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Rumor: Spotify Working to Bring Major Ice Cream Sandwich Update to Android Users

According to a recent report over at The Verge, sources close to the project are divulging info that Spotify has plans on releasing a major Ice Cream Sandwich update. News of this should make many Spotify users quite happy, seeing as how a lot of them have view the application as “unusable” due to countless bugs and crashes. Besides the rumor of them working on a new version, no other information was gathered on what it may look like or feature.

Fantastic, now we have another application to patiently wait for, again. Let the patience commence.

Still using Spotify?

Via: The Verge

  • Sabby

    I cancled my premium account because I switched to the HTC One X from an iPhone only to find out that Spotify is in fact useless.

  • James Friedman

    I love Spotify, in fact I haven’t really experienced any issues with the app on my Nexus. I’m just hoping that they add some features that are on the desktop version like similar artists and radio stations. The new music section is usually crap. I want an option to find similar artists to what I like to listen too. It’s extremely helpful in the desktop version for finding new music. I usually have brain farts where I can’t think of what I want to listen too so I always just end up listening to my playlists over and over again….

  • LivingDigital

    For the love of god please include lock screen controls

  • Erik

    Definitely switched to Rdio because of how bad and unstable / unusable the spotify app is.

  • Too late… I’ve already switched to Rdio and I love it SO much more.

  • Gastripod

    I am running a stock gnex and have had no problem with Spotify. I use playlists, and I rate tracks, all with no issues. I am looking forward to an update because the app is ugly and the search is kind of weak, but not due to performance. I will admit, it kind of sucks when switching locations, going from wifi to 4g and back, but otherwise rick solid. As far as paying for it, I justified the cost by looking at my Netflix subscription. I dont even blink paying for that service and I use spotify waaaaaaay more. 

  • Finally, i’ve been thinking about paying for the service but i don’t want to be limited to using it on my computer, the app really sucks on android. Once the app gets overhauled ill pay for my yearly service.

  • beats

    i hate how spotify chargers for mobile their mobile app.  Myspace is pretty cool for a free music app.  What other apps do you guys use for mobile music?

  • Please bring a total UI redo. The current UI sucks. Not to mention the app never works on my XOOM.

  • Obi_Shwan

    Spotify has NEVER worked right for me, until I rooted my phone. I am not saying rooting my phone fixed the problem, but for whatever reason I have had absolutely zero issues with Spotify on my phone since I flashed AOKP. Literally zero. Before I couldn’t get through more than one minute of a song before the app FC’d and crashed, but now I am able to listen to hours of music without fail. I’m not sure what happened, but something happened.

  • jdrch

    Use the desktop app, never used the mobile app because it isn’t free

  • Disqus fail…


    fu***** finally can’t even use it anymore… just crashes.. so i fixed it… but now i can only use it offline.. which is worthless.. god finally please spotify fix it!

  • Willard Potter

    Any chance of.. oh.. landscape? The interface is already slow and cumbersome as it is. Trying to use it in a car with a mount is next to impossible.


      tushee… it is.. hate it.. though i guess using it in a car mount must be hell..

    • GuidZilla

      Great point, while I don’t have any issues with the APP, the UI needs some work, and definitely needs landscape. 

  • Been using it since it came out and I love it! I have noticed a couple bugs, but for the most part the app has always been usable. Still excited for the update though!

  • batmanbatmanbatman

    Rdio Rdio Rdio

  • batmanbatmanbatman

    Rdio Rdio Rdio

  • PC only…

  • Tweekex

    YAY! Once I got Spotify I haven’t looked back!

  • r0lct

    Between (free) Pandora and my music in Google Play Music Cloud Service with Google+ (or just GPMCSwG+ for short) I’m covered for now.

  • speraider430

    Since when are there suddenly Spotify haters?  Best way to legally listen to music on your android device since it incorporates the music you already have with the music you stream.

    • I’m not completely sure but I have a feeling it has to do with the “countless bugs and crashes” that render it “unusable.” 😉

      • Very true. Best way to keep it from crashing is by pressing play and forgetting it. Don’t rate. Don’t add to play list. Don’t do anything but play songs in a playlist.

        I actually contacted customer service about it, and they asked me to logout and back in along with all kinds of other stuff… the login/logout fixed it for about a day. Then BAM, back to crashing when staring a song.

