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Custom ROM Friday: Gummy AOSP 4.0.4 Test Build for the Galaxy Nexus

With the Open Source Project receiving Android 4.0.4, we have already started to see an influx in builds based on the source and not so much the leaked code. One of more popular development teams, Team Gummy, has begun releasing test builds based on the 4.0.4 source code.

Along with it being based on 4.0.4, you will find plenty of awesome features such as custom lockscreens (including Honeycomb), ability to change the color of the top navigation bar along with the bottom navigation buttons, and other goodies. If you feel the need to be running some brand new Android and Gummy-goodness, we have listed out the downloads and instructions below. 

Instruction on installation:

  1. Download the Toro 4.0.4. Test Build zip file.
  2. Download Google Apps zip file.
  3. Place them both on your phone’s storage.
  4. Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
  5. Create a Nandroid backup immediately.
  6. Wipe both data/cache.
  7. Install ROM zip file, then GApps zip file.
  8. Reboot and enjoy!

If you have any questions or need help flashing, just let us know down below and we will help you out.

Via: Team Gummy

  • Tyler

    Forum trolls are funny ^^

  • rodney11ride

    Any thoughts on ICSourcery V.2?

    • Eagle1967

      Give it a run. It is 4.0.3 based but most of the fixes in android that pertain to the nexus are in this rom.  but i built it off 4.0.3 so thats what i will call it until i do an actual merge.
      Back up your current rom. we mainly host off DF but also at galaxy forums and rootz. Website – sourceryrom hasnt been updated yet but you can download from there also.  I promise great support and that you will see some things you have not seen before.  If you dont like it you can always go back.  Not sure what we did related to droid life but they have  not acknowledge our rom all the way back to the droid 1.  maybe cause we only do 1 phone at a time, dont know.  I wont say its better than any other rom all developers bust their butts and all put out a fine product. We believe ours is a little different But runs well at the same time.

      • rodney11ride

        Sounds good.. I thought v1 was 4.0.3 and the v2 that u just released was because of 4.0.4? I’m going check it out

  • someone post the link to the wallpaper please

    • You’ll find variations of it here: http://bit.ly/x1QaWw

  • Jslafarr

    didnt mean to take this post off track. the next comment should be about the OP and not about the stir that i have apparently caused.

  • Ryan

    Came to read comments to see peoples thoughts on this ROM. All I found was a flame war… Maybe next week I guess

    • Antjohnson49

      This is the first Nexus rom for me…..no bugs for me so far. I was a little nervous ….but I have to say I am very pleased with this rom.

  • ABerry5

    Could someone please link me with step by step instructions for the simplest way to root them rom a stock 4.0.2 lte gnex? I’ve done my research and compiled like 5 links for l the steps but lost it and hearing about the GSM 4.0.4 updated but not the cdma I’m done with this crap

    • bassman418

      Wug’s Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit v1.3

      That is the easiest, most uncomplicated  way to unlock and root your Gnex. and it even lets you unroot and relock also.
      do a search and download and enjoy.

  • ElixirBlack

    Awesome wallpaper.

    Anybody know where we can get that?

  • Jslafarr

    all this hostility because i state my opinion – in a civil manner.
    and these cotton dizzles have to come and say what … that im wrong?

    • TomAce7

      Dude you’re on a Droid blog talking about dating peoples sisters and making yo momma jokes while bashing one of the most popular gnex roms.. You’re clown shoes man grow up.

      • Jslafarr

        is wasnt a your momma – and i wrote a valid opinion before someone came at me sideways. so f*ck off. glad you took the time to waste my time reading your waste of a comment

        • Howdy

          @jslafarr. God your a f*g. Die in a fire. That is all. Thank you.

          • Jslafarr

            wow. doesnt take much to make people show how weak they are.

  • Iamaguest

    how do I get to retain my stuff on the storage after data reset? Haven’t been able to install anything cuz the reset erases everything!!!!

