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Best April Fools’ Prank You Saw Today?

That’s right, in case you were getting all sorts of confused, then angry, then excited, then face palmed today, we thought we should remind you that it is April 1. Google has done more pranks this year than we have seen in a while from almost every single one of their services. But even companies like Swiftkey, Sony and Toshiba have got in on the action. And while this year’s Fools’ fest doesn’t seem to have been as potent as year’s past because it happened on a Sunday, we still want to know what else you are finding or what has been done to you personally out there. It doesn’t have to be mobile related either, this is simply a place to share some good laughs. Because after all, April Fools’ pranks should be done by everyone in some capacity. No need to be stuffy and elitist on a day like this.

  • Only Marines will get this: I told my squad that a new Maradmin 2012-04.01 had been passed authorizing rolled sleeves on desert cammies. They went apeshit.

  • qingming111


  • Sirx

    Assassin’s Creed for Xbox Kinect.  Hands-down, one of the funniest “products” to be debuted.

    “Definitely not for the Wii”

  • SC Economics
  • Fg2srt4
  • I changed my wife’s birthday on Facebook and she got over 100 birthday wishes! haha

  • summit1986

    KUBE X15 personal nuclear reactor for sale on Tiger Direct.

  • I told my friend, ‘The link of their love story reached to girl’s father’…:)

  • Noyfb

    I went to the gas station and bought gas. I went inside and bought a scratchers ticket. It said i won $10 dollars. Took it to the counter and the guy scanned it and said the machine read that I had won 10,000 dollars. My heart started pounding and i was shocked. The guy called his manager from the back and to get the paper work for my claim. The manager came out with the paperwork, re-scanned the ticket and it said $10. The scan machine had hiccuped or glitched the first time it processed the card, and all I got was $10. The attendant said, “I wonder if this has anything to do with it being April first, and I realized it was april fools day.

    • LiterofCola

      lmao!  I would’ve been pissed

  • SMD

    I left my house for several hours today and when I got back a friend of mine had put up Open House and For Sale signs all over our front yard and the street corners with balloons and everything. The price was “Name Your Price” Several cars had stopped by as we live on a fairly busy street corner in our neighborhood. It didn’t say April Fools anywhere but I knew right away who did it. He definitely got us good.

  • David Parrella
  • BrianBrick

    this is easily my favorite 

  • Matty_M

    Reddit switched around /r/soccer with /r/nfl. That was a good time.

  • STiK

    Best 4.1 joke I seen today was someone actually make a phone call with a GNex.

    • Josh Groff

      That’s Samsung for ya. It’s a shame Motorola hasn’t made a Nexus yet just to shut everyone up.

  • shhhh

    Meatloaf cupcakes with mash potato frosting for everyone, yall hungry.

    • PC_Tool

      That actually sounds good.  I need help…

  • Christopher Riner

    all im gonna say, is that ive been rick roll’d 4 times today.

  • CodeInVB
  • UAFreak

    Googles Really Advanced Search 

  • I wish Google Tap was real and not a April Fools prank!

  • Msombloski

    the market will finally let me download HBO Go on my xoom and gnex!!!

  • I have to say, Ubuntu’s Inter-FACE glasses was pretty good. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

  • trumpet444

    @NegriElectronic:twitter  announced on twitter that there are hidden phones on their website for free!……….they’ve lost a few followers, and they’re still going on with it. It cracked me up though because I pay attention to the calendar

  • My alarm went off an hour early this morning. My time zone became an hour fast over night. 

  • Darksiiide
  • Ebon Hand

    Best prank I saw was a Hunger Games flash game that was rigged to kill you at the beginning over and over.  Lulz

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    The Flyers gave the Penguins a 2 goal cushion early in the 1st period. Then the Flyers beat the shit out of them.

  • Ryan C

    Oh my YESS! this google page still calls it the Android Market! 

  • PaulQ

    I found a picture of someones hand with a huge gash and stitches across the palm. I emailed my students saying it was my hand and it will be a tough semester, especially this week’s exam. I teach sign language.

  • Youshouldknow

    I just prank Verizon and told them that I was going to cancel all my lines which are 5 people. they connect me to the cancelling department and said April Fool’s..lmaoo

  • The SwiftKey joke was good but I think Tiger Direct had the best.  They were advertising for a special power cube which is supposedly powered by a low-level radiation amount of plutonium.  It looked so damn official and I was certainly up for saving any money that I could on my power bill.  Then I remembered what day it was.  Boy did I get pwned.

  • Barlog

    My Girl just texed me as im waiting for her to come over that she just fell down her stairs and had to be rushed over to the hospital cause she snaped her leg in half! My Dumba$$ forgeting its april fools and my car not running, call my Dad and tell him what happened and hes got to rush me over there!!! Aaaggh shes got it coming now from me AND my Dad now…

  • Brendan

    lol my little sister needed a ride back from the mall today. i said i would drive her. i didnt pick her up lol. shes 8 

    • Mark Wilk

      LOL I laughed out loud, literally.

