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Google Unveils “Project Glass” – Here are Your Google Powered Glasses with Navigation, a Camera, Music and More

google glasses

Prepared to be blown away. Well, sort of blown away. Google unveiled “Project Glass” a few minutes ago, which is a project from the Google[x] team that aims to make your daily life completely hands free. Rather than using your phone to take pictures, video chat, check into restaurants, listen to music, and get directions, you could have a pair of glasses that do it all right in front of your eyes. Received a notification on your phone? What if it popped up on screen in your glasses and then let you respond view voice-to-text? Or what if you could snap a picture of a beautiful sunset and share it with Google+, all without ever pulling out your phone? Sounds amazing, right? Just wait until you watch the video and start thinking about the possibilities.  

The Google[x] wants you to understand that they are in the early stages of this project right now and that the pictures of the headset up top and the video below is what these glasses “could” look and act like at some point. They want your feedback though. And so do we – be sure to vote in our poll!

YouTube Preview Image

Via:  Google+

  • DasBoots

    oh honey child, people have been walking around, talking to themselves, since the advent of the Bluetooth headset.  

  •  It’s hard to imagine what will happen to the society after the appearance of project glasses, maybe all will be different.

  • Forgothowtodie

    so are these going to start out illegal to have on while you drive or are we going to wait for a few people to die in horrific accidents. oh wait what am i saying i will finally have a good excuse for the people im video chatting with not to see my face while i look at then. just try not to have your eyes wonder.  

  • cred493

    i hope this is for teens to

  • zack

    this could work

  • josh Perkins

    Where do I get mine?! Thats freaking awesome!

  • Omg……………

  • josh

    For the love of god, I hope they team up with Ray Ban

  • cleetose

    Google, shut up and take my money!

  • Alain Goldman

    cyclops does not approve this message

  • Chris

    All it needs is a green light and we’re headed towards creating our very own Cylons =D

  • Deejay

    theyll have to be fashionably acceptable to wear as well. i doubt anyone but geeks would wear that in public.

  • mlawlor777

    most amazing thing ever!!! please google make this the future!

  • What’s an Android?

    I’ll wait for the condom-based incarnation of this concept: Google Rubber. That way I’ll be safe while watching viral videos.

  • Ne0

    Now u can watch porn while working.

  • Ne0

    Great Spy Use.

  • Ne0

    Copy from DBZ.

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    Wonder how this will work in the “real” world. Will people be talking to themselves and falling all over the place because their focus is on the little screen on their face. If this could work like HUD “Heads Up Display” then it might be pretty nice.

  • Rogmaldonado

    Google, please share the name and title of this song. 

  • Danny

    Vegeta, what does the project glass say about his power level?

    • Lpfaff

      It’s over 9000!!!!

  • Thefever75

    would be cool if they can pull it off!

  • Andy

    Love it!  Hands free iPhone in glasses form.

  • Filabraziliaa

    This is f*&$ing amazing! I need to get one of these asap!

  • brando56894

    Looks pretty awesome, but do you really want to be “that guy who talks to his glasses”? I’m assuming voice command is the only way to control this and IMO that would get pretty damn annoying.

  • JackE

    uh, what about us nerds that already wear glasses!?

  • Borochocho

    I hope I need glasses soon.

  • anon

    That would get so annoying; Trying to look at stuff and having a bunch of things popping up in front of your face all day & having people think you’re talking to yourself.

  • Concerned

    this is too much do not do this to our society please. we already have enough distractions and social media as it is. Google, it is in your hands how much you screw up the world even more if you create these or not.

    • Kjb_rules

      Actually its hands free =) so can’t be in Google’s hands =)

  • JJ

    Someone will be in bed with their woman but be looking at another one. lol.

  • i want this yesterday. and mostly to watch apple lovers cry. 

  • guest

    Sorry but is anyone know what is the song that we heard in to the video? Thank you!

  • Jerry Snook

    Yeah…I will be shocked if this ever happens. Interesting and probably bad idea, though! The video fails to include the scene where the guy is looking at his email and/or video and gets hit by a car while crossing the street.

  • DCABuckeye

    Geordi? Anyone seen him here?

  • nice!

  • Lane252

    walks to get new pair of pants and underwear – i came. this is really awesome. if they can make it more stylish then ill pay oh say 600 for them

  • Josealicea1

    yes! This is exactly what I imagined would come one day. Pretty cool it happened during my lifetime. Go Google! Keep up amazing! 

  • xaalfx

    Has anyone ever seen that Walt Disney movie “wally” ? o.O

  • Colo1bullrider

    that is totally cool I want a pair

  • Bob Martin

    now that’s what i call an “eye”phone

  • Admin

    sweet now you can take a video and call 911 and it’ll record your death!

  • I want these ASAP! This is beyond amazing!

  • scooper1028

    This peripheral, if bound to the android OS, will change the mobile game and probably cripple Apple.  The iPhone will become so yesterday and primitive almost overnight.  One comment called these glasses “dorky”.  I disagree.  A better adjective would be avant-garde.  

  • I could def use that while on the bike!! Awesome idea!

  • Game changer…..sign me up! Proceed quickly and efficiently.

  • cassandra lamke

    I’m sorry…but prototype or not, if people walked around with gadgets over their eyes like that, it’s just simply ridiculous. 

    • JoeBionic

      I disagree.  I’ve been wearing eyeglasses since I was a kid.  I’m used to having a gadget over my eyes.  I think us eyeglass wearers would buy this in a heartbeat.  

  • El Big Chris

    It seems this may not be hip enough to catch on, something more nerdy. But then again I could be wrong. I mean, stupid things have become the norm now. But I’d like these glasses to look more like the scouters from DBZ!


    • El Big Chris

      DBZ Scouter!

      • mtrip98

        it’s over 9000!!!!!!