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JRummy’s ROM Toolbox Turns 1 Year Old, Price Cut 50% and Half of Sales Go to Testicular Cancer Research

Our buddy JRummy16, who has been a major player in the Android community since the OG DROID days, is offering his ROM Toolbox application (which turns 1 year old today) for just $2.99 instead of the regular $5.99. ROM Toolbox combines all the major root apps into one app plus adds much more. Users can flash ROMs, have a root file explorer, set cpu profiles, install full themes and more. It’s a great app for any root user. 

Along with the half off price tag, JRummy who himself is a cancer survivor, is donating half of all proceeds made from sales to the Testicular Cancer Society. It’s a very noble cause, so we only ask that if you haven’t checked the app out already, that you see what you’re missing.

Save some bucks and some balls!

Play Link ($2.99) | Testicular Cancer Society Info | Donate to the TCS 

  • Tattedandtorn37

    used free version for a while,but just bought the app due to you being one hell of a guy!its worth every penny.

  • qingming111


  • Havoc70

    I already had it with my custom ROM, but bought it anyway for when i switch to a different one…Excellent work..good cause! 

  • CastanedaHarry

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  • Been using the app since the DX. 
    Kudos for doing something so positive!
    Mad respect!!

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  • Sniperdroid

    I don’t flash that much, not a Crack Flasher anyway.  But the cause is an excellent reason to spend the money.  The chick in the video was a pretty good reason too!

  • already own this app.. wish it had more options for the Gnex, but either way when I had my DX this was my ish.. mad respect yo.. keep it up

  • john

    Purchased to support the cause men need our balls and ill do whatever I can to help.

    • Josh Groff

      Kudos to you good sir, let’s fight cancer together.

  • All about them balls. I only know how it feels to be scared, lol. Not really funny I thought I had testicular cancer but thank god I didn’t after some tests. Bought and Installed.

  • I just purchased it…JRummy god bless you. I’m so happy that you beat it, so many people don’t.(R.I.P. Poppy-my father and Nina- my grandmother) they didn’t have the same type you had but all types of Cancer is serious and something we have to find a cure for.

  • delta echoe

    purchased cuz i don’t want my balls to fall off

  • Jason

    This a great app! I purchased awhile ago its awesome! So much you can do with it and you can email JRummy if you have any questions or problems, he is quick to reply and help you out! Thanks JRummy! great app and great cause! If your into to roming than this is a must have!!!

  • EvanTheGamer


  • AndroidFan2

    I really like the looks of that original Bionic in the pic. I wish they would have stuck with that form factor.

    • Sanjay Jha

      Good afternoon. As the CEO of Motorola I would like to inform you that the changes made to the Bionic were simply due to some bugs in the system. We are planning on releasing the Bionic 2 with a similar design. If not the Bionic 2 then the Bionic 3. Have a good night and remember to purchase a Motorola phone whenever you have a chance. We love the money.

    • Josh Groff

      I think it’s still pretty slick looking.

  • Bigsike

    This is one of those apps I wanted to try before I bought it. So I downloaded the apk and after seeing that I liked it now I want to buy it but the app is stuck in my account and won’t let me purchase it. They really need to fix that!!

    • Vinniepaz

      Same here I cant even uninstall it, how do we fix this?

      • Bigsike

        This problem has been known forever! There is still no fix or work around its ridiculous!

        • Josh Groff

          I had that problem with spectral souls and the apk doesn’t even work. When will they take my money? :/

  • Lynahred

    Please someone post what is on the paid version that is missing from the free.

    • Josh Groff

      Free version doesn’t support a good cause, and he has a list of what features are unlocked on the app.

  • Chad Devoley

    with the money going to charity, itd be nuts not to get it!

  • Static_prone

    I love how the rom toolbox picture up top has an original droid bionic pic with it

  • faber

    good cause, I’m in….thanks for the heads up dl

  • skubadoo

    Just purchased!! Kudos for making donations to an under publicized cause!! 
    Nice pic of the original bionic btw!

