crap?

    • Jerry Wilcox

      no kidding, just cause its a college town dont mean a friking thing. along with the Seachickens  summer practice town.. BOOO the FRICKIN SEACHICKENS ( should be deep fried and then sent to the trash.)

    • 1324356565

      For REAL. I am in Tri cities waiting for 4G, went to spokane yesterday had perfect 4G no love for Kennewick Pasco and Richland? We got like 200,000 people here and Coeur d’Alene has like 43,000 people, yet they have 4G.

  • Dave

    Yesterday 4G began in Harveys Lake, Dallas Pennsylvania area… located north of wilkes barre… must be in the testing phase

    • NemaCystX

      Would be nice if Central PA would get some LTE love…. I have a huge 40 mile radius of no LTE, unless I go south and i’m just 2miles away from it, there taunting me I say, taunting me….

  • About a month ago, downtown Orlando got a huge boost.  I went from 1-2 bars outside to a full 4 bars of 4G.

    My house is a glorified hurricane shelter so inside I still only get 2 bars through the concrete and reebar.

  • Eric Sachse

    I do not understand the cheerleading for Verizon.  They are a faceless corporation.  They are not your friend.  All they want is your money.

    • They provide a good or service that I pay money for since I have determined that the service that they provide is priced appropriate to the value of that service.

      They are my economic friend since we have a sympathetic relationship.

      Go play drums in the street and complain about us 1%ers so more if you want to get on that corporate-haterade.

    • Josh Groff

      They do a good job of taking it and enhancing the network experience. Unlike some companies *cough* AT&T *cough*.

    • Nklenxhi

      Like everybody else

    • Michael_NM

      VZW’s network is about the only thing we can cheer for. It’s certainly the only thing that keeps me as a customer. I’ve got two contracts up in the next 30 days, and I’m really tempted to jump ship. Regarding a face for VZW, how about this one? http://amayberrystateofmind.com/images/Gomer4.jpg

      • TC Infantino

        LOL  Mayberry? With Andy, Opie, Barney Fife and Aunt Bee.  Hilarious show, but isn’t that pic of Gomer Pile, thought that was a different show.  He was in the Army if I remember correctly.

        • TC Infantino

          Just checked IMDB and found out that Gomer Pyle was in the Andy Griffith Show before he spawned off to his own show where he was in the Army.  Damn that was forever ago, I was just a youngin watching reruns with my parents when I saw those shows.

    • Azn_Android

      They are supported and acknowledged so much because despite their high prices and greed for money, they have an excellent network. AT&T possesses more spectrum than Verizon does and has less customers than Verizon and still struggles to have a reliable network. Verizon’s infrastructure is truly superior and they actually take care of their network and know how to manage it. But I agree, they are simply a corporation that wants your money. 

      • TC Infantino

        Totally agree with you there.  Though in truth I do wish that AT&T would improve and expand their network to be as competative as possible with VZW.  More choice for the consumer is always a great thing, and it just May cause another price war between the carriers like they had before the smartphone boom.  Gotta love companies dropping their plan prices to lure you to them.

    • Also, as far as “All they want is your money”… don’t give it to them if you don’t want to.  Unless you’re in a very weird situation, nobody is holding a firearm to your head and forcing you to purchase VZW services.  You pay them under no duress or coercion.

      Unlike the government, who I HAVE to give money, or else they’ll come to my house with guns and handcuffs.

    • EatUrCrap

      You do realize that all any company wants is your money? 

    • Guest

      I’d give my left nut to get FiOS here in the Midwest, personally. 

      • Jason Purp

         God gave you Tech N9ne. Be grateful for that.

    • Sp4rxx

       Oddly enough, just like any corporation – without customers’ money, they don’t exist …

      Must be Obvious Day at Camp Stupid

    • Trueblue711

      Of course they want our money, but at least they are improving themselves and doing something with the money. They could be like AT&T and do nothing with the money (except maybe give a couple billion to T-Mobile).

    • rm_blogger

      That is usually the case with a company that sells a service. WTF? Do you really expect them to just give it away?

  • Droidzilla

    AT&T will catch up (and we should all hope they do, for competition’s sake; ditto Sprint, but I’m not as optimistic about their adoption speed).

  • Pcraig87

    If only it wouldn’t go down so often…

    • Azn_Android

      It had some rough spots in december but that doesn’t mean it’s unreliable. It’s something you have to expect out of new technology. I think most people can handle a couple hours or even a day without LTE once and a while 🙂

  • Gus

    Going hard everywhere… except Illinois. Ahhh.