      • Jacko

        Ditto! I seriously did. My 8 year old sis is sittin here with me and read it and watched me laugh like wtf

    • Christopher Riner


    • cizzlen

      laugh so hard older brother tryna find me

    • Stephen

      I don’t know why, but this is hilarious!

  • Cjl1092

    my girlfriend texted her parents saying she was pregnant. the real kicker here is that they didn’t know it was April fools day, believed her, and were hell bent on killing me. her mother actually texted me saying that she practically hated me. it took a twenty minute phone call and a lot of apologizing to get things back to normal. We had to call her dad separately to explain because he was in the car on his way to castrate me. gotta love this stupid day.

  • Google’s Pranks, all of them, ever

  • Ray_42069

    yYouTube videos makes you look like smurfs

  • Ray_42069

    Omg ubuntu posted saying there sight was really a scientific experiment

  • Bob Martin

    I heard Google is going to buy Apple and release an opensource Iphone with Android OS in 2014

    • Ekknr

      Please google stay away from my 4s…

  • wastry

    Best april fools was seeing Toonami on CN last night. Brought back a lot of good memories

  • Earleepa

    The biggest april fools joke uve seen this year is the one ive been holding in my hand since january. The falaxy nexus that samsung and this site convinced me was the next best thing in cellphones. Turns out its the biggest piece of crap ive ever owned.

    • Liderc

      10 bucks says you don’t have a Nexus. 

      • Earleepa

        I’ll take that ten. I couldnt get it on the 15th of december cause as soon as i ordered it , it was put on backorder. Had i known then that the speaker sucked and the signal keeps getting dropped when i’m even lucky enough to get a signal i would never have bought this piece of crap. As soon as verizon gets something else that i like as much as i thought i was giing to like this. This thing is going on ebay. Oh, by the way. Never assume you know something you don’t cause it just nakes yiu look like an idiot.

        • Christopher Riner

          yes! I love trolls.  Get madder!  we wanna see some action!

          • Earleepa

            Define troll a##hole

          • (From the dictionary)
            Troll – Droid-Life commenter named Earleepa.

          • Earleepa

            I guess that must make you a troll too then huh. Ive been comingvto this site almost since its inception. How long have you been coming here TROLL?

    • trumpet444

      This is exactly what I would do!!  Buy something I’m predisposed not to like, refuse to (easily) sell it for almost 3 months, then visit websites/forums that are populated with people that generally like the phone just to bitch about it!!

      • Earleepa

        You can refer to my response below to see what i think of you too.

  • The best one I saw today was Cartoon Network bringing back Toonami.

  • CastanedaHarry

    Ṁy buďďy’ś śtep-ṁotĥer Ṁakeś $82 every ĥour on tĥe coṁputer. Śĥe ĥaś been uneṁployeď for 9 Ṁontĥś but laśt Ṁontĥ ĥer cĥeck Waś $7938 juśt Working on tĥe coṁputer for a feW ĥourś. ĥere’ś tĥe śite to Ŕeaď Ṁore >> Goo.gl/189kz

  • Bob Martin

    Im selling my Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime for an Iphone 4s

    • Billyrouth2000

      Have fun wasting your money

      • feztheforeigner

        April Fools 🙂

        • Bob Martin

          lol exactly.


    Toonami back on Cartoon Network was a gift in my opinion, not a joke….I wish it would stay though….

    Google’s were hilarious!

  • Booboolala2000

    Animal Translate was my favorite.

  • Not gonna lie…Gtap looks and sounds like a good idea…lol

  • EvanTheGamer

    I’m finally caving in and getting an incredible iPhone! Very exciting!

    • EvanTheGamer

      APRIL FOOLS! haha! 

      I’d rather jump in front of a horde of red bulls before I’d EVER buy an iPhone. In fact, I’d rather record a video of me burning an iPhone, upload it to YouTube, then send it to Apple instead of actually ever buying one.

      • CORYK333

        Wow!!!!! Awesome prank dude!!!!!! You rule!!!!!!!!!

        • EvanTheGamer

          Sarcasm much?

  • http://memebase.com/

    It’s so demented. xD

  • Some Random Dude
  • Wes

    Every single student at my school (Wesleyan University) got an email from the WSA (Wesleyan Student Assembly) saying they violated a code of conduct last night and that they must report to the SJB (Student Judicial Board) at a specific place and time to appeal their violation and resolve the case. This is what all students try to avoid getting and so sure enough they fooled everyone. The entire campus got so worried. 

    • Bob Martin

      Now imagine if the entire school went to the SJB at the same time. the april fools joke would be on them.

    • Your in Va Beach too?

      • Wes

        I don’t know where you are talking about. I’m in Middletown, Connecticut.