        I’m looking forward to this update…

        • speraider430

          Probably why mine is fine, just set it and forget it!


      trust me.. i hate it… but just want the fu***** update… we have all asked, screamed on forums.. emailed.. no response except yea nothing.. so this news is like heaven.. love spotify but the app is unusable. 

  • Guestinator 1000

    Spotify is awesome, beats paying per song and as long as they incorporate their “spotify apps” into the mobile world, I am totally in!!!

  • Cool on my desktop but, not paying $10 a month so I can use it on my phone.

    • Must be hard on your back to lug your desktop with you everywhere you go. 😉

      • I did p90x so I’m in good shape. :]

    • Yeah.  I have a radio and it plays music for free.  I guess if you spend more than that per month in CD’s, it would be a good investment.  I haven’t bought a CD in a long time.  Don’t listen to music.

  • I bailed on Spotify due to the craptastic Android App and the incessant popups telling me to get a Facebook account.  It was not worth $10 a month.

  • It’s incredibly frustrating paying for a service like this when the iOS app is a million times better. Everything functions about the same as the desktop client and looks far cleaner. For Android, I feel like I pay an awful lot for not too much in return…

    • I’m sure their “redesign” will involve just porting the iOS version, which would suck.  I really hope they embrace the ICS design themes.

      • HTC1

        this ^^^^^^^

  • NYAvsFan

    I’ve actually had very few problems with Spotify working on my GNEX. It makes a world of difference when driving, that’s for sure. Can the app use an overhaul? Absolutely. Not being able to sort songs in your library by artist (unless I’m REALLY missing something) is a total pain. But I’d still rather listen to that over the radio, pandora, or anything else any day. 

    Now if HBO Go would do the same so there app works with ICS!!!

  • This would be the best news… better than Instagram… the Spotify app is just awful, just piss-poor awful.  I will be eagerly awaiting this long-overdue update!

  • GuidZilla

    still love spotify. Whether on my OG, or my Gnex, it runs great. Is it short on features still? sure. But the only time i get a crash is after reloading it via TIBU… typically need to fully uninstall and reinstall and its fine again after rom changes. 

  • Kyle

    Can I link songs that I own to a custom list to spotify and use it like an unlimited Google music sort of thing? Also can I upload songs not on the spotify servers?

    • Cameron Mayfield

      You can wirelessly sync your own music to your phone. It is dead simple. Just install the app and connect to the same wifi network as your pc. Then you can check the boxes of the playlists(which can include your own music) and they will sync to your phone.

  • This is good.  The Spotify app is truly awful.  It’s ugly, confusing, and buggy. Rdio (at least the app itself, not necessarily the service)  is WAY better!

  • bjn714

    The mobile app was pretty bad in general but on ICS it made me cancel my premium subscription.

    If they give me a trial of the new one I might try it again but I don’t have high expectations for this so I may not even come back.

    Oh and Spotify, stop sending me emails to sign up for a free trial of premium and then tell me I am not eligible after I try to sign up. #badmarketing

  • I got sick of waiting and switched over to Rdio. had problems with that, then they fixed all the issues i had a week later.

  • Michael Forte

    Someone fill me in…what is Spotify?

    • Rick
      • I actually didn’t answer his question because I assumed he was joking.

        • Sven Enterlein

          I didn’t know what it was either… It almost sounded like a tracking app 😀

  • ckeegan

    It’s long overdue.  Not only that,but I think the app should look and function just like the desktop client, when being used on a tablet.  Now that would be a worthy update.

    Spotify is useless on my GNex right now.

  • El Big Chris

    I f-ing hope so. It’s really frustating the way it is right now. It’s not like they dont have the dough…

  • Droidzilla

    YOU be patient! I’m going to go punch a coworker out of angst; and I don’t even use Spotify.

    • Jason Purp


    • r0lct

      They not allow breaks at your place of work?  😛

      • Droidzilla

        They don’t really allow “punch your coworker in the face” breaks, but I feel that’s discrimination since they allow smoke breaks. What’s up with protecting the smokers’ rights but not the violent people’s rights? It’s an HR scandal waiting to happen.

        • r0lct

          Yes, yes.  They are attacking your lungs with second hand smoke, you should be able to attack their face.  Sounds like you need to Occupy HR.

          • Droidzilla

            I’m cool with the second hand smoke; it’s like getting free cigarettes. I like to stand uncomfortably close to smokers and breath really deeply.

          • I didn’t hit you. I just high fived  your face.

  • KleenDroid