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XOOM WiFi Update to Android 4.0.4 Rolling Out Now

If you have not already manually downloaded and installed the XOOM WiFi update to Android 4.0.4, it is now officially rolling out to everyone. The update includes quicker screen rotation, a new setting to immediately lock the screen, camera improvements and more.

To pull the update: Settings > About tablet > System update

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • william gray

    Its now July 27th and still no update to ics and jb is out!!had I known about it I would have got a Samsung

    When are we in the UK getting either update?????
    Had I known I would have got a Samsung galaxy
    I’m a disgruntled xoom owner at the mo
    Bill gray

  • Smooth918

    Did I miss an upgrade or are they just seriously saying, “FU Early Adopters of the OG Xoom 4g LTE”

  • Fccc45

    theres a new droid coming soon

  • Fccc45

    new droid phone look!!!

  • I’ve been waiting for this for so long. 
    Super excited it’s finally here. Can’t wait to get home and update my Xoom and try out ICS. I have a Galaxy Nexus phone running ICS and love the OS – it’s far ahead of the older versions.

  • Pepe K

    I’m getting fed up with android and all it,s delayed updates and all the BS that goes with it…..oh it’s comming out in 2weeks…oh,delay….no,2 months now…..oops another delay…it’ll be out now in 6 months…..
    …oh this other device ? …we haven’t got a clue….but it’s comming….sometime….I think…..

  • Pepe K

    Not here in Toronto Canada…….system says up to date with 3.2…..

  • Ashwin Ramesh

    3G Update…?

  • syazh

    guys thus this update for us only or does asia included??

  • Goochman55

    Anyone figure out how the power buyyon option is supposed to work?

    • Pete

      Set Screen Lock to be secured with a PIN. Then an option appears “Power button instantly locks”.
      I think in 4.0.3, the power button instantly locked by default, but in 4.0.4 you have the option of it to just turn the screen off for a set period of time before it locks.

  • mtrip98

    Since the update my wifi has been causing lockups.

    • Pete

      I’ve not experienced any lockups on my wifi Xoom. Might be worth doing a reset.

  • feztheforeigner

    What about the 4G Xoom? Mine’s still on honeycomb…

  • boogie_monster

    I received my Xoom update last week, just one day after they announced
    it but I’ve been waiting for the same update on my GNEX and nothing
    happened till I found this tutorial, so I thought I might as well sare
    it with you, I can’t confirm that this works on Xoom WI-FI as well but
    if you have a GNEX and haven’t got the update yet try this, it might
    take few attempt to work tho:

    1 go to settings/apps then hit the all button at the top

    2 Scroll down to Google service framework then open it

    3 Hit the clear button

    4 go to settings/about phone/System updates the date will be 1969 or 1970 this is OK

    5 Hit the check button

    6 Nexus should now show update to 4.0.4 is Available

    7 hit install and enjoy

    @Tim-o-tato: maybe you can put this in your article since not everyone reads the comment, it can help people get the update faster.

    • RadicalPie

      I’m on bugless beast. Can anyone with a stock GNex confirm or deny that this works?

      • boogie_monster

         well I just did it, but if you want someone other than me confirms it for you, then that’s another matter 😀

        • RadicalPie

          Lol OK so you have official 4.04 on your Gnex (Verizon)?

          • boogie_monster

             Oh No mine is GSM version, Verizon is not getting 4.0.4 it’s going directly to 4.0.5 (that’s what I read in the news).

          • RadicalPie

            Ah alrighty thanks. I thought that as well hence my questioning your results but cheers fellow GNex’er enjoy 4.04. 🙂

          • boogie_monster

             yeah sorry about that, I edited my post and put GSM in it.

          • Pbzrpa

            Time to switch to an ipad, waiting on motorola to update my xoom 3g has given me grey hairs.

  • dbam987

    Looks at Xoom (Verizon LTE-ified)… running Team EOS-ified ICS… not in a hurry to get the stock ICS Verizon/Moto version.

  • Helloguys

    Wow. Looks like EVERY Doom, I mean Xoom owner posted a comment…

  • talked to verizon this morning,told them how the the 4th nexus I recieved just yesterday,wouldnt even make a call,their refurbished phones are pure junk,so my 5th nexus is on its way , and this one is new,so i’ll have another sim card and another battery,look out ebay,selling two batteries and a sim card

  • DWM

    Yep, got mine yesterday morning OTA. Seems a bit quicker.