  • Wow ROM fragmentation – lol. But forseriously im siked to see 4.0.4 roms coming out. Even if its just a bar adjustment having it show 4g is a must. Though i admit i was too lazy to hunt around to see if there were any 4.0.4 roms available.

  • tjb

    such a noob but is there a video how to do this exactly???

  • Rickerbilly

    I’ve been running Gummy since 0.3.1. Look no further. This is the best Nexus Rom.

    • Jslafarr

      then i suppose there would be no reason for rootzwiki or xda.
      there should just be gummy.com

      what an assumption.

      • teamgummy.com ithankyou

      • Dont mean to be rude buddy, but I have a feeling that was an opinion. No need to be a vaginal cleanser.

        • Jslafarr

          tell your mother she owes me some money.

  • You AXIOM fanboys are annoying… go someplace else 

    • Jslafarr

      this guy^
      and i suppose youre running bugless beast

      • No but I am the main Dev for Gummy :-/

        • Jslafarr

          then that ignorant response makes perfect sense

          • geedee82

            Ha! +1  

            Gummy devs are annoying…go someplace else

          • Gummy’s devs are excellent. Very helpful on twitter and forums, idk where you are getting this sh*t from.

          • Jslafarr

            LOL very helpful on twitter. 
            thats the best response the “GUMMY DEV” has come up with as to why you are still f*c king talking.


          • geedee82

            Oh I’m sure they are I was just turning his own comment around towards him so he could see that it was pretty ignorant and disrespectful

          • Jslafarr

            im not trying to offend anyone.
            im sure im not the only one who thinks gummy is … not the best. ive loaded gummy – and one reason i swapped it was because when i changed my DPI the softkeys changed as well and it didnt look right.

            so i havent fully compared it to anything ive run – what i dont get is who says their rom is “the best”.

            even if it was to who’s standards is it being judged.

            but thanks for teaching me a lesson

          • geedee82

            nah dude I wasn’t saying that YOU were being ignorant and disrespectful, I was talkin to the other dude.  I was agreeing with your comment, which is why I replied  to it, but then I also threw that last line in there to take a shot at the gummy dev for his ignorant remark.

            Ya know I actually ran a gummy rom for a little while way back when I had my droid 2 and I actually had a lot of problems with it, same with liberty, and I wasn’t able to get any help from the devs at all, so I switched to Apex and never looked back, till CM7 dropped.

            I’ll stick with AOKP or Axiom on my Gnex though, they run flawlessly.

          • Jslafarr

            thanks man i misunderstood.

            lol crazy how things get on this site. 

            give it a week and there will be some HOT roms out.

          • M1ghtysauc3

            Awe, how cute. How long have you two been dating?

          • Jslafarr

            longer than me and your sister

      • droidrev71

        Jslafarr go take a flying leap…you are a menace to android society. Gfy

        • Jslafarr

          how do you even survive day after day with your piss poor attitude. 

          youre the reason why this world is so f*cked up. 

          • droidrev71

            You have no clue about my attitude. I happen to be very fortunate to have as good of an attitude as I do for my situation. I’m disabled father and am grateful for everyday i have. I’m an asset to my community! If you think little old me is the reason the WORLD is messed up. That just says a lot for you and your intelligence! You disrespected one of Androids best developers. What did you expect roses?

  • Jslafarr

    this rom will suffice for anyone who doesnt mind mediocre performance / battery life.

    was on aokp M4 then switched to crossbreed – every rom has its little issues. i was all about customization and themes but now id just like things to work.

    4.0.4 is much smoother in almost every way but its hard to tell who will have the “best” 4.0.4 rom.

    surely its not this “testing stages” rom.

  • cizzlen

    All I want is a ROM with decent battery life. 

  • SD_Scott

    I believe you hinted as this review on Wednesday in another post so I waited to flash until after I had read the review…  Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but feel this review is weak.  How does it perform compared to AOKP?  It’s obviously a test build based on 4.0.4 but how stable is it?  What works/doesn’t work?  Come on DL, I pretty much rely on your site for all my info…  Time to step it up a notch.

