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CyanogenMod Team Says Goodbye to rAndy and Hello to “Cid”

The CyanogenMod team is done with all of their tweaking and last minute changes to the new CM mascot rAndy. What they have now definitely suits the team a bit better and has much more spunk. The mascot has now been renamed to Cid. In a blog post, they go in to detail on how they came up with the name and what it means to the community:

We chose C.I.D. which is short for Cyanogenmod ID, the common thread that all CyanogenMod users share; each user’s unique place in our community.

Some of you may also be familiar with the concept of the “id”, the instinctual driving force behind our personalities. It seemed fitting, that this chaotic force and need for immediate gratification, was incorporated into the image of a OS which strives to be on the bleeding edge of Android development.

Thus C.I.D became Cid.

This mascot is riding a skateboard, so we already like it more than the first version. Thoughts? Everyone like this a bit more? Now that this is all over, maybe they will get back to work on CM9. 🙂

Via: CyanogenMod

  • These look terrible, the name is fine, but the skateboard? WTF skateboards aren’t cool anymore, AND this is a software company, wtf does a skateboard have to do with its image?  CID holding a dildo would make just as much sense

  • Lurking

    Can the CM team just focus on getting the camera working? KTHX

  • PowerofPicture

    Apparently the last logo wasn’t ugly enough.  They had to go the weird alien cat route.

  • Sporttster

    I’d prefer they concentrate on getting Cy out to more phones over what their mascot is named or looks like….my RAZR would LOVE some Cy action….

  • still not a real fan of it

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    Told you he needed antennas!

  • Goldenpins

    He keeps getting worst and worst.. he looks like the Robot dancing character from Dance dance revolution. -CONSENT Be-fU