        • I always found it odd that in Connecticut the good schools…wesleyan, yale, etc are in kinda crappy areas…

          • Wes

            Tell me about it, although Wesleyan is in a pretty nice part of Middletown and on campus it is by no means crappy whatsoever. It’s just that we are pretty much bounded to campus since we wouldnt rather be anywhere else… not a problem though since there’s always so much to do. Same at Yale (although there is a ton more to do in New Haven)

  • Kevoskee
    • Christopher Riner

      the link is down, but i’m pretty sure thats one of the times I got rick roll’d today

  • Justin Duino

    Check out Youtube’s collection. Its worth the money. http://www.youtube.com/theyoutubecollection

    • Sp4rxx

       Geesh it calculated a gift-wrapped set of VHS video game walkthroughs @ almost $323K !!! lol

  • PMAgent2013

    Im still waiting for the droid-life april fools prank. Maybe kellen is making this apple-life.com

    • Sp4rxx

       My antivirus program told me it’s a malicious site…. LITERALLY

  • Bassdj

    My ex tried to fool me by saying she missed me so much and wanted to get back together. So I told her I accidentally shot myself with my shotgun when skeet shooting this weekend. She believed me.

  • Searching Taylor Swift in the Play Store and having a “Bug droid Kanye” say “Did you mean: Beyonce?”

  • Geekout

    the i*hone

  • gorkon
  • Toonami’s return.

    Sad when a prank makes you realize how much better CN could be…

    • Calculatorwatch

      Oh man I miss Toonami! That’s pretty cruel of them to get people’s hopes up like that.

  • Aran Miller

    This was my favorite one this year. Stay on the page for a tleast 30 seconds after you enable multi-task mode.

  • I formatted my own hard drive and now my computer won’t boot, not even on purpose. April fools on myself?

    • trumpet444

      I know your pain, but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX7wtNOkuHo

  • Regrub

    The fact that April fools is on a Sunday is perfect! People are getting fooled at church all over

    • Billyrouth2000

      Only person being fooled is you being fooled by the world.

      • Take your imaginary man in the sky and f**** off…fool!

        • David Hayden

          What are you? Twelve? 

    • trumpet444

      what the heck was the point in going there? Just to piss people off? ……..troll

    • hahaha.  You are so right.

  • RufusX
  • TheCheapGamer

    Toonami being back on the air.

  • Mr Nicoleau

    Toonami on Cartoon Network -__-

  • Bruce R

    http://www.youtube.com/theyoutubecollection   Order Youtube on DVD, Video Casssette, Laser Disc or Betamax!

    • CORYK333

      +1, the youtube video was dope!!!!

  • Alprazolam

    I spoofed an email from a condo property owner to my girlfriend, informing my girlfriend that her condo reservation in Orlando had been accidently double booked and that her room for spring break next week had been cancelled. What does my girffriend do? Call the owner and bitch her out. So the condo owner calls back wondering what the hell is going on. I say April Fool’s and my girl didn’t take it so well. The property owner wanted to know what sick person would do such a prank. 😀

    • Christopher Riner

      so did you give them a 2, 1 or .5mg of yourself to calm the situation?

  • NorCalGuy

    Swift key is pretty good, but the Sony computer is really good

  • Tony Allen

    The Swiftkey email ALMOST got me, then I got to thinkin, hell no.. It’s not smart enough to learn what I’m thinkin now, it’s not possible. heh

  • Kodak prints out LIVE KITTENS!!!

    • jdoadmin


    • CompCrash

      They tried but when they found out that they were out of money and it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, then they had to stop.

  • Google Tap

  • JosephMoreno

    I like how Ad Block put cats everywhere

    • Liderc

      lol this tripped me out last night.  I was like wtf did I get a virus?  Cats all over the place, was driving me nuts until I realized it was past midnight. 

    • BrianWenger

      I liked the cats better than the ads.

    • PC_Tool

       They will now have to ad “cat-mode” to their settings…just to appease the lovers of their April fools …

      wait for it….


      wait for it…


      Ugh…  I have to go kill myself for doing that now.

  • Jose

    Adblock is putting cat pictures where it removes ads

  • cizzlen

    I lol’d at the Swiftkey one haha. 

  • Cantuckee
  • AndroidFan2

    I told my Android loving friend that I traded his Galaxy Nexus in for a iPhone 4s. Luckily for him, several minutes later I told him April fools and gave him back his Nexus!

  • 4n1m4L

    Someone set the verizon network time ahead an hour in buckeye so me and three other people woke up an hour early..

    • Hah really?

      • 4n1m4L

        Our alarms were set to 415 ish and they all went off at 315 instead. They were all lte phones too. We laughed when we figured out is was april fools

        • Jason Frasier

          That might have been just a network glitch.  I woke up at 7:30 this morning thinking it was 8:30 because I have an older clock that was programmed to automatically switch to Daylight Saving Time on the old schedule.  Which would have been today instead of a few weeks ago.  Several years ago the gov’t adjusted the dates on when we switch.  My clock was programmed before these changes were made.  Perhaps there is a segment of Verizon’s network that wasn’t adjusted properly so it switched automatically last night. 

          • theDL


          • Jason Frasier

            yes, yes it was.  would you like me to tell it again?

  • Bob Martin

    I shaved my dog bald and told my parents I got them a new dog

    • Now that is dedication to a prank.

      • Blood

        You should really check out this new app in the play store it’s called solar charger. It charges your phone in the sun by displaying a solar panel in your phone and it works great.

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    • wastry

      We do it all the time down south in the summer; keeps the dog so much cooler and makes them a lot more comfortable.

  • Tomwillchris

    reddit timeline