  • Stephen Morrison

    I installed this (paid version thank you very much) after picking up my old DX like an hour ago. I bought it when it went up for sale, so I could get Liberty 1.5. Just wanted to mention how great of a dev Rummy is. Liberty is one of my all time favorite roms. Just put Gummy .9 on my DX last night. If any of you get the chance, go do it immediately. I would have no problem using this phone for another year if I had too. Since I have installed it, I haven’t really even done anything with my Rezound.

    • cmiram

      Hey so sorry if this is a bit off topic, but how exactly did you install it on your DX? I cannot find a detailed guide online and when I tried installing last time I ended up soft bricking my phone..Any help you could give would be appreciated, I am really looking forward to trying out this rom!

      • Stephen Morrison

        IIf your talking about gummy .9, head over to droidxforums. Make sure you are at least on 602. You need to wipe/format everything in CWM. All your answers are in the post on droidxforums.com

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  • Solid end slogan, but still behind the “Save 2nd Base” shirts for breast cancer research

  • belsonc

    Ballsy move on JRummy’s part, I commend him for it!

    • antjonz

      I see what you did here. 🙂

  • hkklife

    Anyone notice the irony that the device used in the image above is the “OG” Bionic as it looked at CES 2011? Tegra 2 etc.  That’s the one that ended up being scrapped in favor of what we have now.  I think the “old” Bionic image even appears on the cover of one of those “Now You Know Droid” instructional books that went to press before the Bionic was retooled. 

    • tjmonkey15

      Ha, I noticed this too.  Ah the original Bionic, how we loved thee.

      • hkklife

        I still would love to hear the inside scoop on exactly what the problem was with the OG Bionic.  Was it the Tegra2?  Was it Moto?   Would shipping it with stock Froyo instead of Blur’d have made it usable? 

        Man, if that thing had come out in Q1 or Q2 of last year as was planned, Jah might still have a job and Motorola might be singing a different tune right now. 

        • Mack

          I have a bit of information on this. The code name for the original Bionic was the Etna whereas the Bionic released to the public was code named the Targa. The Etna was scrapped due to issues with the LTE radios and ow the worked with the Tegra 2 (as far as I know) and for design and dimension reasons, hence the different look of the Targa. However the inner hardware of the Etna, including the Tegra 2 was simply stuffed inside the body of the Droid X and sold as the Droid X2. To my knowledge Blur was not causing any issues, nothing in addition to the fact that it is slow and filled with bloatware at least. That said, I got an X2 as a replacement from Asurion and with CM7, it really isn’t a bad phone. 

          If anyone sees something I am wrong about feel free to correct me, this is all just off the top of my head.

  • jrummy16

    Thanks DL and everyone in the Android community. You guys are awesome!

    • Stephen Morrison

      Thank you.

    • Boy

      Remember to disable app manager > auto backup.
      It’s enabled by default for some reason.and takes a huge chunk of your SD.

      • Boy

        Otherwise, excellent, I should have added.

    • Jason Purp

       This is a cool thing for you to do. Good job. I’ll buy the app.

      • Noyfb

        In the great words of bobby singer, “balls!” way to go with the charitable donations, will buy

        • Josh Groff

          Proceeds go to charity and I have expendable cash = auto buy.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Purchased for a good cause!

    • cizzlen

      You are awesome jrummy. Thanks for your hard work and for supporting a good cause. Cheers to your health and God bless.

    • Josh Groff

      No, you’re awesome. We’re just pretty cool. 😉

  • Rickymare

    I bought this when it was for Liberty on my Droid X and it was great. I am so happy now that he has created this awesome app that works for almost every phone. I love it! Best app purchase ever!

  • Shut up and take my money!

  • Jrummy is awesome! Support a great dev and a worthy cause.

  • spickle

    Rom Toolbox is great but not everything works with ICS yet. (Icons) but still a great app to have around.

  • Michael_NM

    Good cause, great app, nice dig at Moto with the original Bionic pic!

  • Tato loves balls.

    • Michael_NM


    • Thanks Dave! 

    • Static_prone

      I do not talk to Timotato on a regular basis and i endorse this message

    • Bob Martin

      Is this based on details of your personal life?

    • RadicalPie

      If I could speak to Timotato on a regular basis and tell all of droid life he loves balls I would be so happy.