  • Azn_Android

    Verizon is definitely stepping it up on the 4g front. It’s going to take a while for AT&T to catch up. I have no regrets about switching to Verizon from AT&T and I’m really impressed overall with their dedication to their network and their coverage. I guess it’s worth the large bill ;P

  • Michael Forte

    Enhance Bradenton, FL Verizon! 4G coverage near my house sucks!

    • It’d be nice if they’d cover the rest of FL at all, first. I’m halfway between WPB and Orlando and I’ve got nothing.

  • Dwjr82

    That’s insane Lagrange Georgia is about 40 minutes from Columbus Georgia in the muddle of nowhere and they will have 4 g before me….

    • NemaCystX

      Its probably easier to cover less traffic areas than it is to cover traffic intensive ones.  Covering those areas might be part of a strategy, remember the first 4G LTE commercials, of the boy on the farm grabbing a ThunderBolt from his mailbox and taking it back to the barn and getting struck with lightning?  just a hunch

  • possomcrast1

    Again nothing in michigan.

    • mtkregs

      I feel your pain.

    • Andrew

      Clearly those at Verizon are Buckeyes fans

      • bobbymay1


        • TONYA

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      • +1


      Really? I’ve had 4G LATE about 15 minutes away from Ann Arbor since the days of the HTC Thunderbolt!

      • RAZR FANN

        4G LTE*

        • mikeym0p

          hahaha, I really thought the LATE was intentional

          • RAZR FANN

            Haha no, I just hadn’t saved the word “LTE” to my phone’s dictionary. However, I know there’s 4G in and around Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Warren, among other cities. 

          • guest

            Yea. Lansing is spotty as hell

      • possomcrast1

        If you aren’t near a city you have no 4g at all.

        • snowman2020

          That’s not entirely true. I drive truck over the road. I run all over the country. I have a Motorola razor. I pick up working 4g in random places all over the place. There are a lot of test sites out there and still unlisted sites. Also there are companies that Verizon roams with that have 4g late on their towers exclusively for Verizon. Indianapolis area is one spot that uses these partners to cover the suburbs. Also when ice cream sandwich starts hitting the droids this month, yes it supposed to be this month for most, picking up 4g will actually work better. It will drop it less.

    • Yeah no love for Ohio either.

      • Sp4rxx

         Agreed – the map still lies –

        Even the remote office I support at my job has LTE (and that’s in Youngstown!), but my parent’s city is still not covered ….


      • Kevin

        For a relatively small state, Ohio has a TON of coverage:
        OHIOAkronCantonCincinnatiClevelandColumbusDaytonFindlay / TiffinLimaMansfieldToledoYoungstown / Warren

        • Chris

          Small state?  Ohio is the 7th largest in terms of Population, and is ranked 10th in population density, making it more dense than California.  Plus it is a HUGE market for Verizon.

      • KOBALT

         I’m about 25 miles east of Cleveland. LTE is spotty.

    • ShaveW/MeRAZR

      Used to live in Rochester MI. I was there for Christmas; I had full LTE service on me RAZR. I know Detroit has it; they definitely need to expand big time all over the Mitten though. 

      • Benjamin Mackie

         I live in Rochester, and its great, but areas like Pontiac, Waterford, Clarkston, Lake Orion, Milford, White Lake (pretty much just ride up m-59), and you have terrible 3g connection

    • Benjamin Mackie

       Michigan does need a big improvement. Even the tricounty metro detroit needs huge improvements

    • Adam Howland

      Or Indiana……..   🙁

    • Don’t worry. You’re not missing much. Half the time their crappy 4G is down anyways. 

      • Christian Bennett

        Obviously you are just butt hurt as you live without 4g.

      • TC Infantino

        Heh, I hate to break it to you, but I get 4G at work and see about 10x the download speed, and about 5x the upload speed vs 3G.  And as far as it being down half the time, well I believe the system has been down 3 or 4 times for the space of about 3-6 hours each time since I purchased my phone on 11/28/11.  I expect a network that is constantly being upgraded to have some hiccups on the rare occasion.  I wouldn’t trade my 4G for a 3G phone just because of those minor times. 

    • RobMorris

      I get it in Portage and Kalamazoo

    • I hear you. I work at a Verizon store, kinda hard to tell people to buy a $300 4G phone then they ask “Do we have 4G here?” And I’m literally 10mi outside 4G signal too. 🙁

    •  I hear you, Sir…. WE NEED LOVE IN THE THUMB!

  • Adrynalyne

    ..and yet, a good chunk of Tucson, Arizona (at least 20%) has been without LTE service since last September.

  • Beefcake

    oh snap!