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Instagram Now Available on Android

Instagram for Android is available in the Google Play store. Go get it.

Play Link

Cheers Keyan X, Adam, Justin and Mark!

  • lolo

    i cant get an istagram ūüôĀ

  • There is no teardrop menu, almost useless app for me!¬†

  • Surfergirl2769

    I have tons of apps on my droid way better than instagram.also i had instaroid before instagram came out.couldnt post pics but i could comment on them etc. anyhow, i just want to know how do you search for users on instagram for android? once i go to “search” and i type in a username, nothing happens and there is no button at all to hit “search.” i can find people on my fb etc but i can not search for a username, i can go to the “Search instagram” page but that is as far as the search goes.anyone else having the same problem? I’ve included a screen cap of my issue. I have clicked everything on my screen to try to search.

    • ¬†Yes I’m experiencing this exactly same issue.Its really annoying. I should be able to search for people.

  • Derp

    Droid x2 force close everytime I take a pic…FTW!

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    For those wanting to save photos to their SD card without having to post them, here’s a how to:¬†http://bit.ly/HXm317

  • Mjhzoom

    Force closes on my Droid X2 when taking a picture…..lame.

  • ckeegan

    After my first day with Instagram, it is confirmed as 100% pointless on the Galaxy Nexus.  Seriously, it take forever to take pics, and the filters are pretty much junk.  Talk about a total waste of space on droid-life.

  • tryptech

    So I already made this comment on The Verge, but does the disregard for android design guidelines bother anyone else? It seems to be a trend e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Path…

  • Instagram

  • Gibsonlp223

    Anyone else seeing all the android hate on instagram? I’m seeing some of the most ignorant comments in the world from iphone users.

  • Best part about Instagram, Camera Zoom FX, paper camera and other camera apps, is in making your pictures “retro” they help mask what are otherwise horrible photos from phones (like the Gnex). Gotta love it when the solution to awful phone photos is to make them worse. ¬†

    • Smooth918

      My GN, takes great shots…