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Best April Fools’ Prank You Saw Today?

That’s right, in case you were getting all sorts of confused, then angry, then excited, then face palmed today, we thought we should remind you that it is April 1. Google has done more pranks this year than we have seen in a while from almost every single one of their services. But even companies like Swiftkey, Sony and Toshiba have got in on the action. And while this year’s Fools’ fest doesn’t seem to have been as potent as year’s past because it happened on a Sunday, we still want to know what else you are finding or what has been done to you personally out there. It doesn’t have to be mobile related either, this is simply a place to share some good laughs. Because after all, April Fools’ pranks should be done by everyone in some capacity. No need to be stuffy and elitist on a day like this.

  • Only Marines will get this: I told my squad that a new Maradmin 2012-04.01 had been passed authorizing rolled sleeves on desert cammies. They went apeshit.

  • qingming111


  • Sirx

    Assassin’s Creed for Xbox Kinect.  Hands-down, one of the funniest “products” to be debuted.

    “Definitely not for the Wii”

  • SC Economics
  • Fg2srt4
  • I changed my wife’s birthday on Facebook and she got over 100 birthday wishes! haha

  • summit1986

    KUBE X15 personal nuclear reactor for sale on Tiger Direct.

  • I told my friend, ‘The link of their love story reached to girl’s father’…:)

  • Noyfb

    I went to the gas station and bought gas. I went inside and bought a scratchers ticket. It said i won $10 dollars. Took it to the counter and the guy scanned it and said the machine read that I had won 10,000 dollars. My heart started pounding and i was shocked. The guy called his manager from the back and to get the paper work for my claim. The manager came out with the paperwork, re-scanned the ticket and it said $10. The scan machine had hiccuped or glitched the first time it processed the card, and all I got was $10. The attendant said, “I wonder if this has anything to do with it being April first, and I realized it was april fools day.

    • LiterofCola

      lmao!  I would’ve been pissed

  • SMD

    I left my house for several hours today and when I got back a friend of mine had put up Open House and For Sale signs all over our front yard and the street corners with balloons and everything. The price was “Name Your Price” Several cars had stopped by as we live on a fairly busy street corner in our neighborhood. It didn’t say April Fools anywhere but I knew right away who did it. He definitely got us good.

  • David Parrella
  • BrianBrick

    this is easily my favorite 

  • Matty_M

    Reddit switched around /r/soccer with /r/nfl. That was a good time.

  • STiK

    Best 4.1 joke I seen today was someone actually make a phone call with a GNex.

    • Josh Groff

      That’s Samsung for ya. It’s a shame Motorola hasn’t made a Nexus yet just to shut everyone up.

  • shhhh

    Meatloaf cupcakes with mash potato frosting for everyone, yall hungry.

    • PC_Tool

      That actually sounds good.  I need help…

  • Christopher Riner

    all im gonna say, is that ive been rick roll’d 4 times today.

  • CodeInVB
  • UAFreak

    Googles Really Advanced Search 

  • I wish Google Tap was real and not a April Fools prank!

  • Msombloski

    the market will finally let me download HBO Go on my xoom and gnex!!!

  • I have to say, Ubuntu’s Inter-FACE glasses was pretty good. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

  • trumpet444

    @NegriElectronic:twitter  announced on twitter that there are hidden phones on their website for free!……….they’ve lost a few followers, and they’re still going on with it. It cracked me up though because I pay attention to the calendar

  • My alarm went off an hour early this morning. My time zone became an hour fast over night. 

  • Darksiiide
  • Ebon Hand

    Best prank I saw was a Hunger Games flash game that was rigged to kill you at the beginning over and over.  Lulz

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    The Flyers gave the Penguins a 2 goal cushion early in the 1st period. Then the Flyers beat the shit out of them.

  • Ryan C

    Oh my YESS! this google page still calls it the Android Market!