    • We don’t fully review ROMs due to everyone having their own preferences when it comes to these things. All we do is find them, and make sure people know they exist. 🙂

      Flashing is so easy, that trying them all out is fun and finding which one works best for you is the main goal. If you must know, I recommend AOKP 😉

      • SD_Scott

        Thanks Tim.  I love flashing new ROMs and playing around with them.  However, I’ve been having issues with Titanium and backing up my data so I tend to rely on reviews more since I’m most likely going to lose all my data…  I mean I didn’t just waste an hour on Temple Run for nothing right?

  • Me..

    Patient Zero #15 F.T.W!!!!

  • For info on 0.9.5 got here http://goo.gl/egHGJ

    • yes!

    •  If it were anybody else I’d punch them in the face, but you are allowed to get away with this.

    • DedHead

      You know, I actually like that better then the angry pink rainbow unicorn. Awesome.

    • mark keily

      Lol i couldn’t hear it over my music

  • Nnadagreat

    can use this on my HTC THunderbolt???

  • strykes

    I liked the features of Gummy but the performance has lacked for me, so I am sticking to AXIOM Crossbreed which has all the features of AOKP and legendary performance of Theory 🙂

  • moelsen8

    gummy’s awesome

  • MKader17

    Is there any chance you can change the opacity of the notification and soft key bar?

    • Colin Zack

      I know you can for soft keys, not sure about the notification

  • Angelrod111

    Ive been running it for about half a day and it’s super fast!!  Have not noticed any bugs yet!

  • Seriously you guys need to do an article on AXI0M for gnex or something about DroidTh3ory because he is one of the most awesome devs out there. He’s always updating his rom and even has Patient Zero for crackflashers.

    • John

      Didn’t he abandon his ROM early on due to stupid forum drama?

      • KleenDroid

        Yes but he has been back for awhile now. Good stuff?

        • Meh, I guess he lost me. I absolutely loved his ROM, but when someone goes underground for so long, I just lose interest. It’s AOKP for me for quite some time, now.

    • MKader17

      “and even has Patient Zero for crackflashers.”
      Is this young speak for, “He has zero patience for people who do crack?”

    • nits

      then you might as well feature his roms as aokp themes cuz thats essentially what they are

  • How about a link to that wallpaper?

  • John

    Anyone know if this is any better/worse than AOKP? Worth trying out?

    • Rain_king46

      I find AOKP and Gummy to be on the same level in every way. The two best ROMs for this device Imho.

    • i only ran AOKP for a very short time but it seems to have more options/customization

    • I would suggest trying each ROM out: Bugless Beast, Gummy, AOKP, etc. I have tried the (3) that I mentioned, Bugless seems to be the most stable (but DONT FLASH ANOTHER KERNEL), Gummy is nice, but personally I prefer AOKP.

  • Dshudson

    Will any of these new builds fix my AWFUL data connection.. Doubt it. 

    • DroidzFX
      • Keith Sumner

        Wow, what a dick you are, it’s not like he’s a fanboy/hater, he actually owns the device and has a genuine ongoing issue with it, so his complaint is 100% legitimate.

        • DroidzFX

          if have been here for longer than a minute you would know he actually is. 

          So for you. http://i.ytimg.com/vi/xaxeGOdlpGQ/0.jpg

    • How would an AOSP build fix your data? You likely live in an area that has terrible service, no ROM will fix that.

      • Smooth918

        That is not the case, when I had my Bonic, full bars all the time on 4g southeast always between 23-27 mbps, same with my God foresaken 4g Lee Xoom, picked up the GN, two weeks after launch, 4g is useless, never gets past two bars, and speedtest, psst forget about it. Mean while my Xoom is Zooming along, so yes a ROM, can upgrade your signal…

        • 2 Different manufacturers. Motorola is kinda known for their excellent antennas.

    • MKader17

      It’s hard for a new build to fix hardware issues or to change where you live, so probably not.

  • Nice wall!

    • Christian

      I agree! Where’d you get it??

      • He got it from my Rootzwiki thread: http://bit.ly/x1QaWw