  • Ryan57ford

    I was sent this update about 4 days ago, except I am rooted so it wouldn’t go… I have to convert back to stock or wait for a rooted update

    • Felipe Ortiz

      Im in the same position with my rooted Razr and I think I will wait for a rooted update

  • M S C C Johnson1

    Hello Verizon…. what about the GNEX! Yeah sure its gone get updates first.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Yeah DUH its a Nexus! Which means it gets updates before everyth…..oh wait….

  • Joe Fischer

    I’m legitimately pissed off. Just texted my cousin who is Verizon tech. support and said “I want my money back.”

  • Birchoid

    Can we have the G-Nex update now?!

  • Jeff

    Cross out Xoom and insert Galaxy Tab and It would put a big smile on my face!

    • RadicalPie

      Lol at Samsung

  • Why is the Tablets getting this update Officially before the GNEX? Very Disappointed!!!

    • Daniel Archibald33

       Because the GNEX is a piece of junk!

      • Jacob121791

        Poop on you!!

    • because the tablet came out first maybe? That’s as good a reason as any. I mean if the Nexus got the update first that would mean they goofed on the Xoom’s updates and had to push it back.

      Oh what am I saying, you’ve got every right to be disappointed. Your device has the word Nexus on it after all, and therefore it is Google’s social obligation to bend over backwards for you and, when possible, pleasure you sexually.

    • David Becker

      Because the Xoom was google’s flagship tablet, and it is not tied to a Carrier that delays updates.

  • akazerotime

    this include Ad Hoc in the wifi settings or no? 
    Honeycomb has this function and ICS does not.  Just makes it easier to connect to a majority
    of hotspots if this is in there.  Love watching
    my wifi have good signal, try connect, then watch the bars go to nothing and
    then the process start over again here at work. 
    In Honeycomb I get instant connection. 
    So glad I was a really adopter.. 
    ::eye roll::

  • Wow, Verizon sucks. Too bad their service is the best.

  • ckeegan

    Thanks Verizon for all of your due diligence.  I am certain that ICS on my LTE XOOM will be much better after you have had the chance to certify it for use by your customers.

  • fartbubbler

    got mine last night.  Now my tablet is running more up-to-date official software than my GNex  :/

    • kixofmyg0t

      My Droid X is running a more up to date version of Android than most Galaxy Nexus users. THATS hilarious. 

  • RedPandaAlex

    Got this a few days ago. Didn’t notice a single difference.

    • 4.0.3 killed my Xoom’s performance, I had to move to AOKP. Now 4.0.4 is running smooth as butter

    • Same here, not sure what it did. Almost scared to admit I like a device on here but, man I do love my Xoom.

  • alright… Has anyone tried to install this on the Verizon LTE Xoom?  I’m getting sick of this waiting crap….

    • 4n1m4L

      Different hardware man, dont try it.

    • ckeegan

      probably not a very good idea.

    • Go to Pete’s site (www.peteralfonso.com), click “Downloads” on the right hand side, then “Stingray” on the left hand side. That’ll be smoother than anything Verizon ever actually pushes.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      “contraindicated’ — you know when you see that on the side of some medicines? Same thing here, man… don’t do it.

  • CDMA Nexus? Bueller Bueller?

    • 4n1m4L

      verizons rigorous testing phase

      • Gotta love it…

      • Marvin de Pano

        Got to appreciate that though. That leaked stock IMM30B awhile back’s got a TON of problems.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Every single day that passes brings us closer to the time that RAZR/MAXX owners will have a more up to date version of Android than Galaxy “Nexus” owners. 

      I love every single second of it. EVERY SINGLE SECOND. 

  • JBartcaps

    I got my update 2 days, don’t know why i got it ahead of time

    •  Got mine a few days ago too.  Weird.

    • Pete

      I got my OTA from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 on Sunday morning in Australia (my Xoom is using the US GED Motorola image)

  • Angryunibrow

    Got this last night.
    Great to be updated beyond my “Nexus” device 🙂

  • Grrrr…where is the XOOM LTE update?!

    • Michael_NM

      I think Sanjay Jha took it when he left.